Rigel, Patreon and the future of reddycreations

So have you guys taken a look at the home page. If you didn’t then, take a quick look and come back.

Today, I have taken a very BIG decision in my life. 

In order to make it easy and quick, I will explain it all as bullet points.

  1. I have decided to write Rigel as a main stream work.
  2. I decided to increase my regular chapters.
  3. I have joined the Patreon system.
  4. Any of the above decisions won’t affect the normal Riddick releases.

I was hesitating to give my word for a long long time. Why?? Because I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to keep my word.

Today, I talked to my father. I said that I was unable to take a decision. He asked why? I said that I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to bear the responsibility that comes with it.

Do you know what he said? He said that even the president would be afraid of fulfilling his responsibilities. He said that if I really want to do something. I have to dive in and put my back against the wall and then face all the demons head on.

I trust my father and thus I trusted his word. I did what I wanted to do for a long while. I decided that I would write not as a hobby but as work. I decided that I really want to write more and I decided that I can no longer run.

Whether it is studies or sports, they are a part of my life and now, writing is. I am going to write more and more. Thus, I have joined the patreon system. The main reason why I never joined patreon is because I have to write as a duty. People would trust me with their money and I didn’t want to betray them. Now, I am ready to take the oath.

Patreon is mainly for Rigel series. For now, Riddick series system of 2 regular chapter/ week and 1 sponosored chapter/ 20$ will remain.

Creator Goals : Patreon goals

I will release 8 Riddick + 4 Rigel regular chapters/ month. The amount pledged will be used to give bonus chapters. Here are my goals :-

The amount pledged – The reward.


1) 25$/ month   –  1 Rigel bonus chapter.

Total chapters : 5 Rigel chapters ( 4 regular + 1 bonus )


2) 100$/ month – 5 Rigel bonus chapters

Total chapters : – 9 Rigel chapters ( 4 regular + 4 bonus + 1 extra bonus chapter )


3) 200$/ month – 9 Rigel bonus chapters + 1 Riddick bonus chapter.

Total chapters – 13 Rigel chapters ( 4 regular + 8 bonus + 1 extra bonus ) + 9 Riddick chapters ( 8 regular + 1 bonus )


4) 500 $/ month – A chapter every day.

This is a lofty dream but if it is reached then I will release a chapter every single day. A minimum of 25 chapters every month. Don’t you wanna read new chapters every day??


5) 1000$/ month – I will go pro.

This is a realm beyond my imagination. If I do reach it then I will go pro by publishing my book. If I can garner this much support from you guys then I may be able to survive in the turbulent world of professional writing. I hope I will achieve this one day wth your support and the lord’s grace.

Support me in this endeavor. Be my Patreon.

Check out my patreon page for more info.




This week will be a RIGEL week. I will be releasing only Rigel chapters. I will try to make up for the deficit of Riddick regular chapters next week.

Thank you for reading till the end. Always at your service.

Yours sincerely,

Gsd Reddy.


8 thoughts on “Rigel, Patreon and the future of reddycreations

  1. I started reading rigle and I like it so far but I’m only in the middle of the first chapter (I was in university from 9 to 9 😢)

    I do love the idea of more chapter’s but you I’m afraid it might affect you or the chapter.
    You see in manga the writer has to make a chapter every week, the problem is some of then are bad or rushed, what I feel is happening now is that you write when you can or when you have a good idea.

    I’m saying that they will be bad. Actually from the party Riddick sponsored chapters are very good.
    If I recall you are med student. That takes time. I’m not trying to bring you down, I don’t want you to bite what you can’t chew.

    But non the less I’m very excited for this many chapters in a regular basis. 😀


  2. Honestly kind of disappointed. I don’t really care about Rigel in the slightest. I’m not saying that it is a bad peice of literature. It just didn’t grab me like Riddick did. Sorry to see you not focusing on Riddick anymore.


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