About suicides

            Hey guys, sorry about the late releases. Actually, according to my schedule the next chapter should have been out on Tuesday.

Guys, I know that this isn’t really the right place to discuss this but I only know this community. It’s like my second home.

So this is what happened. I am a med school student in my 2nd year. The final year exams are around the corner, Jan 20. So the hostel is quite serious at the moment. No parties, no drinking sessions and no music.

The med school is insane as in we have so much pressure when exams are around. However, I always thought that exams are merely exams, nothing more. We have so many things in our life more important than fucking studies.

However, on Tuesday, a girl in her final year committed suicide in our college, in her room. That day, when I was informed of this matter, I rushed to the girls dorms and saw her corpse. Still hanging from the ceiling.

The police investigation took place for over two hours and I was outside the dorm the whole time. Her parents who reside at a mere distance of 150 km rushed just as the investigation was done and her corpse was taken down.

The entire college was there. One of us died and we were all in a very depressed mood. However, our sadness was nothing in front of what her parents and her two siblings experienced that day.

I saw them crying their hearts out for hours. Her mother, she was almost….. I can’t say how much she cried that day. Same for her father, brother and sister.

The girl on question, was 23 this year. She was going to be an intern in just two short months and she was a good student as well. No backlogs. However, she was too stressed about marks and society’s opinion of her average grades.

That day, we were all reminded of our pitiable lives. What use is life and talent and love if you are ready to commit suicide for mere studies.

Yes, that’s what the investigation reported. It was a genuine suicide. She committed suicide cause she was unable to deal with the stress of exams and fear of failing them.

She didn’t have a boyfriend. She didn’t even have many friends. She was too focused and thus was too rash to take the worst choice.

The next day, we all went for her funeral. I watched her family, her grandparents and her cousins. Since that day, my heart has been much troubled.

Thus, I am here to share my trouble and give my opinion. I know that suicides are rare but I just want to tell you all.

Fuck the studies, fuck the troubles, fuck your love failure, fuck your economic problems. Life has so much more for us. Forty years later, when we have our grandchildren, we will think that they were all nothing but a part of our life.

I know that this outburst may be unnecessary cause you guys are all mature but I just wanted to tell you even if it is uncalled for.



10 thoughts on “About suicides

  1. Dude take all the time you need.
    We love that you are writing for us, but real life is important.
    Poor girl I feel sad for her family.

    My friend is studying med, I don’t know how you guys do it, all I say is I hope the best for you.
    Engineering is hard but in another way.

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  2. concordo com vc a vida é mais importante cara do brasil que adora ler novel chinese ou qualquer outro países que os fazem mas amo ler então obrigado e de vez em quando é bom um descanso


  3. That’s what we build a support network for. Those families, work colleagues and friends who there to talk to and make us remember that life is worth the pain that occasionally comes along. Remember her, help her family and be there for for whoever needs you as you never know when you will need someone to help you.

    Take your time, remember why you work so hard at what you do and we will see you here when you are ready. Life is worth it…we just need someone to remind us occasionally.


  4. Hello everyone,

    Hearing that this girl was only 23 is a sad reminder of how desperately this country placates on tests. I feel that it is a sad situation where someone feels that they can’t escape from the world that they perceive and that society places on them.

    I have considered to my deepest regrets suicide several times over the course of my life. Because I was born with the disability that was not severe enough for me to not notice but severe enough to keep me from normal activity. So it made me feel isolated that I could not be a part of either group growing up. But due to some strange and highly unlikely friends and core family members I would’ve probably would have ended a life when I was much younger. But as I grew older and more mature I noticed that life is more important than the regrets that you have no control over. So all of you who have ever contemplated or are contemplating thoughts of suicide please find someone to talk to even if it’s a stranger. That is much better than being left alone with your own thoughts.

    Thank you for bringing this to people’s attention because it is a serious problem throughout the country specially for high school and college students that are in in aimless direction. GSD Reddy you have mentioned before that life is tough and its cause depression as the first step in realizing where it can lead just be careful.


    • Yeah. Even though I said that life has been tough for me. I would never ever consider suicide as a solution. I think you are a very strong person and I think people will be and should be inspired by your story mate. Compared to what people in Africa or any other under developed countries are suffering, we are living in a paradise.

      Like it or not, when there isn’t bread to fill out stomach, everything that now bothers us is shit.


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