Rigel – Book 1 – Chapter 18 – Grateful for life


Grateful for life:



“So what should we do Angelo? Your sister though lacking in some spots is quite ripe, and you have to pluck ripe fruits before they rot. Don’t you know that?” Maze said with a sneer on his face.

The man begging at his feet shivered as he heard Maze while the four lackeys behind Maze burst out laughing. Angelo, who was begging, was controlling the deep rage which was assaulting his soul as he kneeled on the floor.

Even though he was at the second level of Qi condensation stage, his sister was only in the first level. He couldn’t do anything as he didn’t have the confidence to escape alive from Maze’s group.

Even if he did manage to get away, he would have to leave his sister behind. Angelo would rather beg than abandon his sister. However, as he realized Maze’s inner thoughts, he was thrown into utter despair.

With no way to escape and no way to retaliate, Angelo could do nothing but grind his teeth in intense anger. Even if by chance, he does manage to win against Maze, who was in the third level of Qi condensation and his four friends who were all in the second level, where would he escape?

Maze would hunt him down with all his might. Suppose he does manage to kill Maze then he would stir up even more trouble. Usually, the sect wouldn’t mind the disappearance of a few outer circle disciples but if the inner circle disciples interfere to investigate the matter. Proven guilty, the murder of a fellow sect disciple is punishable by death.

Not only Angelo but every other person in the outer circle knew these facts. Thus, no one dared to question Maze or his authority.

If Maze kills a disciple, and if they go against him to lodge a complaint. The only thing that would happen is Maze getting scolded for taking rash actions. The judgment committee will simply write off the murder as an unfortunate accident to win the favor of inner circle disciples supporting Maze.

At that instant, loud footsteps interrupted Maze’s laughter as Rigel walked out of the bushes into the clearing. As soon as Maze saw Rigel and his stunned face, an evil smile bloomed on his face.

“Hahaha! Today truly is full of surprises for me. First, I find a girl alone with her worthless brother, and now, I find the punk who dared to treat me as a beggar here in the middle of nowhere.” Maze laughed loudly and continued, “Brat, don’t even try to escape. Kane, get that kid for me.”

One of his four friends looked at Rigel and casually walked towards him. Rigel looked at Kain and then at Maze. His eyes finally stopped on Angelo, who was watching him with pleading eyes.

Even though Angelo was delighted to see someone coming, his hope was instantly crushed when he saw Rigel. If he, who was in the second level of Qi condensation couldn’t do anything then what could someone who wasn’t even in Qi condensation stage do?”

Rigel looked at Angelo and narrowed his own eyes. A serious killing intent suddenly surfaced in his eyes startling Angelo. However, this killing intent was also sensed by Kane.

Kane’s eyes instantly flashed as he sensed danger. Even though he wasn’t certain why, but he knew that very instant that Rigel was somehow very dangerous. He stopped in his tracks, at a mere distance of five steps away from Rigel and stood like a statue unable to move.

Rigel turned his head and looked at Kane and his defensive stance. He then turned around and ran away at high speed into the forest.

Maze eyes bulged as he saw Rigel running away into the woods. He immediately kicked Angelo away and ran after Rigel as he roared loudly, “What are you doing Kane? Go after the kid. That kid saw us. Don’t tell me; you forgot senior Ian’s rule. Do not let any witnesses get away. Kill the boy. Go!

Pi, you stand guard here. Angelo, don’t you dare do anything foolish. I will kill you if you even think of doing anything foolish, Understood?”

Angelo was stunned as he saw Maze running into the forest with Kane and two others leaving Pi behind. His mind was replaying the scene of Rigel staring at him.

Those eyes of Rigel contained incredible killing intent. He saw it with his own eyes, the killing intent which can never be emanated by a person who hasn’t killed before.         

Angelo was sure as to what Rigel was implying with his actions. He was telling Angelo to take the chance to run away. Angelo would have done it without a second thought if it was someone who was capable of defeating Maze, but Rigel wasn’t even in Qi condensation stage.

At that instant, he looked at Pi and saw the ridicule in his eyes. The anger which was swelling inside Angelo’s heart erupted like a volcano as he lunged for Pi’s throat. Angelo can be called a coward because he didn’t fight back Maze, but he wasn’t going to sit back and see another second level Qi condensation stage cultivator sneer upon him and eye his sister in his presence.

Pi was caught off guard as Angelo’s hand reached for his throat and wasn’t able to dodge in time. Angelo caught Pi’s neck in his death grip. Pi never imagined that Angelo would retaliate. He struggled hard to get out of the death grip, but since his strength didn’t surpass Angelo’s by a large margin, so it was impossible for him to escape.

His eyes were filled with fear as he saw the insane expression in Angelo’s eyes. That instant all his life flashed before his eyes. Everything he ever dreamed of and everything he once was flashed before his eyes.

He remembered his mother who raised him with all her heart; he remembered losing her to bandits who captured her as a slave. He once aspired to be a righteous man, but the world slowly changed him. He sunk deeper and deeper into sin until he gradually became a man he once despised with all his heart.

The light in Pi’s eyes slowly faded away as he released the last bit of air in his lungs. Angelo fell on the ground crying bitterly. Even though he had killed people before, that was in a group along with his father and uncles. He killed bandits who attacked his tribe, but it was his first time killing a man with his bare hands.

However, Angelo wasn’t regretting his decision. He did what he had to do to protect his sister. Angelo quickly untied his sister who was watching everything with tear filled eyes and hugged her tightly.

He then turned around and faced the direction in which Rigel ran off. His eyes were filled with extreme gratitude as he bowed deeply and said, “Today, I was able to save my sister because of your help brother. I cannot repay this debt in this life.

If I ever meet you again, I will offer my everything to repay your help. Thank you, brother. I am going to leave this sect, this city and return to my tribe. I hope that you will escape this predicament and live well.”

Angelo grabbed his sister’s hand and hurriedly ran off in the opposite direction of Rio town. They belonged to a tribe who were local landlords in the Great grasslands of North Deccan. Since his childhood, he was a kid who showed promise as a cultivator. Thus, his father sent him along with his sister to the Rio town to join the Xia sect.    

Now that it had come to it, whether or not Rigel lives, Maze or someone related to him will hunt them down. Thus, Angelo was presented with no choice but to return to his tribe. The Grasslands of North Deccan was a vast territory with numerous tribes. Angelo was confident that no one would follow them to avenge the death of Pi.

Back in the forest, Rigel was running away at high speed. Even though, Rigel’s speed couldn’t match Maze’s. He was running on par with Kane and two others who were in the second level of Qi condensation.

Rigel turned his head and saw Maze’s following him. Rigel’s eyes turned cold as he turned back and stopped in his tracks surprising them all.

Kane watched Rigel’s actions and immediately slowed down, but Maze and the others didn’t. Maze laughed loudly and said with a sneer on his face, “Have you lost your mind, you fucking bastard? You dare to fight me head-on. I will kill you with my bare hands and feed your remains to my dogs.”

Rigel sighed lightly and took a deep breath. He closed his eyes and thought back to the time he first examined the Great Black pearl within his dantian. That day, Rigel not only found the Black Pearl but also discovered that the black pearl was the source of the poisonous black fog which was circulating in his Qi channels along with his Qi.

Rigel slowly opened his eyes and raised his right hand. His eyes were sharp as he clenched his hand and eyed the three people who were in the second level of Qi condensation expert.

Rigel’s eyes showed his absolute confidence in himself as his other hand touched his bag of holding and retrieved three throwing knives. He licked the knives and then proceeded to condense the black fog around them. A second later, he threw them towards Kane, Maze and another person with absolute precision.

“Don’t fuck with me.” Maze roared as he retrieved a sword from his bag of holding and quickly deflected the knife. However, his voice struck in his throat as he saw three more knives coming straight at him aimed at various vital organs. The same happened to Kane and other person leaving the last one’s mind in disarray.

That man was so distracted by Rigel’s attacks that he didn’t saw Rigel himself closing on him. However, being a second level Qi condensation expert he reacted immediately as he saw Rigel’s fist approaching him.

However, his face twisted in pain and the next instant he coughed up blood as a throwing knife pierced his navel. The dash was Rigel’s way to bring the man’s concentration away from the knife. Before the man could utter a word, his face became pale with pain as black fog invaded his body through the wound.

Rigel looked at the man’s painful expression and then at Maze’s stunned face. He snorted coldly and ran away towards the very clearing which started it all.


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