Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 7 – Trembling in Fear

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Trembling in fear :

Crackling sounds rang out in the silent forest as the fire slowly cooked the meat. Riddick sat beside the fire, gazing at the forest. His eyes were watching the night forest, but his mind was constantly replaying the scene of the black Qi he had seen on top of Dragon’s head.

It had been ten days since that incident, but Riddick couldn’t get it out of his mind. Even though Riddick didn’t understand the meaning of the Black Qi, he had a very bad premonition regarding it.

Unable to concentrate properly, Riddick decided to live in the nearby forest for a while. He simply said that he wanted to be left alone. Riddick knew that he had many things to do, but the recent events had thrown his mind into chaos.

A work done in chaos would only lead to more chaos. Riddick understood this, and thus decided to simply spend some time to regain his composure.

However, what happened that day was something which questioned his entire being, his entire life, his trust in Void, and even himself.

Goku had said that Riddick was simply a victim of the karma, and was trying to fight in a wrong way due to the lack of enlightenment. However, Riddick didn’t understand a word of that.

He didn’t understand why Goku bothered to help him in the first place. Even if Goku had called him a kid, Riddick had more experience than many immortals, so he knew for certain that Goku wasn’t particularly helping him, he was only investing in him.

The help he received from Goku was his investment in him. What Riddick didn’t understand, was why would he bother even investing in him? If what he said was true, then didn’t that mean he was just a kid with no idea of the truth.

Riddick’s mind was reeling with all these thoughts. Added to these facts was the wisp of black Qi. No matter how he tried to decipher the black Qi, he couldn’t succeed.

Riddick gently grabbed the meat and sprinkled some salt on it.

Munching slowly Riddick once again began blinking his eyes. The Golden thread appeared above every living being he had tried it on, and the next blink dissolved the outer layer, deciphering the beginning of that soul’s karma. However, no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t decipher anymore than that.

Riddick couldn’t help but curse his luck. The seemingly divine ability he received from Goku had a limit. He couldn’t decipher anything more than the first layer of the karma thread.

Riddick sighed inside his mind. However, as he sat there he remembered the entire talk between himself and Goku. Goku wasn’t like anyone he had ever seen in his life.

No matter if it was the celestials or the Archangels, or even the Heavenly kings of the Heaven, they all radiated an aura of invincibility. But Goku was different. He never radiated an aura of raw power, but an aura of inconceivable wisdom and energy.

His demeanour, his words, his intelligence and even his stature, everything about him made Riddick frown in fear and confusion.

Riddick wasn’t sure before, but days of thinking made it clear for him, Goku didn’t belong in his world. He didn’t even belong in this universe either, because someone like him was definitely strong enough to rule the heavens.

Riddick slowly rose from his seat and walked back to the cave he carved a few days ago. Sitting in his cave, he began contemplating about a matter which had been bothering him since his meeting with Goku.

Riddick closed his eyes and let his spiritual energy observe his sea of consciousnesses. The rolling sea of consciousnesses had a never ending fog of spiritual energy, in between of which was his soul.

His soul world, which was present deep inside his soul was his absolute domain. No one could invade his domain, not even Void.

However, Riddick wasn’t worried about his soul world, he was worried about the mark of a Golden staff that was hovering above his soul world. The staff was three metres in length and had three ridges on either side.

Riddick slowly drifted towards the staff and caught it in his hands. The staff by itself was very strange. The minute he would catch the staff, Riddick would always observe that his Golden vision would disappear. Instead, his body will feel like a feather. It was as if the staff was rejuvenating him.

Riddick then sat on a wall of his soul observing the staff carefully. The staff was actually pretty simple; a Golden staff with some ridges. But Riddick felt that the staff hid much more within it’s humble shape.

Riddick wanted to try to decipher the staff, but no matter how hard he tried, the Golden vision didn’t work on the staff. It was as if the staff didn’t have a karma of it’s own.

Riddick sighed slowly as he moved the staff like a weapon. Radiating a faint golden light, the staff was like a Heavenly weapon, only it wasn’t an actual weapon. The staff was nothing but a mere illusionary shape of the will left behind by Goku.

“Where are you leading me with these faint details, Goku?” Riddick murmured in a faint voice.

Void who had been observing Riddick’s actions for the past few days said in a calm voice, “Riddick, what are you thinking about?”

Riddick simply shook his head and turned the Golden staff around. It was only recently, but Riddick had already found out that Void couldn’t see the staff, nor could he see the Golden World Riddick saw with his eyes.

Riddick, at that moment, didn’t understand why, but he simply decided that it had something to do with Goku.

Riddick sighed as he retrieved his divine sense from his soul world, and sat there in silence. Riddick wasn’t sure why, but his gut told him that the Golden staff could do much more than than simply showing him the Karma thread.

Time passed by as Riddick simply decided to cultivate and contemplate. His mind wasn’t ready to accept the facts, so he decided to delve into cultivation for the first time since his reincarnation.

Stellar Millennium, year three.

Two and a half years had passed since Riddick decided to train in seclusion. June had come twice in these past two years, but Riddick simply said that he wanted to concentrate on cultivation.

Riddick knew that Void was beginning to doubt him since he had never been so mysterious in front of Void. He wouldn’t say why, and he wouldn’t say until when, when asked about his training.

However, Riddick knew that he was on the right track. His tired mind was now fully awake and alert. In the past two and a half years, he had come to accept the fact that Goku might be right about Void. However, he was still not ready to accept the fact that Void may have betrayed him for a trillion years.

Riddick sighed lightly and rose to his feet. With a thought, he flew into the skies for the first time in two and a half years. The peace of the cultivation had calmed his troubled mind a lot, so Riddick was in a good mood as he flew far away from his little cave.

Two hundred kilometres away from the cave, sounds of fighting and the smell of death defiled nature, as two tribal clans were fighting with their lives of line.

Riddick slowly flew towards the fighting with a frown on his face. His peaceful mind was once again reminded of the path of pain and death he had to return to once he return back to civilization.

“Why do you prefer death over marrying your daughter into my clan, Hoinbo?” A man wearing a fur coat made of Red boar asked in loud voice. He was in the late third level of the deva stage, and on the verge of breaking through to the fourth level.

Standing at the head of the opposing force, the man wearing a green fur coat, named Hoinbo narrowed his eyes and bellowed in an angry voice, “Marrying my daughter into your clan… Don’t you dare tell me that you are even human, you demon! Your son tried to defile my daughter, and now you are trying to obliterate my clan.

You are nothing but a scoundrel with a bit of power. My daughter will suffer all her life in your son’s hands! If we have to choose between death and a life long suffering, than I chose the prior!”

The green robed man, Hoinbo was in the second level of deva stage and was obviously very weak compared to the red robed man.

Riddick sighed as he saw the scene. The lives of countless experts are lost everyday due to these kinds of fights. Every day, thousands of experts die everywhere, and common people died on an uncountable scale.

Life was this way in the higher planes. Thus compared to higher planes, mortals live in relative peace in the lower planes.

The fight resumed and the dozens of people beside the two leaders jumped into the fight head-on. Riddick looked at the fight and blinked his eyes.

Every person on the battlefield had a Golden thread above their heads. As the people died, the Golden thread silently disintegrated into nothingness.

Riddick watched without any intention of interfering. Even if he knew which side was right, he wouldn’t interfere. The fate of these men wasn’t in his hands. If they could live through this fight, then they would.

As Riddick observed, Riddick’s eyes twitched as he noticed a strange phenomenon.

The Golden thread above the Hoinbo’s daughter slowly disintegrated by itself, and in its place appeared a thread which had a faint purple Qi within it.

Riddick heartbeat quickened as he unconsciously flew towards the girl at high speed.

Looks of astonishment floated on Hoinbo’s and the red robed man’s face as they saw Riddick, who they couldn’t sense even though he was nearby.

However, the red robed man roared angrily as he saw that Riddick was only in the first level of deva stage. He immediately ordered three men to stop his advance.

Riddick’s face twitched as he saw these men. Irritation appeared in his eyes. For almost three years, he had been searching for an answer and after so long, he found another colour of Karma beside Gold and Black.

When he saw the three men, his face twisted as he shouted angrily, “Fuck off.”

Riddick’s roar created a maelstrom of wind which shook the three men. They fell back and coughed up blood as their first level deva stage cultivation bases were shaken by Riddick’s roar.

However, Riddick also stood there dumbly because he noticed an unbelievable feat in front of his eyes.

The Golden thread above the men’s head flickered and began to tremble as if it feared Riddick. His anger was affecting the karma of the three men’s souls which was written by the Heavens itself!


6 thoughts on “Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 7 – Trembling in Fear

  1. Great chapter.

    What is karma? If Riddick doesn’t understand it then it’s OK I will wait, but if he dose please can you explain it.

    Something else the blood Contract in the beginning with Void. Dose it have effects now?

    I love that you used the time passing a calender of sort 🙂

    I asking questions not as I’m waiting for answers, just that those what I was thinking while reading. And maybe you get an idea if you read another guys perspective.

    And one for important thing, how is he cultivating? Did he find a big source of void energy or is he able to convert other energy into void.


    • Karma, I don’t think you want the literal meaning. As for what it is in his world you have to wait for him to understand. Yes, he is still tied to Void.
      Yup, somebody suggested me the idea of using year as the Stellar Millennium has a set period.

      Riddick is in Kamsara stage of Void cultivation. I explained before that he now has no restrictions for cultivation. Only it is slow as the accumulated energy has to be changed into Void energy which is kinda like condensed version of elemental energy. So he will have a hard time than others in cultivation.


      • yea it was me that suggested that 😀

        thank you for writing in Christmas we don’t cerebrate it here, so this is the only present I got 😀 and I loved it


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