Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 20 – Strategies within Strategy

Author note : Hi guys, GSD REDDY here and I am back with another chapter.

Edit – Self edited.

         This is the promised bonus chapter of this week.

        With this I have completed all my obligations to write chapters for the rest of the week unless I am sponsored of course.

          Now, did you expect this twist. I don’t think any of you did. As I said, I thought up some pretty bad ass shit which is going to make you scream, Holy shit.

Enjoy and thank you.


Strategies within strategy :

             Riddick stood in the air silently observing the changes in the Imperial capital. The armies had long since understood Riddick’s standing and his importance. However, encountered with this situation, only fools would try to attack Riddick.

         Atlee was on fire as he unleashed a wave of attacks deliberately on devas who were unprotected by Yakshas. As minutes turned into hours, hundreds of devas began to die in his hands. More than a dozen Yakshas also perished in his hands.

                Finally he sighed loudly and retreated back. He then stood behind Riddick and asked in a low voice, “My lord, killing any number of these people won’t change anything. We both know that. I don’t understand your way of thinking.

                It’s true that your idea was ingenious but you should know that the empire has many strategists as well. Why do you think they can’t see past your scheme?”

                Riddick smiled lightly and said, “When did I ever say that my strategy is THIS Atlee? I have never said anything regarding my course of actions.

        Do you know the saying, “Lose the battles but win the war.” Atlee? Think about it deeply. Those words will reveal the truth behind my actions.

            I would have never started this war unless I am confident to win it. My plan doesn’t end with me, it only begins with me. Everyone including our enemies are a part of my plan. The second phase of my plan is currently ongoing in the Imperial palace. Watch carefully and you will understand why I offered Liam that deal.” Riddick said in a calm voice as his eyes stared at the distant imperial capital.


Imperial palace. Emperor’s Audience chamber.

           Liam was standing with fury filled eyes and a trembling figure. He would have killed Jasper, the second prince the instant he saw him but was stopped by the emperor himself, Morgan.

          William eyes were red with anger, fury and humiliation. His own brother with whom he shared blood had killed his wife and even attempted to kill his sons. That was too much of a shock but as the shock receded, it was replaced with uncontrollable anger.

             Morgan was seated on the throne while the unconscious Jasper was chained by his side. He looked at his brother, Liam and his eldest son William and sighed in his heart.

         Being a father and a grandfather himself he knew the agony they were going through, particularly Liam whose entire family was massacred by Jasper. However, he had no choice but to stop them because he knew that unless he succeeds in stopping them, he wouldn’t be able to trap his enemies in their own trap.

          Morgan coughed lightly and said in a calm voice, “Brother, Son, before you make your decision I want both of you to listen to Minister Chu. Minister Chu is a veteran warrior and had been a strategist for our empire for the past ten millennia.

           I want you to give me some face and listen to him patiently.”

         Both Liam and William looked at Minister Chu with furious eyes, particularly Liam. All he now wanted to do was to rip Jasper apart.

           Minister Chu looked at Liam and at William and said in a small voice, “My lords, I believe that prince Jasper wasn’t acting alone. I believe that this is nothing but a trap set up by our enemies to make us trample ourselves in vengeance and blindness.”

       Liam snorted coldly and said, “Don’t make me kill you, you fucking bastard. I saw Jasper covered in blood with my own eyes. Are you saying that my eyes are fooling me?”

        Minister Chu shook his head slowly and said, “I dare not say that Lord Liam. However, I urge you to tell me, how can prince Jasper with his mere strength of a first tribulation Yaksha kill your son who was a second tribulation Yaksha and that too without raising the slightest alarm?”

             Without waiting for an answer he continued and said, “Lord Jasper supposedly managed to kill over three Yakshas and twenty one devas within a short span of ten minutes. We both know that Lord Jasper wasn’t very talented as a warrior.

          Tell me, Lord Liam, how am I wrong in thinking that Lord Jasper wasn’t alone? I think my point is clear and broad as daylight.”

             William nodded his head in this consent and said in a cold voice, “It doesn’t matter. He killed my wife and his own blood relatives. Whether or not he has an ally won’t change the fact that my brother has committed a grave crime. He has to be executed for his crime.”

        Minister Chu sighed loudly and said, “Don’t be foolish prince. Tell me, does this world lack objects or people with enough strength to control a man like a puppet? Think of all the time you spent with your brother.

     Was he someone who would go as far as to kill his own family for power? A ruler isn’t someone who sees what is presented before him, he sees what he has to see to know the truth regarding something that is presented before him.

        Prince William, Lord Liam, I believe that prince Jasper has been under some kind of mind control and it is needless to say who is the culprit. They want you to kill your Jasper yourself or more specifically they want both of you to demand the execution of Jasper.”

       Lima’s face was dark with anger. Even though he was angry to the point of killing Jasper in cold blood, he was still a man with mind surpassing many battle hardened generals. He naturally understood where Minster Chu was coming from.

         His face hardened as he said in a cold voice, “The enemy wants to create a rift between me and my brother with this situation. They want my brother to choose between me or his own son.

      A father would naturally choose his own son and in the process they want the emperor to hurt my feelings. They planned and hunted my family to accomplish that.”

        Minster Chu nodded his head in acceptance. He smiled bitterly and said, “We were almost destroyed by the plans of the enemy Lord Liam. As you can see from all this. Prince Jasper had no hand in this. He was completely under control and had thus acted as nothing but a mere puppet.

         However, to put your mind at ease I ask his majesty to imprison prince Jasper under house arrest until this war is over. Even if he was involved in this hideous plan, we should take care of him after we crush our enemies.”

          Emperor Morgan nodded his head and said, “You are right, Minister Chu. From now on, my son Jasper will be under house arrest. He won’t be able to leave his chambers until the war is over.”

         Turning towards Liam, Morgan asked in a anger filled voice, “Brother, do you know who is responsible for this ruthless and cold act of terrorism?”

         Liam’s face was grave as he thought back to the scene where Riddick asked him to join forces to betray Morgan. That second, he too thought that Riddick was foolish to reveal his inner thoughts so openly but never would he have guessed that all Riddick was doing was to plant the seed of that idea in his mind.

         If everything had gone according to Riddick’s plan then by now Liam would be furious to the core. He would have done exactly what Riddick had hoped him to do. Liam trembled as he thought about it.

          In his blindness, he would have definitely tried to assassinate Jasper but would have been stopped by the Emperor Morgan. In anger and fury, he would have instantly welcomed the idea of rebelling against his own brother to attain vengeance.

        This was all a part of Riddick’s elaborate plan. It was all a plan to make him his tool. Liam shuddered as he understood this. Riddick, whom he thought to be a fool actually turned out to be a ruthless inhuman villain hiding in the skin of a human.

         Liam nodded his head and said, “I know who is responsible for this brother. I know who he is and I now know how dangerous he is. It is good that you stopped me before I lost my mind to anger and fury which now fills each and every part of my being.

       His name is Riddick. He is the true mastermind behind this entire invasion brother. He offered me a deal earlier to revolt against you. I didn’t understand why but now I understand brother, he knew that this was going to happen all along.”

       Liam’s eyes turned red with anger and his entire body began to tremble as enormous amount of energy began to envelope his entire being. With a cruel voice he said, “Riddick. Riddick. Riddick. You………you…….took away everything from me. I won’t leave you. I will kill you but first I have to make you experience the same despair you have thrown at me.

       You asked me to cooperate with you. I will. I will join you and then I will kill you from inside. Riddick, I will burn down everything you ever built.”

           Liam turned toward Morgan and said, “Brother, I ask your permission to let me join our enemies. I want to make him experience his own game brother. I want to make him suffer. Believe me brother, I will crush our enemies and I will bring back Riddick’s head for you.”

        Minister Chu standing beside Liam coughed and said in a calm voice, “I do not wish to disrespect your decisions Lord Liam but who will lead our armies in your absence.

             I dare not underestimate prince William’s abilities but he is still young and inexperienced. It would be ought for nothing if we lose more than we gain by beheading our enemy.”

          Liam nodded his head and said in a calm voice, “True, William is still young. Minister Chu, this time we managed to bypass a terrible tragedy because of your keen insight. You have proven yourself countless times.

            Thus, I want you to lead the army in my absence. You will stand beside William in my stead and you will bear all my responsibilities.”

         Turning towards William, Liam said, “William, you have today seen what would have happened to us if not for Minister Chu’s wisdom. So you will listen to his council as my own. Understood?”

           William nodded his head with a serious look on his face. Liam then turned towards Morgan and said, “If everything had happened as it should have, by now, I should be going towards the enemy camp brother.

             Take every precaution in my absence brother. I have to leave now. Be safe. The next time we meet, we will feast on our victory.”

         Morgan nodded his head with a serious look in his eyes.
           Liam immediately leaved for the  enemy camp. His eyes were filled with deep emotions as he flew in the air. However, what dominated them all was his desire to kill Riddick.

         Morgan looked at Minister Chu and said in a deep voice, “You saved my family from doom Senior Chu. I hope you will do the same with my army. I trust you as does Liam. We hope you will have a good day tomorrow.”

          Morgan rose from the throne and left the audience chamber with William in his tow. Jasper was long since escorted back to his chambers by the soldiers. The large audience chamber was now empty except for Minister Chu.

          Standing there silently for a minute, a never before seen cold expression surfaced on Chu’s face as he licked his lips. From behind his back a ghost arose. With faintly bloody arms and a wicked mouth, it was Dragon, the Soul Reaver.

            With a ghostly voice Dragon murmured and said in a faint voice, “I have accomplished my task master. The prey is now in your bag. With this the second phase of the mission is complete.”

        A hundred kilometres away, Riddick stood in the air with a smiling face as he saw Liam flying towards him at high speed. His smile broadended as he heard Dragon’s words and said in a low voice “Good job, Dragon. It’s now my turn to harvest your efforts.”



   Did you like the twist? I thought that this is one of my most ingenious ideas. Strategies within a single strategy. It’s like inception. There are levels of bombs hidden all over.

      There can be so many betrayals and so many unexpected events. This arc is going to be super exciting.



9 thoughts on “Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 20 – Strategies within Strategy

  1. I tried to guess what will he gaine from all this.
    1- control of the Empire.
    2- steeling there cultivation.
    3- testing Atlee.
    4- they have something valuable.
    5- for shits and giggles.

    The moment Liam made Chu in control I knew that he was with Riddick but I was surprised when Dragon showed up. In this world you trust no one.

    But man, Riddick went full on Overlord. Killing with no second thought. He did kill a city before but I remember him felling bad about it.

    Quick question, dose ghost walk make him invisible or a ghost? In another way can he be damaged while it’s active or things just go through him?

    Thank you for the extra chapter. 😊 it’s bean a long day for me, it was nice taking a break and reading.


    • No Ghost Walk is no Paragon body. It has no defensive abilities.
      I am happy that you liked it. What would Riddick gain from all this? Well, I can’t answer that Aljanobin


      • don’t get me wrong, I don’t want you to tell me what he gains. I just like to guess what will happen, and I like to think I’m good at at 🙂
        but as you saw I have no clue as most of the things I listed dose not feel right for me.

        I don’t expect to read all that. Read the third one.

        1- control of the empire: this would good If it was strong or an empire he cant defeat head on. the benefit I see from this is just to give it to Atlee witch is not worth it in my opinion. since he is new and working all his team (or servants) for six months is a bit much.
        2- Stealing there cultivation: this one would be a very good one if there were no meteors full of void energy. so if he was trying to gain power this is very inefficient.
        3-Testing Atlee: this one is where I would put my money on, since he is related to them, I think there will be a twist later on that will make him think of betraying Riddick, its all set up just as Chu, Riddick is with him telling him everything he needs to know.
        4- They have something valuable: I cant say anything about this one, since I don’t recall anything valuable they own.
        ( I just remembered the multi horn thing, he might be after that )
        5- For shits and giggles: he just want to test his new ability and if it would work with a creature much stronger than him.

        I wrote those just to say that I didn’t just put things at random.


      • I am actually very impressed with your analysis Aljanobin. I can tell you that the strategy I revealed till now isn’t all. There is more to it than that meets the eye. The thing Riddick would gain from isn’t just Jehu empire, it is more than a single empire.


  2. I’m all smiles right now, bro. Riddick is a cold blooded Mofo. As soon as I heard Minister Chu stopped the onslaught in the last chapter, I sorta knew it was Dragon, but damn damn damn James (Good Times). It’s income tax season, and I’m going to sporsor a few of these, before I blow the load, haahhaha. Great chapter, my friend, great chapter.


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