Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 10 – Void’s decision

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Void’s decision :

                 Deep inside Riddick’s soul, the lightning dragon which stood guard around Riddick’s soul slowly opened its eyes and watched Riddick through its slitted eyes.

           With a sigh he slowly murmured, “Father.”

             Inside a blank space filled with nothing but thirteen huge spheres. Sealed by twelve black chains, Void slowly opened his eyes.

         His old eyes gazed at nothingness in front of him as he murmured back, “I know. The time has finally come.”

           As Riddick stood in the air facing Theo and his son, his consciousness began to get blank as he was suddenly sucked into his own sea of consciousnesses. There he noticed the lightning dragon and above all he heard the sad voice of Void.

              Void slowly closed his eyes and thought back to his first meeting with Riddick. A trillion years have passed since then, in which they have seen and suffered much together.

                 Void’s eyes slowly opened revealing faint traces of bitterness. Void sighed as he muttered in a low voice starling Riddick, “I don’t know who and why the person who graced you with his Will graced you. However, Riddick there isn’t much I can say to the current you.”

           Riddick’s face changed as he heard Void. However before he could speak, Void continued and said in a calm voice, “Remember our promise. You have to free me of my bounds in exchange for me lending you my power. The contract you signed a trillion years ago has yet to be fulfilled. Until you release me, I can’t let you break free and until you catalyse your own Will you can never win against the Heavens.

           The Will of that God may become your only weapon when the time comes but your ultimate weapon is your own Will. However, I can’t direct you to carve it. You have to break out of your cage on your own to carve it.

            Carve it like a sword to slash the chains gripping my karma. Carve it like a mace to smash apart the karma which rules over you. Carve it like spear to pierce the karma which rules over us. Then, you will find me. The me, who has been with you since you had been born in this universe.

           Riddick, if you wish to know more about yourself, free me. If you wish to obtain your own Qi, free me. If you wish to know why the man who helped you helped you, free me. Everything that is you now lies within me and Everything that made me lies within you. We are bound by the same fate which governs our karma.”

             Riddick’s mind reeled as he heard Void. He didn’t want to admit it but he definitely heard the word, “free you”. He didn’t want to admit it but he somehow he knew where Void was going with his words. Void was subtly telling him that he lied to him, thus proving Goku’s words.

               Goku telling Riddick that Void betrayed him was one thing but Void admitting it was an entirely another thing.

         Riddick who loved Void more than anyone and trusted him more than anyone felt as if his chest was stabbed with a knife. As if his heart was bleeding in pain, as if he had truly become the biggest fool in the universe.

            Riddick eyes became moist as he slowly opened his mouth to ask. But, he couldn’t as Void didn’t allow him to speak.

              Void narrowed his eyes and continued in a silent voice, “I gave you my everything but in return I stole your everything. The day you return back my freedom will be the day, you will regain your enlightenment.

         Riddick, I won’t speak as if I didn’t lie to you but I only lied for your own benefit. You are still naive and the untimely truth will ruin you. Thus, I lied and in process I harnessed your soul to become anything it wished to become in this multiverse.

        Suspect and hate me, I don’t mind but find me and then you will find it all Riddick. However, beware boy, I am not the only one who can see through you. You may think that I may be your enemy but beware that man. He has already reached the pinnacle of this universe. He will not allow you to live. Your karma is already stained and thus you can never escape him.

                 An young tree is the easiest of all to either bend or to uproot. Even if you have lived a trillion more years, compared to me and him, you are still young and moreover ignorant of everything that makes us, Us.”
              Riddick stood there dumbly listening to Void. He couldn’t speak a word cause he didn’t understand much of it. He hated how everyone spoke about things which he had no idea about.

     He hated the word, “Truth.” He hated how he was used by his most trusted friend. He hated how Void explained himself. He hated how foolish he was to trust Void with all his heart. He hated how foolish he was to believe every word he ever listened to.

         Riddick stood there with a pale face because he was unsure after a long time. Every day and every minute, for years and millennia together. He embarked on a journey which he once thought was a task he had to complete.

         But now, he was unsure. Just what was his task? Just why should he even complete the task? Why did even matter? Why was he the one who was suffering from the bounds of karma?

              Did he really needed to suffer such a punishment? He reincarnated times and times, again and again, watched his family die, again and again. Watched his loved ones die, yet he chose to follow the path because of a single promise made a trillion years ago.

             And yet, now he finds that it was all a lie. Everything he knew about Void was a lie. The creation of the universe. The only unique element in the universe. Everything was a lie. Everything he knew was a lie. He was a lie.

         Riddick’s face was drenched in tears as he remembered all the time, all the words they ever shared. Every little moment they ever spent. He considered Void his best friend, above and beyond everything the world could offer to him and yet, he was betrayed.

      It wasn’t a single betrayal. It was a betrayal which betrayed his trust in humanity, friendship and even himself. Void betrayed him. That one word echoed in his mind. That word shook his mind. That one sentence reverberated in his ears.

      Blood flowed out of his eyes like years as Riddick gulped his own blood and asked in a low sad voice, “Why?”

         Void looked at Riddick and closed his eyes. Lightning dragon looked at Riddick and closed its eyes. The Phoenix, The Blue Whale, The Jade Eagle, The Tortoise. Everyone of them closed their eyes.

          Void then slowly opened his mouth and said, “Because we gambled on you. Precisely, I, gambled on you that you will one day break free of the illusion surrounding you. Now you have come here, only you have come here due to sheer luck and the karma you sow yourself which let you meet that God.

             Why you encountered that God goes beyond reasonable explanation I can think of. But, now that you have really broken free of the illusion. I will now thus make another gamble Riddick.

         I will now make a gamble with my life on line. I will make a gamble putting all my sons life on line. I will gamble with everything I got. Then, I will wait…………”

             Riddick face changed as he heard Void. He immediately asked in an anxious voice, “What do you mean? What do you mean Void?”

            Void opened his eyes widely and gazed at the blank space. His huge mouth opened as he began to laugh madly.

                   His back quivered as two humongous wings began to unfold after countless trillions of years. Dangerous red light flickered in his eyes as his limbs firmly grasped the floor with their huge claws, slowly raising him from the ground.

                 His whiskers trembled as he breathed heavily. His belly began to roar in hunger. Countless years of hunger should have made any man or beast mad with hunger but Void became much wilder with hunger. The hungry he grew, the dangerous he became.

          The lightning dragon within Sea of consciousnesses slowly opened its mouth and said in a calm voice, “Riddick, here after you will gain control of me completely. However, I will completely lose my sentience.

           Riddick, now I am but a tool with a mind. In the future, I will be just a tool. I can’t tell you much but remember everyday we spent together in all these years and make your decision.”

        As the lightning dragon spoke this words, his eyes lost focus and his spirit left his body. All that remained around Riddick’s soul was a extremely powerful lightning essence coiled in the form of a long slender dragon.

             Riddick’s eyes grew hazy with Lightning dragon’s words. He couldn’t speak because he couldn’t. He was too shocked to speak. His entire soul was being twisted with every word he heard.

         But, he still lifted his face and asked in an anxious voice. “Void, why are gambling with your life on line?”

           Void smiled lightly. Beside him, five phatom images of five godly beasts appeared. Everyone of them looked at Riddick with deep meaningful eyes and answered together with a smile on their faces.

   “Because we trust you.”

            Riddick’s eyes shook as he heard Void. He immediately opened his mouth to shout but a sharp pain erupted in his soul. The point where the soul connection lies between himself and Void began to burn with pain.

        Riddick grunted and moaned in pain and then he was knocked out of his semiconscious state to the outside world.

        Riddick looked at Theo and then at the skies. He didn’t know why and he didn’t understand why he had such a  feeling but he knew that something big and bad was gonna happen that second.

            The universe, the Odin galaxy, the space shivered as if it sensed a similar premonition. Deep inside the blank space, Void smile grew broader as he coughed up a goblet of his own blood.

                  The goblet of the blood floated before him as he laughed loudly and said, “One final time, I am gonna show this universe, who I am?

         Come for me boy. This shall be my final present to you until we meet again. Don’t forget Riddick, you have a debt to pay.”

         Void’s voice faded away in the dark silence of the blank space and the next instant, a blinding light erupted from the goblet of blood.

       Void smiled lightly and said in a dangerous voice, “Black hole.”




7 thoughts on “Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 10 – Void’s decision

  1. Want if Void is part of the Heavens hens the name of the novel :O

    I remember correctly the contract between them states that Void is Riddick ally and wouldn’t do anything to harm him, I have to re-read that 🙂

    It would be so funny and horrible if Void was just board “immortality has its downsides” so he called his friends and said you see that guy I bet he can free me…

    Other thing, the thing that got me thinking a lot as here the most common way to get stronger is to just sit and cultivate. So there might be someone no one knows or they forgotten about for millions of years but he was just sitting cultivating.

    A few chapters ago there was two guys representing the heavens the ones that ordered the death of Riddick. We’re those the guys Void bet against 😐

    As for Riddick, it’s good the he is still processing what is going around him. And he just calmed his mind after goku 😦
    How many years will he cultivate after that.

    One thing I certainly did not see that coming.
    Before it was either goku or void isn’t saying truth, but Void lie wasent expected.

    Great chapter, and can’t way to read the next one 🙂


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