Help me out!


 Since you are here. I think you want to help me.

A Quote by my father – You should never expect a prize without earning it, but you can take pride to receive it if you really earned it.

By the way, This is reddycreations 200th post. Happy double century.

So how can you help me?

        Seems like a tough question but there are multiple ways in which everyone can help me and I appreciate every single help with all my heart.

Way – 1(Main reason for this post )

So, I can’t donate, I can’t rate/ review and I can’t even remove my Adblock. However, I still wanna help you. How?


You can comment in my posts. All of you should all have WordPress account from all the TL websites so commenting takes only a second. That single second effort makes me forget the three hours I spent writing that chapter.

And you know what? I check for comments all day long like a lonely house wife and when I see one, I jump up with happiness.

Way 2 :

Wanna help in a way other than financial support. You can and I will appreciate it very much.

1) Remove Adblock.

My website has Ads. Don’t worry, my site is a small one and there will be no invasive ads like that of large TL sites. You know which.

2) Rate and review my work.

  1. Q) Why do I want reviews?

RRL Is crowded with many works and unless I stand out, people won’t bother reading my work to find that it is Good. So I have to stand out and for that I need ratings and reviews.

Wanna review now – RIGEL ( New kid here, Help will be much appreciated )

Riddick/ Against the Heavens

Way 3:

         If you want to support me and at the same time read more of your favourite works. You can donate to me.

Riddick/ Against the Heavens.

Sponsor – 20$/ Chapter.


***  No, you don’t wanna sponsor at once and instead wish to support me every month.

You can join my patreon page. You can pledge even 1$. It’s just pocket change to you but to me, 1$ is your love and support which will fuel my engine.



A Little rant at the end.

So, I went to gym today ( 4th Feb ) after a long, long while and I did the one thing I have been avoiding for a long time. I checked my weight.

I gained about 8 kg’s ( about 18 pounds ) since last June. That’s about a kg every month. No wonder, I look a lot buffer these days. As much as I would like to say, it doesn’t bother me, it does.

So what did I do?

Since I hate heavy workouts and I am too lazy ( cough.. too busy…you know why? ) to play some sport everyday. I brought some green tea.

A friend of mine told me it helped her. I can only hope it helps me too. ( No, I am not a woman. I know that question crossed your mind just now. )


GSD Reddy.


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