Rigel – Book 1 – Chapter 10 – The Black Pearl reacts


The Black Pearl reacts:


Rigel saluted the girls and said respectfully, “Junior greets seniors.”

The dozen or so girls turned their heads and looked at Rigel with a confused expression. Rigel looked like your average guy. Though he was a bit good looking, he wasn’t dressed luxuriously. He didn’t have a neat demeanor nor did he have an extraordinary aura around him. Everything about him thus screamed of average.

Being raised as a slave and the suffering he suffered inside the Gehenna Prison didn’t help Rigel in developing a sense of fashion. He always wore some random clothes which were comfortable to him. Poverty and low status never allowed him to experience the luxuries of rich.

However, to the girls who were living within the Xia sect, Rigel looked more like a beggar than a fellow disciple.

One of the girls, who wore a pair of black gloves on her pearl-like white hands snickered loudly and said, “Junior, You dare say, you are our junior. Unfortunately, we don’t accept beggars as our juniors. Get out of here, you dirtbag.”

Rigel’s face immediately twitched with this unexpected events. Even though he may appear poor and improperly dressed, he was never dirty. He always had a healthy way of doing things.

However, Rigel only nodded his head and walked away while narrowing his eyes. Even though Rigel would never actually go out looking for trouble himself, he was never a man who escaped trouble by lowering his honor. Rigel would remember the girl who insulted him. Even though it was nothing more than the words of ignorant, to him, an insult was still an insult.

Rigel walked towards the main sect and followed the route explained to him by a kind old man who appeared to be a retired servant.

Finally by the time, the moon crept into the skies, Rigel arrived before a seven-storied pagoda.

The pagoda was dark red in color and was decorated with Golden paintings made out of actual gold.

Rigel stood before the pagoda observing the surroundings and the people who passed through that street. He didn’t know know what the pagoda was, but he knew that it was a place of extreme importance because he could feel at least six pairs of eyes on him.

Rigel may haven’t cultivated, but he had killed people much more than any elites of his age. A man won’t have the bearings of a great expert, nor would be he a man of great authority unless he is willing to drench his hands in blood.

Rigel learned that lesson much earlier than most people. Even if he wasn’t an elite who had the guidance of great elders, he was a slave who learned about the darkness of men through his life.

The slave trader he was sold to had a parlor trick for his customer’s entertainment. Old slaves fought each other in a death match for his clients’ amusement in the most entertaining ways.

The slave trader didn’t care about anything other than money. As long as he gets his share, he wouldn’t mind disposing of a few random slaves. Rigel stayed in that slave house watching people die every day. He watched people who killed them, and he watched individuals who enjoyed this show.

Thus, Rigel was extremely sensitive to one emotion in the whole world. Killing intent. Even if he was a cripple, even if he didn’t possess a tenth of an average cultivator’s strength, he could distinguish that single emotion out of hundred others with absolute accuracy.

Rigel stood before the pagoda, and then he sighed as he calculated his chances. Even though he could sense at least six pairs of eyes on him, he couldn’t sense their leader. There was a limit to his mere human senses.

In front of godly strength, human power becomes nothing but a dog’s bark.

So Rigel lifted his hands in the air and said, “Seniors, this junior is here by Elder Feng’s orders.”


7th floor of the pagoda


Four men sat around a table. All four wore black robes, each with a unique mark of a two-headed dragon. Although they sat in silence, they would occasionally all nod their heads. They were all conversing in their minds through their divine senses.

The divine sense was an ability unique to an immortal practitioner, who could use the power of their mental energy to establish a telepathy-like ability.

These four men were among the few people who had authority exceeding that of an elder in the Xia sect.

At that instant, when Rigel arrived before the pagoda, one among them titled his head and gazed at him.

His old eyes and wrinkled face held a bit of amusement as he stared at Rigel. His long sleeves covered his hands, and his cultivation base was unfathomable. However, he had a childish gleam hidden deep in his wise eyes.

His nose slightly twitched as he inhaled a breath. His lips parted slightly as a smile blossomed on his face. With narrowed eyes he laughed in his heart as he thought, “A boy who can concoct The Poison Lady, Interesting?”

He then began to watch Rigel’s actions carefully. As Rigel stood there for a few minutes, he silently gave out a few orders to the surrounding guards to not to disturb Rigel.

“Seniors, this junior is here by Elder Feng’s orders.” As Rigel uttered those words, a strange gleam appeared in the man’s eyes.

With a smile, he rose from his seat. The other three men who saw this had strange expressions on their faces. Who were they? They were all people who had status exceeding that of an elder. How couldn’t they see that the man wasn’t paying attention to then for five whole minutes?

He glanced at the trio and said, “I have some matters that I have to take care of.”

The trio nodded their heads silently. Even though every one of them men could sense why he was leaving, they wouldn’t stop him. They had no reason to stop him.

The man smiled as he left the floor. He then walked down the stairs until he reached the ground floor. There he stopped in his tracks as he watched an amusing scene.

In front of him, Rigel was standing still with an alert gaze and a respectful attitude as he faced a red robed man.

The red robed man stood there with a serious face as he said in a cold voice, “This area is off-limits for now. Get out of here kid.”

Rigel nodded his head silently and turned back.

The black-robed man who was watching this scene narrowed his eyes in dissatisfaction. He was hoping to look at a much more amusing scene fit for a kid his age. However faced with Rigel’s choice, he snorted as he ordered the red-robed man in a cold voice through his divine sense, “Kill him!”

The red-robed man stunned by the words transmitted to his mind turned around and watched the black-robed man in astonishment, but the next second, he pounced on Rigel without any hesitation.

Rigel, who was shocked by the sudden turn of events, immediately kicked the ground and rolled towards his right side narrowly missing the deathly hook of the red robed man.

“Why?????” Rigel screamed in his mind repeatedly in that second, but no matter how he thought, he couldn’t understand why the red-robed man attacked him without any warning.

“Die…….” The red robed man roared as he took out a talisman and lit it with his Qi. It burned in a flash and the next instant, a fog emanated from it engulfing Rigel in it.

The black-robed man upon seeing this licked his lips as he said to himself, “Ho! Poison gas. Perfect, now show me your secrets lad.”

Rigel, who was engulfed by the poison, immediately stopped breathing but to his astonishment, he noticed that his skin was becoming purple as it began to absorb the gas at a fast rate.

Despair filled his eyes as they started to lose consciousness under the effects of the poison. His mind became numb by the second and in his haziness, a bitter smile appeared on his face.

Even if he was a poison expert, he can’t have an antidote for all poisons at his hand. The alchemy of poison was the same as the heavens and earth. It was boundless and without the time to study a poison, he can never come up with an antidote in an instant. Thus, he had a bitter smile on his face.

The poisons he had studied for two whole years under Frank, and used them for self-defense countless times was now killing him. It was ironic.

At that second, just as Rigel had almost given up on his life. His body started to tremble. His profound veins* began to push the poison fog rapidly towards his dantian*.

Rigel coughed up blood as his profound veins started to rupture under the effects of the poison. The profound veins are one of the most resilient parts of one’s body, but Rigel had never cultivated them. As he had never absorbed the energy of the Heaven and Earth, they were like any other normal veins.

Rigel coughed up more blood as the poison began to make its way towards his dantian and a fierce pain assaulted his mind a second later. The poison had made its way to his nervous system. Rigel screamed in pain and finally lost his consciousness. In that instant, a popping sound rang out as the poison finally reached his dantian.

The black pearl which was lying in his dantian silently began to glow with a dark radiance and the next second; a blinding light erupted in his dantian which began to spread all over Riddick’s profound veins. A few seconds after which, Rigel’s trembling body began to relax.

The black-robed man who was watching the whole scene began to smile widely as he watched Rigel crawl out of a certain death situation.

The red-robed man who watched this had a dumb face as he saw that Rigel was still alive, then rage appeared on his face. His hand went for his sword but then stopped in his tracks as the black-robed man appeared before his eyes.

The fog which saturated the area began to dissipate like mist as the black-robed man made his way towards Rigel. He then looked at Rigel’s injured body and said in a calm voice, “Get this boy to the infirmary and watch over him for me. When he wakes up, tell him nothing regarding my involvement. Understood?” The man asked in a cold voice.

The red robed man looked at the black-robed man in confusion, but he nevertheless bowed his head deeply and said in a respectful voice, “This servant shall follow your orders, Patriarch.”


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