Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 11 – The Start of a New Era

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The Start of a new era :

               Peaceful skies began to twist as the space beyond them began to crackle and break apart. Lakes, seas and oceans began to tremble in fear as the ground beneath them began to come apart.

              Men, woman and even Immortal cultivators started to stare in horror while animals began to howl as their instincts told them of an inescapable disaster.

             It all began in one plane and then began to spread towards others. One plane became a hundred and then a thousand. Eventually the phenomenon  reached a million planes. Each and everyone, with a life, nature and ecosystems unique to their own.

           The crackling space hollowed and the trembled skies bent as they gave way to an unearthly force which broke all laws of nature.

              Deep with the blank space Void gazed at the goblet of his blood and then smiled lightly. His whiskers trembled as he muttered in a cold voice, “Black hole.”

            That second the Blood within the goblet shone with unprecedented glow. Void’s power was sealed but he was still able to employ his original strength, only the price of that was too steep to pay. It was his own blood essence.

           Void knew that this was his only chance. Countless years of imprisonment had diminished his originally indomitable strength. Now, he knew that by employing his own blood essence, he was digging his own grave.

         If before he was able to partially resist the seal on him, with his blood essence now used he would be severely weakened. Even Void didn’t know how much it was gonna cost him but his face didn’t show even a bit of his anxiety.

      Since he had decided to gamble, he would gamble it all. The greater the stakes, the more would be his gains.

                 Void whiskers trembled as he laughed lightly as he said in a powerful voice, “Riddick, Those who know me personally are those who are now either dead or far above your reach. But, each and every one of them, friend or foe shall tell you one thing about me in common.

           No one ever messes with me boy. Cause, I will settle for nothing except everything or I will die trying. I taught you the same in all these years I saw over you. Remember Riddick,

            Neither you nor me will ever settle for petty things. Open your eyes boy, the world is much larger than you think it is. The universe has much more to offer than revenge and so does the multiverse beyond this.

          Watch me in my true form and glory boy for this is me who has been with you since eons unknown. When the strings of karma rejoins us, you shall remember it all but until then, the fate of your decisions shall lead you in my place.”

         In the Stellar plane, Riddick stared mutely at the skies which seemed to tremble as if they were sensing a catastrophe. He unconsciously thought to himself as he heard Void’s faint words, “What are you doing Void?”


            In the blue nebular wastes of a dark star, a man was meditating on a volcano which continuously erupted magma with temperature high enough to evaporate any life. Yet, the magma couldn’t touch him as if there was a protective barrier around him.

            His eyes slowly opened the instant Void uttered the words, “Black hole.” His lips formed a sneer as he muttered to himself in a cold voice, “Finally!”

             His figure flickered and in a flash he disappeared from the dark star. Countless light years away, a galaxy which had thirteen blue stars within it was beginning to twist as if it was on the verge of collapse.

       The man suddenly appeared a light year away from the galaxy and stared at it with his red eyes. His vision tore through the walls of distance and space and directly gazed at the planes with the galaxy.

           Despair and confusion ran rampart as the planes began to collapse under the effect of enormous gravity of the black hole. The animals began to howl in fear as the gravity swept them apart.

            The core plane and the higher planes within the galaxy were no different. They all began to shake and soon the galaxy began to bend as a single hole began to absorb them all.

         The man stood there watching the scene with amusement. He then stroke his long beard and asked in an amused voice, “How is this gonna help you Void? Don’t tell me, you wanted us to suffer an emotional blow for all the lives you are going to take today. You should know us better than that.”

         Inside the blank space Void smiled lightly and answered in a calm voice, “The one who sees farther isn’t always the one who wins when it comes to dealing with me kid. Live a trillion more years and experience a million more tribulations, then maybe you can see past the illusion of your own vision..”

              The old man stroking his beard narrowed his eyes as he watched the galaxy disappear from his eyes. An entire galaxy which was no smaller than the Odin galaxy was engulfed by that black hole.

        A black hole is nothing but a large scale transportation portal. Only it had a prefixed diameter. An entire galaxy can never be transported without turning it into a condensed mass.

            The old man eyes suddenly shone as he understood the meaning behind Void’s words.

            “You fucking mongrel.” The man cursed as his red eyes narrowed.

      “Too late.” Void laughed as he heard the old man.

       With a snort the old man slashed his hand as if he was tearing the space itself. In that instant, the space itself bent and tore its way giving rise to another black hole.

          The old man jumped into the black hole only to emerge at the centre of the universe. His face twisted as he gazed at the wastes of the galaxy which were now condensed into the form of a single star just a few light years away from the centre of the Heavens.

                  Void smiled as his divine sense followed the old man till he reached the heavens. With a cold voice he said, “Maybe it has been too long or may be you have forgotten who I am. Mongrel you say, let me tell you something kid, my name is Void.

         Void Pulse fusion!”

             “Don’t!” The man screamed loudly but all he could do was to watch as the Star trembled and the next second, it burst releasing energy which can obliterate a thousand galaxies.

                     At that instant when the explosion happened, a figure appeared before the old man. The old man’s face immediately calmed down as he bowed and said respectfully, “Young master.”

         The man standing before the old man was six feet tall. He had blond hair and Golden eyes. His stature wasn’t too broad and yet, it resonated with power.

          He sighed as he saw the explosion and said, “What did you achieve Void? I refuse to believe that you have lost your mind after all these years. This explosion won’t change anything.”

        Void laughed and answered in a cold voice, “Don’t talk big kid.”

            The young man sighed lightly and then he smiled as he lifted his hand. A black staff immediately appeared within his hands.

       His gentle face changed as he lifted it and took a deep breath.

         The young man roared as he waved his staff. Intense gales enveloped the staff as energy emanated from the youth. With lightning fast speed, he hit the explosion at its centre with a energy wave of his own.

          At that instant, it was as if the time has stopped. It was as if the universe has stopped to witness the impossible feat. An explosion which can level a thousand galaxies trembled as the energy wave collided with it.

       The explosion which should have been capable of levelling anything within a few light years away dissipated in just a few seconds. The explosion which took Void to pay a huge price disappeared just like that.

                  The young man’s face held a kind of ridicule as he asked in mocking voice, “Now, am I still speaking big words Void?

             Don’t think that the universe has been the same since you have been sealed. We are now far and above what you were then. This is the truth Void, you are now nothing but a history.”

            Void laughed lightly as he watched the youth dissipate the explosion formed out of his blood essence. But he still smiled and said in calm voice, “Don’t always assume that the aim of a mission is the one people simply envision it to be.

                 I did not want to destroy the heavens nor did I even think of destroying anything. All I wanted was someone interrupting my plan and you did a magnificent job at that. Thank you kid, now my job is done.”

         The young man stared in confusion and so did the old man. At that instant, a man wearing a black robe appeared in front of them in a flash. Both of them were startled by his appearance.

          They instantly bowed and greeted, “Greetings, Elder.”. “My lord.”

        The black robed man stared at the collapsed space before him and sighed. He then looked at the blond youth and said in a calm voice, “It’s not your fault. Void is fox in the hide of a dragon. Now that the deed is done, its going to be much harder controlling the other brat.”

     The young man didn’t understand for a second but then he understood. His face twisted as he suddenly realised how foolish he was.
         His attack had indeed neutralised the attack but the explosion originally  had an incredible amount of energy and an even more amount of fuel.

        Fueled with Void’s own power, the debris of the galaxy had shot throughout the universe shattering all barriers set up by heavens. The natural barriers of the planes in each and every galaxy across the world would now be unable to do the task they were created to accomplish in the first place.

          They would be unable to block the primordial energy of the universe, Void energy, from entering them. The nature will now possess a sixth form of energy aside from the five elemental energies.

           The black robed man eyebrows furrowed but he kept his silence.

         As Riddick stared at the skies, the spatial barriers of the Stellar plane began to tremble as the space cracked in multiple locations.

           “What is happening?” Theo muttered in fear as he watched the rumbling skies.

            Suddenly the skies bent and hollowed. Then the air began to howl and finally large cracks appeared in the skies following which the spatial walls collapsed as large meteors broke the spatial barriers and descended into the plane.

          That day huge meteors descended into every plane in existence but it was also on that day, Void energy flowed out of its barriers into the planes of the universe.

         As Riddick stood in the sky watching the phenomenon which would start a new era. Deep within the heavens, a man was sitting on the corpse of a huge immortal hydra, drinking its blood from a black goblet as he watching the explosion from afar.

         His eyes were black and so was his hair. He had deep evil eyes which looked like the pits of hell and a smile which was more scarier than death. His lips drenched in blood made him look like a demon and the goblet he had in his hands was similar to the goblet Void collected his blood in.

       Others might not know who he was, nor would they know why he even had such an enmity towards Riddick but one look at his face and anyone with even the slightest knowledge of how Riddick looked would find one fact troubling their minds.

     “His face, His eyes and everything about him was different from Riddick but no one could object to one terrifying fact. No matter how little, Riddick resembled him.”



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