Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 4 – The Giant named *** ****

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Alright guys, the story is now entering a new phase. For those who were hesitant to read the story because they thought I revealed everything in the past book. I told them then and I am telling you now, I have a lot of hidden cards including this one.

The next chapter and the chapters after that will be exciting. I am excited.

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The Giant named *** ****.

The green mountain, and the morning dew surrounding it, covered the entire Golden fog sect like a luscious curtain. The lush forests on the mountain, accompanied by the abundant greenery of the surroundings, complemented each other and made the sect look like a heaven on earth.

Standing in the skies, Riddick looked at the sect seriously. With a cool voice he asked, “Are you sure that this is the right place Roger? I’m not sensing any familiar auras from this place.”

Roger, who was standing behind Riddick, nodded his head and said in a low voice, “Master, you asked me to find the remaining fragments of your last incarnation. However, it has been a hundred million years since then, so it is difficult to investigate.

This sect which resides on this mountain is called the Golden Fog Sect, and has been here for the past ten million years or so. They have an incredibly long history, and it is known to all the cultivation world that they had an incredible dao reserve, which I assume is a part of your body.”

Riddick nodded his head slightly and flew towards the sect at high speed. He was trying to find the wisp of his unique Qi, which couldn’t be reciprocated anywhere by anyone. As they neared the sect, Riddick’s face changed, not because he noticed an incredibly thick elemental aura, but rather because of the minute amounts of Qi which shouldn’t exist in nature.

“This place is the Great Golden Fog Sect. If you have no business with us, then I respectively ask you people to leave now.” An elderly voice rang out in Riddick’s mind.

Riddick frown simply deepened, and he simply flew forwards searching for the source of the frigid Qi he sensed a second ago.

“Don’t try to be foolish junior. Speak your purpose, else I will be forced to take action against you.” The elderly voice rang out like thunder as an old man came out of the fog.

He had a long beard which reached his chest but the look in his eyes was very sharp.

Riddick looked at the elder and then simply flew towards the mountain as if he didn’t care about him.

“Impudence! How dare you disrespect me, you scoundrel?” The elder roared as he unleashed a surge of violent energy towards Riddick.

“Humph!” A cold snort rang out as the three metre giant behind Riddick narrowed his eyes.

The elder was shocked to the core because he could clearly see his energy being vaporised by that single snort. Roger was a man of few words, but he wasn’t a man who was well known for patience.

Riddick didn’t even check the elder, as he immediately entered the fog and directly flew towards the mountain.

Roger stared at the elder and said in a low voice, “Tell your patriarch to come pay his respects to my master. The next time you try to disrespect him, I won’t stop it with a single snort.”

Roger eyes were red as he looked at the elder with an incredibly dominating aura, and then he too vanished into the fog following behind Riddick.

The elder stood there dumbly with a stupid face for a second and then he took out a jade transmission slip and said in a fearful voice, “Sect master, a pair of incredibly strong people have invaded the sect. For some reason, they are going towards the mountain.”

“Are they strong enough to defeat you?” A deep voice rang out from other side.

“I am not certain about the first one, but the second…. He could have killed me with just his aura.” The elder said in a fearful voice.

When Roger collapsed his energy blast with just a snort, and looked at him with those deep red eyes, it was as if he had fallen into the hands of a death reaper, so the elder was especially thankful to his fate of being spared. However, the thought that he had almost touched the shores of the netherworld made his mind tremble in fear.

Deep inside the sect, a man with a scar on left eye was sitting cross legged meditating. He suddenly opened his eyes and stared at the fog outside his little hut. He was the sect master of the Golden Fog Sect.

The scarred sect master slowly came out of his hut and scanned the fog. Needless to say, the fog wasn’t natural fog. It was a formation made by the Golden Fog Sect.

The fog was mainly a defensive formation, but it was also very adept at confusing enemies and that was the reason why they were called the Golden Fog sect.

The world of cultivation was very chaotic, and for a sect to survive for a million years was very rare. The Golden fog sect relied on the fog formation to protect itself in case of crises for many millennia.

“Intruders. I am still willing enough to overlook your rude actions. Stop trying to invade my sect and get out of my sight else…” The sect master said in a loud voice.

Roger frowned and was about to take action when Riddick lifted his hand and said, “Don’t mind him. Our target is there.” Saying that, he pointed at the mountain before him.

The sect master frowned as he didn’t hear a response. He closed his eyes and scanned the fog. A look of astonishment and fear appeared on his face as he saw Riddick standing right beside the mountain.

The fog formation which can bewilder even the experts of late deva stage was easily seen through by Riddick. This was inconceivable for him, but in reality, Riddick was only following the frigid Qi in the air. That naturally led him to the mountain.

The sect master ground his teeth and then he took out a jade slip filled with a small amount of golden fog and crushed it.

Deep inside the mountain, a man was sitting in a meditative position. He had wrinkles all over his face and he looked like he was on the verge of death, but his eyes suddenly opened the instant the jade slip was destroyed by the sect master.

“Who dares to invade my territory?” A loud roar rang like thunder as the old man disappeared from his place and reappeared on the other side.

Riddick stared at him and then thought, “A Yaksha.” Only Yakshas had the power of teleportation.

Watching Riddick, the old man frowned. As the old man stood there with a dominating aura, the sect master hurriedly arrived and bowed slightly as he said, “Junior greets patriarch.”

The patriarch looked at Riddick and then he glanced at Roger. He snorted as he said, “No wonder you weren’t able to stop their advance. There is a Yaksha among them.”

The sect master sucked in a cold breath. He then sighed in relief that he didn’t try to confront them himself.

“However, that ends now. Brother, I, Roaring Mountain have no enmity with you. So I ask you to peacefully leave my territory.” The patriarch said in a calm voice.

Riddick’s face which still had a frown, stared at the patriarch as he asked, “Why do you have the aura of the frigid Qi which is emanating from this mountain?”

A look of astonishment arose in the patriarch’s face as he heard Riddick. His face sank and then it turned serious as he said, “Stop talking nonsense junior. I will only say it once: Leave now.”

Riddick narrowed his eyes and flew towards the mountain. The patriarch face twisted as he roared, “Don’t test my patience… Junior.”

However before he could move an inch, a black staff appeared infront of him at lightning speed and grazed his chin.

Fresh blood sprayed as the skin on his chin was torn open by the staff. Roger appeared behind Riddick standing in between the patriarch and Riddick.

With a cold voice, Roger said, “I missed on purpose. Next time you raise your voice in front of my master, I won’t show any mercy.”

Riddick stopped for a second and glanced at the patriarch and then at Roger. He then simply touched the mountain. Like he teleported, he appeared on the other side of the rock wall.

The middle of the mountain was a small cave filled with a small puddle of golden coloured liquid. Riddick stood beside the puddle and then observed it silently.

Minutes passed by and then he silently murmured, “This fog isn’t something formed under the heavens. It isn’t formed by the elements of this universe either. This is the source of that Frigid Qi.”

Riddick frowned as he sat beside the puddle and then observed deeply. His right hand suddenly flared as the white Void energy materialised in his hand. Looking at the white energy and then at the Golden puddle, he thought, “It is very similar to my own Void energy, yet it isn’t. What is this? I haven’t seen anything like this in all my lives.”

Riddick sat there thinking for a while and then finally he opened his eyes and touched the puddle gently. A feeling of freshness drifted into his body from the fog. Riddick frowned slightly as he suddenly transmitted a bit of Void energy into it.

Faster than the thunder and sharper than the wind, a tyrannical Will came like a tsunami, assaulting Riddick’s mind. Riddick mind spun, and before he could react, and before he could call for help, his soul was assaulted by this Tyrannical Will, which bore it’s way into his soul world.

“What is happening??” Before Riddick could even think, he was knocked unconscious by that wave of Will.

Riddick consciousness slowly woke up in the empty space of the universe. He had no idea how much time had passed since the incident, and he had no idea where he was and how he got there, but Riddick knew one thing for certain.

A hundred kilometre tall giant sitting in front of him in a meditative posture wasn’t someone he should even imagine to meddle with, not even in his dreams.

Covered with a faint golden glow, the giant looked much bigger than anything Riddick had ever seen in his life. He had a huge staff in his hands and above all was the huge tail which was slashing like a whip around him as he sat there meditating.

The giant slowly eased his breath as he slightly opened his eyes and saw Riddick’s small figure through his slits. With a deep voice he sighed as he said, “Another victim of Karma.”

Riddick heard the words and asked in a respectful voice, “Are you an Overgod, Sir?”

The giant narrowed his slitted eyes and said, “There is no such thing as an Overgod in the multiverse kid. My name is Son Goku, nice to meet you.”


6 thoughts on “Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 4 – The Giant named *** ****

    • Well, Son Goku original name is Son Wukong. He is from a 16th century novel called Journey to the West. All the references no matter what originate from that and I too used him.

      However, my son Goku is kinda badass among them.


  1. was he a super saiyan. 😀

    great chapter, I’m getting exited.
    and please let Riddick learn Kamehameha from Goku. 🙂

    I liked that something happened that is new to Riddick that he didn’t fully understand.

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      • but really, you don’t have to say kamehameha, just he gathered his hands besides him and started to gather energy, after a few moments he put them in front of him launching a blue beam. vaporizing everything in it way.

        (I should start my own light novel) 🙂

        ps: it was me above but didn’t write the full name 😦


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