Book 6 – Introduction


         Knowing that the story has become complex and I have been irregular in my updates. I assume that you have forgotten just where exactly has this story been going on and the various characters I have introduced in Book 5. So taking all these into account, I have decided to write a brief review of the Against the Heaven series.

           I am sure that you remember Vera who was Riddick’s first love. She had left him when he was fourteen. Riddick met Rachel who’s soul has been consumed by Elaine. Elaine is Riddick’s sentient weapon similar to Yama only she was originally a part of Riddick.

           Void is sealed by the Heavens by the thirteen black seals. Riddick has now successfully broken the first seal. Each black seal is exponentially stronger than the previous one.

         Roger is a volcanic giant and June is an ice witch. Krum was the finance of Vera and Silver is an angel acting as his lieutenant. All of whom are Yakshas.

Power levels – Beginner disciple<divine disciple< peak disciple < Deva < Yaksha.

           The galaxy they all reside in is called Odin galaxy. Yaksha realm is at the epicentre of this galaxy followed by the nine deva planes. However, the galaxy is always under rotation and now, the galaxy has entered into a once in a trillion years phenomenon where the nine deva planes fuse together with the Yaksha plane to form one huge plane containing them all.

         The spatial barriers surrounding these planes have been torn by the natural laws and thus the Stellar plane is born.

       Yaksha plane in total has about five continents. The Underworld which is a forbidden place of the Odin galaxy makes up the entirety of the Yaksha plane. The nine deva planes become nine continents. Thus in total the Stellar plane has about fifteen continents.

             Each of this continent is large enough to be compared to a hundred Asgards and they are all separated by hundreds of millions of kilometres chaotic sea. The common people, the weak cultivators spend all their life time not even knowing that the Stellar Millennium is happening cause they can never reach the ends of their plane to watch the magnificence of the world beyond it.

           Each deva plane have a single additional sovereign making the entire number forty five. I have explained that there are Tyrants and Fiends in the Yaksha plane but haven't said anything about them.

          Shazam is a supporter of Riddick who has followed Leedrt who is a hired mercenary to find Riddick. The Sura Clan is one of the thirteen royal clans of the Heavens and the news of Riddick's appearance would surely spread throughout the heavens.

          However, none of them can now enter the Stellar Plane for one millennium. The heavens gather their forces while Shazam goes to deliver Riddick's message. This book is the start of a new turn.

              Reading this should have given you a fairly good idea about whatever happened in the book 5. So now let's go to book 6.


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