Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 3 – Puppet Totem

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If you have forgotten. Isle Morta is the headquaters of the Sovereign of the Baja continent where Krum rules.

Krum – Fiancé of Vera.

Silver – Angel.

Roger – Volcanic giant.

Yotsu – slave trader

Puppet Totem:

“Please inform Lord Ingram that I, Yotsu have come to inform a matter of utmost secrecy.” Riddick said in a calm voice.

The guard guarding the entrance of the palace stared at Riddick silently and nodded his head. Riddick passed through the gates with his head lowered and began to thread his way towards the inner chambers.

There was a reason why Yotsu had a special privilege to see Lord Ingram in private. Riddick knew this and thus chose to steal his identity.

Stepping into the inner chambers Riddick slowly threaded his way towards the bedroom. The closer he approached, the louder the screams of pain echoed in his ears.

Opening the door, Riddick slowly entered the dark room.

“Who is it?” A calm cold voice resounded from the depths of the room as Riddick entered the dark chamber.

Riddick narrowed his eyes as he saw the scene before him. Darkness was just mere material obstruction. Immortals could easily see through the ordinary darkness. Light wasn’t really essential to them.

“Lord, I am Yotsu.” Riddick answered in a fearful voice. Even as he answered, Riddick couldn’t help but curse in his heart.

True, Riddick was cruel. He killed more people than many immortal practitioners but even he would never be able to torture woman. The scene in front of him twisted his heart, tens of woman were hanged by their hands in that darkroom with blood dripping from their feet.

Ingram who was sitting in the centre of the room drinking his wine slowly raised his head and said, “You are not Yotsu. That shithead doesn’t have the courage to enter this room. Humph! Fucking moron, learn about the person before you try to impersonate him.”

Riddick took of his hood and slowly walked towards Ingram as he said, “I was not trying to fool you since the very beginning. I simply wanted to have a nice little private chat with you.”

Ingram’s face twitched as he heard Riddick. He slowly rose from his chair and asked in a cold voice, “Who are you?”

Riddick smiled coldly and said, “Forgot me already Elvis. Hundred million years is a long time but still, I didn’t think that someone could forget me.”

Shock spread across Ingram’s face as he heard Riddick. “Elvis. How do you know that name? I haven’t used it since……..” His voice faded away as he suddenly stumbled back.

“You can’t be him…. No, you can’t be him…. He… You… You were supposed to be dead. No, you died ages ago. How come… How come you are here? No, you are not him. You can’t be him.” Elvis stuttered as he unconsciously took a step back.

Riddick slowly raised his hands and the surrounding blood in the area began to shake as it all began to condense into the form of a sword. Elvis who saw this had a mad look on his face. He unconsciously stuttered, “That monster Elaine is still with you.”

Riddick smiled lightly and said, “She was always a part of me. How can she be anywhere but here Elvis?”

Elvis face was twisted due to fear, desperation and resignation. He was shaking with fear and was desperately trying to think that this was all a dream.

He swallowed his saliva and said, “What do you want Riddick? Why are you here? What happened then had nothing to do with me? That was a long time ago. I didn’t do anything. Believe me. I was just a small errand boy in the Isle Morta. Please, believe me. I now have nothing to do with Lord Krum.”

Riddick laughed and said, “Ah! Elvis. So many years have passed since I saw you and yet, this is all you got to tell me. Don’t worry, I am not here for that. I know pretty well that you are just a small bug in Krum’s forest.

Elvis, I am here because I want you dead. Your death will send my message to Isle Morta.”

Elvis throat dried up as he heard Riddick. He slowly muttered, “I am sorry Riddick. If you spare me, I will permanently disappear….. please….”

Riddick smile broadended as he said, “Ho… So you wish to be spared. Why should I spare you? Give me one reason Elvis?

Elvis face slowly regained some colour as he heard Riddick. He gulped lightly and said, “The Yaksha continent has changed much in these past hundred million years and now, we are in the Stellar Millennium. This Stellar plane has hidden tigers and crouching dragons all over the plane.

The Underworld was once forbidden land but now that the borders have been erased. Every criminal who wished for freedom have already migrated to other continents. Those who wish to gain more power have gone to the nine deva continents.

The current Underworld is now probably much safer than any other continents. However, there are still many dangerd hidden within this continent. The Isle Morta has many spies in this place as well, my lord.

Lord Riddick if you spare me, I will be your pawn. I will help you in all your endeavours. Please… Spare me..”

Riddick narrowed his eyes and slowly said, “Alright, I will spare you but give me your soul essence.”

Elvis’s face immediately twitched lightly as he heard Riddick. He did all he could do to keep a straight face but unfortunately he wasn’t able to. With a bitter laugh he said, “Lord Riddick, I swore on my life and yet you ask for my soul essence.

I may be a small man but I have never lied before.”

Riddick narrowed his eyes slowly and said in a cold voice, “Very well.” He then sat down in Elvis’s chair and looked around the room.

Noticing his gaze, Elvis laughed lightly and said, “They are all just petty slaves My lord. No need to think about their lives.”

Riddick nodded lightly and asked, “How much do you know about the Isla Morta?”

“Not much my lord. I haven’t been to Isla Morta since your demise. However, I heard of rumours regarding Lord Krum many a times. Lord Krum has become the Sovereign of Baja continent a few millennia after your demise and since then he has constantly increased his influence.

Currently, I can’t think of anyone who can rival his status and power both personally and militarily in the entire Yaksha continent. However, the sect master of the Frozen Sky sect of the Dou continent, Hijiri Sky is called his equal.” Elvis continued in a calm voice.

Riddick simply listened to everything Elvis said without a word until finally Elvis said that a new commander, Silver has emerged since his demise and Krum has even appointed him as his vice sect master.

“You said that you didn’t have much idea regarding Isle Morta and yet you have such wealth of information. Did you think I wouldn’t be able to see through this trick of yours Miss Silver?” Riddick asked in a clam voice.

Elvis stuttered for a second before he said, “My lord, I am unable to understand your words but this is just superficial facts that any man of considerable station knows about Isle Morta. I simply……”

“Stop this act of yours Servant of Heaven. Silver, was it? I assume you know my identity. I am sorry to inform you but this isn’t the first time someone played this trick in front of me.

The Elvis infront of me is simply a container with a sliver of your will. A servant of Heaven, an angel who should have a heart of the most kindest and generous person actually has a liking to torture and enjoys their pain. Laughable.

I assume you were also the one who spread the angel essence throughout this galaxy.” Riddick said in a calm voice interrupting Elvis.

Elvis eyes glittered for a second and the next instant. A females voice drifted our of his mouth, “As expected of you, Lord Riddick. To be able to see through my puppet totem spell. It is indeed I who spread the angel essence throughout this galaxy.

I assume you know of my identity as well. Then I fear I need not inform you that I have informed the heavens regarding you. One millennia is a short time for people like us but fear not Lord Riddick. I have whatsoever no intention of letting you live that long.

Killing you now has a lot of benefits than letting you ripe only to be stolen by my masters.”

Riddick laughed loudly as he heard the voice and asked in a cool voice, “Ho! So how are you gonna achieve that Silver?”

Silver laughed lightly and said, “The heavens are willing and the stars are in my favour. You are currently like a trapped lion Lord Riddick. You have people you have to protect and I happen to have people who are very adept at killing.

An enmity of past life stains your soul. You are weak and thus you are still unable to break free of that. Jealously, love, hatred, kindness, enmity, friendship, emotions are unique to all sentient beings and even you. We, angels however aren’t born with such emotions and believe me, we may not have these emotions but we excel in using them.” Silver said in a cold voice.

Riddick smiled lightly and said in a calm voice, “Give my regards to Krum. If fate allows it, we will meet soon enough.”

Silver laughed similarly and said, “I shall pass on your words Lord Riddick. Well then, Take care.

Totem rupture.”

Elvis body which was standing still without a moment sudden began to swell as the blood inside his body began to boil. Weird symbols sprang out of his skin as his body began to twist in sheer impossible angles.

Riddick who sat there narrowed his eyes as he gazed at the impossibly twisted body and snorted coldly as he said,. “Petty trick.”


The entire palace shook as the cultivation base of a fifth level deva exploded out like a bomb.

From amidst the smoke and rubble Riddick walked out silently without a speck of dust on his body. His whole body was surrounded by a stream of blood which was flowing around him like a barrier.

Riddick looked at the sky as he walked and muttered, “Roger, Its time go.”

Outside the Ingram city, a mountain slowly began to tremble as the rocks surrounding it crumbled and from within, a hundred metre giant rose and looked at the Ingram city. He slowly said, “Yes, my lord.”



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    • Well, I knew this question would arise and yet decided to use Riddick anyway. Just think that Riddick had the same name in the last life.

      It’s an awkward choice but I don’t want to create a billion names so for now, its Riddick.

      Sigh! Sorry about this loophole but I have no choice and no way to fix this.


      • nono, i thought you just forgot.
        Well, i thought it was bettter to simple use a title. I mean, he must be known as something, right?
        Think of a cool title and use it. Instead of many names, his allies know him by “His majesty”, but his enemys may have a title for him


      • That’s actually a cool idea. Why didn’t I think of that? Thank you. I will try to think of something cool instead of devil king or evil king. Hmm. Thinking…………


  1. Hi.
    Great chapter. You know since the “Stellar Millennium” started and it has a timer maybe you should start the chapter or every time skip with how much time passed.


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