Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 16 – Atlee

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              Hope you are enjoying the book. The second regular chapter, I will try to bring it out as soon as possible.

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Atlee :               

     “Atlee Jehu”

            Those words resounded like thunder in Atlee’s mind. His old eyes looked at Riddick with deep concentration. No matter who they were and no matter how close they were to him, he never mentioned to any his last name and yet a junior who was no more than thirty knew his darkest secrets.

        Atlee looked at Riddick and asked in a silent voice, “What do you want?”

          Riddick raised his eyebrows as he looked at Atlee. With a laugh he said, “Don’t worry Atlee, I have no malicious intentions. I want you to invoke the curse which stared it all for you.”

            ‘My Lord, just what are you planning?’ Roger’s urgent voice resounded in Riddick’s mind as he sent a message through his divine sense.

           Riddick put on his usual face and like wise replied silently, ‘I need this man or rather, I need the curse he bears in his blood.’

               Atlee’s face was full of hesitation as he looked at Riddick’s cool attitude. With a snort he said, “You knew what I would have to do when you announced my name in public. You are a demon hiding in the skin of a man.

            However, you did a grave mistake junior. This old man here is far out of your reach and mind me, I can never be controlled, never again.”

         Riddick’s calm face finally revealed an expression of coldness as he said, “I have shown you the path you have to take to get your revenge Atlee. Now show me the resolve I thought I had seen in you.”

           Atlee’s face twisted as the black runes on his forehead began to glow. The next second a howling of a wolf could be heard everywhere.

        In front of everyone and in front of Riddick, Atlee’s face began to deform and the next second his entire body began to morph. His teeth grew out and his eyes changed as slits formed deep within them.

          To the shock of everyone present, Atlee changed into a gigantic wolf more than fifty metres tall. His deep red eyes stared at Riddick with deep hatred but the next instant, he raised his head and howled loudly.

         Riddick’s stared into the horizon and smiled lightly. His smile was simple and yet, it held a little bit of ruthlessness within it. Void had asked him to be ruthless and he made sure to engrave it deep inside his heart.

         It was always his enemies hunting him down. His face began to twist with a wicked smile as he heard multiple howls emanating from thousands of kilometres.

         “Let’s see how you can resist my attack. Krum, Silver and the Heavens. I am coming and I won’t be subtle this time. Anyone who obstruct me shall be sacrificed to fulfill my karma.” Riddick’s muttered with a strange smile on his face.

        Atlee stopped howling and looked at Riddick. His eyes were asking for answers. Riddick looked at him and said, “Atlee, let’s play a game. If you win then you walk away freely. If I win then you will follow me for the rest of your life.”

       Atlee’s large mouth opened as he growled in anger. With a loud voice he roared, “What about our deal?”

       Riddick smiled and said, “If you win, the deal remains and if I win, as your master I shall grant you one wish.”

        Atlee laughed and said, “It is laughable that I, a fourth tribulation Yaksha am believing your words kid. Unless you can show me that you can grant me my wish, I won’t promise anything.”

        Riddick smiled and flew towards Atlee. Lifting his hand he slowly touched Atlee. Like a flow of a stream, images of Atlee’s own life drifted into his mind. Everything he had experienced in his life was transmitted into his mind once again by Riddick.


         Atlee roared loudly and backed away as Riddick touched him. What he saw wasn’t his own memories. They were  everything that made him, him. Shown his own life in this manner not only didn’t shock him, it made him tremble in fear.

        “Who are you?” Atlee asked with a bit of fear in his eyes. Even if he was a fourth tribulation Yaksha, he wasn’t able to see into the depths of a man’s soul with just his sight.

               First he was almost sure that Riddick had by some means managed to put together his identity but now he was sure. Riddick’s didn’t know his identity. He knew everything about him. He was the master of his past.

         Everything that was once his was now Riddick’s. That made him tremble in fear. It wasn’t power and strength, nor was it his authority. It was his eyes which knew everything about him that made him tremble in fear.

         Riddick looked at Atlee and said in a low voice, “I am a man on a mission. For revenge, for a promise and for saving a friend. My name is Riddick.

          Atlee, In a hundred years, Jehu will lay on its feet for me and then as my servant, you will have it. Till then, I want you.

             You know that I know about you. Now it’s time for you to know about me.”

               Riddick’s calm face which was whispering began to twist in wicked smile as he opened his mouth and said in a loud voice, “I don’t want a single rat escaping this area.”

           Roger laughed as he heard Riddick. His face began to bulge as his body exploded into a ball of magma which began to flow like a river on the ground.

       June shook her head in helplessness and her eyes instantly turned white as intense chill began to emit from her body.

            Dragon only sighed as his small stature flew high into the sky and then the image of a soul reaver appeared behind his back.

           Atlee who saw this had a mute expression on his face. One was a God beast Volcanic Giant, the other was an Ice witch. The final one was a demon among demons, A Soul Reaver.

        All of them were legendary beings whose powers made them pure killing machines. The only reason why the fifty Yakshas were able to fight them to a standstill was because of the fact that those three didn’t want to kill any of them.

      With most of their lethal attacks sealed off, it was not an exaggeration to say that they didn’t exhibit even a third of their true power.

“Volcanic Terrain.”

         A loud voice rang out like thunder as the earth cracked and began to form huge mountains which were soon transforming into mountains. An entire area of twenty miles was beginning to crack and transform into a volcanic mountain range.

“Soul puppets!”

              A ghastly sound rang out as Dragon’s true form spoke in a low voice. The next instant, dozens of bodies appeared out of no where and stood before him with empty eye sockets.

      They all had bodies which were either amputated, experimented upon and had altered body parts. There were God beasts, humans, men, women and children.

         Atlee looked at Dragon with strange eyes. Even though he had lived for a long time and knew that the world was a place much worse than many imagine it be. He still thought that such cruelty can never be committed by a man of principles.

          Riddick observed the look in Atlee’s eyes and said in a calm voice, “They were all dead by the time dragon started dissecting their bodies.

        I won’t argue that his methods are cruel but that is how he is. That is how he is born. That is how he survives. If the nature gave birth to such a creature then it believed that it wouldn’t be his fault to haunt others.

              Atlee looked at Riddick with  strange eyes. He could see the hidden meaning behind his words. His own condition was very similar to Atlee. He was born with a curse which made him neither a monster nor a human.

         Once in a few thousand generations, a child is born with a strain so ancient that he retains the bestial aspects of his ancestors.

       Every creature at some point or another share a common genetic pool and due to some mutations, a child is born with a different genes. Atlee was one of these people.

        He was a human and yet, he was born a monster. With bestial instincts and with bestial powers of a wolf, he had the power to transform into a dire wolf making him neither a human or a monster.

                 His mother was accused of sleeping with a monster, bearing his child, corrupting their bloodline and was thus executed in cold blood. She was tied upside down to a rope and her vein was cut. For two days, she lived until she died of bleeding.

                 Atlee’s eyed turned red as he remembered the scene of his past. Riddick’s eyes didn’t miss the tremor that ran through Atlee’s body as he remembered his past.

             Riddick’s put his hand on Atlee’s head and patted him. With a low voice he said, “Its alright. I know about death more than anyone. Believe me.”

           Atlee turned his head and stared at Riddick. He was about to shout in anger but he couldn’t as he could see that Riddick was serious. He could see that Riddick meant it. He could see that Riddick really knew about death more than anyone.


              A Yaksha finally roared as he saw Riddick patting Atlee. Not even three breaths of time had passed since Riddick declared his intentions. In three breaths of time, all of them understood that unless they flee separately they held no way of winning against Riddick who literally had power which surpassed them all.

         Riddick looked at the fleeing devas who were all flying away in every direction and then looked at Atlee. With a knowing eyes he said, “You are now a part of my family Atlee. It’s your duty to fulfill my commands.”

           Atlee didn’t knew Riddick for more than an hour. He didn’t want to be a servant and he certainly didn’t like following orders. However, for some reason be couldn’t deny Riddick.

          Riddick knew everything about him. He knew his desires, his ambitions, his hatred and even his darkest secrets. He felt exposed at first and then for the first time he felt safe in his life.

           It was kinda funny how life works. A fourth tribulation Yaksha felt safe by being beside a first level deva. It was laughable but sometimes life works that way.

        Whom we depend on doesn’t have to be stronger, powerful than us. They just have to know us and support us regardless of who we are and what we have done.

        Atlee laughed lightly and said, “Yes, your majesty.”

        He raised his head high and roared, “Howling Tornado.”

           The wind in the surrounding air began to tremble and then a huge vortex of air began to take birth with Atlee as the centre. In seconds it spread out and within a few seconds, it was no longer a vortex, it was a earth shattering wind tornado which trapped every single Yaksha and deva within it.

        Riddick looked at Atlee and said in a calm voice, “Good work. Now, it’s time we start something which is going to shake this plane.”


     “Whom we depend on doesn’t have to be stronger, powerful than us. They just have to know us and support us regardless of what we are and what we have done.”

    In this paragraph. Yes, I was referring to our families.

       They are our emotional pillars. They support us and when we lose them, we lose more than just them. We lose a chunk of ourselves.

         Treasure them and talk to them. The girl who died that day was closed up emotionally and she didn’t even discuss anything with her parents.

          I personally like this chapter and I hope you liked it as well.




9 thoughts on “Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 16 – Atlee

  1. Great two chapters, I don’t know what to say but Riddick looks like an evil Overload. šŸ˜€

    Dragon is the same guy that took over Riddicks body for a while right?
    if he is then dude he got really strong really fast. tho he has devaor so there is the possibility that he went on a rampage while Riddick is away.


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