Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 5 – Golden World

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This is the second and the last promised regular chapter of this week.

Hello guys, Things are heating up and I think you didn’t expect this sort of development. No, I definitely don’t think you expected this. I think I hid my plan pretty well.

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Golden World :

Riddick stared at the giant with a calm gaze. Even though he was overwhelmed by his gaze and his aura, Riddick had experienced many things in his life and knew that the man before him wasn’t the real deal. He was merely an illusion, or a wisp of his will left by his real self, so he wasn’t too worried.

“Void, do you know, who is he?” Riddick asked in his mind.

“Don’t bother trying to contact the people outside my domain, kid. No one can reach my domain, not even that devil of yours which is connected to your soul.” Son Goku laughed loudly.

Riddick stared at Goku, and then narrowed his eyes. He wasn’t able to see through this man’s level, or his intentions, since the very beginning. It was all very foreign to Riddick. Having lived for so long, there were far too little things that Riddick had absolutely no idea about, and it bothered him that he had no idea regarding the man known as Son Goku.

“How can you know that?” Riddick asked in a calm voice. He wasn’t going to show his weak side at any cost. Even if he lost in a battle of power, he wasn’t going to lose a battle of wills.

Goku stared at Riddick and said, “Hmph! I can read you like a plain paper kid. I can see your soul, I can see the thread of Karma attached to your soul, and I can see the wisp of demonic Qi within your soul.

I can tell that you have lived through countless lifetimes, and you have died countless times. I can see your eyes, and tell that you have loved someone much more than your entire being, and I can tell that you trust that little demon of yours without a shred of doubt.”

Riddick was badly startled inside. He couldn’t understand how this man who had seen him for just a few minutes could tell so much about him so accurately.

Goku laughed and answered the unasked question, “I have lived and seen people much longer than you can imagine kid. It isn’t so hard to guess why you have such a dark look in your eyes, and it is easy to guess that you trust that devil of yours too much since you are still reincarnating after so many lifetimes.”

Riddick eyebrows twitched as he frowned and said, “What do you mean?”

Goku smiled lightly and said, “What do I mean? Why should I tell you?”

Riddick sighed lightly as he put on an uninterested face and said, “You have summoned me here. Remember, you are the one who wanted me here, not the other way around.”

Goku laughed and said, “Nice try but you are still too naive to control me. Very well, I will ask you one thing. Tell me, what is the name of your devil?”

Riddick frowned as he said, “Void.”

“Hahaha……..!” Goku began to laugh heartily as he said, “Void means the emptiness of the universe. True, your devil may be acquiring his power from the Void, but tell me kid, what is his real name? The name he was given when he was born.”

Riddick laughed and said, “Void was the first being to be born in this universe. Who would give him a name? You are merely wasting your time fooling me ape.”

Goku smiled as he licked his lips and said in a cool voice, “I am fooling you, you say. Let me tell you something kid, I am older, much older, than that devil of yours, so let me tell you one more thing kid.

That devil of yours is lying to you. He was lying to you since the very beginning.”

Riddick frowned as he heard Goku. He snorted and said, “Don’t blabber without knowing anything ape. Do you know how many tribulations we faced together?”

“Then why didn’t you ever achieve your lifetime goal? Why didn’t you ever survive till the end? Why did you always die? If this devil of yours is the all knowing, almighty being that you think he is, then doesn’t he have a plan to let you emerge victorious?” Goku said in a loud voice and then he bent his head until he was looking at Riddick with his eyes which were partially open.

“The Heavens lie above the mortal world, and the will of Gods lie above them. What I see in you isn’t a soul who has survived a million tribulations. I see a kid who has lost to a million tribulations because he was unable to see through the truth.

It wasn’t your fault, it wasn’t anyone’s fault. The heavens have played their dice and you have been trapped by its karma. The devil of Void beseeched you and the flow of time twisted your fate.

Karma and the flow of time twisted your soul into a cycle of never ending reincarnation. The heavens of the multiverse have crippled your enlightenment, but your own karma has brought you to me.” Goku said in a serious voice.

Riddick listened with an alert ear, but he was unable to understand anything. He didn’t understand anything except the fact that he was accusing Void of treachery.

Anger assaulted Riddick mind as he heard Goku. A million lifetimes, a trillion years and countless struggles made Void his dearest friend. Riddick eyes turned red as he said in a cold voice, “Don’t sprout nonsense.”

Goku stared at Riddick and sighed lightly. His half slit eyes opened completely.

The pale Golden light surrounding his body began to shine like a star as his being radiated an aura of a paragon who had survived the tribulations of stars.


The two beams of Golden light which emitted from his eyes cut through the kilometre of space and entered Riddick’s eyes.


Riddick screamed loudly as he fell to his knees. His mind, which was already on the verge of snapping, snapped as the pain assaulted his mind. The golden light passed through the walls of reality, and etched itself deep into his soul world in the symbol of a Golden staff.

“What did you do to me?” Riddick roared loudly.

“Lying is done when there is a need of lying. However, an untimely truth does more harm than a lie. The karma you sowed for a million lives has brought you to me. The fate which led you for a million lives may lead you to me again.

The truth about yourself may dawn upon you when the time of revelation arrives, but until then, I will give you the eyes which haven’t been contaminated by the Qi of heavens.

This will be the final time you will see me near that mountain. A part of my nail which had dropped sometime ago, has formed a mountain in that galaxy. Though it is a part of me, it only has a sliver of my will.

The eyes granted by me will lead you to seek the truth yourself. The current you, the past you, and the future you, in your state of blindness, will never see the truth hidden by the Heavens of the multiverse.

Become stronger kid, I feel bad for your suffering. I feel bad for what you have been going through for all these years. Remember kid, I, Son Goku, don’t lie without reason. Whether you believe me or not doesn’t matter to me, but I will tell you one thing: Don’t blindly follow anyone, even if he has saved your life a million times.”

Riddick was still blinking due to the blinding golden light, but he listened with rapt attention. His mind spun as he heard more.

He wanted to simply ignore Son Goku, but he couldn’t, not when he showed him a level of power he didn’t achieve even in his first life. He couldn’t ignore him, not when he couldn’t understand anything said by him. He couldn’t ignore him, not when he knew nothing regarding the heavens of the multiverse.

He wanted to simply forget the entire incident, but he couldn’t because the words spoken by Goku made a hole in his heart, and burned his mind until they left him weak and confused.

Goku looked at Riddick one final time and smiled lightly. The next instant, Riddick woke up in the mountain cave. He looked around confusedly but he couldn’t see the Golden puddle. The entire puddle disappeared like a myth.

Riddick wanted to believe that it was all a dream but he couldn’t because as he saw the world with his eyes, it was covered with a very faint pale golden colour. It was as if his eyes were covered by a pale golden curtain.

“What happened?” Void asked in a calm voice, “I suddenly lost contact with you for a split second.”

Riddick looked around the cave and saw the cave in a new light. Faint markings of the past were shown in a slightly dark gold colour. He was seeing a Golden world.

Riddick wasn’t ready to believe Goku, and he wasn’t ready to accept the fact that Void betrayed him. However, Riddick still opened his mouth and said in a calm voice, “It’s nothing… I just lost consciousness for a second. It’s nothing to worry about Void.”

Riddick walked out of the cave and saw the clear skies with mixed emotions. The Golden sky, the Golden Earth, and the Golden World, looked like as if it didn’t belong to the world he knew all about.

Riddick narrowed his eyes as he whispered in his mind, “Son Goku, I will find your truth myself.”


8 thoughts on “Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 5 – Golden World

  1. I don’t know if it was intentional but Riddick from the movies (Vin Diesel) has different eye sight, that let’s him see at night. πŸ™‚

    I know it’s too late to say now, that he trust void but to my knowledge no one knows about him, and when you said that he was sealed I assumed that they never actually meet each other.

    But man I was standing most of that time from excitement, you are pulling strong stuff.

    Also if not for Riddick Void is Fucked, or so we know.

    I’m theory crafting a lot now πŸ™‚
    Thank you for the very fast chapter.


  2. gsreddy idk how but this story is too damned good unlike those where the MC simply gets strong.The new mystery element is killing me especially since he said that void is lying & find truth about yourself.Who is Riddick?


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