Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 6 – Wisps of Black Qi

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Wisps of Black Qi:

Riddick silently stood before the mountain, scanning the Golden World before his eyes. Roger, who saw Riddick coming out of the mountain, instantly appeared before him and stood guard blocking the path of the patriarch of the Golden Fog Sect.

The patriarch who watched the fog dissolve had an ugly expression on his face. The fog had always naturally accumulated near the surroundings of the sect and he of course knew that the source of the fog was the Golden puddle.

“Now you have done it you bastards. I tried to be polite and this is how you treat me. You plundered my sect and stole our treasure. Now you won’t leave this sect alive! Bastards, I’ll kill you at any cost.” The patriarch roared loudly.

Riddick silently turned his head and saw the patriarch. His head was not clear enough to even hear the patriarch. All he could think about was Son Goku and the meaning of the Golden World before him.

Son Goku said that he would grant Riddick eyes which weren’t defiled by the Qi of heavens. Yet Riddick hadn’t understood what that meant. The Golden World before his eyes was indeed different. It was gold in colour, but that was about it. There was nothing different about the world even when he saw it through his golden eyes.

Riddick stared at the patriarch silently. As he stared at the patriarch he blinked his eyes unconsciously. A wisp of Golden Qi emanated from his eyes, and then he could see a string of Golden thread rising up from the patriarch’s head.

Riddick stared at the string mutely. He stared until he couldn’t see it anymore, so he blinked his eyes again, twice. The Golden thread suddenly started to slowly melt until a single line of letters appeared on the thread.

Riddick stared with mute horror. Even if the letters were nothing but the beginning of the the whole text. Riddick could still understand the meaning behind those letters.

They weren’t a message nor were they a passage from a random text. The line of letters were the karma of the patriarch. The karma he had sown in his past lives, and the karma he had sown till now was visible to his Golden eyes.

Even though Riddick could only see the beginning of his Karma, that in itself had completely shaken his mind to the core. With a silent apology, Riddick bowed lightly, astonishing Roger in the process, and then flew away at high speed.

The patriarch frowned and was about to follow but Roger’s face twitched lightly as an incredibly strong aura exploded from his body, shocking the patriarch into silence. Roger shook his head indicating that he should simply stay silent and then flew away behind Riddick.

Thus, Riddick flew silently for an entire week until he was nearing the borders of the RegenRock prefecture. Roger had seen Riddick for a long time in his past life, so he understood that something was wrong with Riddick. He didn’t want to disturb him, so he silently followed without speaking a word.

That day Riddick returned to the RegenRock prefecture which they had made their temporary stronghold, June immediately came jumping like a rabbit and hugged Riddick tightly.

Shaken out of his stupor, Riddick smiled lightly as he hugged June back. Even though he didn’t feel about June the same way she felt towards him, Riddick still cared about her very much.

However, as he stood there hugging June, a doubt assaulted his mind. The Heavens had the power to disrupt one’s fate and reap one’s karma.

Riddick always thought that he had no way to stop this unless he could defeat them, but now, Riddick was shocked into silence because he was thinking whether he should use his recently gained power on his subordinates.

Riddick forced a smile on his face and followed behind June until she lead him into a warmly decorated room. The Marquis was standing there with his hands folded and his attitude very sincere.

He had once witnessed the respect with which June treated Riddick. Even if he wasn’t a very able man, he had learned enough to understand that offending Riddick would result in him losing his life without doubt.

Riddick looked at the Marquis and blinked his eye. A Golden thread appeared above the Marquis’s head. A sigh of relief instantly came out of Riddick’s mouth.

Riddick then sat down as per June’s instruction, and watched her boil him his tea. The Ice witch was trying her best to boil the tea manually since she could never use her ice attribute profound energy.

Riddick took a deep breath as he prepared himself. He then looked at June and blinked his eye. A Golden thread appeared above her head. Then he blinked as he saw Roger. A similar Golden thread appeared above his head.

Riddick sighed in relief and then he smiled as he saw the awkward June trying to boil tea.

“Why do all women have to be so damn irritating? If you can’t do it, then give it to Roger. What matters is the tea, right?” Dragon said in a cold voice as he came into the room with a bed head.

“Shut your mouth, you damn soul mongrel. What do you know about my feelings?” June cursed in a dominating voice.

Dragon shrugged his shoulders as he heard June. He then saluted Riddick and said, “Greetings, master.”

Riddick smiled as he looked at Dragon and said, “Good to see you too, dragon. That bed head looks good on you.”

Dragon face twitched as he hurriedly corrected his hair. Riddick laughed as he saw his three mighty followers who were being troubled by trifling matters of the mortal world.

In his laugh Riddick looked at Dragon and simply blinked lightly. His face froze as a Golden thread appeared above Dragon’s head. Unlike June’s or Rogers, this Golden thread had a black Qi intermixed within it.

Riddick face changed as he saw that black Qi. He hurriedly blinked again, the Golden thread melted and a completely black thread underneath it revealed itself.

June, Roger and Dragon who were observing Riddick immediately stopped in their tracks. June, the most concerned of them hurriedly asked, “What is wrong master?”

Riddick woke from his stupor, he gazed at Dragon and then at June as he said in a calm voice, “It’s nothing. I just remembered a bad memory from my past. Don’t worry, it’s nothing to be worried about.”

Riddick smiled lightly and began to enjoy the evening, but his eyes never left the black thread which hung on Dragon’s head.

Riddick mind was grave as he repeatedly questioned himself, “Just what does that black thread mean?”

Deep within the extreme reaches of a snow cap mountain ranges, two men were flying at high speed until they came upon a deep gorge. Frowning lightly, they both flew straight into the gorge.

Every ten metres, the temperature decreased by one degree, until the temperature reached zero degrees. However, the two men still showed had no signs of resisting the cold. It was as if the cold didn’t even touch their bodies.

“Why have you come to see these old bones of mine?” A sound resounded from deep within the gorge as the men reached a certain depth.

The two men gazed at the pitch dark pit beneath them. One of them had slight dark coloured skin and a bald head, the other had white skin but a scar on his left eye. One of his eyes was green coloured while the scarred eye was red in colour.

The bald man sighed lightly and said, “He is back.”

An old chuckle resounded from the gorge. “And….. Is he already dead?” The old voice asked in a cool voice.

“No…. Not yet.” The bald man said in a low voice and continued, “Gunther… We need you. She doesn’t want to get ahead of you. The competition will be fair.”

Gunther laughed lightly and said, “Very well, I will help you. But this time, I am killing him myself. I am sure that the heavens of Sura will be quite satisfied with my work.

Down, tell that angel…… That that kid is mine.”
[EN: Double that is on purpose.]

Down stared at the gorge with no emotion in his eyes. His expressionless eyes suddenly blinked, and a glint appeared within them.

Millions of kilometres away in the Baja continent, Silver slowly crawled out of her bed leaving behind an exhausted Krum. She then walked out of the bedroom naked.

As she walked towards her chamber, a smile drifted on her face. She then tapped the door of her chamber lightly. A white glow drifted our of her hand and then the door opened lightly.

Once inside the door, silver walked towards the interior with a smile on her face. She slowly raised her head and saw the blue sky. However, she wasn’t seeing the skies, she was seeing the gorge through the eyes of Down who was standing there.

As she heard the old voice, she licked her lips and muttered, “Greedy old man… Fine, do it your way, but do you really think that I haven’t made preparations of my own?”

Silver opened a door within her own chamber and walked in. The dark room slowly lit up, and a thirty metre long room came into her view.

Rows upon rows of totems were erected in that room. Silver slowly walked towards a row and silently picked up a Totem whose colour was already fading away. It was the Totem of the Ingram city’s lord. She crushed it with a cold face.

“Let the game begin, Gunther.”


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  1. Thank you for the gift 😀

    Riddick new power, I love the way you are going about it. Almost checking on his friends.

    And the dragon he never said that he is Riddick friend, if I remember correctly he is only there because he is curious about Riddick.

    But till now nothing surprising came from his golden power :), I’m excited to see the others like the God beast as he is no longer connected to her, or Arthur. Most of them you might think they are good, but if they are not?? Now Riddick can tell the difference.

    When you say karma you mean the one we use, you do good something good happens etc.. As I don’t remember you explaining it in the story.

    But as I said before I feel a lot exited as someone as smart as Riddick is thrown into new things, (before he got his memory’s it was all that)

    As always I loved the chapter.


  2. now that the story has become exciting plz continue to post chapters frequently if possible.thnks for the chapter but i think goku should have explained something about black qi and golden qi otherwise idk how long riddick will take it to understand.


  3. Yup! its good to be back here..woah, what we have here 3 chapter!
    i hope Vera and Sylvie doesn’t have a Black Qi, i miss those two 🙂
    damn i got a feeling this Black Qi look’s dangerous,

    well lets change a topic:
    Dragon is a real “Dragon” or just a name, i remember someone in 1Piece

    Thanks for the Chapter!


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