Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 19 – Cold and Ruthless

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Cold and Ruthless :

“Uncle Liam.” A man who looked like he was in his early thirties shouted loudly as he hurriedly flew towards the head of the defensive formation the empire had established surrounding the Imperial capital.

A man with black eyes, bald head and white moustache looked up towards the young man and nodded his head. The young man was none other than the crown prince of the empire, William.

William flew towards Liam and said in a low voice, “Uncle, I have confirmed your suspicions. It seems the enemy intend to crush us today. They have deployed every single unit of their army in today’s battle.”

Liam frowned as he heard William. He then looked at the table and narrowed his eyes. The table was covered with a layer of runes which showed the presence of every single person on the battlefield.

The runes were a formation made by using four horns of the Aqua panther as four pillars. Aqua panther was a rare God beast found only in the chaotic seas of the Stellar plane. Each Aqua panther has a single horn and this horn is also its most powerful weapon not for its offensive power nor for its defensive power but rather for its sensitivity.

Capturing an Aqua panther is particularly difficult not because of its strength but because of its ability to sense any living creature within the radius of its senses intensified through the horn.

Combining four horns of such rarity to create a formation which can sense all enemies on the battlefield needed much wealth and power, something which can only be accomplished by an empire or a power whose power surpasses multiple sects combined.

“Uncle.” William asked worriedly as he saw Liam’s frown. Liam sighed lightly and said, “It makes no sense. I can’t understand what Atlee is thinking. This way he is just throwing his entire army at our mercy.”

William laughed lightly and said in a mocking voice, “You think too highly of that abnormality uncle. He is just a dog. How can his mind equal yours.”

Liam frowned as he heard William but he didn’t rebuke him. No matter how Liam thought, he always found something strange in Atlee’s movements.

Ever since the war began, they surely held the advantage. However, no matter how much they won and how many they killed, Liam could never erase that strange feeling which was plaguing his mind.

Now all of a sudden, Atlee launched an all out attack. This was too sudden and too bizzare. If he intended to start an all out war, he could have done it before they could have solidified their defences but he didn’t. Liam couldn’t help but feel that he was somehow missing a crucial point which should connect all these irregular decisions.

Atlee stood at the forefront of battlefield surrounded by ten Yakshas. It was June commanding the battlefield based on Riddick’s orders but he was still the acting general of the army and thus had to maintain the morale of the soldiers with his presence.

The empire and the its imperial army was aware of his location but they didn’t launch an attack on him because they feared his strength. Atlee was definitely the strongest Yaksha among the invaders and his all out attack can easily change the flow of the battlefield. They didn’t want to make that gamble when they were in an advantageous position.

Riddick stood above the clouds and looked at Atlee. “Atlee, go provoke the Liam and the first prince.” He transmitted through his divine sense.

Atlee’s first reaction was shock but he soon stabilised himself. He too had seen the Ghost Walker and could immediately understand that Riddick was already in the battlefield.

Atlee sighed as he looked at the Imperial army. Had his family been kind to him, he would be now standing among them fighting their enemies but sadly they weren’t. If one thing he never experienced when he was still within the Jehu royal family, it was kindness.

The previous emperor, his father executed his mother for giving birth to him, a mutant child. His father tried to kill him by poisoning for he suspected him to be born to an illegitimate child. It was truth that he shared blood with them but it was also true that the enmity between them can only be repaid in blood.

Atlee took a deep breath and strode forward. Like a electric shock passing through their bodies, many of the Imperial army soldiers stood still shocked by this action. Atlee was the general of the invaders and thus was the person with the highest authority.

His movement held much more importance than the death of a thousand devas. Liam’s face flickered as he saw this. William face fell as he saw this. No matter what they openly said about Atlee, both of them knew how terrifying an opponent be was. Caught off guard he can very well destroy their bloodline without a single spawn.

Liam face became serious as he rose into the air and stood in the middle of the defensive formation. He smiled lightly and said in a loud voice, “So you have finally come to meet me brother. It’s been a long time since we had a chat. I know that we currently can’t chat as brothers but I think we should at least talk.

I have been wanting to say this for a while but this war will only lead to more suffering and death. We as rulers should think….” Liam froze in mid sentence as Atlee whispered something lightly.

Atlee looked at Liam with cold eyes and said, “What? Didn’t you hear it? Then let me tell you one more time. “Shut the fuck up Liam.”

The atmosphere suddenly became bleak as Atlee openly declared that he had no intentions of having a peaceful discussion.

Liam’s smiling face vanished and a cold look replaced it. He then laughed lightly and said, “How much dirt did you eat that you mind had turned into that of a dog’s brother. I originally thought that you were just a mutt but now it looks like your mind is also at the level of a mutt.

I just gave you a choice to stop this all and walk away with your life and you threw it into gutter for your pride. How foolish.”

Atlee narrowed his eyes and said in a cold voice, “I am not falling for those words Liam. I came here because I heard that the emperor, our eldest brother Morgan’s son was leading the imperial army. I came to see him.”

William who stood behind Liam snorted lightly and said, “I am William, the crown prince of the empire. What do you want uncle?”

“It’s me who want you not Atlee.” A voice rang out in the battlefield startling everyone. Liam was shocked to the core as he saw Riddick slowly descending from the sky. No matter who it was, none had sensed Riddick’s presence until he announced himself. This alone created a sense of terror within their hearts.

“Who are you?” William stuttered lightly as he looked at Riddick with fear filled eyes.

Riddick smiled lightly and said in a calm voice, “Let’s just say that I am your friend William.”

Liam narrowed his eyes and roared, “Stop with the haughty act junior.” By now Liam had regained enough consciousness to see through Riddick’s cultivation. Though he had his doubts, he could clearly see that Riddick was only in the sixth level of deva realm, a level which he needn’t bother with.

Riddick looked at Liam and then clapped his hands. A bright layer of energy spread out with him as centre and enveloped Liam,William, Atlee and Roger.

Liam was the first to react but he was still too late. By the time he even moved an inch, the layer of energy was surrounding them all. Looking at his frantic eyes, Riddick said in a calm voice, “Don’t worry, this is just an isolation barrier.”

Liam snorted loudly as he heard Riddick. He clearly was very angry being treated as a equal by Riddick who was still in Deva realm.

“I can see that you have a bit of authority here but I don’t give a dog shit to someone who hides behind someone’s back kid.” Liam sneered with a conceited voice.

“You…” Atlee immediately roared but was stopped by Riddick’s hand. He then narrowed his eyes and said, “Don’t fall into his pace Atlee. This man is too wise to underestimate someone who can command an army of Yakshas. Aren’t you Liam?”

Liam’s eyes narrowed but deep within them was fear. The more he thought about Riddick, the more he began to dread him. Technique which let’s him stay hidden, authority to control an army and the way Atlee treated Riddick. It all made sense only if he considered that Riddick was the true mastermind behind the invasion.

However, he had to confirm and thus tried to repeatedly provoke him but all he got in response was nothing. Riddick gave away nothing and he instead was dreading him because he feared what Riddick knew about him.

Liam sighed and asked in a loud voice, “So what does the mysterious commander of the Atlee’s army want? Don’t tell me you want to retreat after everything you have done?”

Riddick smiled lightly and said, “No. No. I am not here to for any of that rather I am here to propose a deal.”

William snorted lightly and said, “Don’t you dare speak as my uncle’s equal brat. One more word out of your mouth and I will…..” He stopped in mid sentence as he noticed the deadly look in Riddick’s eyes.

Riddick smiled lightly but the death aura in his eyes never vanished. With a cold voice he said, “What will you do prince? At most you will say that you will kill me. Let me tell you something. No one in this battlefield is capable of killing me nor are they capable of protecting you if I want to rip you apart.”

Riddick’s words were cold and silent but they were like sharp knifes which cut Liam’s and William’s heart with fear. Liam could see in Riddick’s eyes that he was not at all lying. He could tell from Atlee’s eyes that he completely believed that Riddick was able to do that. He could see indifference in Roger’s eyes.

Millennia of experience made Liam a man who could see the inner thoughts of men. He could see the darkness behind their cloak of good nature. He could  mostly tell when a man was lying. The current Riddick however wasn’t. It made him tremble in fear.

Riddick looked at Roger and said, “The crown prince isn’t feeling too well. Escort him to the Imperial capital Roger.”

It was a foolish order but Roger silently disappeared and the next second screams resonated as William was forcefully dragged all the way back to the walls of the Imperial capital.

Riddick looked at Liam and then said in a low voice, “Don’t worry, I won’t harm him. I have no need.”

Liam sighed heavily and said, “So what do you exactly want Mr.?”

Riddick smiled lightly and said, “My name is Riddick, Liam. I came here with a deal and I think you will like it.”

Liam narrowed his eyes and said in a cold voice, “What is it?”

Riddick smiled mischievously and said, “Do you want to be an emperor Liam?”

Liam eyes opened widely as he heard Riddick but his surprise only lasted for a second. With a snort he said, “Good trick but you can’t fool me Riddick. Trying to make me overthrow my own brother is impossible.”

Riddick smiled lightly and shook his head. “I see. It’s sad that you are truthful to your cause. I respect people like you and was thus offering you this deal. It’s up to you whether you want to take it or not. Let’s go Atlee. We are done here.”

Atlee nodded his head in confusion and followed behind Riddick while Liam flew back towards the Imperial capital. As Atlee followed behind Riddick, he asked in a silent voice, “My Lord, wouldn’t it have been much wiser if you didn’t show yourself and concealed yourself as their ally. Also, why did you reveal your intentions to Liam? I don’t understand.”

Riddick smiled lightly and said, “True, it would have been wiser to conceal myself as their ally but Atlee, that is only if the enemy is my equal. The Jehu empire is nothing. Soon you will see why I showed my intentions.

The best way to defeat an enemy isn’t to crush him head-on. It is to crush them from within. Liam, he will become my pawn. It’s about time you will see how.”

As Riddick said those words, a soldier hurriedly flew out of the Imperial capital and bent on his knees. Liam narrowed his eyes as he saw the sweating soldier and said, “What is it?”

The soldier trembled and said, “Sir, the second prince…he…..revolted against the empire to seize the throne in the chaos. He…he…..”

“What did he do?” A general standing beside Liam roared loudly as he saw the hesitating soldier.

The soldier trembled and said, “He killed every single member of your family including all your sons, daughters and grandchildren. He also killed his own brother, William’s wife and was about to kill prince William’s children but was stopped by minister Chu.”

His words were like a tsunami of despair to Liam. William standing beside him was too shocked to move. The generals beside Liam were too shocked to even stand on their feet.

Liam’s face was filled with unbelievable agony as he roared loudly, “I WILL KILL YOU JASPER.” He then flew at high speed towards the imperial palace.

William followed behind with a similar fury filled face and a hundred kilometres away, Riddick was standing smiling lightly beside a pale faced Atlee.

Riddick laughed lightly and said in a low voice, “This is your chance Atlee. Kill every person you can lay hands on. Don’t bother about things such as pride. Kill everyone, Yaksha or not, it doesn’t matter. Today, the empire which caused you pain should feel your wrath in full assault.”

Atlee was finally beginning to understand the dreadfulness of Riddick’s methods. Riddick was cruel, ruthless and can be even considered inhuman but at the same time, he was Intelligent far above others. That made him truly awe inspiring and fear inducing. Atlee hurriedly nodded with a pale face and flew into the battlefield.

Standing silently, Riddick narrowed his eyes and said, “One last push and you will all crumble before my very eyes. Don’t worry, it won’t take long before you show me the pathetic nature hidden deep within your souls. The minute you abandon your principles will be the minute you fall in my trap. Hahahaha……” Riddick silently laughed to himself as he stood there in the sky.





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  1. I think Riddicks eye are closed all the time, for how much he narrows then. JK 😂

    What I don’t understand is why he attacked this family? Is it all a test to Atlee. I think time is a very important resources for Riddick and he shouldn’t be wasting it.

    My understanding of ghost walk is that it has two aspects one that makes him invisible to the eyes and the other no the senses and he can a activate them independently. And he can ghost walk someone with him?? (I’m not sure about the last one)

    I’m conflicted about how I feel about this story as Riddick said that he can crush them as they are nothing. If that is the case then what dose he gain from all this?? Guess I have to wait (not for long as I give Biiiig round of applause to the next chapter sponsor “GSDREDDY” thank you for your generosity) 😍


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