Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 1 – The Marquis of RegenRock

Author note : Hi guys, GSD REDDY here.

           First of all I wanna remind all of you guys who are still with me again that I am not abandoning my work. It’s just that my life is currently fucked up and I can’t concentrate on writing. I am busy with hospital, college and studies. I don’t know when I will start getting acclimatised to this situation but currently I am not.

             There is no meaning in saying this anymore but I will still say it. This is a regular chapter of this week.

          I know you guys are unsatisfied and fed up with my excuses. I would be but I am not in wrong so all I can hope is that at least some of you won’t abandon me in this journey.

Thank you.


The Marquis of RegenRock :

One year later.

Ingram city, Jehu Empire, Underworld.

         “Look at these women and their supple bodies, believe me, they are definitely top notch in quality. Buy them before someone else grab them all. I, Yotsu have always been a top trader. You won’t find better quality or lower price anywhere else in the Ingram city. Come… Make a bid now. The stock is already dwindling.” A man wearing a brown robe was shouting at the top of his lungs.

          Behind him, a dozen women were chained and locked in a cage, the size of a room. A single glance at them and anyone can realise that none of them were even in the Beginner disciple stage. Weak always get preyed upon and the strong becomes their masters.

       As the man named Yotsu shouted at the top of his lungs. Few passing people stole glances at his merchandise but the shout soon drowned in the crowed market street.

            Surrounded by mountains on two sides and a lake of one side, the Ingram city was a large city with ample supply of water and resources. The mountains were the home grounds of dozens of tribes and the lake had ample supply of fish. Combining all these factors, the Ingram city was a huge commercial centre in the northern borders of the Underworld.

            Every continent, no matter in what plane or where it is had an abundance of normal humans. Material planes were in fact the best any normal human can hope to live in but not everyone know the existence of material planes and even if they do, they have no way of reaching one.

        Under such conditions, the life of common people becomes much bitter than a slave. Not knowing the value of their life and not having any way of surviving in such harsh conditions, they put all their hopes in fate only hoping that better days will come to their lives.

        The slaves in the cage were the same, caught off guard by bandits and sold to a slave dealer. They were far from their homes and had already given up on their lives. Given a chance to kill themselves, they would do it without any hesitation.

       As Yotsu began to shout at the top of his lungs, few people began to take notice of his merchandise. Women weren’t the only ones who were sold in such slave auctions. Men were sold in large numbers as well only they were sold discretely.

        Speaking objectively, men had a fate worse than women. Women, if loved by their masters would enjoy their lives but men without a doubt will be discarded after their use and that too without leaving behind an evidence.

     “How much do you want for one of these women?” A calm voice interrupted Yotsu.

         Yotsu stopped his work and looked back at the man dressed in a black robe. Feeling his eyes from the darkness of the hood covering his face he said, “That would be sixty coins sir.”

          “High price for mere mortals. I understand that you are a man capable of getting a customer his desired product.” The man asked in a cool voice.

       Yotsu narrowed his eyes and said, “Indeed sir. If you have specific requirements, then I will try everything I can to find such a slave for you.”

       The man slowly took of his hood and revealed his Crimson hair and dark bloody eyes. His features were startling and the depth of his eyes made Yotsu take a deep breath. He was Riddick.

      “I need a woman. She is about thirty and has blue hair, with a birth mark on her nape. She has a five year old son and her husband, who I presume is dead. She was here, in your slave market about a weak ago and you sold her to some motherfucker. I want to know who he is?”

       Yotsu’s face immediately changed as he heard Riddick. With a snort he said, “Get the fuck out of my place brat. I sell women and nothing more. One more fucking word out of your mouth and I will make sure your body isn’t even recognisable.”

        Riddick’s face sank as he heard Yotsu. He sighed lightly and said, “Peace strategy failed.”


       Four men rushed out from the shop and two more from behind Riddick. The bustling market place suddenly became quiet as the aura of six devas erupted at once.

          Riddick body flickered and a spilt second later, two terrifying punches passed through his after image. The surrounding people instantly cleared out and a clearing formed in front of Yotsu’s shop. The remaining shop owners stood in front of their stocks guarding them and watching the not too rare fights in that slave market.

         “A mere first level deva dares to threaten a slave trader. Must be new to this district.” A man laughed as he puffed a cigar.

      “Look clearly, that kid is still in his twenties. Young one’s and their foolish choices. Looks like he will die today.” A slightly older merchant laughed heartily.

         Riddick who disappeared from his spot narrowed his eyes and gazed at the six figures who were narrowing down on him. All of them except one were in the second level of deva realm. The middle aged burly man who was behind everyone else with a fierce expression on his face was definitely the leader of the group with a cultivation of third level of deva realm.

       “Humph!” A loud snort resounded in the calm market as the burly man took a step forward and said, “How long are you going to chase this little insect? Kill him now. Don’t tell me, you aren’t capable of doing that.?”

            Riddick who heard the voice of the burly man narrowed his eyes and looked at the remaining five. It was clearly evident in their eyes that they were ready to take action.


         A sound resounded as Riddick suddenly stopped in his tracks. The five devas sped towards him at high speed and without a shred of doubt on their faces.


           A single word emerged from Riddick’s mouth. The single word as it reached the ears of the five cultivators became a cyclone of terror which assaulted their spirit like a wave and stopped them in their tracks.

          That was the application of the first of the thirteen divine abilities Riddick received when he resurrected his memories. “Tyrannical Aura”

          Riddick face was still calm as ever but the surrounding cultivators had ugly expressions on their faces. They understood very clearly what exactly has happened before their eyes. Aura, this was the manifestation of a soul’s spiritual strength and one that only a deva class cultivator can use.
            Only, they couldn’t understand how can the aura of a first level deva can bind five devas who were in the second level. However, that was beyond their understanding. How can Riddick’s soul which had lived countless lives and suffered countless tribulations be compared to any one of their souls.

         Riddick who stood still smiled lightly as he thought, “At last, I can use all my abilities without restriction.”

          Kamsara is the first stage in the Void cultivation and is comparable to the deva stage of normal cultivation. Before entering the Kamsara stage, Riddick didn’t have the ability to use any of his divine abilities and had to rely on Void energy.

             The spiritual energy in the surroundings of Riddick began to fluctuate as Riddick slowly walked toward Yotsu ignoring the stunned glances of the people and the other merchants. Yotsu suddenly had a very bad premonition and he involuntarily moved towards the burly man.

        The burly man face was also filled with tense expression. He had never seen a first level deva use his aura to bind five level two devas at once. However, he was a warrior who had been in countless fights in his life and he knew that making an unnecessary enemy is never a good thing.

       So he gently said, “Brother, I understand that you really want that information but be a little more considerate. My employer can never reveal that information without losing his life so let us make a trade. I will apologise and we will consider this matter closed. What do you say?”

           Riddick still walked as if he didn’t listen to the words of the burly man. His face slowly revealed a slight frown as he said, “Move aside old man. I am not here to kill.”

       The burly man’s face changed as Riddick didn’t give him even an ounce of face. He roared as he said, “Junior, I gave you face and this is how you respond. You have already lost your chance to retreat. Even if you are an incomparably strong deva, in front of me. You……”

            The subtle aura saturating the area suddenly began to roar as Riddick uttered the words, “Shut up.” The calm expression on his face was no where to be found as he lifted his hand and moved it towards the burly man slowly.

        His movements were like a flowing water, they sucked your consciousness into a deep geyser. The burly man was lost looking at the slowly moving hand which was moving by the second towards him.


          In the second he lost his mind, the hand had already caught his neck. The burly man heard raced as he suddenly understood the magnitude of the situation. His mind understood that he was outclassed but the instincts of survival engraved deep in his consciousness also warned him to get away without a single second delay.

          “Arghhh!” The burly man roared as he activated the full power of his cultivation base. An incomparably strong force erupted in the quite market street and in that split second, everyone had a single thought in their minds. “Riddick was dead.”


          Another single word emerged from Riddick’s mouth and the next second violent sucking sounds resounded in the quite street.

          Riddick slowly walked towards the terrified Yotsu leaving behind a completely dried up corpse. Looking at the corpse, the five devas were terrified to the core. The other merchants who were crackling jokes swallowed their saliva.

       As Riddick walked by, the aura binding the five devas was released and the next second, every single one of them flew away at high speed. The merchants lowered their heads and entered their shops while the haughty cultivators in the area began to dread why they were there to begin with.

         All of this happened due to a single fact. Devour. That was a demonic art passed on in the lineage of clans which practised the devilish way of cultivation and every single one of them were comparable to a sovereign level power.

      Yotsu who was still like a statue swallowed loudly and said, “My lord, please spare me. I will tell you everything I know about that woman. I brought her from a slave caravan and sold her to the Marquis of RegenRock. Please spare me my lord. Please spare me.”

          Riddick who heard the slave trader narrowed his eyes and said, “Where is she?”

        Yotsu shook his head and said, “That’s all I know about the matter my lord. The soldiers who I sold the woman wore the symbol of Marquis of RegenRock and I was paid three hundred coins for her. I swear on my children my lord. Please spare me, I have a family to feed.”

      Riddick sighed inside his heard and said, “You have never heard anyone asking you about the woman or the Marquis of RegenRock, understood?”

           Yotsu nodded his head repeatedly in a frightened manner. Riddick slowly walked away disappearing from the street. The quiet market slowly began to resume its business and Yotsu slowly controlled the seeping fear in his heart.

       A few hours later, the back door of his shop opened slightly and a black robed Yotsu began to thread his way in the dense market frequently looking back to confirm that he wasn’t followed.

          A little distance away from Yotsu, atop a shop, Riddick sat discretely watching him. A little sigh emerged from his mouth as he said, “Greedy fool.”



13 thoughts on “Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 1 – The Marquis of RegenRock

  1. Hi,
    So there something that bugged my alot when Riddick changed his elements into void (sorry I don’t remember what was the processes called).

    the thing is every one even him before was cultivating to become stronger and if they use all there energy they just rest.
    but with Void energy its seems as if its like fuel as in when he fight he losses it I must gather it back somehow.

    and dose Riddick become stronger with every reincarnation? that would make sense as why the heavens are afraid from he because eventually he will be strong enough.

    One more thing, since there are many planes with there massive size the people there should have different habits and cultures, Some that are naked all the time. wink wink 😉
    what I mean is that true the world you are building is massive and epic but seems as every part is similar to the other with slight differences.

    and why are they using coins, shouldn’t it be the colored balls.(I’m really sorry but its bean a long time since you used currency that I forgot what its called)

    but I do love you’r story, and always read it as soon as I can.
    and it very clear that you are getting better with every chapter.

    (sorry for long post)


    • In a way, its correct. Void energy isn’t present in nature so Riddick has to go in a round about way to cultivate it. That is a limitation on his powers.

      Indeed, the people of different continents and planes will have much in difference but I am not dealing with them too much so I am not explaining it in detail. The immortals however have much in common.

      The coloured balls was the system used in Asgard. Now we are in Stellar plane. Different plane, different currency system. Coins is a vague term. I will come up with a good term soon.

      And, thank you for your support. I do not mind long comments, in fact I like them. Think about it. I am like a lonely wife waiting for your opinion after cooking with the best of my abilities. Hehe….


      • OK then I will make sure to write them 🙂
        as I always have something to say but never sat down and wrote them.

        I like you, as you always answer questions in the comments.
        expect the ones that will be answered in the future 😉


  2. Gsdreddy,
    Life sucks just remember your writing this story for yourself not for anyone else.I write myself because I’m in a dead-end job, I have people controlling me from all over so my writings my only outlet. I understand and hope I haven’t upset you with saying all of this. It is a great story and it’s a way for you and your readers to forget about the actual world just remember that.


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