Rigel – Book 1 – Chapter 25 – Rudra




As Rigel slowly walked back to his cottage, he heard the faint laughter of the mysterious voice in his mind. Rigel’s face changed as the strange voice continued to laugh and said, “You are more amusing than I thought you were, boy.”

Rigel gulped lightly and asked in a respectful voice, “Who are you, Sir?”

The voice laughed slightly and said, “I am me. You are you. From this instance, I am your benefactor, and you are my heir.”

Rigel narrowed his eyes and said in a calm voice, “Sir, I am indeed indebted to you for healing my dantian, but you have lost my gratitude by attacking my soul.”

The voice smiled and said, “Don’t be such a wuss kid. You have gained much more than you think you have from that encounter.

Even if you suffered from the attack of my Will, your spiritual energy has evolved as a consequence. Tell me, don’t you think that wasn’t worth it?”

Rigel remained silent as he heard him. He had to admit, even though that was a mortifying experience, the evolution of his spiritual energy into divine sense was an enormous gain.

Suddenly the voice coughed and said in a low voice, “We can talk later, it seems your assassin is here.”

Rigel was startled as he heard the voice. He had spread out his divine sense to find Ryan as soon as he was in sight. Rigel had divine sense just like Ryan so he was sure that he would be able to find him. However, he didn’t sense Ryan at all until the mysterious person mentioned him. He was unable to detect his presence at all.

“How is this possible?” Rigel muttered to himself in his mind.

“Just because you have obtained the divine sense doesn’t mean you are well versed in using it, kid. You are far too weak and immature to know the ways of the world. That kid Ryan is using a cloaking Qi art to hide his presence.

I guess it’s a good thing that I informed you, else he would have attacked you for sure if you weren’t able to see through his cloaking art.” The voice said in a calm voice.

Rigel nodded his head as he heard the voice. He knew that the mysterious person was telling the truth. He sighed and asked, “What did I do to incur this Ian’s wrath? True, I was responsible for this whole Maze incident, but if I were Ian, I wouldn’t even bother with a lowly lackey like Maze anymore. He, however, is doing it while considering the risk that I am related to Elder Feng.”

The voice smiled and said in a calm voice, “Well, this only proves that you have far too little experience kid. Even if you are much more mature or had a much bloodier past than most others, that doesn’t make you well versed in the ways of the world.

Tell me, if you were the boss and had a lackey. Who would do your dirty jobs? You or your lackey? This Maze was Ian’s lackey, and thus, he knew Ian’s dirty secrets. So considering all of this, the only conclusion is somehow Ian thinks that you may know his dirty secrets.

Maze is in secluded captivity, and so are Kane and Hedge. So you can’t touch them and neither can he. However, you have something which was once Maze’s. That should be the reason for this entire chain of events.”

“His bag of holding.” Rigel answered in a serious voice and continued, “But I combed it upside down. There wasn’t anything suspicious in it.”

The voice sighed and continued, “Searching it without a goal and searching it with a goal are two different things. Wasn’t there something strange in that bag of holding.”

Rigel raised his head shocked as the realization hit him. He suddenly remembered all the hundreds of bags of holding he had found in Maze’s bag. He first thought that they all belonged to Maze but can it be, he was wrong. If he was wrong, then Ian did have a reason to fear him.

Rigel’s shock only lasted a moment before he regained his calm. A cold smile surfaced on his face as he understood what he now possessed in his hands. A bargaining chip.       

The young man within the black space was smiling widely as saw Rigel. To him who had been in there for a long time, Rigel was like a little child in his eyes. Besides the fact that Rigel was inheriting his legacy, he liked Rigel himself.

From the gutters of the Amaron mainland to the streets of the Gehenna prison, and then to the Xia sect of the Rio town, Rigel had always been on his own. He was never guided by anyone, nor did he receive help from anyone but himself. Thus, he had his flaws in his strong nature.

Ryan was observing Rigel from the top of a tree. He had traded for a Spark formation cloaking skill, “Behind the skies” to test his theory. After he had left Rigel’s cottage, he didn’t immediately report to Ian regarding his failure.

He only told him that there were guards out there so he will try once again tomorrow. The matter regarding Patriarch SilverLeaf being Rigel’s granduncle sounded ridiculous to him but on the other hand, Patriarch SilverLeaf was known as an eccentric man. It wouldn’t be all too unbelievable if someone said that he had thrown his grandson in the outer sect.

As Rigel reached his cottage, he lifted his head and looked at the tree as if he saw Ryan himself. Ryan’s heart thumped in anxiety as he felt Rigel’s gaze. How did he find me? That question was assaulting his mind.

Rigel only narrowed his eyes and sat down as he waited for Ryan. As he started to stare at the tree, Ryan’s face was drenched in sweat. A minute later, he slowly made his way down. He had to pay a fortune to buy a high-level camouflaging skill and yet, Rigel had seen through his camouflage.

Rigel didn’t say anything and just stared at Ragnar. He had learned long ago that being silence was just another way of pressuring his enemies. Silence makes them anticipate and that in return makes them think worse of their situation.

Ryan sighed in his head and said in a calm voice, “Young master, I have delivered your message. Ian now believes that two red-robed guards are protecting you. Even if it is him, I don’t think he will attack you with two red-robed guards standing guard.”

Rigel sighed lightly and asked in a cold voice, “And what did you say about our encounter Ryan?”

Ryan shook his head and said, “Nothing sir, I didn’t say anything.”

Rigel nodded his head and said, “You can leave now. Remember, we never met.”

Ryan nodded his head and left as quickly as possible. As he left, Rigel heaved a sigh of relief. He rubbed his forehead and thought, “That was dangerous. If it didn’t go well, I could have died today.”

“That isn’t necessarily true, boy. You could have killed him with some help and the Asura Poison.” The voice said in a light voice.

Rigel was stunned as he heard the mysterious voice. He was still in the first stage of Qi condensation. How could he kill a sixth level expert? Besides what was Asura Poison. The only poison he possessed was the black fog? Was the Asura Poison the black fog?

The voice continued and said, “The black fog is just an initial manifestation of the Asura Poison. Once you awaken it, I promise you; it won’t be anything less than heaven decimating. The Asura Poison is a masterpiece I developed when I was alive. It is my pride and was feared throughout the worlds of the universe.”

Rigel’s mind reeled as he heard the voice. The worlds of the universe. He knew there were multiple worlds because he had seen two of them. However, this man had seen much more and had a Poison which was even called as heaven decimating.

Heaven decimating – Asura Poison.

Just who would name their poison with such a terrifying name? From the sound of it, he wasn’t lying at all. Considering the power of the poison Rigel now possessed, he knew that there was a high possibility that everything the man said might be true.

Rigel gulped lightly and asked in a respectful voice, “Who are you, sir?”

Silence permeated the air and a deep sigh reverberated in his mind a second later. The voice smiled lightly and answered, “I am the ruler of the Nagas, the commander of the armies of Gana, and the bearer of the trishula. I am Rudra.”

Rigel’s mind reeled as he heard the words of Rudra. It was just a few words, but they sounded like a chant to Rigel. He felt immeasurable power hidden within each of those words. Nagas, Gana, Trishula and Rudra. He felt that each of those words held immense meaning behind them.

As Rigel’s mind was oçcupied with the profound feeling of strength he felt from those words. Rudra was shocked to find out that Rigel was able to feel the mysterious aspects of those words.

“As I thought, this kid isn’t normal. There is something about him. That makes it all the more interesting.” Rudra laughed to himself and then said in a loud voice, “Wake up kid.”

Rigel was abruptly brought back out of his daze by Rudra. He was angry because he felt that he was about to comprehend something which was very powerful, almost godly.

“Don’t even think about it. You cannot comprehend something like that now and even if you can, you will only die because your body won’t be able to sustain the destructive aspect of my divinity.” Rudra calmly explained.

Rigel sighed as he heard Rudra. Indeed, he was rushing too much. He should have thought it out before jumping in. However, the thought of gaining power had blinded him.

Rudra smiled lightly and said, “Strength can be acquired in many ways. The current you lack the guidance of a teacher. No matter how much you know about this world, you are after all just a kid.

Cultivation base isn’t as important as the foundation. With a strong foundation, you strength can directly surpass realms. Say, Rigel, do you want to learn my profound arts?”

Rigel narrowed his eyes as he heard Rudra. He didn’t know much about Rudra, but he was aware that until now, he had only benefitted from him. He had once trusted Frank, who went on to become his beloved grandfather.

To gain Frank back, he needed help and Rudra was offering him a choice,  to be his disciple. Where else would he be able to get an ultimate expert to teach him?

“Are your profound arts strong?” Rigel asked calmly.

Rudra smiled lightly and said, “They are.”

Rigel took a deep breath and said in a calm voice, “Then, I am ready. Please guide me.”

Rudra smiled lightly and said in a calm voice, “As the inheritor of my legacy, I need you to promise me one thing, Rigel. Don’t ever forget that this is the pact which binds us.”

Rigel soul shook as words of incredible power once again resounded in his mind. “For every aspect of my soul I recover, you shall dominate everything under the heavens in one aspect.

That is the pact which binds us. We are not truly free for we are both bound by our duties. The legacy shall be passed on to my heir for it is my duty. As my heir, you only need to fulfill my legacy. That shall be my sole fee.”


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Rigel – Book 1 – Chapter 24 – A Single Chop


A Single chop:


The next day, Rigel sat in his backyard deep in thought as he looked at the cloudy skies. His face was dark as he waited patiently for Ryan. Although Rigel managed to fool him; he had to be certain that Ian was fooled as well.

Rigel knew that he was still too weak to deal with Ian or even with Ryan, but he had to take the risk to guarantee his safety. Soon the sun reached its zenith while Rigel maintained his vigilance.

About three in the afternoon, Rigel sensed some disturbance at the foot of his mountain. With the evolution of his spiritual energy into the divine sense, Rigel’s spiritual range had increased to a whopping three hundred meters from a mere fifty meters.

Rigel still didn’t know how his spiritual energy underwent such an early evolution, but he was certain that the mysterious man was responsible for it. Rigel had his doubts before but now he was sure that everything was related.

The black pearl, Tal, the mysterious man. Tal said before that he was the guardian of the Locker. The black pearl was in his own dantian and Rigel was able to enter the mysterious dimension repeatedly. Thus, Rigel was now sure that the black pearl was the Locker and Tal was its guardian.   

However, Rigel was now even more confused. With a few questions answered, many more questions assaulted his mind. What was the black pearl? Why did Tal call it a Locker? Who was Tal? Who was the mysterious man? And above all, why was the black pearl inside his dantian?

Rigel spent the entire night thinking about the surge of terrifying Divine Will which had assaulted his mind when he had broken through into the first level of Qi condensation stage. That power was at a level inconceivable to him. He could still clearly remember the pain which had assaulted his mind when the Divine Will had scanned his soul.

Rigel was no stranger to pain. He had experienced unimaginable pain when Gerald had destroyed his dantian and when the white-robed man who captured Frank had shattered it again.

However, even if he was no stranger to pain, the pain he felt this time around was like a knife. Sharp, refined, like an explosive lightning. It attacked him in an instant, without any hesitation and mercy. That’s how Rigel felt when the Divine Will had scanned his soul.

What Rigel felt before was a mere physical pain but this time, the pain was directly felt by his soul. That intensity of the pain might be the same but the difference felt was massive.

Slowly Rigel rose to his feet and made his way to the foot of his mountain. The events of the night made Rigel believe that the mysterious man was dangerous. He was like an almighty god, but it also made him confused, if he wanted to kill him, he would be dead without a question.

The mysterious man could have killed Rigel with just a thought, and Rigel had no doubt regarding that. However, he didn’t. Not only did he not kill him but also healed his shattered dantian for him. All these events put together made Rigel believe that the mysterious man wasn’t his enemy. He might not be an ally, but at least; he wasn’t an enemy.

Three people were standing at the foot of a mountain shouting angrily. As Rigel slowly walked down the steps, those who resided on his mountain and surrounding mountains gathered around quietly. They were all curious about how Rigel would deal with the three men

The three people gazed at Rigel and narrowed their eyes. Their eyes held a bit of ridicule as they saw that Rigel had a pitiful cultivation base of the first level of Qi condensation. Rigel didn’t miss the contempt that flashed in their eyes.

Looking at them coldly he asked in a calm voice, “What is this ruckus?”

The one in the middle snorted coldly and said, “Hey kid, I don’t care who you are, but you should know that the outer sect has rules. This area is under the command of my boss, Leyden. Why haven’t you paid your monthly donation yet?”

Rigel looked at the three men and then at their necks. Through the gap in their robes, he could see the distinctive tattoo of an eagle on their necks. That was the mark of Leyden’s group.

Leyden along with Boler were the two unofficial rulers of the outer sect. Both of them were at the peak of the fourth level and were next in line to be promoted to the inner sect.

However, inner sect promotions happen only once every three years. Since none of the two wanted to be left behind, they were in a state of war with each other.

These donations were their way of gathering more funds to maintain more followers which in return will concrete their position within the outer sect.    

Rigel sighed in his heart as he heard the man. Rigel initially didn’t want to start a conflict so he would have ascertained to their demands. However, a single night had changed it all.

For some reason, Ian was after his head. Rigel didn’t know why, but he was sure that Ian wouldn’t leave him alone after a single failed attempt. Ian was a conclave disciple while he was an outer sect disciple. The difference in their status was a deadly trap which would sooner or later prove fatal to Rigel.

Rigel knew that so he had no choice but to change his plans. The next inner sect promotion was in two months, and Rigel was sure that he would die if he waited for three more years.

Rigel was sure about it because he knew more about the art of killing than many peak experts. Rigel didn’t do anything to Ian directly, but Ian had tried to assassinate him. Rigel would never forget any kindness, and similarly, he would never forget an enemy.

Once an enemy, always an enemy. Unless the enemy loses his will to retaliate or loses his life trying to destroy him, he would always be a threat. Rigel knew that so he looked at the three men and said in a cold voice, “Get the fuck out of my property.”

The trio’s faces changed as they heard Rigel. Rigel’s words weren’t quiet either. Everyone in the surroundings had heard him loud and clear. Rigel had not only ignored the three men but also publicly declared that he doesn’t give a fuck about their boss.

Rigel didn’t talk any further. He turned around and began to walk back to his cottage. The three men stared stupidly at Rigel. Never in their wildest dreams had they expected Rigel to curse them publicly and without a single second of hesitation.

Who were they? They were direct subordinates of Leyden. They were all in the second level of Qi condensation and were all infamous in the outer sect for being notorious, and a mere first level cultivator had just told them to fuck off.

Anger boiled in their hearts as Rigel slowly walked back. Their eyes turned red as they charged at Rigel without waiting for a second longer. Gasps of horror rang out as the three men charged at Rigel.

Rigel was walking without glancing back, but his divine sense was wrapped around the three men, following their movements. With his divine sense, he had naturally seen through their cultivation base.

Rigel originally had a physique which allowed him to go head-on against second level cultivators. With the help of his poisons and a bit of good luck, he could even take on third level Qi condensation experts.

Then, Rigel had neither a dantian, nor Qi and not even hope. Now, he was in the first level of Qi condensation. He had confidence in his strength; a divine sense and the black fog at his disposal.

True, the cultivators in the Gehenna plane were far stronger than those in the Gehenna prison but no matter who they were, Rigel had absolute confidence. There was no second level disciple in existence he couldn’t win against.

As they neared Rigel. A soft sigh escaped Rigel’s mouth. His legs stopped, and his torso turned, his right arm rose and caught a punch smoothly. That punch had great strength behind it, but Rigel’s arm didn’t  even budge. A look of surprise and shock spread across the face of the middle man who was right behind.

Rigel didn’t stop there as his left hand swung abruptly and chopped the person’s neck who punched him. That motion was fluid, like a well-practised sword swing of a sword master.


A dull sound reverberated in the air as the man fell to his knees after directly losing his consciousness. The middle man and the other person stopped in their tracks stunned by the turn of events.

What should have been an entirely one-sided battle had turned into something they had never imagined even in their dreams. Rigel’s movement was far too easy, far too simple but every expert understood the power that was transmitted through his hands.

That was the advantage Rigel had over others. Supposedly, these disciples of so-called major sects were trained from childhood. True, Rigel received no such training, but he had been in more brawls than a hundred of these elites combined.

None of them had ever fought for food, and certainly none of them had ever starved for weeks. Rigel’s childhood was different. He knew the exact value of food and life.

They were all trained by experts but life, the greatest expert had trained Rigel. Even if he was just a slave by the side of the road, he had fought a dozen kids stronger than him, alone and without a weapon in a hole with no escape. He survived, and thus he lived.

Compared to that, Rigel felt that this fight was nothing but a child’s brawl. Rigel looked at the person at his feet and then at the middle man. He twisted his neck as he slowly walked towards him.

With each step Rigel took, the man took a step back. He didn’t know why? Rigel didn’t show him some undefeatable strength, all he did a single chop and yet he was terrified.

The killing intent in Rigel’s eyes scared him. It was like a cloak which was masking Rigel in a thick odor of blood. He had experienced killing intent before, but this went beyond anything he had ever experienced. It was pure and unadulterated.

Rigel didn’t attack nor did he do anything. He only looked at the man and said in a calm voice, “Tell your leader. The outer sect has a new boss, Me.”


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Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 30 Slaughter

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              Crawling down his neck, a small drop of sweat vaporised as the Will of the lightning dragon came crashing down on Riddick like a storm. Riddick closed his eyes as he transported Dragon into Yamaloka. His soul trembled as Little lightning no longer coiled around it, rather it merged with his soul.

             “Infinity shock.” Riddick’s words were still reverberating in the battlefield as a current emanating from Riddick swept them all. A look of shock appeared in their eyes as they noticed an unknown form of energy entering their souls.

           Riddick’s eyes opened. He looked coldly at Nina. Riddick’s eyebrows were frowning, the dark crimson depths of his eyes were like pits of hell as he opened his mouth and said in a faint voice, “You have seen my mercy, its time you see my cruelty.”

        Riddick disappeared from his spot. Stunned eyes tried to find him but all they heard was a scream. A scream, a death. The next second, a second scream, two more deaths. The third second, the third scream and three more deaths.

        Riddick appeared and disappeared like flash, like a phantom among various Yakshas. Every time, he appeared, his arms would gorge out a heart and every time he disappeared, one more soul left underworld for neatherworld.

          Leon, Nina, Atlee, Liam and Aegean, everyone watched with blank eyes as they saw faint glimpses of Riddick here and there. Every second, Yakshas died and every second, more blood spilled.

             The more the blood spilled, the more horror appeared on everyone’s faces. Some tried to flee north, some tried to flee south, it didn’t matter, those who tried to flee, died first.

        Immortals rounded up like chickens in the centre as Riddick culled them all, one by one. It didn’t matter who they were and to which side they belonged to, once Riddick appears, he took a soul.

       Once he disappears, among the three hundred or so Yakshas, another’s fate changed. The next second, fate lead him to death. First, Yakshas died and then devas started to die. It wasn’t a slaughter, it was a complete massacre.

        There was no kindness, empathy or any thought behind Riddick’s actions. The man who once gave them a choice was no where to be found. His eyes were cold, bloody and empty as he went on killing people.

         “Monster! He is a monster. We can’t survive if we stay here. Everyone, attack at once and flee when you find a chance.” Someone among the remaining two hundred of so Yakshas roared.

        The next second, all the remaining devas along with the two hundred Yakshas launched attacks on Riddick and began to flee in every possible direction.

          Riddick didn’t chase after them, he simply stood there watching them flee. His eyes narrowed as he once muttered silently to himself, “Backlash!”

           A tremor ran through every Immortal’s body like a thunder. The current which had assaulted their souls when the lightning dragon descended from the skies surfaced once again within their sea of consciousness.

        The yellow current within the sea of consciousness didn’t attack the soul, it simply bound to it and at that instant, every man in that battlefield understood his fate.

        Their faces lost all blood, their knees became weak, their eyes shook in terror as they looked at Riddick. Nina, Leon, Atlee, Liam and Aegean looked at Riddick with blank faces. They couldn’t accept it, no, they could never accept it.

          After all the fight, after all the suffering they had undergone to win against Riddick. They were going to die in his hands. Riddick walked slowly eyeing each and every Immortal on the battlefield.

        Under his gaze, devas slowly fell to their knees. They knew that they were the most vulnerable of all. A single thought and their souls would directly shatter. Next, the Yakshas lowered their heads. Slowly, every Yaksha on the battlefield lowered their heads as Riddick slowly walked over.

         “There has got to be some mistake. You said that the lightning dragon was just a spiritual projection. You said that it wasn’t a match to your Totem. How can he? Just what was it?” Liam roared loudly as he looked at Nina and Leon.

             Riddick looked at Liam and narrowed his eyes. A single thought and inside, Liam’s sea of consciousness, the small current which was coiling around his soul sparked and exploded destructively.

           Liam’s face changed as his eyes bulged. His mind went reeling as he coughed up blood and fell on his knees. His body began to shake as if its reigns had been cut out. His eyes lost focus as his soul began to shudder.

            A direct assault. A electrifying damage aimed directly at the soul. Infinite and without limit. A shock which can damage and kill millions with a single attack. That was Infinity Shock.

        Riddick walked towards Liam slowly. By now, no one, may it be Nina or Leon were willing to attack Riddick because they now knew that regardless of having a Totem or not, they were now in Riddick’s hands.

           A single thought can very well shatter their souls. The only reason Liam survived the attack was because of his soul strength. A soul grows with every realm of power it reaches. Liam was a third tribulation Yaksha and he still wasn’t able to resist Riddick’s attack.

       Leon was also a third tribulation Yaksha but he wasn’t ready to take his chances while Nina was just a second tribulation Yaksha. Leaving Yakshas aside, each and every deva whose soul was embraced by the lightning will was dead unless Riddick decides otherwise.

        Liam’s face slowly gained a bit of colour as seconds passed by. He raised his head and looked at Riddick walking towards him. His face twisted with pain as he coughed up blood, still he raised his head and said in a pleading voice, “Please, don’t kill me. You have already killed my wife and my children. Please, spare me Riddick.”

         Riddick looked at Liam and said in a cold voice, “Your wife was murdered and your children were murdered. As a father and as a husband, you should thirst for revenge but you instead thirst for power, authority.

      Liam, I have no mercy for you.”

         Riddick’s words were cold and yet sharp like a knife. He walked forward and grabbed Liam’s head tightly. A flicker of Riddick’s divine sense passed into Liam’s body and the next second, a lightning dragon descended in his sea of consciousness, no longer encircling his soul but rather directly engulfing it.

          Riddick fingers tightened around Liam’s head and crackling sounds of bone breaking rang out as life slowly left Liam’s body. Nina gulped involuntarily as she saw Liam dying just like that. Technically speaking, Liam was the third strongest among them all after Atlee and Burdock.

           No longer waiting for Nina, Leon immediately retracted his Totem and removed the binding on it. Nina’s face changed as she hesitated for a moment but she too removed her soul binding on her Totem.

        “Riddick, let’s be wise. There is no need to kill us. You can have your Totems as you have always wanted. I assume that you are angry at us but we were in no position to show you any leeway.” Leon said in a respectful voice.

            Riddick looked at Leon, Nina and then finally at Aegean. His eyes were indifferent as the lightning spark in Nina’s sea of consciousness exploded violently.

       Nina’s eyes shook as he coughed up blood. Her eyes turned mad as she once again tried to grab her Totem but before she could do so, a hand grabbed her throat. Riddick stared at her coldly and said in a low voice, “The minute you aimed to kill Dragon was the minute, I lost all forms of mercy within me towards you.”

              His hand catching her throat tightened as blood slowly flowed out of his skin and was absorbed into her body. Slow wriggling appeared all over her skin as tiny needles made of blood pierced her from within, destroying her blood vessels and then her lymph vessels and finally her nerves.

          In those few seconds she struggled in Riddick’s hands, she experienced intense pain which made her suffering a million times worse. Slowly, her struggle slowed down as she lost her life screaming in pain.

         Riddick turned towards Leon and Aegean. Their faces were now pale as they saw Riddick’s ruthlessness. Leon remembered his sneer as he saw Riddick trying to save Dragon. His face paled but his soul shook as the two hundred Yakshas behind him screamed in pain as their souls were severely damaged by the lightning current.

        Riddick looked coldly at the two hundred Yakshas and then at the more than two thousand devas. “At one time of another, due to an order or by your own Will, you chose to side against me. This is your punishment. I won’t kill you all this time, but the next time won’t be the same. Scram.”

            The devas bowed their heads in gratitude. They knew that Riddick had spared them all. To Riddick, none of them weren’t really a threat but to a cruel ruler, it wouldn’t have made much difference and yet, Riddick had spared them. That moment, none of them noticed that the lightning current didn’t disappear from their sea of consciousness, it simply dissolved into it.

           Leon sighed as he bowed slightly and said, “I deeply thank you for showing mercy upon us Riddick.” Aegean bowed deeply as well. Atlee was shaking as he bowed deeply as well.

               Other were different, he was different. Atlee knew that. The others simply betrayed Riddick but he back stabbed him. Riddick looked at Atlee and then at the three Totems in his hands.

          He closed his eyes and said in a cold voice, “Kill them all.”

         As Riddick’s voice rang out, two figures appeared before Leon and Aegean. They were Roger and June. Leon’s eyes shook but he couldn’t do anything as his soul shuddered and the next second, his head was flying away as June’s sword had cleanly beheaded him.

              Aegean was even more pitiful. Roger’s staff smashed his head into a pulp. Not stopping there, Roger smashed his entire body into a pulp.

        Atlee started to shiver as he directly fell to his knees. Riddick looked at Atlee coldly and said in a low voice, “I trusted you and wanted you to be a part of my family. Yet, you lusted after power and indulged in the sin of greed.

         Atlee, you could have stood beside me, like Roger and June. Now, you are kneeling before me. It’s isn’t fate, its you.”

           Atlee’s body suddenly exploded by burning all his cultivation. Since he would die anyway, he would instead kill Riddick. Riddick looked at the Atlee and thought silently, “Die.”

          An explosion, a staff, an ice sword and a thousand blood swords pierced Atlee in that second. Before he could burn his cultivation and before he could move an inch, his body was blasted off into a thousand pieces.

              On that day, the Underworld witnessed the might of Riddick who not only obliterated the entire forces of three Great empires but also killed all three emperors. The three Celestial Totems which for eons unknown have never been collected by a single individual reached into the hands of Riddick.

         Riddick looked at the skies as he flew away from the blood drenched battlefield thinking about his one true love, Vera. Far away from Underworld, in a different continent, Vera looked at the skies and a small smile lit on her face as she knew that Riddick was coming.




        This was a bloody ending. You guys were like, was it necessary that Riddick gave so many chances to jerks like Nina.

      I say yes. Riddick actually had no reason to kill them all so he was trying to get the Totems without much slaughter. So he gave them chances repeatedly. Now, that he had no choice, he turned into a monster.

         I don’t want Riddick to be an indiscriminate monster. However, I want to show everyone that he can be an indiscriminate monster when he is crossed. That’s the Riddick I wanted to portray and thus, I wrote the last chapter in that way to lay a good foundation.

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Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 29 – Infinity Shock!

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Infinity Shock!

             “What is that thing?” Aegean said in a trembling voice. That moment, in that battlefield, there wasn’t a single person who didn’t shiver with fear. A Yaksha, a deva, it didn’t matter. Everyone including Roger, June and Dragon were stunned by the lightning dragon which was coiled in the skies, hovering above the clouds while looking at them with dark eyes.

           Riddick twisted his neck, lightning crackling about him. His body surrounded by lightning, his eyes yellow with lightning and his aura, unrestrained and overbearing. He was like a lightning god.

              Nina and Leon were finally beginning to dread Riddick. They had always imagined that with two Totems, they can definitely crush him but when faced with this abnormality, they were dreading their own decisions.

           Riddick had once given them a choice, to leave, to surrender but they blew it. Now, they had to make a choice, kill Riddick or die trying.

        Riddick looked at Nina and Leon, his eyes lacked coldness but they weren’t warm either. His eyes didn’t have anger but they weren’t calm either. They were indifferent.

          Nina looked at the lightning dragon once more and then looked at Leon. Leon nodded his head as he noticed Nina’s eyes on him. It didn’t take too long for everyone on the battlefield to realise that the lightning dragon was just a spiritual projection.

            One didn’t have to think hard to realise that the lightning dragon was a Celestial being whose power can upheaval the earth and destroy the heavens but at the same time, they all realised that the lightning dragon in front of them wasn’t real. It was just the spiritual projection of the original Immortal beast.

               “A spiritual projection. I am shocked and amazed at the same time Riddick. To possess this kind of strength at your age, with your current cultivation is something that the history doesn’t see very often. So you should have either come from a very powerful background or should have had very good Karmic luck.” Leon said with a sigh.

            He looked at Riddick’s indifferent eyes and continued in a cold voice, “Since you covet our Totems so much, I guess you aren’t from some super power. After all, Celestial Immortal class artifacts are rare treasures but aren’t unattainable for these super powers.

        If you were a direct descendant with such power and talentz, they would have definitely bestowed you with one.

       It’s a pity Riddick. I would have liked you to be an ally but fate had different plans for us. At this point, I can’t back away because I cannot believe you Riddick. Even if we give you our Totems, you might simply wipe us out. So there is really only one choice, we will kill you even if we have to sacrifice a limb or two.”

        Riddick narrowed his eyes slowly. He knew that this was coming. At this point, after so much death, betrayal and hate, there was really no chance of attaining peace. He had thus given them a choice in the beginning, he tried to limit the casualties but when faced with a choice between humanity and his goal, he choice the latter for in his world, there was no humanity among Immortals.

         Nina narrowed her eyes and said in a cold voice, “A spiritual projection. A will of an Immortal being. I don’t know how you attained it but I will be taking it even if I have to dissect your body into a thousand pieces. Riddick, that dragon indeed looks powerful but both you and I know that it ain’t a match for my Totem. If it was, then you wouldn’t have used such a round about way to attain our Totems.”

         Riddick face flickered as he heard Nina. A frown surfaced on his face as he sighed and thought, “So, it has finally come to this. Since I can’t change your ideals, I can only bury them.” At that exact moment, nine Immortals and three Totems disappeared into thin air.

“Swish!” “Swish!” “Swish!”

          Multiple zapping sounds rang out simultaneously as Leon and Nina teleported from one spot to another chasing after Riddick. The totems being Celestial artifacts naturally had teleportation abilities.

       “How can he use teleportation?” Leon roared as he looked around unable to find Riddick.

         Atlee shook his head and replied, “No, he isn’t using teleportation. He has some sort of camouflaging ability. He is fast but he cannot rival our speed when using teleportation.”

          “Really!” A cold voice rang out as Riddick materialised before a Totem. His entire body crackling as he raised his arm but the next second, the Totem disappeared only to appear ten kilometres away in a flash.

           Leon snorted coldly as he saw Riddick. Since he now know that Riddick had enough power to damage a Totem, he wasn’t going for a head-on fight.

           Riddick’s eyes flickered as his body shook and the next instant, the air around him trembled as he disappeared in a flash appearing before the Totem.

      “Impossible!” Atlee roared as he saw Riddick. Riddick was fast, so fast that he could chase after the Totem which was using teleportation. He wasn’t using teleportation, it was pure speed, speed which rivalled teleportation.

         “It’s the lightning. His speed has increased. Nina, we can’t wait any longer. Get rid of the other two now, we have to defeat Riddick now.” Leon said in a low voice.

       Roger and Dragon was fighting madly against Burdock and Liam. While the other Totem was locked in a fight against Dragon’s Totem.

          Nina sighed and took out a piece of jade. She broke it and looked at Riddick coldly. Riddick who chasing after the third Totem suddenly halted in his tracks as he sensed a massive energy ripples nearby.

       His face contracted as he understood what those ripples were. Within a minute, massive army of a fifty Yakshas emerged  near the battlefield.

          Nina looked at Riddick and said in a cold voice, “I guess even the all seeing Riddick didn’t expect that I hid a reserve army right under your nose. It was a far fetched idea but I was right to put up a barrier to block spiritual scanning.”

        Roger and Dragon halted in their tracks. Far away from the battlefield, June’s eyes contracted as she said, “Master!”
          Riddick’s face was grave as he looked at the army of fifty Yakshas charging at him. He sighed lightly and transmitted, “No, June, the time isn’t right yet. Roger, Dragon, block them using the Totem.

          It’s fortunate that we haven’t been double crossed at the beginning. This is war and no one can foresee everything. How we deal with our enemy in the face of uncertainty and against all odds shows the path to victory.”

         Riddick face was calm but his eyes were cold as he watched Roger and Dragon heading off to a block them. Roger and Dragon had strong survival skills but this was a war and death was an unbeatable enemy.

          Riddick didn’t want to kill indiscriminately because he didn’t have any enmity towards Nina or Leon but now, when thrown into a situation where either Roger or Dragon could die, something snapped in his heart.

          An uncontrollable amount of killing intent surged in his veins as he looked at them, their faces, filled with smiles and sneers. Two Totems were dashing towards him as Riddick raised his head and looked at them.


         A single word escaped his mouth and a rain of blood erupted like a storm. Two Totems attacked him at once. Riddick looked at the two Totems and waves his hand. A thousand crimson blades materialised and a thousand blasts rang out sending the two Totems reeling back as their bodies were partially ripped apart.

             Blooming smiles and growing sneers froze but before they could think, Riddick disappeared and the next instant, he reappeared behind Burdock. A look of shock and horror appeared on Nina’s face.

“Burdock!!!!!” Nina roared loudly.

        Burdock’s face fell as he saw a hand approaching his throat from the corner of his eye. He instantly activated teleportation and appeared a kilometre away but the next second, he felt a pressure akin to a million ton weight assault him slowly him down for just a second.

       A second, an instant, a single breath, that was all the time it took to change his fate as Riddick appeared before his eyes, grabbing his throat. Burdock roared out loudly as he burned the essence of his cultivation to kill Riddick but to his horror, he found that his cultivation wasn’t rising, it was drying up.

       “Nooooo!” Nina roared loudly in anger as she teleported but before she could reach Riddick, he disappeared into thin air. Five people, ten pair of eyes searched him but he was no where to be found.

        That was the advantage the Ghost Walker had over teleportation. Once someone uses teleportation, he has to appear somewhere but Ghost Walker was different. Time didn’t matter, as long as Riddick doesn’t deactivate it, no one could find him even if he was right before them.

        Nina’s eyes were red, bloodshot as she searched for Burdock. Burdock was her most trusted servant, he was by her side since her childhood. He protected her from her treacherous brothers and he was more of a father to her than her own father. 


           A soul quivering wail of unbearable pain rang out like a thunder. Nina’s face became pale as she heard Burdock’s voice. Her eyes searched for him but all she could hear was moans of pain.

      Nina’s eyes were red as she roared loudly, “RIDDICK, YOU BASTARD.”

          Riddick didn’t answer nor did he stop. For the next two minutes, the entire battlefield reverberated with Burdock’s pain filled moans. Slowly, Burdock’s voice weakened until everyone could only hear him slightly, then silence returned to the battlefield.

       “Thud!!!” A dried up corpse slowly fell on the ground and Riddick’s cold voice rang out as he materialised before them all.

           “I gave you a chance and then I gave you some more and yet, here you are trying to kill me. It’s alright, I don’t mind but you have plotted to kill my people. That is unforgivable.

                Burdock’s death is my final warning Nina. Don’t make this war anymore bloody than it already is. I only want the Totem, give it to me and I will go back else, I promise you, this won’t be the first time I have eliminated entire clans and sects.”

          Nina looked at Riddick and then at Burdock’s dried up corpse. Her beautiful face which once represented charm and wisdom was completely blank as her eyes, cold with killing intent looked at Riddick.

             Her figure flashed and at the same time her Totem disappeared only to appear behind Dragon. Riddick’s eyes shook as he saw this. The next second, his figure too disappeared along with Leon, Atlee, Liam and Aegean.

“Dragon!” Riddick roared loudly.

       Dragon who was locked in a fight against more than twenty five Yakshas turned his head but he was too late. Nina’s hand grabbed his throat and the next second, her other hand teared through his heart.

           Taking advantage of this, other Yakshas charged at Dragon and teared apart all his puppets. Nina’s hands flashed a sign as she took out a talisman and crushed it, a green smoke emanated from it and bound Dragon’s ethereal body.

      “Not good.” Dragon face turned pale as his ethereal body was bound by the green gas. At that instant, the Totem under Nina’s command came crashing like thunder and unleashed all his strength on bound Dragon.

              “ROGER!” Riddick roared as he appeared beside the Totem. Roger’s eyes shook as he immediately changed directions and fled away from the battlefield. Riddick’s eyes were red as he saw Dragon whose body was crumbling under the assault of the Totem.

        Dragon ethereal body was bound for a brief instant by some kind of treasure and at that instant, Nina’s Totem struck him. Dragon had an ethereal form and was naturally resistant to physical attacks. Thus when caught off guard, he had no way to defend against the Totem’s physical attack.

        “Not so fast.” Leon sneered as his Totem charged at Riddick while Nina’s Totem once again charged at Dragon. A savage look appeared in Riddick’s eyes as he roared, “FUCK OFF!”

           The lightning dragon coiled in the skies roared loudly as it charged towards the battlefield. Riddick’s eyes were red as he caught Dragon in his arms and said in a low voice, “Infinity Shock!”


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Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 28 – Exploding with power

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Exploding with power :

        “This is impossible!” Burdock said in a stunned voice as he saw Riddick holding the Totem in his hands.

       Riddick smiled lightly and looked at Burdock as he said, “What is? Is it me having a Totem or the fact that you were all playing in my hands till the very end.”

            Nina’s mind shook as she heard Riddick. Atlee put a hand over his mouth as he understood Riddick’s words. Emperor Leon backed away in shock. All of them realised that instant that they not only failed to trap Riddick’s but instead fell deeper into his trap.
         Riddick laughed lightly as he looked at them and said with a sneer, “So just because I revealed my thoughts, you assumed that you had an upper hand over me and blindly decided to surround and kill me.

        Did any of you realise that I had been ahead of you all this time so tell me, why would I even reveal my plans at this critical moment? You assumed that I was careless while I assumed that you would carelessly think that I was careless and ultimately, it was you being careless about me.”

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       “Shut up pagan. Don’t you dare speak another word.” Leon roared loudly as he heard Riddick.

          Riddick narrowed his eyes and looked at Leon. Nina sighed heavily as she heard Leon and looked at Riddick with hateful eyes. She then looked at every Yaksha in the battlefield and as she did, determination filled her eyes.

         Looking back at Riddick, she snorted coldly and said, “I admit that I have underestimated you. I have repeatedly failed to see through your evil schemes. However, today, at this moment, I swear in front of every warrior who is fighting for the sake of any of the three empires that I will obliterate you.

           I am going to kill you at any cost Riddick. You may be intelligent, cunning and even the most charming of all men I have met but you definitely are the only man who have managed to anger me to this extent.

                Believe me Riddick, no man including my father have survived my anger. I killed my own father to grab the throne and I won’t hesitate to kill my own son if he plots against me for my throne. That’s the kind of woman I am and today, you have provoked me, repeatedly and I will show you Riddick that I am a woman whose fury which will burn through all of heavens to kill her enemy.

        What will do Riddick? Ha… Yes, you have a Celestial Totem but we have two. Yes, you have three Yakshas by your side but we have over three hundred. Yes, you may be stronger than us but can YOU BEAT A CELESTIAL TOTEM YOU MOTHERFUCKER.”

         Riddick looked at Nina and began to smile lightly, his smile slowly became a laugh which turned into wild laughter. Leon’s face was cold and so was Nina’s. Even though they understood how dangerous Riddick was, they had absolute confidence that they could utterly crush him.

       Riddick had managed to fool them all but they had the combined forces of the three empires at their disposal. Riddick himself was powerful but was he powerful enough to rival the power of a Celestial Totem. Absolutely not. Nina and Leon thought that and thus were very confident in their victory.

         Riddick laughed for a few seconds before he narrowed his eyes and said, “Nina. Oh! Nina. Believe me, I never wage a losing war. Not in the past and never in the future. The minute this battle started, it was already determined that you would lose it.”

          Riddick looked at Leon and said in a low voice, “Leon, you didn’t bring a single member of your family here, right? You see, my strategist, the third Yaksha under my command who had stayed in covers all this time, June. She is on her way to your empire. No, she should have reached it by now.

            Tell me Leon, who would you choose? Your family or a goddamn stone statue.”

        Leon’s face immediately changed as he roared, “Dieeee! You bastard.” The totem in his hands erupted with a brown light and the next instant, a ten metre long giant golem appeared before him.

         Dragon snorted coldly as he waved his hands. The Totem in Riddick’s hands immediately flew forward and took the shape of a similar golem.


            A world trembling explosion rang out as the two golems, each with power of an early celestial Immortal faced each other. The ripples of energy spread throughout the battlefield pushing Yakshas away while some of the nearby devas were instantly obliterated by the energy ripples.

            Riddick frowned as the energy ripples hit him. However, unlike other devas, as soon as the ripples hit him, they were directly neutralised by the raging power surging within Riddick, Void energy.

        Nina who was caught off guard with this attack immediately activated her own golem and directly flew towards Riddick. Her eyes were completely cold as she roared, “Dieeee…”

        “Master!” Roger roared loudly as she saw Nina flying toward Riddick. All this happened within a split second and by the time, the energy ripples spread across the sky, Nina was just a fifty metres away from Riddick while the Stone Golem was just before Riddick.

         “Kill him!” Nina roared loudly. The golem raised its hand and a look of joy appeared on Leon’s face. A look of hope appeared on Atlee’s face and Roger’s face wrapped in worry as he flew as fast as he could towards Riddick.

        Dragon’s face twisted in anger as he erupted with fury while Burdock smiled coldly as he saw the Golem’s hand descending on Riddick.

        Riddick was looking at the golem with cold eyes. He had listened to Roger’s warning but even before that he had seen Nina activating her Golem. He had seen her flying towards him and he was seeing the look of joy and hope cross across everyone’s face.

             His cold eyes suddenly revealed a angry glint as his body burst out with blood red energy which wrapped around him like a globe while his knuckles tightened as the golem’s hand reached him.

         Riddick’s mind suddenly calmed down as if the time had slowed down in that instant, he remembered his talk with Void, with Goku and the sacrifice Void made to give him a fighting chance.


             A defending sound rang out as two fists smashed each other. One with the power of a Celestial Immortal, the other with the power of Void energy. That instant, the entire battlefield stopped in its tracks as they saw something which would forever be etched into their minds.

          Nina expected Riddick to die a dog’s death, Leon expected Riddick to die, every sane man on that battlefield thought that Riddick would die the instant the Golem reached him but they were all wrong. Not only did the Golem couldn’t kill Riddick, the exchange had cost it its arm. Its entire right hand was actually blasted off by the exchange.

          “Impossible!” Nina roared loudly as she saw that. Burdock face was pale. Riddick looked at Nina, Burdock and Leon and smiled lightly as he coldly spoke, “Didn’t I say it before Nina? Just because I appear vulnerable doesn’t really mean that I vulnerable.”

            Riddick glanced coldly at the Golem. Living up to its name as a Celestial Immortal class artifact, it’s arm was repairing at a phenomenal rate. Riddick smiled lightly and said loudly, “Roger, kill that bitch.”

          Two Golden arms errupted out of his shoulders. Two enormous golden palms moved widely apart and came crushing like a storm and smashed the Golem between them.

         Nina’s face finally recovered as she saw that. Shocked so badly, she forgot to relay orders to the Golem. No matter what class it was, it was still a Golem so it had to be controlled by someone.

           Roger roared loudly as he immediately changed direction towards Nina but was blocked by Burdock and Aegean as they stood in his path. Atlee and Liam immediately flew towards Riddick but came to a stop as they saw a bloody mess of corpses floating before them with a ghostly figure flying above them, it was Dragon.

         Leon looked over at the scene and snorted coldly as he immediately ordered in a loud voice, “Those who have sworn to protect the three empires, join hands and attack these pagans.

         Anyone who manages to kill Riddick will be given a dukedom and unfathomable wealth by the three empires. Attack!!!”

         Riddick looked at Leon and smiled coldly. The minute he smiled coldly, screams of horror and pain rang out in the battlefield as multiple Yakshas’s started killing others.

           Leon was shocked to the core as he noticed that some of his own men were among those who attacked his army. Riddick glanced at Nina and Leon and said in a cold voice, “What do you think Leon, Nina? If you could make these people agree to work for you, then why can’t I?

           Eight months, that’s how long we have been waging this war. I have more than a hundred of your three Yakshas under my command. I don’t need them to win this war for me, I just need them to buy me enough time to beat the life out of your fucking bodies.”    

         Riddick words resonated throughout the battlefield like a thunder. His power and his way of dealing with Nina and Leon had scared each and every person. When they heard that many among them have already turned into his soldiers, some decided to simply shift sides then and then.

        From an all out massacre, it turned into an all out war which was slowly, once again turning into an all out massacre, only the tide shifted this time. Nina’s eyes were now completely red as she saw this. At each and every step, Riddick was showing her that he was already ahead of her and she was always just his toy, playing his game for him.

          Nina and Leon together charged at Riddick with red eyes and gritted teeth. Leon’s Golem was in a stalemate with Dragon’s Golem. Roger was in a stalemate with Aegean and Burdock. Dragon was in a stalemate with Atlee and Liam.

          Leon looked at Riddick and shouted loudly, “Two Yakshas and an Ancient Golem, you are dead for certain Riddick.”

            Riddick looked at three figures charging over at him and smiled coldly. He twisted his neck and said in a low voice, “Little Lightning.”

        A thunder errupted in the skies and a lightning struck the ground as a lightning dragon arose from Riddick and stared at the battleground with eyes which looked like the abysses of hell.

       Nina stopped in her tracks and so did Leon as they saw the lightning dragon but above all, they stopped because, their every instinct told them that the Riddick before them was dangerous.

         Standing before them, with lightning crackling all over his body and power surging his cultivation base forward, Riddick opened his eyes, with a yellow lightning flickering in those crimson depths.


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Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 27 – The Horror known as Riddick

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The Horror known as Riddick :

             “Minister Chu, tomorrow, we are going to end this war. Make all the necessary preparations in advance. There can be no mistakes when dealing with this monster.” Morgan said in a calm voice as he ate his dinner.

         Dragon nodded his head as he stood beside Morgan. William was also sitting on the same table while his son, Euclid was eating with his grandfather.

         They were all in the dining hall of the inner palace, the most protected part of the Imperial palace. Outside the inner palace, numerous guards stood guard but none were allowed to enter the inner palace.

        “Grandfather, I want to participate this in war as well.” Euclid said in a loud voice. His eyes were serious as he looked at Morgan for his consent.

       Morgan looked at Euclid and sighed in his heart. Morgan had only two children, William and Jasper. William was far more talented than Jasper in cultivation and similarly, his son Euclid was also highly talented.

          Among all his progeny, Euclid was the only one who broke though into deva realm before fifty years of age. He was already in the second level of deva realm and Morgan had absolute confidence that he would exceed his own strength given enough time.

          So Morgan smiled lightly and shook his head. “Euclid, this war is too dangerous for you. I too want to let you experience the outside world but this time, I can’t. The man we are dealing with is dangerous beyond your imagination.” He said in a warm voice.

           Euclid’s face fell as he heard his grandfather. William who was listening to everything nodded his head in agreement as he heard his father. Euclid was his only son and after his wife’s death, he was his life.

           William wouldn’t be able to stay alive if something happened to Euclid. The war with Riddick was too dangerous for Euclid at his current cultivation. It was dangerous for even Yakshas so there was no way, he was going to allow his son to participate in the war.

           “You guys are having quite a peaceful dinner here. Hoho! This is unexpected.” A voice rang out in the hall starling Morgan and William but as soon as they saw Riddick casually walking into the dining hall, their heart froze.

        Morgan’s hand immediately grabbed the ancient totem while he rose to his feet, William immediately backed away towards Euclid. However, before any of them could say a word, a painful moan erupted from Morgan’s mouth as a spear pierced straight through his heart.

          Standing behind Morgan, Minister Chu..aka.. Dragon smiled lightly as he easily grabbed the Totem out of Morgan’s hand. Morgan looked at Minister Chu in horror and despair while William looked at Chu in stunned silence.

           He immediately grabbed his son Euclid and began to run. However, Riddick calmly narrowed his eyes and said a single word, “Karmic shock!”

        That single word became a tempest as an aura of golden power erupted from his body and shot towards the Karmic thread on Williams’s head.


            A loud explosion took place as William coughed up blood and fell on the ground. Euclid’s eyes were filled with despair as he looked at his father who was moaning with pain. As he looked back at Riddick, he felt the depth of ruthlessness he could expect from him.

      But before he could escape himself, an aura descended on him and smashed him to the ground. Euclid coughed up blood as he fell on his knees. Even Yakshas find it difficult to resist the attack of Riddick’s aura so he naturally couldn’t.

          Riddick walked forward with cold eyes as Dragon walked forward and grabbed Euclid before William could shake of his reeling mind.

          Karmic shock was a make shift attack made by Riddick by utilising the power of the Golden staff. The staff had the power to annihilate the karma written by heavens.

        However, Riddick currently wasn’t able to utilise the full extent of its power but Riddick was able to use a part of its power to attack the karma of a soul. That was the Karmic shock. To utilise his limited control over his power to bombard the Karmic thread.

              William was a mere second tribulation Yaksha while Karmic shock utilised the insights Riddick gained from the Will of a true god. The difference between them was akin to heaven and earth. There was no way for William to resist Riddick’s attack.

       Dragon dragged Euclid away from the battlefield while Riddick walked towards William with the Totem in his hands. William finally managed to calm down his reeling mind after a few more seconds.

         He looked at Riddick in terror and as he saw Dragon grasping his son in his arms, his heart froze. Riddick walked towards William and kneeled down until his face was at his face level.

         “William, I assume you know why I am here. Don’t worry, nothing will happen to your son as long as you follow my words.” Riddick said in a calm voice.
          William looked at Riddick as if he was looking at a demon and roared loudly in an angry voice as he said, “Why? Why are you doing this to us? We have done nothing to you.”

            Riddick smiled lightly and said in a calm voice, “Let’s just say that I was in your position and you were in my position, would you have let me live a peaceful life? I don’t think you would.

          You would kill a hundred thousand immortals or millions of mortals if you can grab the Totems in my hands. I have done a far better job William, the amount of life lost in this war is minimal to what would have been lost otherwise.

          There is no such thing as justice in this world William. Just a few hours ago, all of you decided to kill me and my people because I messed with you. Now, you can’t complain when I rewrote your scheme as a part of my elaborate plan.”

           Riddick held the Totem in is hands as he looked at William and said in a serious voice, “I will keep my word William. Erase the soul branding on this Totem and I promise you, the Jehu empire will never see me again, not in this life of mine.”

           William looked at Riddick and then at his son in Dragon’s hands. Dragon had a cultivation base of a third tribulation Yaksha, killing a deva was like crushing an ant to him.

        William narrowed his eyes and said with a cold voice, “Even if you don’t kill us as per your words. The Jehu empire will eventually collapse under the assault of those two empires.”

       Riddick smiled lightly and said in a cold voice, “Don’t worry, starting tomorrow, the Underworld will lose all three of its totems to me. That way, you will all be at the same level.”

        William slowly raised his hand and touched the Totem. He then looked at Riddick. Riddick’s eyes were sharp and cold as he glanced at William. One false move and William was certain that he would immediately lose his head before the Totem even activates.

         Grinding his teeth in anger, William removed the soul binding on the Totem. Riddick smiled as he rose to his feet and threw the Totem to Dragon.

      He walked away as he said in a loud voice, “Bind it Dragon, today will be your last day in this palace.

       Tomorrow, it will all end. I will keep my word William so don’t do anything foolish and stay put. A single night of silence will give your progeny hundreds of thousands of years of future.”

             William stared at Riddick as he disappeared into nothingness. Dragon bonded the ancient totem immediately and released Euclid who immediately ran towards his father.

        William hugged Euclid and looked over at Dragon. His eyes were cold as he asked in a hateful voice, “Why do you consider him as your master? He is nothing but a coward. If he really has the guts, then why can’t he fight head-on.”

       Dragon looked at William with pitying eyes and smiled lightly as he said, “Kid, remember these words of mine for the rest of your life. Never underestimate my master for that will be the last mistake of your life.

         Coward, is it? That is the last thing he can be. That man has faced things and had seen things neither of us can dream in our entire lives.”

         That night, none noticed the event which would change the outcome of the battle. Nina smiled coldly as she thought of Riddick’s pale face she would see in battlefield while Leon dreamed of killing Riddick for the humiliation he suffered in his hands. However, neither of them even dreamed that they were still under his control.

         The next day, the battle started just like usual. Only, the three core leaders of the three factions battled against each other. Nina battled Leon while Burdock battled against William who had come instead of his father. Chu battled against Atlee and Liam.

           Riddick entered the battlefield to break the stalemate along with Roger. As he entered the battlefield, the entire battlefield changed at the speed of the wind as Nina, Leon, Atlee, Liam, Burdock, Aegean, Chu and William surrounded Riddick.

             Three totems emerged in their hands and a world rippling energy waves began to emanate from them pushing all the devas and Yakshas away from the battlefield.

          Nina laughed while Leon smirked as they saw Riddick’s face. Their faces revealed the vicious intentions hidden within their hearts.

       “So how does it feel getting trapped for the first time Riddick?” Leon asked in a loud voice.

       “With our Totems in our hands, you do not even qualify to be our opponent.” Nina said with a sneer.

         Riddick looked at them and sighed lightly. A Totem flew out of Dragon’s hand and floated above his palm shocking Nina and Leon. Their mind reeled as Chu flew towards Riddick and bowed deeply.

         William looked at Nina and Leon, he bowed deeply and said, “Forgive me.” He then immediately flew away leaving the battlefield stunned by the chain of events.

        Nina mind shook as she staggered back and Leon body began to tremble as he heard William. Everyone standing in the battlefield staggered back in shock as Riddick held a Totem in his hands.

         A Riddick looked at Nina and Leon and said in a cold voice, “Care tell me, how the hell did you trap me? Also, I too have a Totem, so does this qualify me to be your opponent?”


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