Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 13 – Void Speaks

Author’s note: Hey guys, GSD REDDY here and I am back.

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       I know I am late but sorry something happened a few days ago which made my mood foul for a while. However, I am now back in full health mentally and physically.

        I know that none of you noticed this but this chapter is the 150th Chapter of Riddick/ ATH series. I know this is a small milestone but I still think it is a very important milestone for me.

      This is the first regular Chapter of this week. I will try my best to repay the debt I am in i.e 2 Riddick + 1 Rigel chapters soon.

Enjoy and Thank you.


Void speaks :


         Like the chill which went through his spine, Riddick felt a fear crawl into the depth of his soul as he stood there in the dark blank space. His divine sense was merely sweeping through the dark blank space as he felt another presence scanning him at the same time.

                Unlike an enemy, this presence didn’t mean any harm. It didn’t even try to crush Riddick with its divine sense but Riddick wasn’t at a level where he could simply stand tall against such pressure. It was a pressure so powerful that he simply didn’t possess the strength to resist it.

                Riddick’s face paled as he understood that second. If that pressure had willed it, it would have been able to crush his soul with his divine sense alone. It was at that level.

            Riddick staggered back as the pressure came crashing upon him. He felt his mind go blank and his soul shuddered as the presence scanned him.

                However, the next second the pressure disappeared and a small, weak and yet a majestic voice resounded from the dark space, “Riddick.”

           Riddick’s mind shook as he heard the voice. He knew who it was. That very voice was his only friend for countless number of years. He instantly turned his head trying to locate the source of the voice as he called out in a loud voice, “Void.”

                The voice sighed lightly and said in a low voice, “So you have come to me seeking answers Riddick. However, I can’t tell you much. Ask me, what do you want to know?” Void’s weak sound resounded from the blank space.

          Riddick’s staggered back as he heard Void. With a loud voice he said, “Why do you think so low of me Void? I never said that I didn’t trust you. I never said that I hated you for what you did. I never doubted you in all these years and yet you have taken such a rash decision because of a single minute of my hesitation.

                 This is unlike you Void. Tell me, what are you hiding from me? Tell me Void. Tell me. Is it true that you are the reason why I am trapped in this hellish cycle of reincarnation?”
                 Void listened to Riddick’s voice silently and sighed in his mind. He took a deep breath and answered in a sad voice, “What had to happen has already happened. There is no point in discussing why I did what I did. It holds no meaning at this point.

              Yes, I lied to you and yes, you are trapped in the cycle of reincarnation because of me. I can’t tell you why and I can’t certainly tell you now. All you need to know is that I am not your enemy.

     Riddick, an untimely truth will lead you to a disaster than a timely lie.”

               Riddick’s face was red with anger as he heard Void. With a loud voice he roared, “All of you, including Goku tell that I am not ready for the truth. What truth? Why is it me that is always thrown into this chaos? Can’t I live a life? Will I ever have the power to decide my own future?

         Tell me Void. Was it you who decided that I should suffer such a fate?”

             Void laughed lightly and said in a low voice, “I cannot decide your fate nor can the heavens. Your fate has brought you to me and the same fate has brought you to that Heretic God.

        The Heretic God has seen through your fate and thus has helped you. I shall repeat once again Riddick, nothing in this multi-verse happens without a reason.

     You being born and me meeting you were fate. You meeting Goku was fate. The karma you sow before is now leading you. The heavens doesn’t want you to accomplish your karma and thus have sealed you and me in this universe.”

            Riddick listened with rapt attention as Void signed lightly and said, “What I hold isn’t just your memories Riddick. They are the ultimate Daos you have personally gained enlightenment into. I am the guardian of those memories and more and thus am an enemy to the heavens.

          Think about it Riddick. The contract I signed that day doesn’t let me tell you everything unless you are capable of surviving the resulting chaos. However, I can give you a clue.

        No one in the entire universe can give birth to a soul strong enough to survive millions of tribulations and still have enough to pass through the effects of afterlife repeatedly unaffected unless they themselves are able to do so.

          You aren’t someone who was born from nature Riddick. You have parents. Your have their Bloodline and that is something the heavens fear, not you.

      Everything I hold is also hidden in your bloodline. When you are capable of unleashing the power hidden within it, I shall reveal it all or if you able to release me, I shall reveal it all.

        Either way, I have to protect you and once you are able to accomplish either of these tasks, my job shall be finished.”

           Riddick’s has a stunned face as he heard from Void the matter regarding his parents. Void had always dodged the topic regarding his origin since the beginning. Even though Riddick had many memories of his first life, he never had any memories of his family.

     Void coughed lightly and continued in a serious voice, “Find me Riddick, I will be waiting for you. Remember, the world and the universe holds many secrets that you never knew and many things which can defy the Heavens.

              Become stronger and sharper, cunning and crueler than anyone. Don’t trust any one, not even your own friends. I can’t protect you any longer. My own body is nearing its limit. I can’t help you now and at most I can only give you a small gift.

         Look at me Riddick.”

            Riddick stood there stunned as he heard Void. As Void’s voice resounded he raised his head involuntarily. Above his head, in the skies, a oval red light sparked and then an eye as large as a mountain looked at him.

        That deep crimson eye held it all. Power, strength, love, ruthlessness, anger and even weakness. At that moment, Riddick felt his soul trembling under the power of that eye.

             “I can’t provide you much help Riddick but due to sheer luck, you already have the will of that Heretic God. Even if I can’t help you control his will, I can let you gain a little more control over it.

           The paragon body you have gained represents the immortality of the Sun. It’s a divine ability of a God who have gained enlightenment into the Dao of Sun.

                       It’s indestructible and its indomitable. It’s is very flexible and yet, it is very rigid. It is the divine ability of the primordial God who has opened his Dao heart and gained the authority of controlling a Dao.

                    Mediate on the stars, the Sun and the inferno of flames. They strengthen your paragon body and let’s you gain faster enlightenment into that Dao.

            The Dao seed the Heretic God left behind must be the only one in this galaxy. Try to find more Dao seeds. They are all imbued with the divine abilities of various Immortals.” Void said in a light voice.

              “Riddick, You have already gained complete control of the first two divine abilities your soul is born with. Aura and Hell Devour.

         The third ability, Ghost walker, I have forcefully awakened it for you. Divine abilities are all obtained through the insights of a true immortal. You have thirteen divine abilities within your soul, that means you have at least gained insight into thirteen Daos in your past Iife.

           Try to gain more and try to perfect them all. Any divine ability’s true power is at a level where even Immortal’s fear them. Strengthen them and meditate on them. The energy I scattered across the universe will help you Riddick.

              Find them all and grow stronger Riddick. Our time is nearing. Even though this time I helped you by exterminating the restriction put over by the heavens. It also helps others as I just proclaimed to every hidden power in the universe about your existence.”

                  Riddick’s was standing there listening quietly. The more Void talked, the more calmer he grew. He wasn’t mad at Void since the beginning. The minute Void decided to gamble it all, he decided that may be he was wrong about Void.

        As Void talked about his parents, he grew curios but the more he thought about it, the more cautious he grew. Goku and now Void, the power they commanded was far and above what he ever had.

            With a mere thought, they could squish his pitiful soul. Then what can the people whom even they fear do to him. He wasn’t ready for it yet, Riddick now understood that very well.

            He wasn’t strong yet. Riddick now understood it and thus he decided to keep quiet. However, he still raised his head and stared into that dark crimson eyes and asked in a small voice, “I will believe you Void. I will try to complete our contract and till then I won’t question regarding our pasts.

          However, I need you to answer me a few questions Void and please don’t lie to me. If you can’t tell me, then don’t but don’t lie to me.”

             Void’s large eyes blinked as he heard Riddick. He sighed and said, “What is it Riddick?”

              Riddick took a deep breath and asked in a calm voice, “Who are you Void? Void isn’t your name. Riddick isn’t my real name either. Tell me Void. I deserve to know at least this much.”

        Void smiled lightly and said in a sad voice, “Void isn’t really my name. It is the title given to me by my master. For the kindness he has shown to me, I swore to forever be his servant.

          That is why, I have discarded my name Riddick. I am Void.”
        Void’s large eye closed and then his head moved. A bright flashed out from the centre of his forehead as a third eye opened. Three eyes looked at Riddick and said, “Riddick is your real name. It is the name you were given when you were born near the yellow river of the far heavens.

           May be this is fate, may be this is coincidence that you possess the same name in this life.

       Good bye Riddick.”

               Riddick’s face flickered as he shouted loudly, “Wait, Void.” But as he shouted his divine sense flickered and the next second he opened his eyes before the celestial meteor in the Underworld of the Stellar plane.




10 thoughts on “Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 13 – Void Speaks

  1. WWelcome back.
    There is a say in my language “who lengthens his absence, brings back the treasures” (bad translation but gives the point) and you certainly did ๐Ÿ™‚

    My current theory is the Riddick is Void master. In a chapter a while ago I think Riddick was called the king from the Golden Dragon in him. I base my theory on that and just felling ๐Ÿ˜….

    I think that Riddick power lies on his ability, as he would be way weaker with out his devour power. Imagine more powers and imagine him using them in combination with each other.

    The most powerful thing about immortals in general in my eyes is that they have the time to perfect there powers and find the optimal way to fight. Tho Riddick has to hurry to get all the void meteors ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    I love that you always put more choices but makes it harder to the writer to keep track of what he did before.

    Great chapter, I’m very excited for the next one.


    • I certainly agree with the last part, yeah by putting all these loose threads, I am putting pressure on myself to remember them all.

      I can’t comment on the speculations but I think you have a good imagination Aljanobin.


      • Thank you for replying.
        I think (I might be wrong) that you have general Idea of what to write about but most of the stuff you think about while you are writing. so I usually write about past moments that i remember and think relevant, or and idea. that might give you another better idea ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. thnks for the chapter.Like you said sometimes we may be confused by so many characters & plots so i suggest you just put a glossary for the terms & characters & power level etc.. for us to look to get an idea of where he met the character & who he is.It will be better


  3. I don’t suppose that it will be revealed that the multiverse is merely a tiny part of the true reality..? For instance.. The Megaverse.

    With millions of multiverses floating around in the form of little marbles?
    Possibly with deities eating them as little snacks.


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