Rigel – Book 1 – Chapter 20 – Establishing a name

Establishing a name:



Rigel smiled as he saw the ugly expression in Maze’s eyes. If Maze could use his relationship with inner circle disciples to control the outer sect, then Rigel could surely use his relationship with an Elder to bring these fake bosses of outer sect off their thrones.

As soon as Rigel reached the sect, he immediately went to the main sect and requested an audience with Elder Feng. When he met Elder Feng, he immediately told him the entire story.

Of course, he simply narrated what he wanted to and made Elder Feng believe that Maze killed Pi to obtain his spirit crystals as he was almost on the verge of breaking through to the fourth level.

Experts in the fourth level of Qi condensation were the true rulers of the outer sect, and Maze wanted to be one of them for a long time. Thus, he chose to steal spirit crystals from his friend which turned into a fight later leading to a death match in which Pi lost his life.

Feng wasn’t a fool so as soon as he heard Rigel’s story, he sent people to investigate about Pi’s whereabouts. What these people found was a corpse in the very clearing that Rigel spoke of, with Hazard searching the body and Maze keeping a watch on the surroundings.

Having confirmed Rigel’s story, Feng came to the outer sect to further investigate the matter.

Rigel, who was standing behind Elder Feng, eyed Maze’s bag of holding and licked his lips. Pi, who was a mere underling had more than three hundred spirit crystals. Just how many crystals did Maze have, Rigel had no idea, but he knew for sure that Maze’s bag of holding was surely a treasure.

Rigel looked at Elder Feng and said in a respectful voice, “Elder Feng, Maze stole about two hundred of my spirit crystals as well as the ten spirit crystals provided by the sect.

I have no proof regarding those two hundred spirit crystals he stole from me the other day but elder; Maze took the spirit crystals provided by the sect right after Uncle Hedge left me with Jiya. I am a poor man Elder; those were my entire life savings.”

“YOU!!!” Maze roared loudly in anger and took a step forward but stopped in his tracks as he saw the cold expression in Feng’s eyes.

Feng glanced at Hedge and said in a cold voice, “Go, bring me this kid Jiya?”

Hedge hurriedly bowed his head and ran off towards the valley. Soon, he brought Jiya along with him.

Jiya was shocked as Hedge dragged him along forcefully without explaining anything, but his shock turned into terror as he the Violet robe worn by Elder  Feng.

That Violet robe represented his status as an Elder and any person with an elder status was a god-like existence to all outer sect disciples.

Feng glanced at Jiya and asked in a serious voice, “Jiya, did Maze steal Rigel’s spirit crystals? Don’t you dare lie to me.”

Jiya glanced at Maze and then at Rigel. As he saw Rigel’s face, he was shocked as if lightning struck him. In Rigel’s narrowed eyes, he saw ridicule. It was directed at him because Rigel knew what he would do.

There wasn’t really any choice for Jiya. What he would speak was, of course, the truth and furthermore, no matter how daring he was, he wouldn’t lie to an elder and certainly not for Maze.

That instant Jiya understood that Rigel was far scarier than Maze, so he immediately nodded his head and said in a respectful voice, “Yes, Elder. Junior did witness Maze stealing spirit crystals from Rigel.”

Feng snorted coldly and looked at Maze. His face lacked all kindness as he waved his hand. Maze’s bag of holding immediately appeared in his hand which he threw to Rigel.

He then looked at Kane, Hazard, and Maze and said in a loud voice, “The only reason why any of you are still alive is that I didn’t catch you committing the heinous crime of killing a fellow disciple red handed.

However, it is confirmed that you steal and plunder. Stealing from people is an act which puts you on the same level as bandits. Mind you; this is Xia sect, not your home. We are raising you to be elites of the cultivation society, not some bandits.”

Feng’s voice was filled with power and resonated throughout the outer sect alerting numerous people who rushed to see him scolding Maze and his group.

Feng then glanced at Maze alone and snorted loudly. He then narrowed his eyes and said with a hardened face, “You steal and do as you please because you haven’t experienced the pain of losing your hard-earned bread.

Your bag of holding will be given to Rigel. That will be your punishment for stealing other people’s property.”

Maze’s face lost all blood and started to tremble as he heard Elder Feng. He glanced at his bag of holding which was now in Rigel’s hands. His eyes became red as he thought of losing all his treasures to Rigel but that was only the beginning.

Feng glanced at Kane, Hazard and said coldly, “The sect shall seize both your bag of holdings. For your crime of cooperating with Maze, both of you will spend three months in solitary confinement.”

Feng’s judgment was so loud that everyone listening had shivers crawl up their backs, but as they heard his final decision, they all felt terror within their hearts.

Feng then glanced back at Maze and snorted coldly. He shook his head and said, “A tree should be bent from an early age to take on a certain shape. Similarly, a man should be taught the values of life since his early childhood.

However, humans can change at any age when they realize their crimes. Maze, for the crime of murdering a fellow disciple, I sentence you to a solitary confinement of one year in the second level of Forbidden tunnels.”

Maze body shook as he heard Feng. He coughed blood up and fell to his knees unable to accept the punishment. Forbidden tunnels were ancient tunnels which were once used by the Xia sect as an active prison. They were underground and lacked any hint of light. The sect once used those tunnels to break the spirits of prisoners and make them docile.

Feng glanced coldly at Maze and then turned back to glance at hundreds of disciples who were watching him. He then snorted coldly and said, “Just because we are not able to see through your everyday activities doesn’t mean that you can become animals.

You are all in the Xia sect, and this is not your playground. The sect has rules, and you will follow them at any cost. I have made myself very clear. The next time, I hear about such atrocities. I will personally tear apart the person responsible.”

Rigel watched the Elder Feng mutely. Even though he called him to use the little relationship between them to his favor, he didn’t expect Feng to react so violently.

Rigel had a certain feeling about Feng since the very beginning, but he was now sure. Feng believed too much in the goodness of people and society. Such people were usually calm and warm-hearted, but when crossed, they become violent to extreme levels.

Soon, the entire crowd dispersed as Elder Feng left the outer circle. Maze, Kane, and Hazard were escorted by guards to their respective confinements while Rigel stood there in the courtyard alone with Jiya.

Jiya was nervous as he stood there silently. He was afraid to speak. Not only Jiya, many others who had seen the entire chains of events could immediately tell that Rigel had a special relationship with Elder Feng. This news spread like wildfire within minutes in the whole outer circle.

Rigel looked at Elder Feng’s departing figure and then turned back to look at Jiya. Rigel smiled lightly at Jiya and asked in a calm voice, “Senior Jiya, why are you still here?”

Jiya gulped softly and said in a friendly voice, “Junior brother, I was waiting for you. I didn’t know that you knew Elder Feng.”

Rigel smiled lightly and nodded his head, but he neither confirmed or denied Jiya’s words. He then proceeded to walk towards their mountain. Jiya walked behind with a nervous expression in his eyes. He couldn’t understand what Rigel was thinking and that made him even more nervous.

Rigel glanced at Jiya’s figure from the corner of his vision and smiled coldly. He then said in a calm voice, “Don’t worry, Senior Jiya. I didn’t tell Elder Feng that you asked Maze to take care of me somewhere where you wouldn’t have to bear responsibility.”

Jiya face turned stiff as he heard Rigel. His heart began to beat at high speed as he heard Rigel’s words. He couldn’t reply; no he couldn’t open his mouth out of fear. How could he tell Rigel that he was mistaken? He can’t, no, he couldn’t because what Rigel spoke was absolutely true.

As they neared the mountain, Rigel looked at Jiya’s cottage which was atop the mountain and narrowed his eyes. The cottage was far better than his little hut. So he coughed a little and continued in a small voice, “However, I am willing to forget all about it if you can give me this cottage of yours, senior Jiya. I think it is a fair trade.”

Jiya’s throat dried up as he heard Rigel. The cottage was something which he acquired after four years of hard work. Those who own the cottage own all the huts on the mountain. Rigel was essentially asking him to give up everything he ever earned for his forgiveness.

Rigel narrowed his eyes and looked at Jiya. It was a bit cruel to push Jiya to this extent, but Rigel needed Jiya to understand that the consequences of offending him can be more than a bit grave. Jiya looked at the cottage for one final time and nodded his head.

He then bowed lightly and left the mountain without turning back even once. The various people living on the mountain heard the entire talk and stood still stunned at the chain of events.

A mountain changed hands within seconds of Rigel wanting it. That day, they understood not only Rigel’s high-level backing but also his ruthlessness in dealing with his enemies.

Soon, the news reverberated in the entire outer sect regarding a new boss who had an Elder as his accomplice. They called Rigel ruthless and greedy when they saw him grabbing a mountain all for himself.

No matter how everyone spoke, all of them came to the same conclusion. No one should ever provoke Rigel for his background was astonishing, and he was ruthless and greedy.

Thus started the legend of Rigel in the Xia sect.


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