Riddick – Book 5 – Chapter 27 Stellar Millennium

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     This chapter is sponsored by our super sweet and very generous donor InsaneHyde of U.S. I am very very sorry that I have delayed this chapter for two days, I was busy and I didn’t want to end the book without a well thought chapter.

      This chapter is short and as a form of apology I am going to release one more chapter in your honour InsaneHyde.  Thank you for your patience.

         Guys, all hell is gonna break lose in the next book. You guys were asking, why are you introducing so many characters in Book 5 for no reason at all and I said, there is a reason. A good one at that. Here it is. If you are good with imagination then imagine the chaos of the next book. I am very very excited and I think you are as well.

       A millennium of chaos. Look forward to the next book. Will try to release the next chapter soon.

Thank you and Enjoy.


Stellar Millennium :

          The thundering clouds in the sky deformed as a giant Will descended into the material plane of Asgard. The entire plane began to tremble as the Will began to take the shape of a human face. It’s bright eyes opened lightly as thunder roared in the skies.

            The clouds began to crackle with immense lightning and the wind began to howl as storms brew under that man’s gaze. His lips formed a smile as he gazed at Riddick.

            His smile broadened for a second but the next second his face paled as if an enamours pressure was applied on him. Like a spear piecing through an array of barriers, a ray of divine energy shot through the boundaries of the plane piecing the face in the middle of the forehead.

         The ray of light then transformed into a shape of a human. With bright green eyes he gazed at the deformed face.

         The deformed face slowly reformed and gazed at the figure of the person who had attacked him a second ago. His face twisted lightly as he said, “So you have followed my soul to find me, Shazam.”

         The man called Shazam didn’t reply for a while. A minute later he said, “Get out of here Leedrt.”

             The face of the man named Leedrt began to twist as he said, “Old fool, no matter how much you try to protect him. It isn’t enough. One millennium, that is all he has left of his pitiful life. In one millennium I will be here in my physical form and I won’t be alone.

           Shazam, think about it. Help me kill him and I promise you that you will receive half the reward promised by the Sura Clan.”

           Shazam narrowed his eyes and snorted loudly. With a cold voice he said, “Don’t group me with the likes of you Leedrt. I will repeat once again, leave NOW.”

        Leedrt’s face changed slightly as he heard Shazam. He looked like he wasn’t expecting such an outright rejection. However, he still smiled lightly and said, “Foolish choice. You have committed a big mistake Shazam. The location of this galaxy has been compromised.

              This galaxy isn’t a safe haven for him any more. Under the skies of the Sura clan he won’t survive long. This galaxy is entering into the Stellar Millennium as we speak. The underworld, the ten higher planes of this galaxy, they are all fusing to form one Great plane. The Stellar Plane.

               This galaxy is entering into the stage of hibernation. No one will be able to leave it for one millennium and no one will be able to enter it either. This galaxy is sealed off and so is that man’s fate.

         Shazam, I need not remind you. The man you are trying to protect has stolen the karma of Sura Bloodline, his soul is drenched with their blood. His karma can never be accomplished, his soul can never enter the world of salvation.

           He is a lost soul, he can never win against them. The Sura Bloodline won’t let him live, they won’t let him accomplish his karma. He will die, tens of thousands of times and no matter how much he suffers, he will still be the one who will be broken again.

           Shazam, listen to me. Get away from that man. He will bring nothing but suffering to anyone he is involved with.”

         Shazam face finally changed as he listened to Leedrt. His green eyes emitted a blinding glow which encompassed the entirety of Asgard for a minute and the next second everything returned to normal, only Leedrt’s divine sense was abolished from the plane.

            Riddick listened to every word without making a single noise. He then looked at Shazam who was still gazing at the skies. With a low voice he asked, “Who is he, Shazam?”

              Shazam finally lowered his head and looked at Riddick. His eyes lost the bright green glow and a kind green eyes were revealed under them. With a kind voice he answered, “A watchdog. Employed by the thirteen Heavenly clans. I was following him for ten millennia and finally I was able to find you, your majesty.

           However, I am not the only one who found out your location. This Odin galaxy is indeed entering into the Stellar Millennium. A once in a trillion years spatial position which will put the ten higher planes and the underworld in exactly one axis.

             Devas, Yakshas, the forty five sovereigns of the nine deva planes. The Fiends of the Underworld. The Tyrants of the Yaksha realm. The Stellar plane will have them all. For one millennium the entirety of the Odin galaxy will stay together.

        Your majesty, I now swear on my life that I will be here one millennium later. I will do whatever I have to to accomplish that but you must promise me, you have to stay alive. This old man has seen too many tragedies already. I can’t witness your death one more time.”

        Riddick stayed silent for a minute as he heard Shazam. Stellar Millennium. The worlds of the Odin galaxy revolve around its centre. The Yaksha realm is at the centre of the galaxy, the Underworld is the forbidden realm beneath it. These two mighty reals will join the nine deva realms forming a plane with tens of thousands of million kilometres area.

            Riddick could easily imagine the chaos within the Stellar realm. For one millennium, the galaxy is sealed to interact with other galaxies by the Sura Clan, this will prevent Riddick from escaping. In one millennium, the forces of the Sura Clan will be here and then they can personally draw Riddick’s blood.

          Riddick slowly lifted his head and asked, “Shazam, how many years until the actual forces of the Heavens can reach here?”

      Shazam thought for a second and said, “I can’t be certain my lord but they can’t reach to this galaxy within one millennium for certain but that is only if all of them are in the Great Heaven realm.”

           Riddick slightly lifted his face and said, “So we can’t be sure. The Sura Bloodline will be here and so will be the other twelve royal clans. One thousand years.”

            Riddick face finally lit up as he smiled lightly and said, “Shazam, deliver this message to all of the heavens.

            My blood bears the Karma of Sura, my soul taints the ancestors of thirteen clans. Those who died by my hand are trapped in my sword, my sword sows their karma into the edge of its blade.

      I kill and taint your ancestors. I will kill and taint your descendants. Those who stop me will fall prey to my wrath and those who walk in the path of my endeavour shall become my brothers.

           The debt of a hundred trillion years have yet to be paid. One millennium later, I shall start paying it all in blood.”

         Shazam face was filled with great happiness as he bowed deeply and said in a respectful voice, “As you wish, My lord.”




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  1. i think it can be good as now atleast no big forces will be able to enter his world although other forces will try to kill him.It’s a good way to keep prolonging the end of the book & keep writing it


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