Rigel – Book 1 – Chapter 9 – Entering the Xia Sect


Entering the Xia sect:


Rigel walked towards the Xia sect cautiously with a fearful expression in his eyes. The act of fooling others starts by fooling yourself. Rigel wasn’t going to give anyone a chance to suspect his intentions, so he always kept a fearful expression on his face.

As he approached the entrance of the Xia sect, Rigel sucked in a cold breath. The entrance was a full thirty-metre wide arch which had two sixty meter high towers on either side. The whole arch was jade green with a giant dragon coiling around it, and magnificent calligraphy describing the sect’s history could be seen on the jade stone dragon sculpture.

Two guards stood on either side of the arch. Beyond the arch was a pagoda with more guards standing guard before it.

The arch by itself was awe-inspiring, but the magnificent part was the sect beyond. He was in the north of the city, and the everything beyond that point was all under the control of the Xia sect. The Sect had declared it as its territory.

Thus, Rigel couldn’t help but wonder just how much wealth and influence should allow a sect to occupy such a vast territory.

The Rio was just a small city in the Blood Empire. The Gehenna plane had many ancient cities whose grandeur will surpass the heavens. However, even the Rio town had a circumference of more than a hundred kilometers. Even though the Xia town had a Lord Perfect, he was nothing but a representative ruler of the Blood Empire.

The whole city belonged to the Blood Emperor and occupying a part of town showed just how much influence the sect held in the city and the empire as a whole.

As Rigel stood there in awe, the two guards gazed at him and slowly sighed. They both had been the guards of the sect for many years, and it wasn’t the first time they encountered a youth who had a foolish dream of joining the sect.

So they walked towards Rigel and said in a cold voice, “Get out of here kid. This isn’t a place where someone like you can get in.”

Rigel’s face twitched slightly as he heard the guards. He, however still put on a fearful face and said, “Sir, I have come here to deliver a letter to the sect master.”

The guards glanced at each other and sighed. They took a look at the letter given by Rigel and decided to send him to the pagoda.

Rigel walked towards the pagoda silently as a guard rushed in to inform authorities. He then stood in front of it for a few minutes waiting for the guard. Slowly a man walked out of the pagoda. He wore a Violet colored robe with a dragon imprint on it. The Violet robe with a dragon print was a symbol of an elder of the Xia sect.

The elder looked at Rigel and asked in a cold voice, “Who let this cripple get inside?”

Rigel was startled as he heard the elder. He simply couldn’t conceive how the elder managed to see through his secret with just a glance.

The guard standing behind Rigel answered in a respectful voice, “Elder, this kid has a letter addressed to the sect master.”

The elder snorted coldly and said, “Give it to me.”

The guard respectfully handed over the letter to the elder which he had earlier retrieved from Rigel.

The elder glanced at this contents of the letter and said in an angry voice, “Church of Light! Who do they think they are to order us around?

Get the fuck out of my sight and tell that priest, if I see him trying to order us around one more time. I will kill him.”

Rigel stared at the elder with a mute expression. He couldn’t help but curse his bad luck as he heard the elder. Rigel could clearly understand that this particular elder had an enmity with the church. He was cursing his luck for encountering him of all elders.

However, just as Rigel was about to leave. The earlier guard arrived with another elder in his tow.

This elder was also similarly dressed in a violet colored robe with a dragon pattern on it. He, however, was a bit aged and had a calm expression as he glanced at Rigel and the other elder.

With just a glance, he looked as if he understood what had happened before his arrival. With a sigh, he said in a small voice, “Elder Ley, I assume you have accepted him as our disciple. It’s a personal request from Priest Stephen himself so we have to, of course, honor his request.”

Rigel was startled as he heard the elder. However, he was still unsure, so he looked at Elder Ley with trepidation.       

Elder Ley’s brow twitched as he heard the other elder. He wasn’t expecting an interruption. However, he wasn’t ready to silently accept the elder’s words either so he said in a cold voice, “He is a god damn cripple. Do you want to still accept him as our disciple Elder Feng?”

Elder Feng’s face was startled by this confession. He stared at Rigel with a mysterious gaze. That gaze had pity mixed in it. After a second, Elder Feng sighed and said, “This isn’t matter concerning us. The Sect Master has ordered us to accept this kid so we will accept him.

It doesn’t matter even if he is a cripple. The Xia sect will welcome him nonetheless.”

Elder Ley’s eyes narrowed as he heard Elder Feng’s words. Being a member of a junior generation, he was at a disadvantage in influence and power, so all he could do was to snort coldly and walk away.

As Elder Ley left, Rigel bowed deeply and said, “I thank Elder for his kind consideration.”

Elder Feng stated at Rigel for a second and then asked in a calm voice, “What do you wish to accomplish by joining this sect kid? The letter says that you only want to study, but only a disciple of the sect can enter the library, so you have to become this sect’s disciple.

I can see that you haven’t even entered into Qi condensation stage yet. You are already fifteen years old and yet haven’t started cultivation. I don’t know the reason behind it but in the world of cultivation. You are already considered a cripple. It’s better if you stop daydreaming.”

Rigel was startled as he finally understood why Elder Ley called him a cripple.              

“This sect isn’t a place where someone like you can live peacefully. Even though I defended you, that is only because of Father Stephen. You better start thinking straight and get the hell out of here before you get your ass kicked.” Elder fend continued in a cold voice.

Rigel put on a blank face for a moment and then nodded his head silently. He could see that Elder Feng was only worried about him. Thus, Rigel still bowed as he saw his departing back.

Even if he cheated a thousand people, Rigel would never cheat himself. He felt sincere gratitude towards Elder Feng and thus, he will repay him with sincerity.

Those who try to harm him will have his wrath, but those who try to help him shall receive his love. Rigel had once lost the ability to trust people. He was alone both inside and out, but Frank taught Rigel a lot of things including a truth about life.

“You can never survive without the aide of others.”

Rigel looked around the pagoda for a while as he didn’t know where the library was but he couldn’t find anyone to ask, so he slowly began to walk towards the north where the major portion of the sect was present.

A small road made out of gravel surrounded by flowers adorned the surrounding gardens of the Xia sect. Outside the sect, a group of female disciples was relaxing on the grass enjoying the spring sun.

Rigel slowly walked down this path until he reached the group of disciples. The disciples were more than ten in number, and all of them were in their early teens. As they saw Rigel walking towards them, a look of curiosity appeared in their eyes.

Rigel stopped for a second until he finally decided to walk towards them.

From the top of the pagoda, Elder Feng was gazing at Rigel, who was walking straight towards the group of disciples. His face was cold as he looked at the scene with eyes filled with concentration.

“Keep a close look on that kid, Leo. If he starts to waver on his decision to enter this sect, then throw him out.” Elder Fend said in a small voice.

The guard behind him nodded his head and said, “Why did you let him in Elder? We should have at least shown him to the library.”

Feng turned around and walked towards the stairs. He smiled mysteriously and said in a calm voice, “One has to fend for himself in this cultivation world. Even if this kid isn’t a part of our world, entering this sect will put him in the same category.

If he can’t defend his life and accomplish his dreams through his own strength, then there is no meaning in letting him enter the sect.”

The guard nodded his head and looked at Rigel, who had finally arrived at the spot where the group of disciples was resting.

The group of disciples looked at Rigel with curiosity as he saluted them and greeted in a respectful voice, “Junior greets seniors.”



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