Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 14 – The Ghost Walker

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           This is the second and the final regular chapter of this week.

         Now, I think you will all understand the importance of the third divine ability if you think of my explanation regarding teleportation. Good luck.

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The Ghost Walker :

         Riddick opened his eyes and stared at the burning meteor with calm eyes. His eyes held deep emotions within them. As he searched his soul, he found not a single hint of Void’s aura within it. The familiar aura and the person who had accompanied him in all his lives was now missing. It made him feel alone, weak and somewhat vulnerable.

              They say that a father isn’t only revered for his power, he is revered for his experience, for his maturity and for the moral support he gives us by being there for us. Riddick never had a father but he had Void, through thick and thin, they had been together. Even if they can’t be considered as parent and child, their relation wasn’t much different.

          Riddick always had Void to warn him, care for him, support him. Now that he wasn’t there, he felt as if he lost something very precious.

        That feeling ignited another in his heart. Riddick never ignored Void’s wish of freeing him in all his years but now, he couldn’t forget it for a single second. That single wish was reverberating in his heart and soul.

       Void sacrificed and gambled on his life to provide Riddick a fighting chance. Riddick raised his head and stared at the skies. The sky was already back to normal and the spatial cracks were closing at an astonishing speed but something which has broken can never be restored to its former structure.

        His face facing the skies could feel the warm wind blowing on his face. His breath contained the energy of the nature. The elemental energy in its abundance was flowing through his body but above all, he felt comfortable by the presence of an energy which is unique to his own body, Void energy.

          His five organs felt as if their senses were enhanced. His body felt as if he was as light as a feather. His muscles felt as if they can unleash a strength far surpassing his own cultivation.

            Riddick took a deep breath drawing the rich Void energy in the nature. He then lowered his eyes and looked at the meteor before him. The meteor was slowly beginning to cool down but Riddick could sense the terrifying amount of energy hidden within it.

           It certainly contained an enormous amount of elemental energy but deep inside, it had the sixth variant of energy, Void energy.

          At that minute as Riddick was standing before the meteor, he returned to the present as he heard the frantic voices of June, “Master, master. Are you all right?”

       Riddick lifted his head and stared at June and then at Roger and Dragon. He smiled at them lightly and then said, “I am all right. What happened? Why are you so frantic?”

            Roger sighed in relief and said, “Master, you were deep in meditation for over ten days. I don’t know what happened but since you have stayed in that state, we did all we could do to prevent anyone from approaching you.”

              Riddick was startled by this confession. As far as he knew, he spent no more than a hour in the dark blank space. How could ten days have passed since then?

            However, Riddick only smiled because he was beginning to grow more and more curious regarding the manipulation of time the Immortals had over the dimension they had control over.

       When he went to the soul dimension of Goku. Only a second passed outside, even though he spent at least a few hours in there. Now, over ten days passed when he spent less than an hour.

         Dragon coughed to bring Riddick’s attention to him and said, “Your majesty, we can think about the reason later on but now, we have to deal with them.” Dragon said pointing at hundreds of thousands of figures standing in the skies a few kilometres away.

           “Ten days is a lot of time and for some reason we aren’t able to store this meteor in our storage devices so we had no choice but to guard you and the meteor for these ten days your majesty.” June continued.

           Riddick followed their gazes and stared at the hundreds of thousands of figures standing in the skies. With just his gaze, he could say that at least a hundred of them were in the Yaksha realm.

      With a smile Riddick muttered in a low voice, “Looks like Void was indeed right. I know far less than I thought I know about this universe. As far as I knew Yaksha realm experts were rare but looks like that isn’t the case.

        A hundred Yakshas. I am actually surprised that you were able to hold on for so long without any casualties after all.”

              Roger coughed lightly and said in a calm voice, “We managed to fight them to a standstill but that was three days ago and there were only fifty Yaksha realm experts then.

          Even if we aren’t at Lady Vera’s level, we too have improved in the past hundred million years your majesty.”

              Riddick laughed lightly and said, “Fighting fifty Yaksha realm experts to a standstill by yourselves isn’t called a small achievement Roger.

          I can see that all three of you have managed to pass the first three tribulations. Vera has passed her fourth. I think that all of you will soon become Celestial Immortals.”

            “Enough talking among yourselves.” A voice roared, “As promised, that young master of yours has woken up so move aside. That celestial meteor is our property.” A man with blue hair said in a loud voice.

              Riddick looked at the blue haired man and looked back towards Dragon.

            Dragon shook his head awkwardly and said, “I made a deal with them saying that you, our young master of a great Devil clan have started to gain enlightenment to some great Dao and thus you couldn’t stop meditating.

         I promised them that when you wake up, we will immediately leave and won’t touch the celestial meteor. Normally they wouldn’t have given a shit to my proposal but I said that if they try to do anything, then all three of us will fight them to death.

       Since we had the power to fight fifty Yakshas to a standstill, they feared that our all our fight would result in many losses even if their sides ends up winning so they decided to accept my deal your majesty.

      Forgive me for making decisions on my own but I did what I had to do to maintain the peace until you wake up.” Dragon said in an apologetic voice.

      Riddick sighed as he heard Dragon. He shook his head and said, “You did the right thing. Fighting fifty Yakshas to a standstill is one thing but fighting a hundred Yakshas and their thousands of deva class disciples is an entirely another thing.

          However, I can’t let them take this meteor. It is the most valuable thing for me at this point and soon we have to find all the remaining eight meteors.”

         June nodded her head. She too had observed the resemblance of Qi between the meteor and Riddick.

          “But for some reason, we aren’t able to store this meteor. Even though this meteor has more than a hundred metres of diameter, we should be able to store it with our high grade Spatial storage devices.” June continued in a low voice.

         Riddick nodded his head and said, “Must be because of the extreme elemental essence emission. The storage device can’t store something which is like an elemental energy pump and I don’t think this meteor is going to cool down anytime sooner.”

      Roger nodded his head and said, “So we have to manually transport this meteor and that leads to only one conclusion.”

     Riddick smiled lightly and said, “I will talk to them and see whether it is possible to let us have this meteor without a conflict.”

       “Master, we too will come with you….” Before June could complete her sentence Riddick’s figure disappeared like a ghost in front of her.

        At that instant, hundreds of thousands of pairs of eyes which were looking at the meteor and the four people before it widened in disbelief.

         How can a man disappear? He wasn’t fast, it wasn’t transportation.

          All Yakshas had transportation ability but it had limits unlike worm holes. Every time teleportation is used, it is accompanied by a disturbance in elemental energy.

      However, Riddick simply disappeared. Without a sound, without a ripple, without warning and without a trace. It was as if he never existed in the first place. It was as if he was a ghost.

      That was Riddick’s third divine ability, The Ghost Walker.

          The blue haired man who shouted a minute ago was trying to find Riddick just like everyone. However, at that second he suddenly felt a chill crawl through his spine as he felt a presence beside him.

     His instincts and his battle experience told him that the man beside him can kill him any second if he wished to do so. Any normal person would have been shocked to death but he was an Yaksha.

     He had much experience and he was someone who had stepped half a foot into the domain of death several time in his life so he managed to stop himself from drawing his weapon and attacking in return.

             If the person beside him wanted to kill him, then he would have died a second ago but if he now attacks in retaliation, he didn’t want to think about his future so he stopped his attack before it became a physical response.

           Standing beside the blue haired man, Riddick smiled lightly and said in a calm voice, “I am here to ask, is it possible that you will let us take the celestial meteors away?

      We don’t want to fight and I suppose neither do you. A fight between us spills much blood. It is better to silently accept my proposal.”

            At that instant, the blue haired man finally managed to suppress the fear enveloping his heart but he still backed away twenty steps involuntarily. It was the same to every one in that huge army, may it be an Yaksha or a deva, all of them backed away a dozen steps in fear and shock.

        Second passed and then a minute passed as all of them stood there in shock. They were all too shocked to talk. A single person who had a mere cultivation of the first level of deva realm managed to bypass the senses of a hundred Yakshas and thousands of devas.

           “It must be a secret technique of some ancient clan.” Someone explained in a loud voice.

     “I haven’t heard about such a godly technique. If this brat with a mere cultivation of first level of deva realm can use it then we certainly can.” A man in a white robe said in a calm voice.

     “We have struck gold.”

      “Fool, he actually came here leaving his guardians behind.”

         People began to comment loudly as Riddick stood there calmly. The only one who had even a slight hint of Riddick’s fearsomeness was the blue haired man. He was pale with fear as he stood there.
       Riddick looked at the blue haired man and coughed lightly drawing everyone’s attention. He smiled lightly and said in a calm voice, “That meteor belongs to me. Those who obstructs me will face my wrath. Those who leave immediately shall become my friends. Choose wisely.”

    “Shut up you brat. Know your status.” A man roared as he heard Riddick.

    “You don’t have the power to give us an ultimatum kid. We will kill your three dogs and then strip your skin layer by layer until you tell us everything regarding that technique of hours.” Another shouted loudly.

      Riddick stood there with a calm face. After a minute a low voice interrupted them all and said, “My BlueBull sect was the first to arrive here but we shall accept your sovereignty and leave immediately my lord. I hope you will remember me. I am BlueWind, the sect master of the BlueBull sect.”

          Riddick nodded his head. As he thought, the blue haired man BlueWind had experienced enough to warn his instincts.

        “Humph! I never thought you were such a coward. Watch me kill this brat and then you will understand how you screwed the name of your own sect, BlueWind.” A blank brute sneered as he arrived before Riddick in an instant.

        However his sneer ended midway and so did the smiles on the faces of ninety other Yakshas as blood splashed the skies followed by the corpse of the man falling down to the earth.

          Standing there, Riddick smiled lightly looking at the thousands of immortals. That smile was very calm and gentle but everyone of them felt a chill down their spines as they saw Riddick standing there in the skies with a smile on his face, blood stains on his clothes and a pair of giant Golden hands surrounding him.
















5 thoughts on “Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 14 – The Ghost Walker

  1. finally for the first time someone actually leaves and not fight Riddick, although it is was reasonable they would fight him as he usually looks week.

    I think now is the first time Riddick dos not have a disadvantage from void energy, as he can just fight without holding back like before. as I remember he used to keep track of how much energy left.

    when I read Riddick disappeared with no trace, I thought of instant transmission from DBZ šŸ™‚ as in its just instant.

    but OMG Ghost Walk is so powerful, at first it was underwhelming to me, but then I realized how much this would benefit him not just in fights, Riddick always middles and tries to manipulate others, as long as they don’t know about his ability he has a huge power, because of that I think leaving BlueWind and his clan was a mistake.

    Quick Question: is this world bound by our physics, mostly can someone go faster than the speed of light? not teleportation just moving fast.

    since time manipulation is doable, I think makes time go faster all the time so he doesn’t wait as much, and Goku did it so no one notice.
    I don’t think Time manipulation is bound by space since some one come to Goku with a message.


    • 1) No, this world doesn’t work on the physical laws of our planet. Speed > Light speed, I have to think about it yet.
      2) space and time manipulation are far above Riddick’s level so I can’t really discuss my opinion of them now.
      3) Its good that you realised what Ghost Walker can achieve.
      4) Just because an enemy knows that he possesses such an ability doesn’t really means that he is at a disadvantage. It means nothing unless they have a countermeasures against it.


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