Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 18 – The War Begins

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          As you can see the story is becoming chaotic. I hope you are enjoying this story.

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The War Begins :

                 Riddick opened his eyes and gazed at the meteor. The meteor had changed a lot in the past six months. Before, the meteor was a burning ball of fire but now it emitted only a small amount of heat. Steam rose from its surface as the falling snow melted upon coming into contact with it.

                Much of the elemental energy emitting from the meteor had already escaped and now all that remained was the essence which originally gave birth to it. Void energy.

          Riddick rose to his feet and closed his eyes to observe his inner body. In the past six months, the amount of progress Riddick made can truly be called astonishing. It wasn’t a single level or two, he had directly jumped up five levels and entered into sixth level of deva realm.

           It was something which had never been accomplished by even the geniuses among geniuses. No matter how much of a genius one was, there was a limit to the amount of energy one can absorb in a day. However, Riddick spent all his time absorbing the energy out of the meteor.

                  Even though, Riddick spent an entire six month time period absorbing the Void energy within the meteor. He was certain that he absorbed only about half of the entire energy stored within it.

                 One should know that to make a breakthrough the amount of energy needed becomes more and more as one’s cultivation base increases.

          Riddick himself only spent three days to breakthrough to the second level and then seven days to the third level. Then he spent a twenty days to the fourth level, then two months to the fifth level. The remaining three months were all spent to breakthrough to the sixth level.

                     According to Riddick’s calculations, the remaining energy should be sufficient to breakthrough to the seventh level. However, the time has neared for the start of the war and thus he had to abandon his cultivation.

           Roger who had been sitting on the same spot for six whole months stood up as Riddick woke up. He came forward and bowed slightly as he said, “Congratulations on your breakthrough your majesty.”

          Riddick nodded his head and asked in a calm voice, “Give me a run down of all the events that happened in the past six months.”

             While Riddick was meditating, the messengers delivered every single piece of information to Roger who kept a record of it all to deliver them to Riddick after he woke up.

         Roger nodded his head and said in a calm voice, “Master while you were meditating, a total of twenty seven Yakshas have come to grab the meteor. Of them, nine have perished under my staff while the rest have joined our army as I made a deal with them at the start of the battle.

          Over two thousand devas have come and almost all of them have been coerced into joining the army of Atlee.

            June has come a total of seven times to pay her respects and each time she has reported her progress. According to your wishes, she had assembled an able army and by the end of two month period had launched an attack on the Imperial army of Jehu.

         Small scale battles have happened for a total of seventy times in the past four months and large scale battles have happened a total of three times. Of the large scale battles, we have won one time while the Jehu empire has won two times.

           Our casualties are four thousand Devas and one hundred and thirty six Yakshas. Our remaining army amounts to Seven thousand Devas and three hundred and seventy Yakshas.

          The enemy’s exact strength hasn’t been confirmed but they should have about thirty percent more strength than us. According to your orders, June has spectacularly maintained our disadvantage.”

             Riddick listed calmly to Roger’s report. Roger was very detailed. Remembering these trivial numbers was very easy to immortals who possessed superior mental facilities.

         Riddick sighed and asked in a calm voice, “What about Atlee and the royalty of the Jehu empire?”

         Roger nodded his head and said, “Atlee has currently begun to take pleasure in enjoying himself with women and wine, something which he had once long since given up, courtesy of June.

        However, there is still no sign of treachery or coupdétate. So we are continuing with observing.

          The emperor of the Jehu empire, Morgan Jehu has appointed his eldest son, William and his second younger brother Liam to lead the war. Atlee is Morgan and Liam’s younger brother and the fourth prince so there should be some past tensions between them which isn’t yet clear.

         However, it is confirmed through Dragon’s investigation that both Morgan and Liam feel that Atlee doesn’t have the
guts to rebel against the empire on his own. Both of them suspect the hand of a neighbouring empire or a power and are trying hard to find its source.”

          Riddick listed quietly and then waved his hand, the meteor silently disappeared into Yamaloka. After all the time, the elemental storm surrounding the meteor had long since disappeared and thus can naturally be stored into interspatial devices.

          Riddick rose into air and said, “Let’s go.”

            Roger followed behind Riddick as they flew towards the place where the army was stationed. By now, the news regarding the events unfolding in the Jehu empire were spread all over the Underworld. A former prince, the younger brother of the current emperor was rebelling against the empire and has gathered a large army.

           These events were fascinating to some and interesting to some more but to those who truly understood them, they were very crucial. A civil war had essentially broke in one of the three empires of the underworld.

         How crucial was that? The Leon empire and the Silician Alliance were watching everything with a keen eye. However, both of them decided to stay far away from the battle because even though they didn’t fear the current Jehu empire, they feared the people who were backing Atlee.

      Atlee gathered an army of more than a five hundred Yakshas. This number was astronomical when it came to the current Underworld. Though Underworld once had people who could shake the very foundations of Stellar plane, since the Stellar Millennium started, all of them left the one place they had been sealed in.

            Thus, none of them doubted that Atlee was getting help from someone. Leon empire empire doubted Silician Alliance. Silician Alliance doubted Leon empire.

        The Yakshas of Atlee army thought that they were backed by both the two empires or that’s how June proclaimed it to be. She openly declared that they had the backing of rulers of Leon empire and The Silician Alliance

        Atlee feared that he wouldn’t be able to control people with fear alone and it  was definitely true. Trust is truly the only aspect which can effectively control a large number of people but it is a bothersome and cumbersome process to gain trust.

           June however controlled the masses with a perfect sense of balance between fear, greed, authority and mysteriousness. She was a goddess with absolute beauty, brains, power and she supposedly worked for two emperors.

            Though many doubted her story, they couldn’t really find a fault in it. She had impeccable reasons to keep silent about it and she had no reason to prove her story to them. Promised greed, power and authority. Fearful of June and Atlee, all of them agreed with smiles on their faces.

           Four months passed and small battles happened here and there often. People died and they killed in return. The losses were approximately equal on both sides. However, none among the Atlee army lost any hope because June made a single false report to Atlee who openly presented it to everyone.

         The empire originally had forces which exceeded their own by thirty percent but June changed the report that they exceeded the empires forces by thirty percent.

           Immortals are cruel, selfish and don’t particularly care about someone unless they are friends or family. With the current death rate, all of the soldiers, Devas and Yakshas alike thought that they would all stay in the remaining thirty percent which would stay alive after the war ends in their victory.

        A simple lie can change the way thousands view their own lives. The army which should be living in despair and suppression was actually living in rejoice and laughter. They were all enjoying the last days of their lives since they had no idea regarding their situation.

          On that day, as Riddick exactly flew towards the army. A single command came from Atlee as asked by June.

          Today, finally after four months of probing, Atlee decided that they were going for an all out war.

          Riddick was standing above the clouds gazing at the earth below. He could see thousands of immortals below him and at the same time he could see the Imperial capital a thousand kilometres away from the Atlee’s army camp.

                      Even though a thousand kilometres wasn’t much to immortals, it wasn’t near either. It would take even the most powerful Yakshas a few dozen seconds to reach there by teleportation. Yakshas could use Teleportation but they had a limit. Its maximum limit was only fifty kilometres. Thus it was essentially called lesser teleportation.

        Soon, the bells of the war rang as the immortals soared into the skies. Thousands of devas flew into the skies led by hundreds of Yakshas.

       Generally only Yakshas battled other Yakshas because Devas weren’t simply a match to them. A Yaksha on a rampage was a mad killing machine who can kill a thousand devas if he goes on a killing spree.

            Thus the main fight was among Yakshas who were fighting in multiple locations. Riddick stood above them all covered by a layer of white pale light.

       Even though he was standing there he couldn’t be seen by anyone. Even though he moved, there was no movement in the elemental energy. Roger who was also within the sphere was tongue tied as he understood what an amazing ability The Ghost Walker was.

        They were walking in a battlefield full of Yakshas, devas and even some peak Yakshas without a care in the world. The world couldn’t see them for they were  nothing but a phantom.

          As Riddick approached the castle, he narrowed his eyes and sent his divine sense into the castle. Finding the familiar divine sense among those of others was no problem to Riddick.

          His eyes were as calm as water as Riddick slowly furrowed his eyes and transmitted in a low voice, “Dragon! I assume now you know what you are supposed to do.”

            A deep voice transmitted back as Riddick stood there, it said, “Yes, my lord.” A second passed and then his voice was transmitted back as he asked, “Just cruel should I be my lord?”

      Riddick stared at the battlefield with cold eyes and said in a cold voice, “As cruel and indiscriminate as a battlefield but be Intelligent and leave a single spawn as a salvation Dragon.

         I think I need not tell you why? Now do it. It’s time to change the flow of this battlefield.”







5 thoughts on “Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 18 – The War Begins

  1. I’m loving the way things are going.

    I have one problem I think you should address. If Riddick could put the meteor in Yamaloka, then why didn’t he do that and cultivate there? He wouldn’t have needed a bodyguard.

    This world has a lot of very powerful and very smart and very talented creatures, it would be a disaster if one found a meteor and developed void energy. But even if someone did they would be way slower than Riddick as he is used to cultivating with almost nothing for years and I think that contribute to the speed of cultivating.

    But as the guy above said. I think you are getting better with every chapter as is Riddick 🙂


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