Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 15 – A Fourth Tribulation Yaksha

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A fourth tribulation Yaksha :

            Riddick stood in mid air looking at the thousands of devas and a hundred Yakshas with calm eyes. He didn’t have even a slightest bit of caution or alertness in his eyes. It was as if he was talking a stroll in a park.

                 However, the others including Roger, June and Dragon were a little bit conflicted by Riddick’s actions. Even though they knew how powerful Riddick was, even they didn’t knew that he could manifest such power at his current cultivation.

          Riddick took a deep breath and said in a calm voice, “Hey guys, tell me, is it worth risking your life for something you have no idea about? Trust me, it isn’t. So, why don’t you guys simply back off? You can leave now and we will forget about the entire incident. It’s a win-win situation for both of us.”

         The Yakshas frowned as they heard Riddick. True, they didn’t have any idea about the meteor but it should be true to everyone else present in the Stellar plane. The spatial walls collapsing due to a meteor shower was never recorded in the trillions of years of history.

             “I don’t know who you are kid but a single kill isn’t going to frighten us into obeying your orders.” An ancient voice resounded from within a group of ordinary looking devas.

                   Riddick’s eyes narrowed as he sensed a old man flying forward from within. The old man had a white robe over his body but his hair was still pitch black. You could see his age from the wrinkles on his face and the deeply experienced eyes but his persona emitted a strength far surpassing the other Yakshas present.

                 Riddick’s eyes narrowed as he gazed at the old man. His left eye flickered and a Golden curtain enveloped his vision showing a golden world. Ever since his return from the dark black space, Riddick had been able to control Goku’s Will to a certain extent.

          Before he was only able to manifest a single Golden arm but now he was able to manifest both the arms and was also able to control the Golden vision.

           By any means it would have taken Riddick a lot of effort and time to obtain this much amount of control. Riddick however didn’t know how he was able to do so so but he assumed that he was able to control the Golden staff which is the symbol of Goku’s will due to a change in his own soul.

            That thought actually troubled his mind deep inside because he didn’t know what changed in his soul. However, he simply decided to ignore it since he couldn’t pinpoint the change.

         Riddick’s eyes narrowed as he saw the Old man through his Golden vision. His entire body emanated a strong Qi while his karma began to unveil itself showing four great cracks within it representing the four tribulations.

          Riddick’s eyes flickered as the Golden World began to change and an old memory floated into his mind of that of a young boy who had black patterns of curse engraved on his forehead.

         His tears and his rage as he stood there infront of a corpse. His anger and his desperation as he kneeled before a man. In despair he deserted his own brother to death and since then he hid his own identity out of shame but deep within, he always dreamed of only one thing, revenge. Fragmented images of the man’s past were transmitted to Riddick’s mind through the karma thread.

        A weird light flashed in Riddick’s eyes for a second and then it was replaced with his calm eyes.

            “A Yaksha who has passed his fourth tribulation.” Riddick frowned and muttered in a low voice. Neither his voice nor his expression showed any sign of abnormality as he stood there facing the old man.

                 Even though his voice was low, the people present around him were all Yakshas. Once they heard this, all of their faces visibly changed.

           With each tribulation, a Yaksha can transform a single sense among his five senses into that of an Immortal’s. When he passes five tribulations, all his senses are converted into immortal senses and then he would be reborn as an immortal.

             Among the hundred Yakshas, almost all of them didn’t even pass a single tribulation. A few were among those who had passed a single tribulation but a fourth tribulation Yaksha, he was a real monster. He was among the most powerful of Yakshas who can be found in the entirety of Stellar plane.

         The old man had a surprised look on his face as he heard Riddick. With a laugh he said in a cool voice, “Ho! So you can see through my cultivation. That’s a first. I never thought a junior who isn’t even in the Yaksha realm can see through my cultivation.”

            Riddick laughed lightly and said in a cool voice, “I didn’t until you appeared before me by yourself senior. You have unfathomable power hiding in those old bones of yours. Who exactly are you senior?”

          The old man narrowed his eyes and said in a calm voice, “Just because I am conversing with you doesn’t make us friends kid.”

      Riddick smiled lightly and answered in a cool voice, “You took those words right out of my mouth senior.”

             Roger, June and Dragon who had been watching from afar were instantly alerted as the old man appeared before Riddick. All three of them were third tribulation Yakshas so they knew very well how powerful the old man was.

             The old man laughed at Riddicks playful words and asked in a cold voice, “What price are you willing to pay to me to let you have that rock?”

       Riddick smiled lightly and said, “I am a poor man senior however, I can make an offer you can’t refuse.”

        The old man’s eyes shined as he lifted his eyebrows and asked in a calm voice, “And what would it be?”

        Riddick laughed lightly and said, “An empire.”

         The surrounding Yakshas and even the old man all gaped at Riddick’s words. An empire. Those words were like a fool’s fantasy. No matter how powerful one may be, he can’t wish to possess something far above his reach. An empire was such a thing.

         Hundreds of thousands of millennia passes before a power rises which is capable of establishing an empire or conquering one. How can an empire and its ruler stay alive in a land which is filled with hidden tigers and crouching dragons?

          The reason is simple, most of these powers align themselves towards the empire. The emperor has conections all over the Stellar plane. Strong people are gathered from all over the world in case of an emergency. Together, they will all crush the empires enemies.

          Everyone knew that and so did the people present before Riddick. The old man’s face lost all playfulness as he asked in a cold voice, “Don’t sprout nonsense brat. I assume that you have no idea regarding the ruthlessness of an emperor.

           Let’s hope that your words won’t reach him. Throughout the countless years many sects and great clans have perished for they wished to gain more power than they were supposed to. You don’t want to go down that path son.”

           Riddick smiled lightly and said in a calm voice, “I don’t want to admit the truth but you are right senior.

        I don’t possess the strength to take on an empire by myself but with your support I can do it.”


            The old man began to laugh loudly as he heard Riddick. With narrowed eyes he said, “First you come before me saying that the meteor is yours, and now you say that you will give me an empire for the meteor. Then you ask me to fight the empire for you so that you can have the meteor.

            So you think I am a fool, don’t you brat. Laughable. How amusing and How foolish? Yet I find myself asking one question. What is it that you truly think about me junior? Do you think I am a foolish old man who doesn’t have the guts to kill you even if you spoil his own daughter? Haa! Tell me kid. I am very interested in your answer.”

         Riddick smiled lightly and said in a cold voice, “I think you are a wolf in sheep’s clothing senior. Tell me, if I can give you Jehu, wouldn’t you let me marry your daughter Senior?”

          The old man’s flickered and then he narrowed his eyes. With a chilling voice he asked, “What do you know about me brat?”

            Riddick licked his lips and said in a calm voice, “Nothing much but I do know that you are one of the descendants of the Jehu Bloodline. You can fool others but I can see right through you. Why don’t you show us the cursed marks of Jehu imprinted on your fore head.”

           The surrounding Immortals faces became pale with fear as Riddick’s words resounded in the air. Speaking badly about Jehu Bloodline is one thing but speaking about uprooting the empire to a direct descendant is an entirely another thing.

               Besides the old man had an unfathomable power of a fourth tribulation Yaksha. If he really intends to kill them all, then he would mostly succeed. Thus the surrounding Yakshas all began to involuntarily move backwards while some devas even began to flee.

        The old man took a deep breath and shouted in a loud voice, “NO ONE MOVES AN INCH.”

          That thunder like roar stopped every one present in their tracks. His old eyes slowly touched his forehead and then infront of everyone his forehead began to shine revealing black markings on it.

          His eyes held contempt as he faced everyone with his real self. It was as if he despised seeing himself in his true self. His face then faced Riddick and then he snorted lightly.


       The next second he disappeared from his spot and reappeared before Riddick. It was an ability only an Yaksha could possess. “Teleportation”

         However, before he could catch Riddick by his neck. Riddick disappeared like a phantom. The next second he reappeared a hundred metres away silently watching the old man.

        The old man had a look of surprise hidden deep inside his angry eyes while Riddick had franticness hidden inside his calm eyes. The attack earlier by the old man was far above what Riddick had expected it to be.

           If the old man decided to repeatedly attack him, then Riddick didn’t have confidence in himself to dodge all the attacks. So he had caution written all over his face.

        The old man looked at Riddick and sighed inside. He couldn’t understand how Riddick managed to sneak behind him. In the earlier attack, he used everything he had but still wasn’t able to catch Riddick and that too with the element of surprise in his favour.

         Seeing Riddick with wide eyes. He sighed loudly and said in a loud voice, “You win kid. I can’t catch you and nor can I imagine how you know my real identity.

            Those who know about my identity  are all dead or they belong to the Jehu Bloodline. Tell me, who are you kid?”

             Riddick laughed lightly and said, “Let’s just say that I know a lot about you than just your identity senior or should I say Atlee Jehu, the former prince of the Jehu empire.”





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