A Shout out to all the readers

A Shout Out to all the readers :

This Letter is originally inspired by an open letter by a fellow author Durrandal on Royalroadl. I liked it so much that I have written one on my own.

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An Open Letter to the Readers, Authors, Lurkers and awesome friends across the remote corners of the internet.
To everyone,

Gsd Reddy here.

Most of the authors post their work for free. I rather think we are not simply writing for money. We are doing what we love, and that is all that matters. It’s good if an author really does earn some money out of his hardwork but that’s not why we are writing.

So, what do authors really want and wish for? What is the least they could expect from a reader after they worked as hard as they did to bring that chapter to you guys?

Simple, some form of…thanks. A little recognition for their efforts. Something that makes them think that this is worth it. A single comment is all it takes to satisfy him/her.

               I am NOT here asking for money lol. What I am saying is, that many authors start their story…then they feel demoralized after a while because their efforts weren’t recognized.

A Review by a reader in the form of comment  is always encouraging to an author, but you know what? we feel very happy if someone comments something in our Chapter page too. It might be something you liked, some witty remark, pointing out a mistake or typo, maybe something you wondered while reading, maybe a simple thank you, no matter what it is…we like our readers talking to us, or about our work. It shows that they care. Saying that you didn’t like something is fine too, it helps us grow after all.

One more thing. It is absolutely fine to not like a work. It is fine to explicitly say why you didn’t like it. What is not fine is not giving us a chance to rectify our mistakes.

Important Note : IF by any chance you can help the author reach more readers, by a review or a suggestion or a single comment on a thread. No matter what it is, trust me, authors including me will be grinning from ear to ear if they see someone praising their work. It’s the same sentiment. We all grin involuntarily when someone praises our child.

I hope this letter reaches the hearts of the readers.

Yours sincerely,
GSD Reddy.

P.S.- A shout out to all the awesome readers that have encouraged me through my work. I hope you will stick with me even in the future!
P.P.S- No matter who you are, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or your thoughts about the matter.


Rigel – Book 1 – Chapter 12 – The Locker


The Locker:



“What the fuck has happened here?” Rigel screamed in his mind as he saw the body of the red-robed man impaled on the floor. He almost shouted in shock but stopped himself as he heard the sound of footsteps outside his room.

Rigel was stunned into silence by the entire chain of events, but he didn’t have any time to sit in shock. His mind was trying to suppress the dread which was enveloping his heart because he knew that he had mere seconds to escape the tragedy which was about to befall him.

He didn’t need to be a genius to guess his fate if someone discovered him alone with a corpse of a sect’s disciple.

His instincts kicked in as his mind tried to find a way out of the situation. After his awakening, Rigel found that his hearing, all his senses and his sensitivity to the surroundings had increased to a great extent.

Even though it is known that cultivators are highly sensitive to their surroundings, Rigel didn’t expect such a huge improvement by simple awakening. Awakening is a process when a normal human begins to sense and cultivate the Qi within nature. Usually, all cultivators experience awakening by the age of ten.

Awakening is the first of all basic steps in cultivation. Unless one can sense Qi, they can’t cultivate. Although awakening was also a stage in the cultivation, it was nothing but the first step. It wasn’t a breakthrough. However, Rigel felt as if his sensitivity had doubled after his awakening due to the recovery of his dantian.

What Rigel didn’t know was that his senses didn’t amplify. They just became clearer. Humans have incredible senses, but mundane world usually dulls them. Now that his dantian was recovered, Rigel’s dull senses have been reactivated and were functioning at their full capacity. Thus, he felt as if his sensitivity has doubled.

Rigel could tell by the sound of the footsteps that the person outside was at a distance of fewer than twenty steps away from the room. That would take the person about ten seconds to arrive at his door. He trembled as he understood what was going to happen to him.

There was only one conclusion. The sect would link him to the red-robed man’s murder. Having no alibi, Rigel would be in no position to prove his innocence.

Rigel gritted his teeth in anger as he looked at the table. His belongings were all on it. With a snort, he took out the knife from his backpack. His eyes showed a bitter expression deep in them, but they also showed indescribable determination.

“The person who schemed against me, you better hope that I will never find you. The day I find you, I swear that I will have my vengeance.” Rigel muttered silently in a cold voice as he tightened his grip on his knife. His eyes were sharp and determined as he raised his hand and stabbed himself in the gut.


Even though Rigel closed his mouth and bit his lip as he stabbed himself, a small voice nevertheless leaked out of his clenched teeth. Rigel fell on the ground, powerless and in pain, as blood began to flow out of his wound like a fountain.

He then raised his hand and then slashed his thigh. His eyes were red as he stabbed himself and his eyes turned blank as he slashed himself. Even though his eyes didn’t shed a single tear, they showed the indescribable pain experienced by his soul.

Rigel threw the knife away and then rolled towards the corpse of the red robed man with ragged breathing. His mind was already engulfed in severe pain. Had he not experienced the pain of a shattered dantian, he would have long since passed out. The blood from his wounds mixed with that of the red robed man’s making it impossible to differentiate between them.

At that exact moment, the door opened, and a man walked in. He too was a regular guard. Rigel could faintly see the shock in his eyes through his blood drenched eyes. He could see the shock turning into surprise as he saw the still breathing Rigel within the pool of blood.

Rigel watched as the shock turned into horror. A second later, the guard involuntarily trembled and shouted at the top of his lungs, “ELDER!!”      

Finally unable to hold onto his consciousness for any longer, Rigel drifted into a long sleep.


Rigel once again woke up in a mysterious space, only this time, it was filled with crimson clouds. The world within his bloodshot eyes resembled the world before him. It was filled with blood red clouds and had nothing besides those clouds.

Rigel looked around once again in confusion. The last time he woke up in this mysterious place, it was filled with black puddles which turned into the black sea, and now it was filled with crimson clouds.

“Just what is this place?” Rigel murmured silently as he stood up and thought, “It is definitely not a dream.”

Suddenly Rigel remembered the voice he once heard inside this dimension. A voice which was all powerful, encompassing and which granted him a new dantian.

“Hello, Sir. Are you listening to me? I know that I don’t deserve your attention, but I want to thank you for healing my dantian.” Rigel said in a respectful voice hoping to find the owner of the voice.

“So you have lied to me, Rigel.” A cold voice stunned Rigel as he stood there waiting for an answer.

The crimson clouds began to condense and then they began to drift apart revealing a white space Rigel within the mysterious space. Standing in between the crimson clouds and before Rigel was a person resembling him, at yet someone who wasn’t him. He was Tal.

Rigel’s face was cold as he glanced at the man before him. He had thought about a few possibility regarding Tal’s identity, and all of them led to Rigel doubting his intentions.

Having been exposed, Rigel didn’t lie any further. He only snorted and said, “So what if I did lie to you? I see no reason why I have to answer you truthfully.”

Tal’s face twitched slightly as he stared at Rigel. He then laughed lightly and said, “A candle burns the brightest before it dies out. Similarly, you are talking big even though you are going to die soon. Very soon.”

Rigel’s face twitched as he heard Tal. He suddenly had a very strange idea regarding the person who schemed against him. Rigel asked with a cold expression and a chilling voice, “So it was you who plotted the whole scheme to trap me.”

Tal smiled lightly and said, “What makes you think so Rigel?”

Rigel narrowed his eyes and said in a cold voice, “Good acting there but unfortunately for you, I can sense your killing intent even if you were ten times better at acting.”

Tal’s smile faded away and was replaced with a cold expression. He snorted and said, “Alright, I was the one who killed the man. He was trying to kill you while you were asleep. I had no choice….”

Rigel laughed loudly and said, “Once again excellent acting Tal, but it is not enough to fool me. The man would have never killed me because I was in an infirmary with no guards, no bounds, and even my belongings weren’t touched.

If I were taken in as a prisoner, I would have never gotten such treatment. Stop trying to fool me, Tal.”

Tal smiled lightly and said in a calm voice, “So you aren’t entirely dumb. That is good but what would you do if I killed you now and here. I highly doubt that you can even survive for a second with your meager skills.”

That smile contained killing intent, and those eyes showed Rigel that Tal wasn’t joking, but his instincts told him that he wasn’t entirely telling him the truth either.

Rigel thus smiled lightly and said, “Go ahead. Kill me.” Watching Tal’s face, he smiled further and said, “What? Don’t tell me you can’t Tal. Of course, you can’t. If you had the authority or power to kill me here, then you wouldn’t have bothered to plan such an elaborate scheme. Would you, Tal? I definitely wouldn’t.”

Rigel’s words swiped off the smirk on Tal’s face. His eyes became serious as he inwardly thought that dealing with Rigel was a lot more troublesome than he ever imagined it to be.

Watching Tal’s anxiousness hidden under the curtain of anger, Rigel narrowed his eyes and asked in a cold voice, “Tal; you said that you were the guardian of this locker.

If this space is a locker and you are its guardian. Then tell me, just what is locked away in this locker Tal?”


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Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 21 – Betrayal upon Betrayal

Author note : Hi guys, GSD REDDY here and I am back with another chapter.

Edit – Self edited.

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Betrayal upon betrayal :

              Riddick stood in mid air with Atlee as he waited for Liam. Soon they were able to see the figure of Liam flying towards them. The army of Jehu empire were instantly filled with confidence as they saw Liam’s figure.

        However, Liam’s face was ice cold as he flew towards Riddick. He snorted lightly and raised his hand. Riddick smiled as he saw through Liam thoughts.


        A razor sharp blade of energy swept the battlefield as Liam slashed the skies with all his might. Countless screams filled the sky, out of fear, surprise, anger and dismay.

        Liam’s strike clearly split apart any deva who stood in his path. His face was cold as he raised his head and said in a loud voice, “I, Liam have come to accept your offer Riddick. You will honour your word, won’t you Riddick?”

      Riddick smiled as he heard Liam. With just an simple action, he showed everyone that he was serious. By killing his own allies, he showed everyone that he was siding with Riddick.

       By openly proclaiming those words, he was showing Riddick that he was not having any second thoughts. All these were accomplished within seconds and with a mere loss of less than ten devas. It was a very intelligent way to gain Riddick’s trust.

        Seeing his actions, Riddick couldn’t help but admire the man in front of him for a second. Even though his family was murdered and even though he was facing the mastermind behind the incident, Riddick himself, Liam maintained his state of mind. This was a rarely seen quality even amongst cultivators.

             Revenge can be achieved in two ways. The first is by direct annihilation of your enemy but the most painful one is by betraying him after you earn his trust. Liam eyes showed Riddick the conviction of a man who is hell bent on killing him.

         Riddick liked Liam for that for he always believed in one thing. You can trust a bitter enemy much more than a good friend. Friends are weak, they get jealous very easily and they betray without a second thought when given a chance. On the other hand, bitter enemies are strong. They live to kill you and thus will always choose the best course of action.

(AN – There are always exceptions. No offence meant to any of my friends )

          In chess, a grandmaster can easily defeat someone who always uses the best move possible in any situation but he definitely can’t defeat another grandmaster so easily for the best move is always predictable.

           A grandmaster fighting another grandmaster won’t always involve the best moves. They involve deception and trickery, to fool you into a trap.

        Similarly you can guess what an enemy is going to do but you can never guess the same about a friend. Countless years of suffering and countless betrayals have made Riddick unable to easily rely on others.

          Riddick smiled lightly and asked in a calm voice, “Oh! I thought that you had no interest in revolting against your own brother Liam. Why did you have such a sudden change of heart?”

          Liam snorted lightly and explained about the assassination of his family. Even Atlee’s face changed when he heard about the entire events. Liam simply skipped about entire talk with his brother and Minister Chu. He said to Riddick what he would have wanted to hear from him.

            Riddick maintained a calm expression and said in a low voice, “I am sorry about the matter regarding your family. It truly pains my heart but I have to ask you something Liam. You see, I can’t let you into my ranks without confirming your objective.”

         Liam nodded lightly and said, “I am ready to answer anything.”

       Riddick smiled lightly and asked in a cold voice, “Do you know, there are empire and clans which cull their own descendants to protect the remaining from harm and extinction? Tell me, Liam, why are you so sure that this entire chain of events only involved the second prince, Jasper? Why are you so sure that your elder brother, Morgan the Emperor isn’t involved at all?

        After all no matter how you think about it. Your entire family was massacred while the only thing that happened to his family was the assassination of his daughter-in-law. She is just a woman who was married into his family. His son can always marry another.

          I find it too suspicious Liam. Aren’t you too trustful? That is a dangerous quality in our age and time Liam.”

        Riddick’s words exploded like thunder in Liam mind. Liam’s face became pale as he never thought of this possibility. No, he could never think about this possibility because he was lead away from it by Minister Chu.

      If Riddick could aim to cause a rift between Morgan and himself then why couldn’t Morgan try to use him as a scapegoat to win the war? Liam mind questioned itself.

       In the first place, there were many things that can’t be explained with logic regarding the attack on his family. How can a man enter the Imperial palace and kill so many people without alerting the guards? The second prince, Jasper obviously didn’t work alone so he should definitely have an ally.

         If someone did sneak into the palace, how did he escape? In the first place, why was his entire family assembled in one room? Why wasn’t that room guarded? Why did his families personal servants didn’t show up as soon as they heard the sounds?

          Liam mind began to reel as he thought about them all. He couldn’t help but think of a dreadful scenario. His family was the second highest family within the Imperial household. The only one who can assemble them all without reason and at a short notice was the emperor himself.

      Liam began to grind his teeth as he thought back to the talk between himself and Minister Chu. Chu managed to completely side track his objective of killing Jasper by telling him that Jasper was obviously controlled.

         In that heat of moment he didn’t think about it but now that he thought about it. Just who can mind control a Yaksha so easily? What kind of power would one need to achieve that feat? If someone can really do that then why the round about way? He can simply massacre the entire army and seize the empire.

       Riddick stood silently noticing the various emotions on Liam’s face. Riddick face didn’t change for the entire duration but inwardly he was laughing silently. Riddick shook his head and thought to himself, “Now one final blow and you will give yourself to me Liam.”

       Riddick sighed lightly and asked in a calm voice, “So Liam, did you talk to this second prince? I am sure that with your age and experience you could have at least gotten a clue regarding the truth behind this incident. Did you?”

       Liam raised his head and looked at Riddick. He shook his head blankly. As he shook his head, he thought about the suggestion made by Minister Chu. Chu asked the Emperor Morgan to lock Jasper away until the war was over.

        Liam’s face was now boiling with anger as he understood everything. He bit his lips until they were bleeding as he understood how his brother fooled him. He body trembled as he remembered about his family. He couldn’t help but shake in utter madness as he thought about his brother’s innocent and pitying face while he stood there in the audience chamber.

           “Why? Why? Why did you do this to me brother? Why? I was faithful to you. I did all your dirty work. I worked as your mere underling. I didn’t want anything expect your trust all my life and the worst thing of all, I thought that I had it.” Liam muttered to himself in a voice which felt like it encompassed everything including anger, love, despair and madness.

      Far away from the battlefield, Morgan was sitting in his study as Chu..aka… Dragon was explaining the circumstances of war to him. His heart suddenly felt tight and his face became pale all of a sudden. Fear appeared in his eyes as he suddenly remembered about Liam.

             Dragon noticed the changes and immediately gave Morgan a glass of water. Morgan drank it and asked in a low voice, “Are you sure that my brother will be safe Senior Chu? I suddenly have a bad feeling.”

      Dragon nodded his head and said in a calm voice, “Yes, he is safe your majesty. Don’t fear about anything. Even if it comes to the worst, Lord Liam can escape with his life. He is after all a third tribulation Yaksha.”

      Morgan nodded his head and returned to his papers but deep within his heart he still felt unease. What he didn’t know was the change in Liam?

        Riddick turned his head and looked over at Atlee. Atlee looked at Riddick as Riddick signalled him to look after Liam. Atlee sighed inside his heart and strode forward and comforted Liam. No matter what, both of them were brothers and above all, both had suffered because of their own family. That was enough to spark a comradeship between them.

       Riddick left them alone and flew back. At a desolate mountain a few kilometres away from the battlefield, a man was standing with sharp eyes. He was watching the battlefield and every movement of Riddick with utmost concentration. Beside him, June was standing as she too watched the battlefield.

        As Riddick landed before them, both of them nodded and greeted Riddick respectfully. Riddick nodded his head and said, “How is everything going on June?”

          June raised her head and said in a calm voice, “Today’s losses were great master. We lost over a thousand devas and about twenty Yakshas. This is a huge loss for a single day. The way this war is going, I fear that I won’t be able to maintain the morale of the army for long. We may soon be facing a revolt.”

           Riddick nodded his head and said, “Don’t worry, we will soon have more allies. However, we will have more enemies as well. This war is soon going to sweep the entire Underworld.”

      June and Roger looked at each other and asked at once, “Master, why are you even waging this war? I know that an empire is a very influential and powerful force but our enemy, Krum can easily overthrown a hundred empires. So why?”

       Riddick laughed lightly and said, “Do you know how the three empires have survived the chaotic times of Yaksha realm. Underworld can now said to weakest of all continents but before Stellar Millennium, it wasn’t. There were many experts who could shock the world. However, the three empires still managed to exist. How did they do that?”

        June shook her head and so did Roger. Even though they did know about Underworld since ages. They never really tried to investigate about it. Now that they thought about it, it was indeed really strange.

       Riddick was able to make an empire shake with just a few hundred Yakshas and ten thousand devas. Contrary to their reputation of being unconquerable for hundreds of millennia. The Jehu empire was starting to crumble slowly. That didn’t make any sense.

             If Riddick could do that then why couldn’t those ultimate experts of Underworld. Roger and June nodded their heads in realisation and asked in a low voice, “So how did they manage to survive for so long master?”

      Riddick smiled lightly and pointed at Atlee and Liam a few kilometres away. “They will be the key which will solve this puzzle. As I said, this war is only a means for us to achieve our goal. Unfortunately or fortunately, Atlee just happened to stumble upon our path.”

      Riddick’s eyes were cold as he looked at Atlee and licked his lips. June looked at Atlee and then at Liam and asked in a calm voice, “Who do you think will betray us first master?”

          Riddick smiled widely and said, ” It Doesn’t matter. Whether it is Atlee betraying us or Liam betraying Atlee. Whether it is Atlee betraying Liam or both of them betraying us together. It doesn’t matter. They are all within my palm.

           No matter who betrays whom, no matter who trusts whom. It doesn’t matter because I have already broke them all into pieces. Now all I have to do is to use them as my pawns.”

           A million kilometres away from the Jehu empire, a man slowly walked into the wild marshes of the Brown desert. A woman was sitting on a rock beside a large oasis with a skewered snake in her hands.

        The man bowed lightly and said, “My lady, the war between the mysterious army and the Jehu empire is reaching its climax.” He then proceeded to tell the entire events of the day including Riddick’s appearance and Liam’s revolt. He then asked in a respectful voice, “What is your order, My lady?”

     The young lady turned over and looked at the man with her fox like eyes. Her dark black hair flowed behind her back creating an enchanting look. She smiled lightly and said, “Go pass on a message to the person who commands that army, The ruler of the Silician Alliance, Nina wishes to meet him.”

      The man was suddenly taken aback. Nina looked at the man and narrowed her eyes. She smiled lightly and asked in a charming voice, “What is it?”

       The man bowed his head again and said in a respectful voice, “My lady, I dare not question your decision not do I dare to find fault with them but I plead my lady to be careful. These people are unknown to us. we hold no record of them.

       I think it is dangerous for you to meet the person known as Riddick. From what I could observe he is extremely complicated. He can make Yakshas his servants and he can conceal his presence.”

       Nina laughed lightly and narrowed her eyes. She then smiled and said, “That’s why I wish to meet him Burdock. Why do you think he showed up today of all days? He is inviting me and the Leon empire.

       He showed us his strength today and gave us a choice. Would we join forces with him or with the Jehus?” Nina’s eyes held a seductive charm as she said, “Burdock, I wanna meet this man. Tell him, if he can satisfy me, he can get more than just an empire.”



Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 20 – Strategies within Strategy

Author note : Hi guys, GSD REDDY here and I am back with another chapter.

Edit – Self edited.

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          Now, did you expect this twist. I don’t think any of you did. As I said, I thought up some pretty bad ass shit which is going to make you scream, Holy shit.

Enjoy and thank you.


Strategies within strategy :

             Riddick stood in the air silently observing the changes in the Imperial capital. The armies had long since understood Riddick’s standing and his importance. However, encountered with this situation, only fools would try to attack Riddick.

         Atlee was on fire as he unleashed a wave of attacks deliberately on devas who were unprotected by Yakshas. As minutes turned into hours, hundreds of devas began to die in his hands. More than a dozen Yakshas also perished in his hands.

                Finally he sighed loudly and retreated back. He then stood behind Riddick and asked in a low voice, “My lord, killing any number of these people won’t change anything. We both know that. I don’t understand your way of thinking.

                It’s true that your idea was ingenious but you should know that the empire has many strategists as well. Why do you think they can’t see past your scheme?”

                Riddick smiled lightly and said, “When did I ever say that my strategy is THIS Atlee? I have never said anything regarding my course of actions.

        Do you know the saying, “Lose the battles but win the war.” Atlee? Think about it deeply. Those words will reveal the truth behind my actions.

            I would have never started this war unless I am confident to win it. My plan doesn’t end with me, it only begins with me. Everyone including our enemies are a part of my plan. The second phase of my plan is currently ongoing in the Imperial palace. Watch carefully and you will understand why I offered Liam that deal.” Riddick said in a calm voice as his eyes stared at the distant imperial capital.


Imperial palace. Emperor’s Audience chamber.

           Liam was standing with fury filled eyes and a trembling figure. He would have killed Jasper, the second prince the instant he saw him but was stopped by the emperor himself, Morgan.

          William eyes were red with anger, fury and humiliation. His own brother with whom he shared blood had killed his wife and even attempted to kill his sons. That was too much of a shock but as the shock receded, it was replaced with uncontrollable anger.

             Morgan was seated on the throne while the unconscious Jasper was chained by his side. He looked at his brother, Liam and his eldest son William and sighed in his heart.

         Being a father and a grandfather himself he knew the agony they were going through, particularly Liam whose entire family was massacred by Jasper. However, he had no choice but to stop them because he knew that unless he succeeds in stopping them, he wouldn’t be able to trap his enemies in their own trap.

          Morgan coughed lightly and said in a calm voice, “Brother, Son, before you make your decision I want both of you to listen to Minister Chu. Minister Chu is a veteran warrior and had been a strategist for our empire for the past ten millennia.

           I want you to give me some face and listen to him patiently.”

         Both Liam and William looked at Minister Chu with furious eyes, particularly Liam. All he now wanted to do was to rip Jasper apart.

           Minister Chu looked at Liam and at William and said in a small voice, “My lords, I believe that prince Jasper wasn’t acting alone. I believe that this is nothing but a trap set up by our enemies to make us trample ourselves in vengeance and blindness.”

       Liam snorted coldly and said, “Don’t make me kill you, you fucking bastard. I saw Jasper covered in blood with my own eyes. Are you saying that my eyes are fooling me?”

        Minister Chu shook his head slowly and said, “I dare not say that Lord Liam. However, I urge you to tell me, how can prince Jasper with his mere strength of a first tribulation Yaksha kill your son who was a second tribulation Yaksha and that too without raising the slightest alarm?”

             Without waiting for an answer he continued and said, “Lord Jasper supposedly managed to kill over three Yakshas and twenty one devas within a short span of ten minutes. We both know that Lord Jasper wasn’t very talented as a warrior.

          Tell me, Lord Liam, how am I wrong in thinking that Lord Jasper wasn’t alone? I think my point is clear and broad as daylight.”

             William nodded his head in this consent and said in a cold voice, “It doesn’t matter. He killed my wife and his own blood relatives. Whether or not he has an ally won’t change the fact that my brother has committed a grave crime. He has to be executed for his crime.”

        Minister Chu sighed loudly and said, “Don’t be foolish prince. Tell me, does this world lack objects or people with enough strength to control a man like a puppet? Think of all the time you spent with your brother.

     Was he someone who would go as far as to kill his own family for power? A ruler isn’t someone who sees what is presented before him, he sees what he has to see to know the truth regarding something that is presented before him.

        Prince William, Lord Liam, I believe that prince Jasper has been under some kind of mind control and it is needless to say who is the culprit. They want you to kill your Jasper yourself or more specifically they want both of you to demand the execution of Jasper.”

       Lima’s face was dark with anger. Even though he was angry to the point of killing Jasper in cold blood, he was still a man with mind surpassing many battle hardened generals. He naturally understood where Minster Chu was coming from.

         His face hardened as he said in a cold voice, “The enemy wants to create a rift between me and my brother with this situation. They want my brother to choose between me or his own son.

      A father would naturally choose his own son and in the process they want the emperor to hurt my feelings. They planned and hunted my family to accomplish that.”

        Minster Chu nodded his head in acceptance. He smiled bitterly and said, “We were almost destroyed by the plans of the enemy Lord Liam. As you can see from all this. Prince Jasper had no hand in this. He was completely under control and had thus acted as nothing but a mere puppet.

         However, to put your mind at ease I ask his majesty to imprison prince Jasper under house arrest until this war is over. Even if he was involved in this hideous plan, we should take care of him after we crush our enemies.”

          Emperor Morgan nodded his head and said, “You are right, Minister Chu. From now on, my son Jasper will be under house arrest. He won’t be able to leave his chambers until the war is over.”

         Turning towards Liam, Morgan asked in a anger filled voice, “Brother, do you know who is responsible for this ruthless and cold act of terrorism?”

         Liam’s face was grave as he thought back to the scene where Riddick asked him to join forces to betray Morgan. That second, he too thought that Riddick was foolish to reveal his inner thoughts so openly but never would he have guessed that all Riddick was doing was to plant the seed of that idea in his mind.

         If everything had gone according to Riddick’s plan then by now Liam would be furious to the core. He would have done exactly what Riddick had hoped him to do. Liam trembled as he thought about it.

          In his blindness, he would have definitely tried to assassinate Jasper but would have been stopped by the Emperor Morgan. In anger and fury, he would have instantly welcomed the idea of rebelling against his own brother to attain vengeance.

        This was all a part of Riddick’s elaborate plan. It was all a plan to make him his tool. Liam shuddered as he understood this. Riddick, whom he thought to be a fool actually turned out to be a ruthless inhuman villain hiding in the skin of a human.

         Liam nodded his head and said, “I know who is responsible for this brother. I know who he is and I now know how dangerous he is. It is good that you stopped me before I lost my mind to anger and fury which now fills each and every part of my being.

       His name is Riddick. He is the true mastermind behind this entire invasion brother. He offered me a deal earlier to revolt against you. I didn’t understand why but now I understand brother, he knew that this was going to happen all along.”

       Liam’s eyes turned red with anger and his entire body began to tremble as enormous amount of energy began to envelope his entire being. With a cruel voice he said, “Riddick. Riddick. Riddick. You………you…….took away everything from me. I won’t leave you. I will kill you but first I have to make you experience the same despair you have thrown at me.

       You asked me to cooperate with you. I will. I will join you and then I will kill you from inside. Riddick, I will burn down everything you ever built.”

           Liam turned toward Morgan and said, “Brother, I ask your permission to let me join our enemies. I want to make him experience his own game brother. I want to make him suffer. Believe me brother, I will crush our enemies and I will bring back Riddick’s head for you.”

        Minister Chu standing beside Liam coughed and said in a calm voice, “I do not wish to disrespect your decisions Lord Liam but who will lead our armies in your absence.

             I dare not underestimate prince William’s abilities but he is still young and inexperienced. It would be ought for nothing if we lose more than we gain by beheading our enemy.”

          Liam nodded his head and said in a calm voice, “True, William is still young. Minister Chu, this time we managed to bypass a terrible tragedy because of your keen insight. You have proven yourself countless times.

            Thus, I want you to lead the army in my absence. You will stand beside William in my stead and you will bear all my responsibilities.”

         Turning towards William, Liam said, “William, you have today seen what would have happened to us if not for Minister Chu’s wisdom. So you will listen to his council as my own. Understood?”

           William nodded his head with a serious look on his face. Liam then turned towards Morgan and said, “If everything had happened as it should have, by now, I should be going towards the enemy camp brother.

             Take every precaution in my absence brother. I have to leave now. Be safe. The next time we meet, we will feast on our victory.”

         Morgan nodded his head with a serious look in his eyes.
           Liam immediately leaved for the  enemy camp. His eyes were filled with deep emotions as he flew in the air. However, what dominated them all was his desire to kill Riddick.

         Morgan looked at Minister Chu and said in a deep voice, “You saved my family from doom Senior Chu. I hope you will do the same with my army. I trust you as does Liam. We hope you will have a good day tomorrow.”

          Morgan rose from the throne and left the audience chamber with William in his tow. Jasper was long since escorted back to his chambers by the soldiers. The large audience chamber was now empty except for Minister Chu.

          Standing there silently for a minute, a never before seen cold expression surfaced on Chu’s face as he licked his lips. From behind his back a ghost arose. With faintly bloody arms and a wicked mouth, it was Dragon, the Soul Reaver.

            With a ghostly voice Dragon murmured and said in a faint voice, “I have accomplished my task master. The prey is now in your bag. With this the second phase of the mission is complete.”

        A hundred kilometres away, Riddick stood in the air with a smiling face as he saw Liam flying towards him at high speed. His smile broadended as he heard Dragon’s words and said in a low voice “Good job, Dragon. It’s now my turn to harvest your efforts.”



   Did you like the twist? I thought that this is one of my most ingenious ideas. Strategies within a single strategy. It’s like inception. There are levels of bombs hidden all over.

      There can be so many betrayals and so many unexpected events. This arc is going to be super exciting.


Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 19 – Cold and Ruthless

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Cold and Ruthless :

“Uncle Liam.” A man who looked like he was in his early thirties shouted loudly as he hurriedly flew towards the head of the defensive formation the empire had established surrounding the Imperial capital.

A man with black eyes, bald head and white moustache looked up towards the young man and nodded his head. The young man was none other than the crown prince of the empire, William.

William flew towards Liam and said in a low voice, “Uncle, I have confirmed your suspicions. It seems the enemy intend to crush us today. They have deployed every single unit of their army in today’s battle.”

Liam frowned as he heard William. He then looked at the table and narrowed his eyes. The table was covered with a layer of runes which showed the presence of every single person on the battlefield.

The runes were a formation made by using four horns of the Aqua panther as four pillars. Aqua panther was a rare God beast found only in the chaotic seas of the Stellar plane. Each Aqua panther has a single horn and this horn is also its most powerful weapon not for its offensive power nor for its defensive power but rather for its sensitivity.

Capturing an Aqua panther is particularly difficult not because of its strength but because of its ability to sense any living creature within the radius of its senses intensified through the horn.

Combining four horns of such rarity to create a formation which can sense all enemies on the battlefield needed much wealth and power, something which can only be accomplished by an empire or a power whose power surpasses multiple sects combined.

“Uncle.” William asked worriedly as he saw Liam’s frown. Liam sighed lightly and said, “It makes no sense. I can’t understand what Atlee is thinking. This way he is just throwing his entire army at our mercy.”

William laughed lightly and said in a mocking voice, “You think too highly of that abnormality uncle. He is just a dog. How can his mind equal yours.”

Liam frowned as he heard William but he didn’t rebuke him. No matter how Liam thought, he always found something strange in Atlee’s movements.

Ever since the war began, they surely held the advantage. However, no matter how much they won and how many they killed, Liam could never erase that strange feeling which was plaguing his mind.

Now all of a sudden, Atlee launched an all out attack. This was too sudden and too bizzare. If he intended to start an all out war, he could have done it before they could have solidified their defences but he didn’t. Liam couldn’t help but feel that he was somehow missing a crucial point which should connect all these irregular decisions.

Atlee stood at the forefront of battlefield surrounded by ten Yakshas. It was June commanding the battlefield based on Riddick’s orders but he was still the acting general of the army and thus had to maintain the morale of the soldiers with his presence.

The empire and the its imperial army was aware of his location but they didn’t launch an attack on him because they feared his strength. Atlee was definitely the strongest Yaksha among the invaders and his all out attack can easily change the flow of the battlefield. They didn’t want to make that gamble when they were in an advantageous position.

Riddick stood above the clouds and looked at Atlee. “Atlee, go provoke the Liam and the first prince.” He transmitted through his divine sense.

Atlee’s first reaction was shock but he soon stabilised himself. He too had seen the Ghost Walker and could immediately understand that Riddick was already in the battlefield.

Atlee sighed as he looked at the Imperial army. Had his family been kind to him, he would be now standing among them fighting their enemies but sadly they weren’t. If one thing he never experienced when he was still within the Jehu royal family, it was kindness.

The previous emperor, his father executed his mother for giving birth to him, a mutant child. His father tried to kill him by poisoning for he suspected him to be born to an illegitimate child. It was truth that he shared blood with them but it was also true that the enmity between them can only be repaid in blood.

Atlee took a deep breath and strode forward. Like a electric shock passing through their bodies, many of the Imperial army soldiers stood still shocked by this action. Atlee was the general of the invaders and thus was the person with the highest authority.

His movement held much more importance than the death of a thousand devas. Liam’s face flickered as he saw this. William face fell as he saw this. No matter what they openly said about Atlee, both of them knew how terrifying an opponent be was. Caught off guard he can very well destroy their bloodline without a single spawn.

Liam face became serious as he rose into the air and stood in the middle of the defensive formation. He smiled lightly and said in a loud voice, “So you have finally come to meet me brother. It’s been a long time since we had a chat. I know that we currently can’t chat as brothers but I think we should at least talk.

I have been wanting to say this for a while but this war will only lead to more suffering and death. We as rulers should think….” Liam froze in mid sentence as Atlee whispered something lightly.

Atlee looked at Liam with cold eyes and said, “What? Didn’t you hear it? Then let me tell you one more time. “Shut the fuck up Liam.”

The atmosphere suddenly became bleak as Atlee openly declared that he had no intentions of having a peaceful discussion.

Liam’s smiling face vanished and a cold look replaced it. He then laughed lightly and said, “How much dirt did you eat that you mind had turned into that of a dog’s brother. I originally thought that you were just a mutt but now it looks like your mind is also at the level of a mutt.

I just gave you a choice to stop this all and walk away with your life and you threw it into gutter for your pride. How foolish.”

Atlee narrowed his eyes and said in a cold voice, “I am not falling for those words Liam. I came here because I heard that the emperor, our eldest brother Morgan’s son was leading the imperial army. I came to see him.”

William who stood behind Liam snorted lightly and said, “I am William, the crown prince of the empire. What do you want uncle?”

“It’s me who want you not Atlee.” A voice rang out in the battlefield startling everyone. Liam was shocked to the core as he saw Riddick slowly descending from the sky. No matter who it was, none had sensed Riddick’s presence until he announced himself. This alone created a sense of terror within their hearts.

“Who are you?” William stuttered lightly as he looked at Riddick with fear filled eyes.

Riddick smiled lightly and said in a calm voice, “Let’s just say that I am your friend William.”

Liam narrowed his eyes and roared, “Stop with the haughty act junior.” By now Liam had regained enough consciousness to see through Riddick’s cultivation. Though he had his doubts, he could clearly see that Riddick was only in the sixth level of deva realm, a level which he needn’t bother with.

Riddick looked at Liam and then clapped his hands. A bright layer of energy spread out with him as centre and enveloped Liam,William, Atlee and Roger.

Liam was the first to react but he was still too late. By the time he even moved an inch, the layer of energy was surrounding them all. Looking at his frantic eyes, Riddick said in a calm voice, “Don’t worry, this is just an isolation barrier.”

Liam snorted loudly as he heard Riddick. He clearly was very angry being treated as a equal by Riddick who was still in Deva realm.

“I can see that you have a bit of authority here but I don’t give a dog shit to someone who hides behind someone’s back kid.” Liam sneered with a conceited voice.

“You…” Atlee immediately roared but was stopped by Riddick’s hand. He then narrowed his eyes and said, “Don’t fall into his pace Atlee. This man is too wise to underestimate someone who can command an army of Yakshas. Aren’t you Liam?”

Liam’s eyes narrowed but deep within them was fear. The more he thought about Riddick, the more he began to dread him. Technique which let’s him stay hidden, authority to control an army and the way Atlee treated Riddick. It all made sense only if he considered that Riddick was the true mastermind behind the invasion.

However, he had to confirm and thus tried to repeatedly provoke him but all he got in response was nothing. Riddick gave away nothing and he instead was dreading him because he feared what Riddick knew about him.

Liam sighed and asked in a loud voice, “So what does the mysterious commander of the Atlee’s army want? Don’t tell me you want to retreat after everything you have done?”

Riddick smiled lightly and said, “No. No. I am not here to for any of that rather I am here to propose a deal.”

William snorted lightly and said, “Don’t you dare speak as my uncle’s equal brat. One more word out of your mouth and I will…..” He stopped in mid sentence as he noticed the deadly look in Riddick’s eyes.

Riddick smiled lightly but the death aura in his eyes never vanished. With a cold voice he said, “What will you do prince? At most you will say that you will kill me. Let me tell you something. No one in this battlefield is capable of killing me nor are they capable of protecting you if I want to rip you apart.”

Riddick’s words were cold and silent but they were like sharp knifes which cut Liam’s and William’s heart with fear. Liam could see in Riddick’s eyes that he was not at all lying. He could tell from Atlee’s eyes that he completely believed that Riddick was able to do that. He could see indifference in Roger’s eyes.

Millennia of experience made Liam a man who could see the inner thoughts of men. He could see the darkness behind their cloak of good nature. He could  mostly tell when a man was lying. The current Riddick however wasn’t. It made him tremble in fear.

Riddick looked at Roger and said, “The crown prince isn’t feeling too well. Escort him to the Imperial capital Roger.”

It was a foolish order but Roger silently disappeared and the next second screams resonated as William was forcefully dragged all the way back to the walls of the Imperial capital.

Riddick looked at Liam and then said in a low voice, “Don’t worry, I won’t harm him. I have no need.”

Liam sighed heavily and said, “So what do you exactly want Mr.?”

Riddick smiled lightly and said, “My name is Riddick, Liam. I came here with a deal and I think you will like it.”

Liam narrowed his eyes and said in a cold voice, “What is it?”

Riddick smiled mischievously and said, “Do you want to be an emperor Liam?”

Liam eyes opened widely as he heard Riddick but his surprise only lasted for a second. With a snort he said, “Good trick but you can’t fool me Riddick. Trying to make me overthrow my own brother is impossible.”

Riddick smiled lightly and shook his head. “I see. It’s sad that you are truthful to your cause. I respect people like you and was thus offering you this deal. It’s up to you whether you want to take it or not. Let’s go Atlee. We are done here.”

Atlee nodded his head in confusion and followed behind Riddick while Liam flew back towards the Imperial capital. As Atlee followed behind Riddick, he asked in a silent voice, “My Lord, wouldn’t it have been much wiser if you didn’t show yourself and concealed yourself as their ally. Also, why did you reveal your intentions to Liam? I don’t understand.”

Riddick smiled lightly and said, “True, it would have been wiser to conceal myself as their ally but Atlee, that is only if the enemy is my equal. The Jehu empire is nothing. Soon you will see why I showed my intentions.

The best way to defeat an enemy isn’t to crush him head-on. It is to crush them from within. Liam, he will become my pawn. It’s about time you will see how.”

As Riddick said those words, a soldier hurriedly flew out of the Imperial capital and bent on his knees. Liam narrowed his eyes as he saw the sweating soldier and said, “What is it?”

The soldier trembled and said, “Sir, the second prince…he…..revolted against the empire to seize the throne in the chaos. He…he…..”

“What did he do?” A general standing beside Liam roared loudly as he saw the hesitating soldier.

The soldier trembled and said, “He killed every single member of your family including all your sons, daughters and grandchildren. He also killed his own brother, William’s wife and was about to kill prince William’s children but was stopped by minister Chu.”

His words were like a tsunami of despair to Liam. William standing beside him was too shocked to move. The generals beside Liam were too shocked to even stand on their feet.

Liam’s face was filled with unbelievable agony as he roared loudly, “I WILL KILL YOU JASPER.” He then flew at high speed towards the imperial palace.

William followed behind with a similar fury filled face and a hundred kilometres away, Riddick was standing smiling lightly beside a pale faced Atlee.

Riddick laughed lightly and said in a low voice, “This is your chance Atlee. Kill every person you can lay hands on. Don’t bother about things such as pride. Kill everyone, Yaksha or not, it doesn’t matter. Today, the empire which caused you pain should feel your wrath in full assault.”

Atlee was finally beginning to understand the dreadfulness of Riddick’s methods. Riddick was cruel, ruthless and can be even considered inhuman but at the same time, he was Intelligent far above others. That made him truly awe inspiring and fear inducing. Atlee hurriedly nodded with a pale face and flew into the battlefield.

Standing silently, Riddick narrowed his eyes and said, “One last push and you will all crumble before my very eyes. Don’t worry, it won’t take long before you show me the pathetic nature hidden deep within your souls. The minute you abandon your principles will be the minute you fall in my trap. Hahahaha……” Riddick silently laughed to himself as he stood there in the sky.




Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 18 – The War Begins

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The War Begins :

                 Riddick opened his eyes and gazed at the meteor. The meteor had changed a lot in the past six months. Before, the meteor was a burning ball of fire but now it emitted only a small amount of heat. Steam rose from its surface as the falling snow melted upon coming into contact with it.

                Much of the elemental energy emitting from the meteor had already escaped and now all that remained was the essence which originally gave birth to it. Void energy.

          Riddick rose to his feet and closed his eyes to observe his inner body. In the past six months, the amount of progress Riddick made can truly be called astonishing. It wasn’t a single level or two, he had directly jumped up five levels and entered into sixth level of deva realm.

           It was something which had never been accomplished by even the geniuses among geniuses. No matter how much of a genius one was, there was a limit to the amount of energy one can absorb in a day. However, Riddick spent all his time absorbing the energy out of the meteor.

                  Even though, Riddick spent an entire six month time period absorbing the Void energy within the meteor. He was certain that he absorbed only about half of the entire energy stored within it.

                 One should know that to make a breakthrough the amount of energy needed becomes more and more as one’s cultivation base increases.

          Riddick himself only spent three days to breakthrough to the second level and then seven days to the third level. Then he spent a twenty days to the fourth level, then two months to the fifth level. The remaining three months were all spent to breakthrough to the sixth level.

                     According to Riddick’s calculations, the remaining energy should be sufficient to breakthrough to the seventh level. However, the time has neared for the start of the war and thus he had to abandon his cultivation.

           Roger who had been sitting on the same spot for six whole months stood up as Riddick woke up. He came forward and bowed slightly as he said, “Congratulations on your breakthrough your majesty.”

          Riddick nodded his head and asked in a calm voice, “Give me a run down of all the events that happened in the past six months.”

             While Riddick was meditating, the messengers delivered every single piece of information to Roger who kept a record of it all to deliver them to Riddick after he woke up.

         Roger nodded his head and said in a calm voice, “Master while you were meditating, a total of twenty seven Yakshas have come to grab the meteor. Of them, nine have perished under my staff while the rest have joined our army as I made a deal with them at the start of the battle.

          Over two thousand devas have come and almost all of them have been coerced into joining the army of Atlee.

            June has come a total of seven times to pay her respects and each time she has reported her progress. According to your wishes, she had assembled an able army and by the end of two month period had launched an attack on the Imperial army of Jehu.

         Small scale battles have happened for a total of seventy times in the past four months and large scale battles have happened a total of three times. Of the large scale battles, we have won one time while the Jehu empire has won two times.

           Our casualties are four thousand Devas and one hundred and thirty six Yakshas. Our remaining army amounts to Seven thousand Devas and three hundred and seventy Yakshas.

          The enemy’s exact strength hasn’t been confirmed but they should have about thirty percent more strength than us. According to your orders, June has spectacularly maintained our disadvantage.”

             Riddick listed calmly to Roger’s report. Roger was very detailed. Remembering these trivial numbers was very easy to immortals who possessed superior mental facilities.

         Riddick sighed and asked in a calm voice, “What about Atlee and the royalty of the Jehu empire?”

         Roger nodded his head and said, “Atlee has currently begun to take pleasure in enjoying himself with women and wine, something which he had once long since given up, courtesy of June.

        However, there is still no sign of treachery or coupdétate. So we are continuing with observing.

          The emperor of the Jehu empire, Morgan Jehu has appointed his eldest son, William and his second younger brother Liam to lead the war. Atlee is Morgan and Liam’s younger brother and the fourth prince so there should be some past tensions between them which isn’t yet clear.

         However, it is confirmed through Dragon’s investigation that both Morgan and Liam feel that Atlee doesn’t have the
guts to rebel against the empire on his own. Both of them suspect the hand of a neighbouring empire or a power and are trying hard to find its source.”

          Riddick listed quietly and then waved his hand, the meteor silently disappeared into Yamaloka. After all the time, the elemental storm surrounding the meteor had long since disappeared and thus can naturally be stored into interspatial devices.

          Riddick rose into air and said, “Let’s go.”

            Roger followed behind Riddick as they flew towards the place where the army was stationed. By now, the news regarding the events unfolding in the Jehu empire were spread all over the Underworld. A former prince, the younger brother of the current emperor was rebelling against the empire and has gathered a large army.

           These events were fascinating to some and interesting to some more but to those who truly understood them, they were very crucial. A civil war had essentially broke in one of the three empires of the underworld.

         How crucial was that? The Leon empire and the Silician Alliance were watching everything with a keen eye. However, both of them decided to stay far away from the battle because even though they didn’t fear the current Jehu empire, they feared the people who were backing Atlee.

      Atlee gathered an army of more than a five hundred Yakshas. This number was astronomical when it came to the current Underworld. Though Underworld once had people who could shake the very foundations of Stellar plane, since the Stellar Millennium started, all of them left the one place they had been sealed in.

            Thus, none of them doubted that Atlee was getting help from someone. Leon empire empire doubted Silician Alliance. Silician Alliance doubted Leon empire.

        The Yakshas of Atlee army thought that they were backed by both the two empires or that’s how June proclaimed it to be. She openly declared that they had the backing of rulers of Leon empire and The Silician Alliance

        Atlee feared that he wouldn’t be able to control people with fear alone and it  was definitely true. Trust is truly the only aspect which can effectively control a large number of people but it is a bothersome and cumbersome process to gain trust.

           June however controlled the masses with a perfect sense of balance between fear, greed, authority and mysteriousness. She was a goddess with absolute beauty, brains, power and she supposedly worked for two emperors.

            Though many doubted her story, they couldn’t really find a fault in it. She had impeccable reasons to keep silent about it and she had no reason to prove her story to them. Promised greed, power and authority. Fearful of June and Atlee, all of them agreed with smiles on their faces.

           Four months passed and small battles happened here and there often. People died and they killed in return. The losses were approximately equal on both sides. However, none among the Atlee army lost any hope because June made a single false report to Atlee who openly presented it to everyone.

         The empire originally had forces which exceeded their own by thirty percent but June changed the report that they exceeded the empires forces by thirty percent.

           Immortals are cruel, selfish and don’t particularly care about someone unless they are friends or family. With the current death rate, all of the soldiers, Devas and Yakshas alike thought that they would all stay in the remaining thirty percent which would stay alive after the war ends in their victory.

        A simple lie can change the way thousands view their own lives. The army which should be living in despair and suppression was actually living in rejoice and laughter. They were all enjoying the last days of their lives since they had no idea regarding their situation.

          On that day, as Riddick exactly flew towards the army. A single command came from Atlee as asked by June.

          Today, finally after four months of probing, Atlee decided that they were going for an all out war.

          Riddick was standing above the clouds gazing at the earth below. He could see thousands of immortals below him and at the same time he could see the Imperial capital a thousand kilometres away from the Atlee’s army camp.

                      Even though a thousand kilometres wasn’t much to immortals, it wasn’t near either. It would take even the most powerful Yakshas a few dozen seconds to reach there by teleportation. Yakshas could use Teleportation but they had a limit. Its maximum limit was only fifty kilometres. Thus it was essentially called lesser teleportation.

        Soon, the bells of the war rang as the immortals soared into the skies. Thousands of devas flew into the skies led by hundreds of Yakshas.

       Generally only Yakshas battled other Yakshas because Devas weren’t simply a match to them. A Yaksha on a rampage was a mad killing machine who can kill a thousand devas if he goes on a killing spree.

            Thus the main fight was among Yakshas who were fighting in multiple locations. Riddick stood above them all covered by a layer of white pale light.

       Even though he was standing there he couldn’t be seen by anyone. Even though he moved, there was no movement in the elemental energy. Roger who was also within the sphere was tongue tied as he understood what an amazing ability The Ghost Walker was.

        They were walking in a battlefield full of Yakshas, devas and even some peak Yakshas without a care in the world. The world couldn’t see them for they were  nothing but a phantom.

          As Riddick approached the castle, he narrowed his eyes and sent his divine sense into the castle. Finding the familiar divine sense among those of others was no problem to Riddick.

          His eyes were as calm as water as Riddick slowly furrowed his eyes and transmitted in a low voice, “Dragon! I assume now you know what you are supposed to do.”

            A deep voice transmitted back as Riddick stood there, it said, “Yes, my lord.” A second passed and then his voice was transmitted back as he asked, “Just cruel should I be my lord?”

      Riddick stared at the battlefield with cold eyes and said in a cold voice, “As cruel and indiscriminate as a battlefield but be Intelligent and leave a single spawn as a salvation Dragon.

         I think I need not tell you why? Now do it. It’s time to change the flow of this battlefield.”






Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 17 – Preparations

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Preparations :

                  Riddick stared at the three thousand immortals staring at him with fear and trepidation in their eyes and smiled broadly further throwing their fear filled hearts into chaos.

          With the recent turn of events it was evident to them that the one who held the highest level of authority among Riddick’s group wasn’t Roger, June or Dragon nor was it Atlee, it was Riddick who was a mere deva in the first level of deva realm. It was inconceivable and unbelievable but they had to accept it as it was happening right before their eyes.

               Riddick took a small breath and addressed everyone in a loud voice, “Don’t worry, I am not someone who is cruel enough to kill people without any reason. I kill only when others won’t follow with my wishes or act against them.”

                     The three thousand devas particularly trembled as they heard Riddick. They too had clearly seen his power and the authority he possessed. Killing them would take nothing but a single word from Riddick’s mouth.

              Riddick stared into the eyes of the hundred plus Yakshas and then turned his attention towards Atlee. Each Yaksha felt his stare for merely a second but all of them understood one thing for certain.

           Riddick wouldn’t spare them if they tried to be brave. Those calm eyes were clear and peaceful but deep inside, they could all see the ruthlessness of a devil hidden within them.

       “Sometimes it is better to let an enemy speculate about you. Often it leads to more chaos in his heart.”

        Riddick looked at Atlee and then signalled Roger, June and Dragon to gather around him.

              The Immortals by now had seen enough to understand that trying to escape was futile and will only lead to one outcome, death. Their beliefs were even more solidified by the corpses of a hundred devas who died like moths in the flare of Riddick’s wrath shown in the form of Roger, June and Dragon.

          Atlee was the most recent member of the group. Even though he had the highest cultivation among them all, he was completely certain that in case of an all out fight among them, he would at most be able to escape with his life.

        Roger, June and Dragon, regardless of their cultivation, all of them were monsters rarely seen in the Stellar plane. A volcanic giant usually had cultivation level of deva realm, it was extremely hard to see one in Yaksha realm and someone who was a third tribulation Yaksha was an absolute monster among Volcanic giants.

            June was a Ice witch, though Ice witches had forms similar to humans, they are among one of the most powerful and yet rare seen groups of God beasts.

           Dragon was certainly the most mysterious of the group. He was a Soul Reaver. If Roger and June were rare God beasts, then he was a legendary ancient God beast. Unlike Volcanic giants and Ice witches, Soul Reaver can’t reproduce. They are born from the nature itself and thus are among the most mysterious God beasts.

           Each of them had gifts which far surpassed his own and thus Atlee maintained a respectful attitude towards them even though he had higher cultivation.

             Riddick gazed at Atlee and clapped his fingers. A sphere of Void energy surrounded them all isolating their voices from the outside world.

           He then said in a small voice, “You have one month Atlee to make this group of Devas and Yakshas to follow you. In the meantime, I want you to join forces with June and swallow up any small sect, clan or power within a ten thousand mile radius.”

         Turing towards June he continued, “June, you will act as the strategist of this army. Your mission is to raise an army with a minimum of five hundred Yakshas and at least ten thousand devas. In two months, you will attack the Jehu empire.”

          Atlee face fell as he heard Riddick. With a hesitant face he said, “My lord, forgive my rudeness but two months of time isn’t enough to accomplish all of this and even less to make these immortals follow our orders.

          Five hundred Yakshas, even if I was a Celestial immortal, it would be difficult to control this army with fear alone. We have to built up trust first else it is an impossible feat to achieve. That is the only way, they will follow us to a battlefield without backstabbing us.”

            Riddick looked at Atlee and smiled. Atlee was definitely right. However, in a way he was wrong. With a calm face, Riddick asked in a small voice, “Tell me Atlee, what do you want? Thousands of followers or an empire?”

        Atlee’s face was full of confusion as he said, “Of course an empire.”

        Riddick then smiled lightly and said, “Then believe me. Your job for the next few months will be to follow June’s orders. She will take care of everything. Now go take command of those immortals.

                    Before you go let me tell you something Atlee, the best way to take command isn’t really fear or power but a feeling of similarity. You have to show them that you are in the same position as them. Tell them that neither you nor them had any choice but to follow my orders since I am truly an celestial immortal.”

         Atlee’s eyes bulged out as he gaped and asked in a ushering voice, “You want me to lie to them. Your majesty, you are asking me to lie to three thousand plus individuals that you are a Celestial i

             Riddick raised his eyebrows and shook his head. With a smirk he said, “Why don’t you try? Believe me, they will believe you. After all it makes perfect sense. A deva in the first level of deva realm can never beat a Yaksha and have Yaksha as his followers.”

             Atlee’s face was constantly filled with surprise. He was being surprised by Riddick’s way of thinking. Unlike what he thought, Riddick had a dirty mind. He was like a gangster who robbed and plundered with cheap tactics. There was no sense of chivalry or justice in his words nor was there any in his actions.

          Atlee was conflicted by this. He was conflicted by the thought that he was liking Riddick more and more as he saw his true nature.

           Atlee flew away towards the group of three thousand immortals as Riddick stared at his back with a cold look in his eyes.

         Though Atlee didn’t see it, June, Roger and Dragon did. June being worried asked in a low voice, “What is going to happen to him, master?”

        Riddick stared at June and answered in a cold voice, “Nothing if he proves himself else….” Riddick didn’t continue the statement but all of them understood his intentions.

          He then stared at Dragon and said, “Dragon, go infiltrate the Jehu empire’s inner palace. In six months, I will have a very important work for you. Ideally you should have multiple puppets. Preferably, chose someone with a some authority but not enough that others will try to trace your movements.”

        Dragon stared at Riddick and said in a low voice, “I understand my lord but what should I do in these six months?”

               Riddick sighed lightly and said, “Gather every piece of information you can find about the Jehu empire , The Leon Empire and the Sicilian Alliance. Once we start our operation, there won’t be any time to rest. The entire world will start to move. Information is strength Dragon and I don’t want to be caught off guard. Now go.”

                Dragon bowed lightly and disappeared into thin air. Roger and June stood there silently waiting for orders.

           Riddick looked at Roger and said, “Roger, you will follow me as my bodyguard. June, I already gave you my orders.”

              Looking at June, Riddick said in a low voice, “Precisely, I want you to launch an attack in two months against the Jehu empire.

           Attack enough to let them notice you but don’t destroy them. Defend enough to maintain your armies but let them fool themselves into believing that victory will soon be in their hands. Don’t crush them with sudden attacks but let them go rampart.

           Show your weak points and then show them your strong will. Strike where it hurts the most and wait for their revival. Let them gather their allies and grow stronger. However, don’t ever let them start an all out war with you.

         For four months after the start of the war, you will follow these orders June. Six months from now, I will give you new orders. Until then you will accomplish these duties as a strategist.”

           Riddick looked at Atlee who was standing far away and then stared into June’s eyes and said in a very low voice, “Along with these you will have an additional duty. To know an enemy, you will have to become his best friend.

      Atlee trusts me or at least he wants me to think that I trust him. I trust him or at least I now have a need to trust him. You trust me or at least Atlee thinks that you trust me. I trust you or at least Atlee thinks that I trust you.

           Everyone is an apparition when one is in confusion. Confuse him and bind him, whether for glory, power, authority or lust. Make him believe that he can have it all as long as he betrays me.

         Betray me to make Atlee believe that I am betrayed by my own. Stage a coupdétate against me June if its necessary to do so. Let me tell you something June.

       “To fool others you have to fool yourselves. To make a figment of his imagination into reality, show him what he wants to see. Then, he will fall into the hands of devil who gives him the forbidden fruit.”.

          Riddick’s face distorted and a cruel smile surfaced on his face as he looked at Roger and June and asked in a cold voice, “If he manages to resist the devilish desires, he earns my trust else like many before him, he will become a fertiliser for earth.”

            June gulped and so did Roger. To them, Riddick’s test was too cruel. It was systematically planned to make a man achieve his inner most desires and then it makes him decide between trust and dreams.

             One has to know that even the most pious man in the hour of sin can commit a heinous crime he would never commit even in his dreams.

              Riddick’s watched the pale faces of Roger and June and smiled lightly. With a calm face, he said, “That applies to all of you as well. Those who plot against me won’t be shown mercy for I have none. Don’t worry, both of you have long since passed my test.”

           He then turned towards the meteor and said, “I will train for six months here. I have given my orders. The order of events which will begin my attack will start in six months. Now go start your duties.”

           Saying this, Riddick simply flew towards the meteor and sat infront of it. Then he closed his eyes and stared to cultivate ignoring the pale faced Roger and June behind him.

         A minute passed and then two, both of them then sighed in their hearts and decide to forget about Riddick’s words. It was of no use thinking about them. To them, Riddick was still a mystery. June flew away towards Atlee while Roger sat a hundred metres behind Riddick watching him with an attentive eye.

          Leaves on the trees turned dry and fell while the snow began to fall occasionally as the autumn arrived. In a blink of an eye, six months has passed.

Year 4, Stellar Millennium.

        One particular day, the air around the meteor began to shake and then a small burst of wind rose from it as Riddick opened his eyes.