About me ( Updated 5th Feb )

Hey Guys,

So, I am a 2nd year med school student from India. I am a bit of a book nerd. I have been reading books since early childhood which became an obsession when I found LMS on Royalroadlegend.

I read all translated chapters, then I turned to MTL until I finished all published volumes. Hoping to find more such internet content, I stumbled across spcnet where I found coiling dragon and stellar transformations.

Since Dec 2014/ Jan 2015, I followed CD until it was finished. In the mean time, I read every Xianxia I could find which at that time was ST and Zhan Xian ( both abandoned ). My current favorite works are ISSTH, Doulou Dalu and Ze Tian Ji. I like others such as DE, ATG and SS but those are my favorite as an author. I like how the author makes you want to read more. As an author, I have to be able to do that.

So how is my life? I work for 8 hours every day ( college + hospital postings ), then I do my homework. Yeah, med school is shit! Then I write for you guys and then I sleep. Occasionally I play some sport and I watch some anime, movies and hang out with my friends.

Since, all my free hours are spent writing, I can’t work part-time. When I am not doing any of this shit, I am in library because I don’t want to fail in my tests. That would be bad, like super bad.

Thus are my college days, I didn’t find a (my) girl. If I did, I wouldn’t be here for you.

Yeah! you saw my latest rant right! If you didn’t then check it out. That’s troubling me like right now.


I have decided that I will occasionally update my About me page. That’s it for now, see ya guys later. This month I will be on super active mode.

GSD Reddy.


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