Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 9 – Paragon Arm

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Paragon Arm:

In a certain universe, in a certain plane.

The heat from its three stars was slowly dissipating as the time of the twilight drew near. As the life of the plane slowly started to shift their activities, a sudden flare of white light pierced the atmosphere and entered the plane through the space.

The light slowly began to fail as Son Goku was sitting beneath a banyan tree mediating. The air around him was strangely very silent. Not even a breeze could be felt within a thousand mile radius of his position.

The banyan tree dropping over him was very old, old enough that it’s trunk alone had a diameter of a kilometre. A banyan grows no more than a few inches every year in diameter and this process slows down after its early years.

How many millennia should have passed since the tree had sprouted? None knew but it was surely more than just a few millennia. The tree itself had lived for millions or even billions of years since its birth.

Suddenly, the wind around the area began to tremble. Son Goku slowly opened his eyes and gazed at the skies. His golden eyes narrowed as his skin felt the faint ripples in the air.

A streak of faint white colour passed through the air and landed in front of him revealing a man in his early forties. His face was covered in a silver mask revealing only his eyes. The man had only one good eye while the other was a just glass eyeball with a strange white mark on it.

He lowered his upper half slightly and said in a calm voice, “I have come in place of my master to deliver his words, my Lord.”

Then suddenly his body began to twitch. The eyeball with a strange white mark began to glow faintly and then a Qi emitted from it which was inhaled by the man with the silver mask.

“I have come to you to enquire upon a certain incident.” A hoarse cold voice emitted from the man’s mouth completely void of his former respect.

Goku narrowed his eyes further and squinted them as he said, “Hmph! Just an another doll devoid of life, is he? What do you want Brat?”

The voice sighed lightly as he heard Goku and inquired in a cold voice, “We have sensed your Will within a certain universe. Simply sensing it wouldn’t have made me come to you but mind you tell me, why have a sensed a reaction from your side as well?”

Goku expression slightly changed as he answered in a neutral voice, “I have no idea what you are talking about.”

“Don’t you dare lie to me Goku? I………” He halted his words mid sentence as the world around him changed for worse.

Goku’s eyes became red and the Golden staff lying beside him rose into the air. The banyan tree behind him began to wave its hanging roots in rage and the air around them began to howl in madness.

“What would you do?” Goku asked in a cold voice and continued, “Would you dare fight me?” Goku cold voice resounded like a thunder in the silent plane.

The voice stuttered a little before saying, “Hmph! Don’t get cocky Goku. This time, I will let this matter go but one day, I will catch you red handed. Then…..” He halted his sentence in mid sentence and narrowed his eyes hinting off a unspoken threat.

Goku hands which were since the very beginning resting on his knees, slightly shook and the next instant, the Golden staff shot out with incredible speed towards the man.


An explosion shook the place as the man’s body exploded into gore and blood before he can blink his eyes or close his opened mouth. Then the Golden radiance of the Staff began to melt the gore into fluid and then vaporised it into nothingness.

Goku narrowed his eyes and sighed as he retrieved his aura. The nature began to calm down as the aura of a heathen God began to disappear.

Goku smiled lightly as he raised his hand and caught his staff. The staff quivered lightly and then calmed down.

With a sigh he looked at the skies and said to himself in a calm voice, “Less than ten days have passed since the day I met you boy and you have already managed to catch a glimpse of my paragon body. Admirable.

A million lives should have tempered your soul well beyond my estimation boy else you can never activate it with your power of a mere deva.

Use it, deny it, abuse it, destroy it, the heavens and the universe are formed for me, you, us. The power of my will is already imbued within your soul. How you use it doesn’t lie in my hands?

Use it for yourself or use it for others. No matter what you do, crawl your way back here kid. Don’t forget, you have a debt to pay.” Goku muttered to himself in the silence of the starry skies.


Riddick looked over at everyone with a serious gaze and flew over silently. None knew what happened a second ago but all of them including Theo and Hoinbo felt a jolt like feeling within their souls as Riddick made a deafening noise.

Riddick slowly flew over and stood in front of Hoinbo’s group. His face was cold as he watched the three scums who raped the woman Giira, Hoinbo’s daughter.

Hoinbo finally came out of his stupor and hurriedly moved forwards as he said, “What are you doing boy? Get back else…..” He stopped mid sentence because he could see in Riddick’s eyes, the absolute coldness of a merciless death reaper.

Riddick raised his hand and pointed at the three men who raped the woman and said in a cold voice, “Leave these three here and then you can all leave alive.”

Theo looked at Riddick incredulously and then started to laugh madly. He then roared as he said, “Fuck that! You dare order me, you motherfucker. I will kill you and hang your dead body for three days and three nights out in the woods as vultures prey. Then I will throw your remains to the maggots.”

Riddick face was already dead cold. He simply sighed inside. Riddick never even expected Theo to accept his offer. So he simply extended his left index finger and said, “Then die.”


Crimson blood began to leak out of his left arm and then formed into a sword which began to vibrate with power as it floated in the skies beside him.

“What is that thing?” Theo involuntarily cried out in an anxious voice as he looked at Elaine.

A man standing behind Theo who was at the early second level of deva realm narrowed his eyes as he said, “Must be some sort of demonic technique my lord. He is using his own blood as a weapon. So he is technically using his own life essence as a weapon.

Lord Theo, that is definitely a double edged sword. If we use it to our advantage then….”

Theo smiled coldly as he heard the man. He raised his hand and said, “Get me his head.”

The dozen or so people behind him roared loudly as they all rushed towards Riddick at high speed.

Riddick glanced at them and then snorted coldly. He raised his eyebrows and said to himself in a calm voice, “Paragon Arm.”

As Riddick muttered in a low voice, a giant invisible Golden arm manifested on his left side. Riddick looked at the giant arm and smiled lightly.

He had a hunch before when he caught the Golden thread but now he had confirmed it. The arm which manifested when he tried to catch the karma thread was the paragon arm of Son Goku himself.

The staff is a manifestation of Goku’s will. Even if it possessed power to shatter the karma tampered by heavens, it was the power possessed by its true form. The original Golden staff of Son Goku.

However, Riddick didn’t have the original staff. All he had was the will of Goku in the form of a staff. Then a question arises, What can Riddick do if he doesn’t have the authority to employ the staff?

The answer lies in the arm which manifested the instant he managed to open up the past karma world.

Goku didn’t actually give the eyes uncontaminated by the Qi of heavens, he gave Riddick a sliver of his will which bestowed upon him a heaven defying power.

Riddick looked at the invisible golden arm and willed it with his divine sense. Even though the world cannot see it, Riddick could perfectly see it with his Golden vision.

“Let’s Kill this bastard!” A man roared as he raised his sword.

“Don’t be impulsive, be careful. He’s got some tricks up his sleeve.” Another said in a loud voice as he took out a talisman and started employing a formation.

Riddick looked at them all and simply waved his left hand.

“Today you are going to die because you have decided to involve in business which isn’t yours kid.” Theo laughed as he looked at Riddick with a pitying gaze.

Riddick looked at Theo and then the three behind him and said in a cold voice. “Let’s get started. First your henchmen, sorry, they are all gonna die.”

Theo’s son who was the main culprit of the rape laughed as he heard Riddick. However, his laughter stopped as a splatter of blood dyed the air followed by the deathly scream of a dying man.

Everyone stared with bulging eyes as they saw a man whose entire body was twisted beyond recognition. His face, his body, his organs and even his intestines were hanging in the skies while his blood was being splattered as if the body was being crushed with an incomparably strong force.

“What is happening?” Theo’s son muttered in a weak voice as he saw that.

One of the men who were sent to kill Riddick looked at the deathly mess and began to quiver as he said, “It’s an invisible hand. They are the markings of fingers.” He roared loudly he pointed out at the plainly visible finger shaped markings on the gore which was once a human.

Riddick face was ice cold as he simply sighed and moved forward slowly. The hand slowly released the body and then moved forward like a snake and pierced two more with two of its fingers.

Two men’s face twisted as they coughed up blood. Riddick’s face twisted as he said in a cold deadly voice, “You were all dead the minute you decided to face me.

However, I feel obliged to tell you. Death is not the worst punishment out there for those who decide to offend me. Understood?”

The two men screamed in painful voices as their souls began to waver under the assault of Riddick’s soul attack. Then they feel down like broken puppets as Riddick retrieved his illusory paragon arm.

Hoinbo who was watching everything with a dumb face began to shiver as he saw this. “A invisible hand which can attack with material attacks and soul attacks, each strong enough to kill devas in a flash.” He muttered to himself in a silent voice as he thought in his mind, “Just what kind of a monster is he?”

At that instant, when Riddick was standing there. In the silent forest, every man, every woman, enemy or not had similar thoughts echoing deep in their minds.

“What kind of a monster is Riddick?”







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  1. Great chapter as always.

    It just clicked to, Riddick loves to play God. I tried to explain why thought of that but couldn’t 😦

    You said goku eye turned red, I thought of that as an attack mode, in my eyes it’s very unlikely that guko will get mad this easily.
    The catch, if I’m right then Riddick might be able to get or activate his Red eyes.


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