A Shout out to all the readers

A Shout Out to all the readers :

This Letter is originally inspired by an open letter by a fellow author Durrandal on Royalroadl. I liked it so much that I have written one on my own.

Durrandal’s original post – http://royalroadl.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=51354


An Open Letter to the Readers, Authors, Lurkers and awesome friends across the remote corners of the internet.
To everyone,

Gsd Reddy here.

Most of the authors post their work for free. I rather think we are not simply writing for money. We are doing what we love, and that is all that matters. It’s good if an author really does earn some money out of his hardwork but that’s not why we are writing.

So, what do authors really want and wish for? What is the least they could expect from a reader after they worked as hard as they did to bring that chapter to you guys?

Simple, some form of…thanks. A little recognition for their efforts. Something that makes them think that this is worth it. A single comment is all it takes to satisfy him/her.

               I am NOT here asking for money lol. What I am saying is, that many authors start their story…then they feel demoralized after a while because their efforts weren’t recognized.

A Review by a reader in the form of comment  is always encouraging to an author, but you know what? we feel very happy if someone comments something in our Chapter page too. It might be something you liked, some witty remark, pointing out a mistake or typo, maybe something you wondered while reading, maybe a simple thank you, no matter what it is…we like our readers talking to us, or about our work. It shows that they care. Saying that you didn’t like something is fine too, it helps us grow after all.

One more thing. It is absolutely fine to not like a work. It is fine to explicitly say why you didn’t like it. What is not fine is not giving us a chance to rectify our mistakes.

Important Note : IF by any chance you can help the author reach more readers, by a review or a suggestion or a single comment on a thread. No matter what it is, trust me, authors including me will be grinning from ear to ear if they see someone praising their work. It’s the same sentiment. We all grin involuntarily when someone praises our child.

I hope this letter reaches the hearts of the readers.

Yours sincerely,
GSD Reddy.

P.S.- A shout out to all the awesome readers that have encouraged me through my work. I hope you will stick with me even in the future!
P.P.S- No matter who you are, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or your thoughts about the matter.


11 thoughts on “A Shout out to all the readers

  1. can you link “Durrandal” to be hounest “Riddick Against the Heavens” is the only novel that I read more than one chapter in royalroad.
    I still haven’t started to read “Regel”. to be hounest I like supernatural stores. so I don’t know if I will like it or not.

    but I’m really glad that you are still writing, I get excited every time an email comes to me with the title “Reddy creations”, and you are very generous to put it up in the internet for free, So THANK YOU 🙂


    • I can link Durrandal. Even I haven’t read his story. You know what Rigel is supernatural. It is Xianxia and honestly it is more refined than Riddick as I am now more experienced. Just give it a try. I think you will like it Aljanobin. I just wrote this post as I too wanted to share my opinion with you guys.


      • I actually didn’t know that, I think the summary is misleading a bit (at least for me) as I thought it was mostly drama 😛
        I never opened royalroad since the day I opened this site so the bad part is I didn’t see any tags 😛

        I will start reading it (RIP sleep)
        you should read “Darksiders the abomination vault” its my favorite novel (yours is second to it). I read it three times now.

        I takes me a while to post comment as I read them a couple of time trying nit to make mistakes 😦


    • I will do a glosssary for Rigel but Riddick would take at least take a week. However, I will try chrismacks. Take a look at my new post. I took a huge decision and that includes spending a lot more time on wrting+ related works.


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