Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 12 – Celestial Meteors

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Celestial Meteors :

        The skies of the Stellar plane lit up as nine bright stars pierced through its spatial walls and charged into the plane. Riddick watched the charging meteors with empty eyes.

         Even as they were falling, his body, his soul and even his skin could feel the familiarity he had with them. They were burning with Qi similar to his own. They were charged with Void energy. He could feel Void burning his flesh to charge them.

         His figure flashed as he immediately flew towards the location where one of them would strike the Underworld. Theo stared dumbly at the skies and then at Riddick who had charged towards the fallen meteor.

     His face lit up as he watched Riddick leave but as he turned his head to search for Hoinbo. His face froze because all he could see was green trees and gawking birds. Taking advantage of the chaos, Hoinbo had long since escaped far away from Theo.

      As Riddick charged towards the falling meteor. In more than one location of the Stellar plane, many powers were racing against time to reach the celestial rocks first.

Eighth deva plane.

              Three groups of devas charged towards the celestial rock at once. None of them were a second earlier nor were they a second late.

         One among of the three groups was the Venus family. Priam was standing at the head of the group while standing behind him watching the burning meteor was Sylvie, now Charlotte Heimlich Venus.

            Sylvie’s face was grim as she gazed at the rock. The rock was more than a hundred metre in diameter and it was burning while emanating a temperature which was high even for the devas who were now gazing at it with greedy eyes.

         “My lady, it will be quite difficult to acquire the full ownership of this celestial rock. The LongBow sect and the Liam clan have come at the same time so I think it is better to negotiate a deal.” An elder standing beside Sylvie suggested in a smooth voice.

         Sylvie eyes narrowed as she said, “There is no deal. This rock contains the Qi of my master. So it belongs to only him.”

        “Hahaha…. Venus family, Liam sect, it is a honour that we three would have the privilege to share this heavenly treasure between ourselves. I presume the leaders of the both powers have no opposition to my proposal.” The Sect Master of the LongBow sect laughed as he said in a smooth voice.

        The Liam clan’s master nodded his head and said, “We accept.”

       Sylvie narrowed her eyes and said in a cold voice, “Both of you fuck off.”

        The Sect master of the LongBow sect and the Master of the Liam clan stated at Sylvie incredulously. Then the Master of the Liam clan started to laugh as he said, “Don’t joke around little lady. You are still too young to have a word in this.”

        Sylvie didn’t even lift her eyed to gaze at them but her body trembled as a giant phantom image of a Golden snake rose into the skies and stared at the leaders of the both powers.

“Dao Domain Formation.”

            Sylvie muttered to the horror of the two leaders. Their faces immediately changed and their images flickered as they fled from their position without even hesitating for a split second. It was the same for the elders of the sects.

      However, the others weren’t so lucky because a Golden light had erupted out of the Golden snakes eyes surrounding them and the next instant, thousands of small snakes formed out of mere will charged out of the phantoms mouth towards them.

         Men screamed and roared, they slashed and blasted all to no avail. Every bit of dao they gained enlightenment into became their shackles as it was of no use to them in their hour of great need.
                    Screams of pain and utter madness rang out in the surroundings as every man trapped within the dao domain formation was killed without an exception.

            The leaders of the two powers stared at this with bloodshot eyes. However before they could speak, Sylvie’s soft voice interrupted them as she said, “My master thought me how to hunt when I was just a little girl. He said to me, to hunt with decisiveness and precision.

           I didn’t have a mother to teach me about anything which can make me an better woman but believe me” Sylvie lifted her head staring at them with ice cold eyes, “My master thought me the ultimate method of living forever, kill all your enemies. Don’t make me your enemy. This meteor is mine, Fuck off.”

           The leaders of the both powers and even the elder of the Venus sect stared at Sylvie with bulging eyes. Only Priam knew that Riddick was her master.

        Priam had a smile hidden inside his eyes as he stared at the girl who once was just a little girl under his protection. Now, she was a ruler who could make men piss in their pants with just her ice cold gaze.

  Jade flow continent.

                 A meteor which had a huge diameter of two hundred metres was lying at the centre of a crater formed as it bombarded the earth.

            Over fifteen figures were standing in the air above the meteor while more than a thousand disciples of various sects were behind them at a little distance away. Every single one of these fifteen individuals could make entire countries trembled in fear for they were all Yakshas.

              A meteor which has by some chance managed to break past the spatial barriers of a dimension could have many secrets hidden within it and thus each and every power including those in Yaksha realm were very keen to obtain it.

      Suddenly a flash flashed by and then a sixteenth person appeared above the meteor.

            One of the fifteen men shook his head and was about to tell that the meteor was already claimed by them but his words struck in his throat as he stood there staring dumbly at what could have been the natures greatest creation.

             Standing there in a blue dress was Vera. With shining black hair and deep black eyes, her pearl white skin and her silk like eyelids. Her narrow waist, her tender skin and her long legs made her the reincarnation of goddess of beauty.

                 Even if they were all men who experienced what any man can gain ever in his life, even if they have gained it all and then left it all for enlightenment. They still felt as if the world around them, the time and the space has frozen as Vera appeared before them.

           Vera however didn’t even gaze at them. Her eyes were focused on the meteor as she murmured, “Riddick.”

       If even Sylvie could identify the Qi within the meteor, how couldn’t Vera?

        As Vera was staring at the meteor, the men recovered from their stupor. They looked at Vera and sighed. Then one of them said, “Fellow Yaksha, this celestial rock has been first claimed by the fifteen of us. Thus, we ask you to peacefully leave. You should know, making unnecessary enemies is the worst mistake one can make and I presume you aren’t a fool to make one.”

         Vera finally lifted her head and stared at the person who spoke to her. Her deep black eyes didn’t hold any bit of emotion within them. They were like ice cold pits.

        “This is yours, you say.” Vera asked in a cold voice.

      The person stuttered as he saw Vera’s ice cold eyes but he still narrowed his eyes and said “Yes, it is.”

      Vera’s face twitched lightly and the next second, her figure disappeared only to reappear behind the man who stated that the meteor belonged to him.

            The fourteen others stared with bulged eyes as Vera appeared in between them. None of them, not even one could follow her.

        However, their bewilderment and confusion turned into deadly fear as the man’s body slowly fell to the ground separated into two parts. His beheaded corpse fell neck first while his head slowly rolled down the crater towards the meteor only to be burned by its high temperature.

      Vera turned her head and stared into the eyes of every single man before her and said, “This meteor is mine.” Her eyes narrowed as she continued in a cold voice, “Who dares say that they have any claim over it?”

            The fourteen men stared in horror at the beheaded body of their once companion. Gritting their teeth, they immediately flew away without even daring to glance back at Vera.



        Riddick figure flashed by at high speed towards the meteor. As he flew past the Marquisate, Roger, June and Dragon lifted their heads and stared at the skies. Their figures immediately flashed by as they too disappeared from the garden they were all resting in.

           Thirty thousand kilometres away from the Marquisate, more than a dozen men were surrounding the burning meteor as Riddick figure flashed before it.

       A man standing guard immediately drew out a flag bearing the symbol of a bull and declared in a loud voice, “Under the glorious name of Lord Blue, this celestial rock has been claimed as the property of my BlueBull sect.”

              Riddick stared at the man for a split second and the next second he appeared before the man.

         His right hand caught his face like a rock while his thumb crushed his right eye like a dumpling of wet mud. Fresh blood leaked out and cries of pain got him the attention of others.

     “All of you, get the fuck out of my way.” Riddick cold voice resounded like thunder as he threw the man like a ragged doll.

“Thud!” “Thud!” “Thud!”

         The man’s body or rather his corpse rolled like a broken puppet for an entire kilometre before his limbs tore apart due to sheer force of Riddick’s throw.

       Riddick’s eyes stared at the rock and then his mind shook as he drilled his entire divine sense into the spot which connected him to Void.

     The almost faint connection trembled and the next second Riddick screamed as his consciousness tunnelled its way into the walls of space, beyond the borders of Odin galaxy, beyond the borders of reality and into the dimension of Void’s prison.

          In a dark blank space Riddick appeared with a headache. He lifted his head and stared at the dark space before him.

    Even though he couldn’t see clearly, he knew one thing for certain. Void was before him.




7 thoughts on “Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 12 – Celestial Meteors

  1. Although I don’t expect Void to answer him, I think he is still his ally.
    After some thought, when Riddick met goku Void was already bad and lier in Riddicks eye.
    Since Riddick isn’t going to listen to him any more, he decided to help another way.

    Do these meteors have void energy or they make void energy able to exists in nature.
    The difference is in the first one Riddick will have a huge boost with every meteor he find and drain. And that’s Riddick bean doing most of this life.
    But in the second one he will only need to be close to one meteor and he will be able cultivate over the years. This will solve most of his problems, but in my opinion this will make him like normal cultivator.

    To be honest I didn’t like the last two chapters. For me I rarely get excited for sid characters. I’m not saying they don’t need development just that I’m not interested in that much.


  2. I gotta ask, when will you have Vera meet Riddick again. I mean what is she doing that is so important that she would ignore all of the dangerous situations that he was in as well as his call to arms that his other followers began responding to.


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