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Most visitors came from The United States. Philippines & United Kingdom were not far behind.

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Good Bye 2015

The year 2015 is something which I can never forget. I still remember the day I started reddycreations. Then, the above stats were nothing but an exaggerated dream to me. Now, I feel so happy that you guys have stayed with me in this journey.

Our journey is however just starting. There may be turbulent times in the future but I know that you have got my back.

With this I thank every single person, every single reader who have helped me accomplish my task and help me maintain my goal which is purely your enjoyment.

Thank you guys.

On this occasion I wanna thank my editors who have helped me and are still helping me now.

Kidyeon – You are the most awesome guy in the world. I can only bow to how responsible and how understanding you are.

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King Haku – I will always remember your help Haku and how cool you were while dealing with me. Thank you haku.

Since my mother tongue isn’t English, I make pretty dumb mistakes so I salute my editors in being patient with me. Thank you guys.


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        I hope that you will all patronise and support me and reddycreations again but more importantly, I hope you will all enjoy my work.

Enjoy and See you all in 2016.

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Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 10 – Void’s decision

Author note : Hey guys, GSD REDDY here and I am back with another chapter.

Edit – Unedited.

            This is my second and the final regular chapter of this week.

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Enjoy and thank you.


Void’s decision :

                 Deep inside Riddick’s soul, the lightning dragon which stood guard around Riddick’s soul slowly opened its eyes and watched Riddick through its slitted eyes.

           With a sigh he slowly murmured, “Father.”

             Inside a blank space filled with nothing but thirteen huge spheres. Sealed by twelve black chains, Void slowly opened his eyes.

         His old eyes gazed at nothingness in front of him as he murmured back, “I know. The time has finally come.”

           As Riddick stood in the air facing Theo and his son, his consciousness began to get blank as he was suddenly sucked into his own sea of consciousnesses. There he noticed the lightning dragon and above all he heard the sad voice of Void.

              Void slowly closed his eyes and thought back to his first meeting with Riddick. A trillion years have passed since then, in which they have seen and suffered much together.

                 Void’s eyes slowly opened revealing faint traces of bitterness. Void sighed as he muttered in a low voice starling Riddick, “I don’t know who and why the person who graced you with his Will graced you. However, Riddick there isn’t much I can say to the current you.”

           Riddick’s face changed as he heard Void. However before he could speak, Void continued and said in a calm voice, “Remember our promise. You have to free me of my bounds in exchange for me lending you my power. The contract you signed a trillion years ago has yet to be fulfilled. Until you release me, I can’t let you break free and until you catalyse your own Will you can never win against the Heavens.

           The Will of that God may become your only weapon when the time comes but your ultimate weapon is your own Will. However, I can’t direct you to carve it. You have to break out of your cage on your own to carve it.

            Carve it like a sword to slash the chains gripping my karma. Carve it like a mace to smash apart the karma which rules over you. Carve it like spear to pierce the karma which rules over us. Then, you will find me. The me, who has been with you since you had been born in this universe.

           Riddick, if you wish to know more about yourself, free me. If you wish to obtain your own Qi, free me. If you wish to know why the man who helped you helped you, free me. Everything that is you now lies within me and Everything that made me lies within you. We are bound by the same fate which governs our karma.”

             Riddick’s mind reeled as he heard Void. He didn’t want to admit it but he definitely heard the word, “free you”. He didn’t want to admit it but he somehow he knew where Void was going with his words. Void was subtly telling him that he lied to him, thus proving Goku’s words.

               Goku telling Riddick that Void betrayed him was one thing but Void admitting it was an entirely another thing.

         Riddick who loved Void more than anyone and trusted him more than anyone felt as if his chest was stabbed with a knife. As if his heart was bleeding in pain, as if he had truly become the biggest fool in the universe.

            Riddick eyes became moist as he slowly opened his mouth to ask. But, he couldn’t as Void didn’t allow him to speak.

              Void narrowed his eyes and continued in a silent voice, “I gave you my everything but in return I stole your everything. The day you return back my freedom will be the day, you will regain your enlightenment.

         Riddick, I won’t speak as if I didn’t lie to you but I only lied for your own benefit. You are still naive and the untimely truth will ruin you. Thus, I lied and in process I harnessed your soul to become anything it wished to become in this multiverse.

        Suspect and hate me, I don’t mind but find me and then you will find it all Riddick. However, beware boy, I am not the only one who can see through you. You may think that I may be your enemy but beware that man. He has already reached the pinnacle of this universe. He will not allow you to live. Your karma is already stained and thus you can never escape him.

                 An young tree is the easiest of all to either bend or to uproot. Even if you have lived a trillion more years, compared to me and him, you are still young and moreover ignorant of everything that makes us, Us.”
              Riddick stood there dumbly listening to Void. He couldn’t speak a word cause he didn’t understand much of it. He hated how everyone spoke about things which he had no idea about.

     He hated the word, “Truth.” He hated how he was used by his most trusted friend. He hated how Void explained himself. He hated how foolish he was to trust Void with all his heart. He hated how foolish he was to believe every word he ever listened to.

         Riddick stood there with a pale face because he was unsure after a long time. Every day and every minute, for years and millennia together. He embarked on a journey which he once thought was a task he had to complete.

         But now, he was unsure. Just what was his task? Just why should he even complete the task? Why did even matter? Why was he the one who was suffering from the bounds of karma?

              Did he really needed to suffer such a punishment? He reincarnated times and times, again and again, watched his family die, again and again. Watched his loved ones die, yet he chose to follow the path because of a single promise made a trillion years ago.

             And yet, now he finds that it was all a lie. Everything he knew about Void was a lie. The creation of the universe. The only unique element in the universe. Everything was a lie. Everything he knew was a lie. He was a lie.

         Riddick’s face was drenched in tears as he remembered all the time, all the words they ever shared. Every little moment they ever spent. He considered Void his best friend, above and beyond everything the world could offer to him and yet, he was betrayed.

      It wasn’t a single betrayal. It was a betrayal which betrayed his trust in humanity, friendship and even himself. Void betrayed him. That one word echoed in his mind. That word shook his mind. That one sentence reverberated in his ears.

      Blood flowed out of his eyes like years as Riddick gulped his own blood and asked in a low sad voice, “Why?”

         Void looked at Riddick and closed his eyes. Lightning dragon looked at Riddick and closed its eyes. The Phoenix, The Blue Whale, The Jade Eagle, The Tortoise. Everyone of them closed their eyes.

          Void then slowly opened his mouth and said, “Because we gambled on you. Precisely, I, gambled on you that you will one day break free of the illusion surrounding you. Now you have come here, only you have come here due to sheer luck and the karma you sow yourself which let you meet that God.

             Why you encountered that God goes beyond reasonable explanation I can think of. But, now that you have really broken free of the illusion. I will now thus make another gamble Riddick.

         I will now make a gamble with my life on line. I will make a gamble putting all my sons life on line. I will gamble with everything I got. Then, I will wait…………”

             Riddick face changed as he heard Void. He immediately asked in an anxious voice, “What do you mean? What do you mean Void?”

            Void opened his eyes widely and gazed at the blank space. His huge mouth opened as he began to laugh madly.

                   His back quivered as two humongous wings began to unfold after countless trillions of years. Dangerous red light flickered in his eyes as his limbs firmly grasped the floor with their huge claws, slowly raising him from the ground.

                 His whiskers trembled as he breathed heavily. His belly began to roar in hunger. Countless years of hunger should have made any man or beast mad with hunger but Void became much wilder with hunger. The hungry he grew, the dangerous he became.

          The lightning dragon within Sea of consciousnesses slowly opened its mouth and said in a calm voice, “Riddick, here after you will gain control of me completely. However, I will completely lose my sentience.

           Riddick, now I am but a tool with a mind. In the future, I will be just a tool. I can’t tell you much but remember everyday we spent together in all these years and make your decision.”

        As the lightning dragon spoke this words, his eyes lost focus and his spirit left his body. All that remained around Riddick’s soul was a extremely powerful lightning essence coiled in the form of a long slender dragon.

             Riddick’s eyes grew hazy with Lightning dragon’s words. He couldn’t speak because he couldn’t. He was too shocked to speak. His entire soul was being twisted with every word he heard.

         But, he still lifted his face and asked in an anxious voice. “Void, why are gambling with your life on line?”

           Void smiled lightly. Beside him, five phatom images of five godly beasts appeared. Everyone of them looked at Riddick with deep meaningful eyes and answered together with a smile on their faces.

   “Because we trust you.”

            Riddick’s eyes shook as he heard Void. He immediately opened his mouth to shout but a sharp pain erupted in his soul. The point where the soul connection lies between himself and Void began to burn with pain.

        Riddick grunted and moaned in pain and then he was knocked out of his semiconscious state to the outside world.

        Riddick looked at Theo and then at the skies. He didn’t know why and he didn’t understand why he had such a  feeling but he knew that something big and bad was gonna happen that second.

            The universe, the Odin galaxy, the space shivered as if it sensed a similar premonition. Deep inside the blank space, Void smile grew broader as he coughed up a goblet of his own blood.

                  The goblet of the blood floated before him as he laughed loudly and said, “One final time, I am gonna show this universe, who I am?

         Come for me boy. This shall be my final present to you until we meet again. Don’t forget Riddick, you have a debt to pay.”

         Void’s voice faded away in the dark silence of the blank space and the next instant, a blinding light erupted from the goblet of blood.

       Void smiled lightly and said in a dangerous voice, “Black hole.”



Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 9 – Paragon Arm

Author note : Hey Guys, GSD REDDY here and I am back with another chapter.

Edit – Self – edit.
This is the first regular Riddick/ATH chapter of this week and my second release of this week.

I think you can expect the second regular chapter pretty soon. Well, hope you are enjoying the holiday season guys cause I am. I took the weekend off, had a pretty good night out last Saturday. Had a family outing on Sunday and now I am back home. Technically I was back home yesterday.

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Enjoy and thank you.


Paragon Arm:

In a certain universe, in a certain plane.

The heat from its three stars was slowly dissipating as the time of the twilight drew near. As the life of the plane slowly started to shift their activities, a sudden flare of white light pierced the atmosphere and entered the plane through the space.

The light slowly began to fail as Son Goku was sitting beneath a banyan tree mediating. The air around him was strangely very silent. Not even a breeze could be felt within a thousand mile radius of his position.

The banyan tree dropping over him was very old, old enough that it’s trunk alone had a diameter of a kilometre. A banyan grows no more than a few inches every year in diameter and this process slows down after its early years.

How many millennia should have passed since the tree had sprouted? None knew but it was surely more than just a few millennia. The tree itself had lived for millions or even billions of years since its birth.

Suddenly, the wind around the area began to tremble. Son Goku slowly opened his eyes and gazed at the skies. His golden eyes narrowed as his skin felt the faint ripples in the air.

A streak of faint white colour passed through the air and landed in front of him revealing a man in his early forties. His face was covered in a silver mask revealing only his eyes. The man had only one good eye while the other was a just glass eyeball with a strange white mark on it.

He lowered his upper half slightly and said in a calm voice, “I have come in place of my master to deliver his words, my Lord.”

Then suddenly his body began to twitch. The eyeball with a strange white mark began to glow faintly and then a Qi emitted from it which was inhaled by the man with the silver mask.

“I have come to you to enquire upon a certain incident.” A hoarse cold voice emitted from the man’s mouth completely void of his former respect.

Goku narrowed his eyes further and squinted them as he said, “Hmph! Just an another doll devoid of life, is he? What do you want Brat?”

The voice sighed lightly as he heard Goku and inquired in a cold voice, “We have sensed your Will within a certain universe. Simply sensing it wouldn’t have made me come to you but mind you tell me, why have a sensed a reaction from your side as well?”

Goku expression slightly changed as he answered in a neutral voice, “I have no idea what you are talking about.”

“Don’t you dare lie to me Goku? I………” He halted his words mid sentence as the world around him changed for worse.

Goku’s eyes became red and the Golden staff lying beside him rose into the air. The banyan tree behind him began to wave its hanging roots in rage and the air around them began to howl in madness.

“What would you do?” Goku asked in a cold voice and continued, “Would you dare fight me?” Goku cold voice resounded like a thunder in the silent plane.

The voice stuttered a little before saying, “Hmph! Don’t get cocky Goku. This time, I will let this matter go but one day, I will catch you red handed. Then…..” He halted his sentence in mid sentence and narrowed his eyes hinting off a unspoken threat.

Goku hands which were since the very beginning resting on his knees, slightly shook and the next instant, the Golden staff shot out with incredible speed towards the man.


An explosion shook the place as the man’s body exploded into gore and blood before he can blink his eyes or close his opened mouth. Then the Golden radiance of the Staff began to melt the gore into fluid and then vaporised it into nothingness.

Goku narrowed his eyes and sighed as he retrieved his aura. The nature began to calm down as the aura of a heathen God began to disappear.

Goku smiled lightly as he raised his hand and caught his staff. The staff quivered lightly and then calmed down.

With a sigh he looked at the skies and said to himself in a calm voice, “Less than ten days have passed since the day I met you boy and you have already managed to catch a glimpse of my paragon body. Admirable.

A million lives should have tempered your soul well beyond my estimation boy else you can never activate it with your power of a mere deva.

Use it, deny it, abuse it, destroy it, the heavens and the universe are formed for me, you, us. The power of my will is already imbued within your soul. How you use it doesn’t lie in my hands?

Use it for yourself or use it for others. No matter what you do, crawl your way back here kid. Don’t forget, you have a debt to pay.” Goku muttered to himself in the silence of the starry skies.


Riddick looked over at everyone with a serious gaze and flew over silently. None knew what happened a second ago but all of them including Theo and Hoinbo felt a jolt like feeling within their souls as Riddick made a deafening noise.

Riddick slowly flew over and stood in front of Hoinbo’s group. His face was cold as he watched the three scums who raped the woman Giira, Hoinbo’s daughter.

Hoinbo finally came out of his stupor and hurriedly moved forwards as he said, “What are you doing boy? Get back else…..” He stopped mid sentence because he could see in Riddick’s eyes, the absolute coldness of a merciless death reaper.

Riddick raised his hand and pointed at the three men who raped the woman and said in a cold voice, “Leave these three here and then you can all leave alive.”

Theo looked at Riddick incredulously and then started to laugh madly. He then roared as he said, “Fuck that! You dare order me, you motherfucker. I will kill you and hang your dead body for three days and three nights out in the woods as vultures prey. Then I will throw your remains to the maggots.”

Riddick face was already dead cold. He simply sighed inside. Riddick never even expected Theo to accept his offer. So he simply extended his left index finger and said, “Then die.”


Crimson blood began to leak out of his left arm and then formed into a sword which began to vibrate with power as it floated in the skies beside him.

“What is that thing?” Theo involuntarily cried out in an anxious voice as he looked at Elaine.

A man standing behind Theo who was at the early second level of deva realm narrowed his eyes as he said, “Must be some sort of demonic technique my lord. He is using his own blood as a weapon. So he is technically using his own life essence as a weapon.

Lord Theo, that is definitely a double edged sword. If we use it to our advantage then….”

Theo smiled coldly as he heard the man. He raised his hand and said, “Get me his head.”

The dozen or so people behind him roared loudly as they all rushed towards Riddick at high speed.

Riddick glanced at them and then snorted coldly. He raised his eyebrows and said to himself in a calm voice, “Paragon Arm.”

As Riddick muttered in a low voice, a giant invisible Golden arm manifested on his left side. Riddick looked at the giant arm and smiled lightly.

He had a hunch before when he caught the Golden thread but now he had confirmed it. The arm which manifested when he tried to catch the karma thread was the paragon arm of Son Goku himself.

The staff is a manifestation of Goku’s will. Even if it possessed power to shatter the karma tampered by heavens, it was the power possessed by its true form. The original Golden staff of Son Goku.

However, Riddick didn’t have the original staff. All he had was the will of Goku in the form of a staff. Then a question arises, What can Riddick do if he doesn’t have the authority to employ the staff?

The answer lies in the arm which manifested the instant he managed to open up the past karma world.

Goku didn’t actually give the eyes uncontaminated by the Qi of heavens, he gave Riddick a sliver of his will which bestowed upon him a heaven defying power.

Riddick looked at the invisible golden arm and willed it with his divine sense. Even though the world cannot see it, Riddick could perfectly see it with his Golden vision.

“Let’s Kill this bastard!” A man roared as he raised his sword.

“Don’t be impulsive, be careful. He’s got some tricks up his sleeve.” Another said in a loud voice as he took out a talisman and started employing a formation.

Riddick looked at them all and simply waved his left hand.

“Today you are going to die because you have decided to involve in business which isn’t yours kid.” Theo laughed as he looked at Riddick with a pitying gaze.

Riddick looked at Theo and then the three behind him and said in a cold voice. “Let’s get started. First your henchmen, sorry, they are all gonna die.”

Theo’s son who was the main culprit of the rape laughed as he heard Riddick. However, his laughter stopped as a splatter of blood dyed the air followed by the deathly scream of a dying man.

Everyone stared with bulging eyes as they saw a man whose entire body was twisted beyond recognition. His face, his body, his organs and even his intestines were hanging in the skies while his blood was being splattered as if the body was being crushed with an incomparably strong force.

“What is happening?” Theo’s son muttered in a weak voice as he saw that.

One of the men who were sent to kill Riddick looked at the deathly mess and began to quiver as he said, “It’s an invisible hand. They are the markings of fingers.” He roared loudly he pointed out at the plainly visible finger shaped markings on the gore which was once a human.

Riddick face was ice cold as he simply sighed and moved forward slowly. The hand slowly released the body and then moved forward like a snake and pierced two more with two of its fingers.

Two men’s face twisted as they coughed up blood. Riddick’s face twisted as he said in a cold deadly voice, “You were all dead the minute you decided to face me.

However, I feel obliged to tell you. Death is not the worst punishment out there for those who decide to offend me. Understood?”

The two men screamed in painful voices as their souls began to waver under the assault of Riddick’s soul attack. Then they feel down like broken puppets as Riddick retrieved his illusory paragon arm.

Hoinbo who was watching everything with a dumb face began to shiver as he saw this. “A invisible hand which can attack with material attacks and soul attacks, each strong enough to kill devas in a flash.” He muttered to himself in a silent voice as he thought in his mind, “Just what kind of a monster is he?”

At that instant, when Riddick was standing there. In the silent forest, every man, every woman, enemy or not had similar thoughts echoing deep in their minds.

“What kind of a monster is Riddick?”






Rigel – Book 1 – Chapter 10 – The Black Pearl reacts


The Black Pearl reacts:


Rigel saluted the girls and said respectfully, “Junior greets seniors.”

The dozen or so girls turned their heads and looked at Rigel with a confused expression. Rigel looked like your average guy. Though he was a bit good looking, he wasn’t dressed luxuriously. He didn’t have a neat demeanor nor did he have an extraordinary aura around him. Everything about him thus screamed of average.

Being raised as a slave and the suffering he suffered inside the Gehenna Prison didn’t help Rigel in developing a sense of fashion. He always wore some random clothes which were comfortable to him. Poverty and low status never allowed him to experience the luxuries of rich.

However, to the girls who were living within the Xia sect, Rigel looked more like a beggar than a fellow disciple.

One of the girls, who wore a pair of black gloves on her pearl-like white hands snickered loudly and said, “Junior, You dare say, you are our junior. Unfortunately, we don’t accept beggars as our juniors. Get out of here, you dirtbag.”

Rigel’s face immediately twitched with this unexpected events. Even though he may appear poor and improperly dressed, he was never dirty. He always had a healthy way of doing things.

However, Rigel only nodded his head and walked away while narrowing his eyes. Even though Rigel would never actually go out looking for trouble himself, he was never a man who escaped trouble by lowering his honor. Rigel would remember the girl who insulted him. Even though it was nothing more than the words of ignorant, to him, an insult was still an insult.

Rigel walked towards the main sect and followed the route explained to him by a kind old man who appeared to be a retired servant.

Finally by the time, the moon crept into the skies, Rigel arrived before a seven-storied pagoda.

The pagoda was dark red in color and was decorated with Golden paintings made out of actual gold.

Rigel stood before the pagoda observing the surroundings and the people who passed through that street. He didn’t know know what the pagoda was, but he knew that it was a place of extreme importance because he could feel at least six pairs of eyes on him.

Rigel may haven’t cultivated, but he had killed people much more than any elites of his age. A man won’t have the bearings of a great expert, nor would be he a man of great authority unless he is willing to drench his hands in blood.

Rigel learned that lesson much earlier than most people. Even if he wasn’t an elite who had the guidance of great elders, he was a slave who learned about the darkness of men through his life.

The slave trader he was sold to had a parlor trick for his customer’s entertainment. Old slaves fought each other in a death match for his clients’ amusement in the most entertaining ways.

The slave trader didn’t care about anything other than money. As long as he gets his share, he wouldn’t mind disposing of a few random slaves. Rigel stayed in that slave house watching people die every day. He watched people who killed them, and he watched individuals who enjoyed this show.

Thus, Rigel was extremely sensitive to one emotion in the whole world. Killing intent. Even if he was a cripple, even if he didn’t possess a tenth of an average cultivator’s strength, he could distinguish that single emotion out of hundred others with absolute accuracy.

Rigel stood before the pagoda, and then he sighed as he calculated his chances. Even though he could sense at least six pairs of eyes on him, he couldn’t sense their leader. There was a limit to his mere human senses.

In front of godly strength, human power becomes nothing but a dog’s bark.

So Rigel lifted his hands in the air and said, “Seniors, this junior is here by Elder Feng’s orders.”


7th floor of the pagoda


Four men sat around a table. All four wore black robes, each with a unique mark of a two-headed dragon. Although they sat in silence, they would occasionally all nod their heads. They were all conversing in their minds through their divine senses.

The divine sense was an ability unique to an immortal practitioner, who could use the power of their mental energy to establish a telepathy-like ability.

These four men were among the few people who had authority exceeding that of an elder in the Xia sect.

At that instant, when Rigel arrived before the pagoda, one among them titled his head and gazed at him.

His old eyes and wrinkled face held a bit of amusement as he stared at Rigel. His long sleeves covered his hands, and his cultivation base was unfathomable. However, he had a childish gleam hidden deep in his wise eyes.

His nose slightly twitched as he inhaled a breath. His lips parted slightly as a smile blossomed on his face. With narrowed eyes he laughed in his heart as he thought, “A boy who can concoct The Poison Lady, Interesting?”

He then began to watch Rigel’s actions carefully. As Rigel stood there for a few minutes, he silently gave out a few orders to the surrounding guards to not to disturb Rigel.

“Seniors, this junior is here by Elder Feng’s orders.” As Rigel uttered those words, a strange gleam appeared in the man’s eyes.

With a smile, he rose from his seat. The other three men who saw this had strange expressions on their faces. Who were they? They were all people who had status exceeding that of an elder. How couldn’t they see that the man wasn’t paying attention to then for five whole minutes?

He glanced at the trio and said, “I have some matters that I have to take care of.”

The trio nodded their heads silently. Even though every one of them men could sense why he was leaving, they wouldn’t stop him. They had no reason to stop him.

The man smiled as he left the floor. He then walked down the stairs until he reached the ground floor. There he stopped in his tracks as he watched an amusing scene.

In front of him, Rigel was standing still with an alert gaze and a respectful attitude as he faced a red robed man.

The red robed man stood there with a serious face as he said in a cold voice, “This area is off-limits for now. Get out of here kid.”

Rigel nodded his head silently and turned back.

The black-robed man who was watching this scene narrowed his eyes in dissatisfaction. He was hoping to look at a much more amusing scene fit for a kid his age. However faced with Rigel’s choice, he snorted as he ordered the red-robed man in a cold voice through his divine sense, “Kill him!”

The red-robed man stunned by the words transmitted to his mind turned around and watched the black-robed man in astonishment, but the next second, he pounced on Rigel without any hesitation.

Rigel, who was shocked by the sudden turn of events, immediately kicked the ground and rolled towards his right side narrowly missing the deathly hook of the red robed man.

“Why?????” Rigel screamed in his mind repeatedly in that second, but no matter how he thought, he couldn’t understand why the red-robed man attacked him without any warning.

“Die…….” The red robed man roared as he took out a talisman and lit it with his Qi. It burned in a flash and the next instant, a fog emanated from it engulfing Rigel in it.

The black-robed man upon seeing this licked his lips as he said to himself, “Ho! Poison gas. Perfect, now show me your secrets lad.”

Rigel, who was engulfed by the poison, immediately stopped breathing but to his astonishment, he noticed that his skin was becoming purple as it began to absorb the gas at a fast rate.

Despair filled his eyes as they started to lose consciousness under the effects of the poison. His mind became numb by the second and in his haziness, a bitter smile appeared on his face.

Even if he was a poison expert, he can’t have an antidote for all poisons at his hand. The alchemy of poison was the same as the heavens and earth. It was boundless and without the time to study a poison, he can never come up with an antidote in an instant. Thus, he had a bitter smile on his face.

The poisons he had studied for two whole years under Frank, and used them for self-defense countless times was now killing him. It was ironic.

At that second, just as Rigel had almost given up on his life. His body started to tremble. His profound veins* began to push the poison fog rapidly towards his dantian*.

Rigel coughed up blood as his profound veins started to rupture under the effects of the poison. The profound veins are one of the most resilient parts of one’s body, but Rigel had never cultivated them. As he had never absorbed the energy of the Heaven and Earth, they were like any other normal veins.

Rigel coughed up more blood as the poison began to make its way towards his dantian and a fierce pain assaulted his mind a second later. The poison had made its way to his nervous system. Rigel screamed in pain and finally lost his consciousness. In that instant, a popping sound rang out as the poison finally reached his dantian.

The black pearl which was lying in his dantian silently began to glow with a dark radiance and the next second; a blinding light erupted in his dantian which began to spread all over Riddick’s profound veins. A few seconds after which, Rigel’s trembling body began to relax.

The black-robed man who was watching the whole scene began to smile widely as he watched Rigel crawl out of a certain death situation.

The red-robed man who watched this had a dumb face as he saw that Rigel was still alive, then rage appeared on his face. His hand went for his sword but then stopped in his tracks as the black-robed man appeared before his eyes.

The fog which saturated the area began to dissipate like mist as the black-robed man made his way towards Rigel. He then looked at Rigel’s injured body and said in a calm voice, “Get this boy to the infirmary and watch over him for me. When he wakes up, tell him nothing regarding my involvement. Understood?” The man asked in a cold voice.

The red robed man looked at the black-robed man in confusion, but he nevertheless bowed his head deeply and said in a respectful voice, “This servant shall follow your orders, Patriarch.”


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Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 8 – The Power of the Staff

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The Power of the Staff :

               Riddick stood there still with a serious expression on his face. To others, he simply looked like a pissed off person but Riddick was observing the quivering Karma thread above the men’s head with a serious face.

              Riddick’s roar had created a maelstrom of wind and the three men who were caught in it had their souls shaken, their cultivation power deprived as they stood there dumbly with a reeling mind.
          The Red robed man saw the unbelievable feat and snorted coldly. The three men under his charge were only in first level of deva realm. It wasn’t rare for an exceedingly powerful deva to appear from time to time. Such kind of person can easily overpower those in his realm of power but even he will fall prey to people of great strength.

        The red robed man was on the verge of breaking through the fourth level and never even thought of Riddick as his potential opponent.

              “Little runt, how dare you attack my people? Apologise now and serve me for a millennium, I will then let you go alive.” The red robed man said in a haughty voice as he saw Riddick standing there silently.

        Riddick glanced at the red robed man and looked back at the three men. All three had faces full of fear but Riddick was more interested in their karma thread.

            Riddick’s silence made a smile bloom on the red robed man’s face. He simply thought that Riddick was regretting his decision to anger him. So he roared loudly as he raised his arm and shot an energy wave towards Riddick.

              Hoinbo who was watching everything bit his tongue as he cursed silently and immediately dragged Riddick behind him before Riddick could do anything.

       “Stay behind me and don’t engage in a frontal battle with Theo. He is too dangerous for you.” Hoinbo said in a anxious voice referring to the red robed man as he released an energy blast of his own negating Theo’s attack.

            Riddick silently nodded his head and stood back. He then turned his head and saw the woman who had a purple Qi emanating from her karma.

              He slowly flew towards her and said, “Nice to meet you ma’am. I am Riddick.”

         The woman eyed Riddick with sad eyes and nodded her head weakly. She, however, didn’t open her mouth to say a word.

              Riddick silently stood behind her watching her as if he was guarding her but instead he was watching her karma thread.

           The purple Qi within her karma thread was slowly but surely beginning to corrode her. Riddick frowned and then blinked his eyes to see through her karma.

        The gold thread slowly dissolved revealing a purple streaked Golden thread.

           Riddick then narrowed his eyes and concentrated on the Golden staff within his soul world.

      Riddick didn’t knew for certain but he certainly felt the Golden staff vibrating as he shouted in rage before. He wasn’t certain but he felt that the karma threads weren’t really fearing him but the Golden staff.

           As the Golden staff felt Riddick’s divine sense. It began to vibrate and the next instant, the Karma thread on the woman’s head began to tremble with it.

        Hoinbo’s daughter became pale with the trembling of Karma thread but she still withstood the fear which was felt directly by her soul.

        Riddick took in a deep breath as he gritted his teeth and concentrated all his divine sense on the Golden staff. With more divine sense controlling it, it vibrated more and the karma thread trembled more.

            Finally, the karma thread began to crackle under the trembling. Riddick mind which was concentrating on the task suddenly felt a jolt of current as an image of a Golden hand drifted into his mind.

          Unconsciously and subconsciously, he raised his hand. An enormous illusionary hand appeared along with his hand and caught the illusory karma thread.

         That instant, Riddick felt as if his mind has been transported into the life of the woman named Giira.

One day ago.

                Riddick’s floated in the skies watching the weird purple world before his eyes. He suddenly stared below as the screams of a woman drifted into his ears
         Riddick stared with eyes full of astonishment as he saw the same woman, Giira being raped by three men before his eyes.

         Riddick’s face twitched as he flew at high speed towards them. However as he lifted his hand and chopped at the man’s throat, it passed through his neck like a ghost.

            Riddick stared dumbly at his own hand and then he remembered the purple streak in the Golden karma thread. The purple skies, the purple earth and the purple world was exactly like the Golden World he usually sees with his eyes.

           Only, he was now like ghost in it. Unable to touch and do anything, he was living the hell Giira suffered in the hands of those three men.

            Riddick flew into the skies as he watched her with a pitying face. He then remembered her sad eyes from before, the reason for which he now knew.

       As Riddick stood there, information drifted into his mind like waves.

              The Golden staff was a weapon which defied the Heavens cause it had the power to see the karma written by the heavens.

            Karma is the events of the past which will decide the future of a person and the fate are the events which are decided by the karma of that soul.

     However, the Golden staff of Son Goku had the power to see through that karma. It was thus a heaven defying power. The purple streak represented a recent change in the Karma of that person.

            The karma thread of a person doesn’t change with everyday activities. It changes only when he does or suffers from something which changes his fate.

         Riddick watched the whole scene for an hour before he returned back to his senses. He stared with a reeling mind at the scene before him. Even if he spent an hour in that purple world, not even a second passed in his world.

             Riddick narrowed his eyes as he began to think of what he understood from the entire event.

       The Golden staff has some kind of heaven defying power to see through one’s karma. It can make one’s karma tremble in fear. It has granted him a vision which let’s him see the state of one’s karma.

                    However, Riddick clearly remembered how the Karma threads shivered with fear as he roared in fury. Simply seeing the karma’s constitution doesn’t really harm anyone and calling it a heaven defying power was overrating.

          However, the information that appeared in his mind clearly said that the Golden staff was a heaven defying power.
               Riddick then had a crazy thought. What if the Golden staff wasn’t simply the will of Goku? What if it was a weapon?

            Goku clearly said to him that the heavens of the universe always rely on reaping and changing one’s karma to trap a soul. Then didn’t that mean that Karma wasn’t a absolute system where one’s life is decided by one’s own actions.

             If the Heavens can kill or trap someone by altering his karma then didn’t that mean that they had a way of doing it. What if the Golden staff represented a power which let’s him have the ability to rewrite karma himself?

         What if the Golden staff represented a weapon which can let him break free of the chains of karma which had bonded him for a trillion years through a million lives?

                Riddick face trembled with excitement at the thought. He concentrated on the Golden staff in his soul world and willed to take it out.

       The Staff trembled and vibrated but it didn’t move an inch from its position.

         Riddick tried and tried until he finally retrieved back his divine sense. Even though he hadn’t been able to take out the staff, a smile drifted on his face because he confirmed one thing.

      The staff can definitely be taken out. Only he was still too weak to control it.

         The smile on his face broadened as he thought back to the words of Son Goku.

     “The truth about yourself may dawn upon you when the time of revelation arrives but until then, I will give you the eyes which haven’t been contaminated by the Qi of heavens.”

        Goku simply said that he will give him the eyes which weren’t contaminated by the Qi of heavens. He never said that he will grant upon him this strange heaven revolting power.

        The power to rewind the time to see the reason of the karma may seem like a very odd power but Riddick who had lived through countless lives understood better than anyone the terrifying power contained within it.

                With this power he can see the karma of his enemy, who had been contaminated by the Qi of heavens. Combined with the power to shatter the Qi of Heavens he will gain the power to shatter the lie he had been living for countless years.

             Goku didn’t shatter his lie for him. He gave Riddick the power to shatter the lie around him, himself. He gave him a power to see through the Karma sown by heavens. He gave him a power to shatter that karma and finally he gave Riddick a fighting chance to live through the fight he had been fighting for a million years.

                  Riddick smile twisted as he murmured to himself in a calm voice, “So this is your gift for me Goku. I don’t know why and I don’t understand why but I must say, I like it very much.

              The Heavens of Sura. The Angels, the demons, the lies of people, the hidden truths of this universe. I will find it all myself.” Riddick silently muttered to himself as he stood there watching the fight.

           Since he had seen the incident that pertained to the fight himself. Riddick smiled coldly as he walked forward towards the fight.

         He stretched his hands and banged his fists to one another. A wave of invisible Golden aura spread like a current in all directions startling people. Riddick looked at the men and then at their quivering Karma threads and smiled evilly as he said, “You played with my life for a trillion years, Now its my time to play with you all.”



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Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 7 – Trembling in Fear

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Trembling in fear :

Crackling sounds rang out in the silent forest as the fire slowly cooked the meat. Riddick sat beside the fire, gazing at the forest. His eyes were watching the night forest, but his mind was constantly replaying the scene of the black Qi he had seen on top of Dragon’s head.

It had been ten days since that incident, but Riddick couldn’t get it out of his mind. Even though Riddick didn’t understand the meaning of the Black Qi, he had a very bad premonition regarding it.

Unable to concentrate properly, Riddick decided to live in the nearby forest for a while. He simply said that he wanted to be left alone. Riddick knew that he had many things to do, but the recent events had thrown his mind into chaos.

A work done in chaos would only lead to more chaos. Riddick understood this, and thus decided to simply spend some time to regain his composure.

However, what happened that day was something which questioned his entire being, his entire life, his trust in Void, and even himself.

Goku had said that Riddick was simply a victim of the karma, and was trying to fight in a wrong way due to the lack of enlightenment. However, Riddick didn’t understand a word of that.

He didn’t understand why Goku bothered to help him in the first place. Even if Goku had called him a kid, Riddick had more experience than many immortals, so he knew for certain that Goku wasn’t particularly helping him, he was only investing in him.

The help he received from Goku was his investment in him. What Riddick didn’t understand, was why would he bother even investing in him? If what he said was true, then didn’t that mean he was just a kid with no idea of the truth.

Riddick’s mind was reeling with all these thoughts. Added to these facts was the wisp of black Qi. No matter how he tried to decipher the black Qi, he couldn’t succeed.

Riddick gently grabbed the meat and sprinkled some salt on it.

Munching slowly Riddick once again began blinking his eyes. The Golden thread appeared above every living being he had tried it on, and the next blink dissolved the outer layer, deciphering the beginning of that soul’s karma. However, no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t decipher anymore than that.

Riddick couldn’t help but curse his luck. The seemingly divine ability he received from Goku had a limit. He couldn’t decipher anything more than the first layer of the karma thread.

Riddick sighed inside his mind. However, as he sat there he remembered the entire talk between himself and Goku. Goku wasn’t like anyone he had ever seen in his life.

No matter if it was the celestials or the Archangels, or even the Heavenly kings of the Heaven, they all radiated an aura of invincibility. But Goku was different. He never radiated an aura of raw power, but an aura of inconceivable wisdom and energy.

His demeanour, his words, his intelligence and even his stature, everything about him made Riddick frown in fear and confusion.

Riddick wasn’t sure before, but days of thinking made it clear for him, Goku didn’t belong in his world. He didn’t even belong in this universe either, because someone like him was definitely strong enough to rule the heavens.

Riddick slowly rose from his seat and walked back to the cave he carved a few days ago. Sitting in his cave, he began contemplating about a matter which had been bothering him since his meeting with Goku.

Riddick closed his eyes and let his spiritual energy observe his sea of consciousnesses. The rolling sea of consciousnesses had a never ending fog of spiritual energy, in between of which was his soul.

His soul world, which was present deep inside his soul was his absolute domain. No one could invade his domain, not even Void.

However, Riddick wasn’t worried about his soul world, he was worried about the mark of a Golden staff that was hovering above his soul world. The staff was three metres in length and had three ridges on either side.

Riddick slowly drifted towards the staff and caught it in his hands. The staff by itself was very strange. The minute he would catch the staff, Riddick would always observe that his Golden vision would disappear. Instead, his body will feel like a feather. It was as if the staff was rejuvenating him.

Riddick then sat on a wall of his soul observing the staff carefully. The staff was actually pretty simple; a Golden staff with some ridges. But Riddick felt that the staff hid much more within it’s humble shape.

Riddick wanted to try to decipher the staff, but no matter how hard he tried, the Golden vision didn’t work on the staff. It was as if the staff didn’t have a karma of it’s own.

Riddick sighed slowly as he moved the staff like a weapon. Radiating a faint golden light, the staff was like a Heavenly weapon, only it wasn’t an actual weapon. The staff was nothing but a mere illusionary shape of the will left behind by Goku.

“Where are you leading me with these faint details, Goku?” Riddick murmured in a faint voice.

Void who had been observing Riddick’s actions for the past few days said in a calm voice, “Riddick, what are you thinking about?”

Riddick simply shook his head and turned the Golden staff around. It was only recently, but Riddick had already found out that Void couldn’t see the staff, nor could he see the Golden World Riddick saw with his eyes.

Riddick, at that moment, didn’t understand why, but he simply decided that it had something to do with Goku.

Riddick sighed as he retrieved his divine sense from his soul world, and sat there in silence. Riddick wasn’t sure why, but his gut told him that the Golden staff could do much more than than simply showing him the Karma thread.

Time passed by as Riddick simply decided to cultivate and contemplate. His mind wasn’t ready to accept the facts, so he decided to delve into cultivation for the first time since his reincarnation.

Stellar Millennium, year three.

Two and a half years had passed since Riddick decided to train in seclusion. June had come twice in these past two years, but Riddick simply said that he wanted to concentrate on cultivation.

Riddick knew that Void was beginning to doubt him since he had never been so mysterious in front of Void. He wouldn’t say why, and he wouldn’t say until when, when asked about his training.

However, Riddick knew that he was on the right track. His tired mind was now fully awake and alert. In the past two and a half years, he had come to accept the fact that Goku might be right about Void. However, he was still not ready to accept the fact that Void may have betrayed him for a trillion years.

Riddick sighed lightly and rose to his feet. With a thought, he flew into the skies for the first time in two and a half years. The peace of the cultivation had calmed his troubled mind a lot, so Riddick was in a good mood as he flew far away from his little cave.

Two hundred kilometres away from the cave, sounds of fighting and the smell of death defiled nature, as two tribal clans were fighting with their lives of line.

Riddick slowly flew towards the fighting with a frown on his face. His peaceful mind was once again reminded of the path of pain and death he had to return to once he return back to civilization.

“Why do you prefer death over marrying your daughter into my clan, Hoinbo?” A man wearing a fur coat made of Red boar asked in loud voice. He was in the late third level of the deva stage, and on the verge of breaking through to the fourth level.

Standing at the head of the opposing force, the man wearing a green fur coat, named Hoinbo narrowed his eyes and bellowed in an angry voice, “Marrying my daughter into your clan… Don’t you dare tell me that you are even human, you demon! Your son tried to defile my daughter, and now you are trying to obliterate my clan.

You are nothing but a scoundrel with a bit of power. My daughter will suffer all her life in your son’s hands! If we have to choose between death and a life long suffering, than I chose the prior!”

The green robed man, Hoinbo was in the second level of deva stage and was obviously very weak compared to the red robed man.

Riddick sighed as he saw the scene. The lives of countless experts are lost everyday due to these kinds of fights. Every day, thousands of experts die everywhere, and common people died on an uncountable scale.

Life was this way in the higher planes. Thus compared to higher planes, mortals live in relative peace in the lower planes.

The fight resumed and the dozens of people beside the two leaders jumped into the fight head-on. Riddick looked at the fight and blinked his eyes.

Every person on the battlefield had a Golden thread above their heads. As the people died, the Golden thread silently disintegrated into nothingness.

Riddick watched without any intention of interfering. Even if he knew which side was right, he wouldn’t interfere. The fate of these men wasn’t in his hands. If they could live through this fight, then they would.

As Riddick observed, Riddick’s eyes twitched as he noticed a strange phenomenon.

The Golden thread above the Hoinbo’s daughter slowly disintegrated by itself, and in its place appeared a thread which had a faint purple Qi within it.

Riddick heartbeat quickened as he unconsciously flew towards the girl at high speed.

Looks of astonishment floated on Hoinbo’s and the red robed man’s face as they saw Riddick, who they couldn’t sense even though he was nearby.

However, the red robed man roared angrily as he saw that Riddick was only in the first level of deva stage. He immediately ordered three men to stop his advance.

Riddick’s face twitched as he saw these men. Irritation appeared in his eyes. For almost three years, he had been searching for an answer and after so long, he found another colour of Karma beside Gold and Black.

When he saw the three men, his face twisted as he shouted angrily, “Fuck off.”

Riddick’s roar created a maelstrom of wind which shook the three men. They fell back and coughed up blood as their first level deva stage cultivation bases were shaken by Riddick’s roar.

However, Riddick also stood there dumbly because he noticed an unbelievable feat in front of his eyes.

The Golden thread above the men’s head flickered and began to tremble as if it feared Riddick. His anger was affecting the karma of the three men’s souls which was written by the Heavens itself!