Hey guys, It’s a poll regarding Son Goku

A Mutual friend of ours has said to me today on Reddit that the name Son Goku may give comparison to the character of manga/Anime Dragon Ball. So he asked me to think about changing it to Son Wukong which is a Chinese name and the Original name of the character I chose to take reference from.

So please share your opinion:


6 thoughts on “Hey guys, It’s a poll regarding Son Goku

  1. please don’t.

    I really like it, it dose may confuses people to goku from dragon ball, but that is good. its a character that people relate to and love. or at least for me.


  2. Honestly if it was Wukong I would be reminded of league of legends.. Please don’t listen to reddit posts 😢

    Btw im still here keeping up! I really do enjoy reading this especially now since its getting more interesting


  3. Just for reference, the chinese name of “Monkey King” in “Journey to the West” is not ‘SON’ Wukong but ‘SUN’ Wukong, he also called Sun Gokong in some country.
    If you like the name Son Goku so much then just give him a middle name or something to make it your unique character yet still keep some image of the original Son Goku.
    Like Son Prime Goku, or separate the last name into Son Go Kuu.
    In fact, you can play with the name in various way.
    Let’s take the base with Sun Wukong & Son Goku. You can separate it into three part before recombining it again.
    For example:
    – Sun/Son/Tsun/Tson/Tun/Ton
    – Wu/Wo/Gu/Go
    – Ku/Ko/Kung/Kong
    Then you can have the 1st part for the first name, the 2nd part for middle name, and the 3rd part for the last name. Or you can combine the 2nd & 3rd into last name. Or you can combine the 1st & 2nd into first name.
    Anyway, thats just my opinion. You can name your character however you want.


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