Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 17 – Preparations

Author note : Hi guys, GSD REDDY here and I am back with another chapter.

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                I know I am late and so I am compensating with a double release.

               This is the second and the final regular chapter of this week.

       Now, I don’t think you know what I am gonna do because I thought up some crazy shit which is gonna make you scream Holy shit. Good rhyming ( isn’t it?)

Enjoy and thank you.


Preparations :

                  Riddick stared at the three thousand immortals staring at him with fear and trepidation in their eyes and smiled broadly further throwing their fear filled hearts into chaos.

          With the recent turn of events it was evident to them that the one who held the highest level of authority among Riddick’s group wasn’t Roger, June or Dragon nor was it Atlee, it was Riddick who was a mere deva in the first level of deva realm. It was inconceivable and unbelievable but they had to accept it as it was happening right before their eyes.

               Riddick took a small breath and addressed everyone in a loud voice, “Don’t worry, I am not someone who is cruel enough to kill people without any reason. I kill only when others won’t follow with my wishes or act against them.”

                     The three thousand devas particularly trembled as they heard Riddick. They too had clearly seen his power and the authority he possessed. Killing them would take nothing but a single word from Riddick’s mouth.

              Riddick stared into the eyes of the hundred plus Yakshas and then turned his attention towards Atlee. Each Yaksha felt his stare for merely a second but all of them understood one thing for certain.

           Riddick wouldn’t spare them if they tried to be brave. Those calm eyes were clear and peaceful but deep inside, they could all see the ruthlessness of a devil hidden within them.

       “Sometimes it is better to let an enemy speculate about you. Often it leads to more chaos in his heart.”

        Riddick looked at Atlee and then signalled Roger, June and Dragon to gather around him.

              The Immortals by now had seen enough to understand that trying to escape was futile and will only lead to one outcome, death. Their beliefs were even more solidified by the corpses of a hundred devas who died like moths in the flare of Riddick’s wrath shown in the form of Roger, June and Dragon.

          Atlee was the most recent member of the group. Even though he had the highest cultivation among them all, he was completely certain that in case of an all out fight among them, he would at most be able to escape with his life.

        Roger, June and Dragon, regardless of their cultivation, all of them were monsters rarely seen in the Stellar plane. A volcanic giant usually had cultivation level of deva realm, it was extremely hard to see one in Yaksha realm and someone who was a third tribulation Yaksha was an absolute monster among Volcanic giants.

            June was a Ice witch, though Ice witches had forms similar to humans, they are among one of the most powerful and yet rare seen groups of God beasts.

           Dragon was certainly the most mysterious of the group. He was a Soul Reaver. If Roger and June were rare God beasts, then he was a legendary ancient God beast. Unlike Volcanic giants and Ice witches, Soul Reaver can’t reproduce. They are born from the nature itself and thus are among the most mysterious God beasts.

           Each of them had gifts which far surpassed his own and thus Atlee maintained a respectful attitude towards them even though he had higher cultivation.

             Riddick gazed at Atlee and clapped his fingers. A sphere of Void energy surrounded them all isolating their voices from the outside world.

           He then said in a small voice, “You have one month Atlee to make this group of Devas and Yakshas to follow you. In the meantime, I want you to join forces with June and swallow up any small sect, clan or power within a ten thousand mile radius.”

         Turing towards June he continued, “June, you will act as the strategist of this army. Your mission is to raise an army with a minimum of five hundred Yakshas and at least ten thousand devas. In two months, you will attack the Jehu empire.”

          Atlee face fell as he heard Riddick. With a hesitant face he said, “My lord, forgive my rudeness but two months of time isn’t enough to accomplish all of this and even less to make these immortals follow our orders.

          Five hundred Yakshas, even if I was a Celestial immortal, it would be difficult to control this army with fear alone. We have to built up trust first else it is an impossible feat to achieve. That is the only way, they will follow us to a battlefield without backstabbing us.”

            Riddick looked at Atlee and smiled. Atlee was definitely right. However, in a way he was wrong. With a calm face, Riddick asked in a small voice, “Tell me Atlee, what do you want? Thousands of followers or an empire?”

        Atlee’s face was full of confusion as he said, “Of course an empire.”

        Riddick then smiled lightly and said, “Then believe me. Your job for the next few months will be to follow June’s orders. She will take care of everything. Now go take command of those immortals.

                    Before you go let me tell you something Atlee, the best way to take command isn’t really fear or power but a feeling of similarity. You have to show them that you are in the same position as them. Tell them that neither you nor them had any choice but to follow my orders since I am truly an celestial immortal.”

         Atlee’s eyes bulged out as he gaped and asked in a ushering voice, “You want me to lie to them. Your majesty, you are asking me to lie to three thousand plus individuals that you are a Celestial i

             Riddick raised his eyebrows and shook his head. With a smirk he said, “Why don’t you try? Believe me, they will believe you. After all it makes perfect sense. A deva in the first level of deva realm can never beat a Yaksha and have Yaksha as his followers.”

             Atlee’s face was constantly filled with surprise. He was being surprised by Riddick’s way of thinking. Unlike what he thought, Riddick had a dirty mind. He was like a gangster who robbed and plundered with cheap tactics. There was no sense of chivalry or justice in his words nor was there any in his actions.

          Atlee was conflicted by this. He was conflicted by the thought that he was liking Riddick more and more as he saw his true nature.

           Atlee flew away towards the group of three thousand immortals as Riddick stared at his back with a cold look in his eyes.

         Though Atlee didn’t see it, June, Roger and Dragon did. June being worried asked in a low voice, “What is going to happen to him, master?”

        Riddick stared at June and answered in a cold voice, “Nothing if he proves himself else….” Riddick didn’t continue the statement but all of them understood his intentions.

          He then stared at Dragon and said, “Dragon, go infiltrate the Jehu empire’s inner palace. In six months, I will have a very important work for you. Ideally you should have multiple puppets. Preferably, chose someone with a some authority but not enough that others will try to trace your movements.”

        Dragon stared at Riddick and said in a low voice, “I understand my lord but what should I do in these six months?”

               Riddick sighed lightly and said, “Gather every piece of information you can find about the Jehu empire , The Leon Empire and the Sicilian Alliance. Once we start our operation, there won’t be any time to rest. The entire world will start to move. Information is strength Dragon and I don’t want to be caught off guard. Now go.”

                Dragon bowed lightly and disappeared into thin air. Roger and June stood there silently waiting for orders.

           Riddick looked at Roger and said, “Roger, you will follow me as my bodyguard. June, I already gave you my orders.”

              Looking at June, Riddick said in a low voice, “Precisely, I want you to launch an attack in two months against the Jehu empire.

           Attack enough to let them notice you but don’t destroy them. Defend enough to maintain your armies but let them fool themselves into believing that victory will soon be in their hands. Don’t crush them with sudden attacks but let them go rampart.

           Show your weak points and then show them your strong will. Strike where it hurts the most and wait for their revival. Let them gather their allies and grow stronger. However, don’t ever let them start an all out war with you.

         For four months after the start of the war, you will follow these orders June. Six months from now, I will give you new orders. Until then you will accomplish these duties as a strategist.”

           Riddick looked at Atlee who was standing far away and then stared into June’s eyes and said in a very low voice, “Along with these you will have an additional duty. To know an enemy, you will have to become his best friend.

      Atlee trusts me or at least he wants me to think that I trust him. I trust him or at least I now have a need to trust him. You trust me or at least Atlee thinks that you trust me. I trust you or at least Atlee thinks that I trust you.

           Everyone is an apparition when one is in confusion. Confuse him and bind him, whether for glory, power, authority or lust. Make him believe that he can have it all as long as he betrays me.

         Betray me to make Atlee believe that I am betrayed by my own. Stage a coupdétate against me June if its necessary to do so. Let me tell you something June.

       “To fool others you have to fool yourselves. To make a figment of his imagination into reality, show him what he wants to see. Then, he will fall into the hands of devil who gives him the forbidden fruit.”.

          Riddick’s face distorted and a cruel smile surfaced on his face as he looked at Roger and June and asked in a cold voice, “If he manages to resist the devilish desires, he earns my trust else like many before him, he will become a fertiliser for earth.”

            June gulped and so did Roger. To them, Riddick’s test was too cruel. It was systematically planned to make a man achieve his inner most desires and then it makes him decide between trust and dreams.

             One has to know that even the most pious man in the hour of sin can commit a heinous crime he would never commit even in his dreams.

              Riddick’s watched the pale faces of Roger and June and smiled lightly. With a calm face, he said, “That applies to all of you as well. Those who plot against me won’t be shown mercy for I have none. Don’t worry, both of you have long since passed my test.”

           He then turned towards the meteor and said, “I will train for six months here. I have given my orders. The order of events which will begin my attack will start in six months. Now go start your duties.”

           Saying this, Riddick simply flew towards the meteor and sat infront of it. Then he closed his eyes and stared to cultivate ignoring the pale faced Roger and June behind him.

         A minute passed and then two, both of them then sighed in their hearts and decide to forget about Riddick’s words. It was of no use thinking about them. To them, Riddick was still a mystery. June flew away towards Atlee while Roger sat a hundred metres behind Riddick watching him with an attentive eye.

          Leaves on the trees turned dry and fell while the snow began to fall occasionally as the autumn arrived. In a blink of an eye, six months has passed.

Year 4, Stellar Millennium.

        One particular day, the air around the meteor began to shake and then a small burst of wind rose from it as Riddick opened his eyes. 







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