Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 8 – The Power of the Staff

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The Power of the Staff :

               Riddick stood there still with a serious expression on his face. To others, he simply looked like a pissed off person but Riddick was observing the quivering Karma thread above the men’s head with a serious face.

              Riddick’s roar had created a maelstrom of wind and the three men who were caught in it had their souls shaken, their cultivation power deprived as they stood there dumbly with a reeling mind.
          The Red robed man saw the unbelievable feat and snorted coldly. The three men under his charge were only in first level of deva realm. It wasn’t rare for an exceedingly powerful deva to appear from time to time. Such kind of person can easily overpower those in his realm of power but even he will fall prey to people of great strength.

        The red robed man was on the verge of breaking through the fourth level and never even thought of Riddick as his potential opponent.

              “Little runt, how dare you attack my people? Apologise now and serve me for a millennium, I will then let you go alive.” The red robed man said in a haughty voice as he saw Riddick standing there silently.

        Riddick glanced at the red robed man and looked back at the three men. All three had faces full of fear but Riddick was more interested in their karma thread.

            Riddick’s silence made a smile bloom on the red robed man’s face. He simply thought that Riddick was regretting his decision to anger him. So he roared loudly as he raised his arm and shot an energy wave towards Riddick.

              Hoinbo who was watching everything bit his tongue as he cursed silently and immediately dragged Riddick behind him before Riddick could do anything.

       “Stay behind me and don’t engage in a frontal battle with Theo. He is too dangerous for you.” Hoinbo said in a anxious voice referring to the red robed man as he released an energy blast of his own negating Theo’s attack.

            Riddick silently nodded his head and stood back. He then turned his head and saw the woman who had a purple Qi emanating from her karma.

              He slowly flew towards her and said, “Nice to meet you ma’am. I am Riddick.”

         The woman eyed Riddick with sad eyes and nodded her head weakly. She, however, didn’t open her mouth to say a word.

              Riddick silently stood behind her watching her as if he was guarding her but instead he was watching her karma thread.

           The purple Qi within her karma thread was slowly but surely beginning to corrode her. Riddick frowned and then blinked his eyes to see through her karma.

        The gold thread slowly dissolved revealing a purple streaked Golden thread.

           Riddick then narrowed his eyes and concentrated on the Golden staff within his soul world.

      Riddick didn’t knew for certain but he certainly felt the Golden staff vibrating as he shouted in rage before. He wasn’t certain but he felt that the karma threads weren’t really fearing him but the Golden staff.

           As the Golden staff felt Riddick’s divine sense. It began to vibrate and the next instant, the Karma thread on the woman’s head began to tremble with it.

        Hoinbo’s daughter became pale with the trembling of Karma thread but she still withstood the fear which was felt directly by her soul.

        Riddick took in a deep breath as he gritted his teeth and concentrated all his divine sense on the Golden staff. With more divine sense controlling it, it vibrated more and the karma thread trembled more.

            Finally, the karma thread began to crackle under the trembling. Riddick mind which was concentrating on the task suddenly felt a jolt of current as an image of a Golden hand drifted into his mind.

          Unconsciously and subconsciously, he raised his hand. An enormous illusionary hand appeared along with his hand and caught the illusory karma thread.

         That instant, Riddick felt as if his mind has been transported into the life of the woman named Giira.

One day ago.

                Riddick’s floated in the skies watching the weird purple world before his eyes. He suddenly stared below as the screams of a woman drifted into his ears
         Riddick stared with eyes full of astonishment as he saw the same woman, Giira being raped by three men before his eyes.

         Riddick’s face twitched as he flew at high speed towards them. However as he lifted his hand and chopped at the man’s throat, it passed through his neck like a ghost.

            Riddick stared dumbly at his own hand and then he remembered the purple streak in the Golden karma thread. The purple skies, the purple earth and the purple world was exactly like the Golden World he usually sees with his eyes.

           Only, he was now like ghost in it. Unable to touch and do anything, he was living the hell Giira suffered in the hands of those three men.

            Riddick flew into the skies as he watched her with a pitying face. He then remembered her sad eyes from before, the reason for which he now knew.

       As Riddick stood there, information drifted into his mind like waves.

              The Golden staff was a weapon which defied the Heavens cause it had the power to see the karma written by the heavens.

            Karma is the events of the past which will decide the future of a person and the fate are the events which are decided by the karma of that soul.

     However, the Golden staff of Son Goku had the power to see through that karma. It was thus a heaven defying power. The purple streak represented a recent change in the Karma of that person.

            The karma thread of a person doesn’t change with everyday activities. It changes only when he does or suffers from something which changes his fate.

         Riddick watched the whole scene for an hour before he returned back to his senses. He stared with a reeling mind at the scene before him. Even if he spent an hour in that purple world, not even a second passed in his world.

             Riddick narrowed his eyes as he began to think of what he understood from the entire event.

       The Golden staff has some kind of heaven defying power to see through one’s karma. It can make one’s karma tremble in fear. It has granted him a vision which let’s him see the state of one’s karma.

                    However, Riddick clearly remembered how the Karma threads shivered with fear as he roared in fury. Simply seeing the karma’s constitution doesn’t really harm anyone and calling it a heaven defying power was overrating.

          However, the information that appeared in his mind clearly said that the Golden staff was a heaven defying power.
               Riddick then had a crazy thought. What if the Golden staff wasn’t simply the will of Goku? What if it was a weapon?

            Goku clearly said to him that the heavens of the universe always rely on reaping and changing one’s karma to trap a soul. Then didn’t that mean that Karma wasn’t a absolute system where one’s life is decided by one’s own actions.

             If the Heavens can kill or trap someone by altering his karma then didn’t that mean that they had a way of doing it. What if the Golden staff represented a power which let’s him have the ability to rewrite karma himself?

         What if the Golden staff represented a weapon which can let him break free of the chains of karma which had bonded him for a trillion years through a million lives?

                Riddick face trembled with excitement at the thought. He concentrated on the Golden staff in his soul world and willed to take it out.

       The Staff trembled and vibrated but it didn’t move an inch from its position.

         Riddick tried and tried until he finally retrieved back his divine sense. Even though he hadn’t been able to take out the staff, a smile drifted on his face because he confirmed one thing.

      The staff can definitely be taken out. Only he was still too weak to control it.

         The smile on his face broadened as he thought back to the words of Son Goku.

     “The truth about yourself may dawn upon you when the time of revelation arrives but until then, I will give you the eyes which haven’t been contaminated by the Qi of heavens.”

        Goku simply said that he will give him the eyes which weren’t contaminated by the Qi of heavens. He never said that he will grant upon him this strange heaven revolting power.

        The power to rewind the time to see the reason of the karma may seem like a very odd power but Riddick who had lived through countless lives understood better than anyone the terrifying power contained within it.

                With this power he can see the karma of his enemy, who had been contaminated by the Qi of heavens. Combined with the power to shatter the Qi of Heavens he will gain the power to shatter the lie he had been living for countless years.

             Goku didn’t shatter his lie for him. He gave Riddick the power to shatter the lie around him, himself. He gave him a power to see through the Karma sown by heavens. He gave him a power to shatter that karma and finally he gave Riddick a fighting chance to live through the fight he had been fighting for a million years.

                  Riddick smile twisted as he murmured to himself in a calm voice, “So this is your gift for me Goku. I don’t know why and I don’t understand why but I must say, I like it very much.

              The Heavens of Sura. The Angels, the demons, the lies of people, the hidden truths of this universe. I will find it all myself.” Riddick silently muttered to himself as he stood there watching the fight.

           Since he had seen the incident that pertained to the fight himself. Riddick smiled coldly as he walked forward towards the fight.

         He stretched his hands and banged his fists to one another. A wave of invisible Golden aura spread like a current in all directions startling people. Riddick looked at the men and then at their quivering Karma threads and smiled evilly as he said, “You played with my life for a trillion years, Now its my time to play with you all.”




11 thoughts on “Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 8 – The Power of the Staff

  1. Yes, this is what bothered me the most that you solved in this chapter, that if Riddick never won in all his lifetimes then why will he win now, but his new power is very exiting and indeed gives him a fighting chance.

    But I think his biggest problem now is Void. As Riddick is doing some weird stuff at least in Void eyes.

    Just a side note. Immortals are really boring, sitting down for tens or hundreds of years cultivating. Guess not dieing gives you a lot of free time.

    Again great chapter, Book 6 is very promising. I think it might be the best one so far 😀


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