Rigel – Book 1 – Chapter 22 – The Wind stirs

The Wind stirs:


The black pearl started to rotate and tremble as the strange symbol began to glow like a brilliant sun. Soon, the entire Pearl was vibrating and then it began to shake as the symbol on the Pearl began to melt due to the sheer heat produced by the brilliant light.

Deep inside the Pearl, inside the mysterious black space, the young man looked at the skies. In the dark sky, a single flame was burning like a lonely star.

A look of determination appeared in his eyes as he raised his hand and wrote a single word in the air with his finger. “Will”

He glanced at the word which was now floating in the air as it emitted a brilliant light and said in a low voice, “By the ancient pact which binds me, I now claim back my divine Will severed by the seventh tribulation.”

As the words rang out, the entire black space began to tremble as the black pearl began to rotate at high speed. Tal, who was waiting outside the entrance of the black area, lifted his head and stared at the skies.

At that instant, a Divine Will came forwards like a surge of oceanic current from the black space and engulfed him. It was like a tsunami which couldn’t be contained and slammed at the skies like an uncontrollable current.

Numerous symbols appeared in the skies restricting the Divine Will but the part which was still burning cracked under the assault of the divine will. For a split second, it gave way to that Will and in that second, the world outside stopped in its place.

A divine will seeped out of Rigel’s body. It scanned the Rio town, rose to the skies and flew out faster than light. It engulfed everything and anything it came across in all directions.

It searched the Black Deserts of the north, touched the chaotic seas of the West, swept across the temples of Tian in the Great East and touched the Barbaric lands of the south.

It scanned the Qin in Chaotic sea, visited the Black Emperor in the North, bypassed the barriers of the Tian Temple and saw the abundant life in the south.

In just a split second it scanned everything within Gehenna plane and slammed across its spatial walls. That split second passed away and then everything returned to normal.

Rigel face suddenly flickered as he sensed something deep within his dantian but before he could check, he was suddenly frozen still for a split second.  

His mind, however, was extremely clear. He sensed a terrifying surge of a Divine Will scanning his entire being. He felt powerless as the Divine Will scanned his soul, He felt as if it had seen through his entire self.

At that instant, Rigel watched his whole life flash before his eyes. He watched himself as he suffered, as he slept hungry, as he begged for food, as he cried after losing one friend after another, as his trusted friend betrayed him.

He watched himself as his loved one was assaulted before his eyes. He watched himself shedding tears as he knelt by her dead body.

Rigel’s eyes turned red as he remembered his past, his heart was filled with bitterness as he watched it all again. He felt angry at himself as he once again understood his powerlessness. He was twelve that year, and now he was fifteen, nothing would have changed even if he would be able to go back to his past now.

Now and then, he was always weak. Rigel felt intense anger stir his soul; he felt angry at the divine will which made him remember all his life. His anger erupted as he shouted loudly, “Screw off.”

The young man inside the black space narrowed his eyes as he heard Rigel loud curse. A small smile lit on his face as he closed his eyes and shook his head.

In all the years, he had lived, there weren’t many who could curse him and there certainly weren’t many he couldn’t see through. For some reason, he who had a Divine Will strong enough to scan through any soul in its entirety wasn’t able to see through Rigel’s soul nor could he see through all of Rigel’s memories. Thus, he couldn’t naturally understand what Rigel was experiencing at the moment.

The young man lifted his hand and a spark lit on his finger. He raised his hand and pointed it at the sky. The spark flew out of his finger in a flash piercing through the air.

It then emerged from the surface of the Black Pearl, passed through the Qi channels within a second and entered Rigel’s sea of consciousnesses. Within a split second after Rigel had cursed the young man, an unknown source of energy had already invaded his mind.

An impossible amount of pain assaulted Rigel as the spark entered his sea of consciousness. Rigel’s eyes shook as he vomited blood due to the sheer amount of pain that assaulted his mind, but he tried to resist. However, his struggle lasted only a second before he lost his consciousness.

The young man looked at Rigel through his Divine Will and closed his eyes. His face became serious as he said in a low voice, “For every aspect of my soul I recover, you shall dominate everything under the heavens in one aspect.

That is the pact which binds us. We are not truly free for we are both bound by our duties.”

The spark which entered Rigel’s sea of consciousness in his mind lit like the sun, and the next instant, the spiritual energy within the sea of consciousness began to roll like turbulent waves of the sea.

The spiritual energy began to boil under the light of the spark. Then it began to multiply in quantity at an astonishing pace. Soon the entire sea of consciousness was filled with an extraordinary amount of spiritual energy.

When the sea of consciousness was filled with spiritual energy, the spark descended into the sea. An explosive reaction took place in an instant, and the spiritual energy began to condense crazily.

Soon the entire spiritual energy condensed into the form of a spider’s web around Rigel’s soul which was rotating at the center of the sea of consciousness.

At that instant, the spark completely fused with the spiritual energy in the shape of a spider’s web. The colorless spiritual energy began to tremble, and a flicker of black color emerged from within.

The young man who was observing everything with his divine Will smiled as he saw the black color. He raised his eyebrows and thought to himself, “A black current. Interesting!”


Three days passed away within a blink of an eye. Rigel was still asleep with no signs of waking up. However, the sect wasn’t as peaceful as he was. In the three days he slept like a piece of log, the entire Rio town was enveloped in a state of tension.

A small argument broke out between the disciples of Xia sect and Li sect in the markets regarding the territorial policies. It was a common occurrence in the Rio town where all three powers were constantly at each other’s throats.

However, this argument ended up with more than just curses because the one who was present at that time happened to be a Conclave disciple of the Li sect.

Unable to tolerate the humiliation he suffered at the hands of a Xia sect disciple, the conclave disciple launched a sudden attack which ended up killing the pupil in question.

The enraged Xia sect’s disciples all teamed up and fought to the death. In this struggle alone, more than three Xia sect’s disciples lost their lives but in return, they killed the conclave disciple who started it all.

Even though the Xia sect lost more disciples than the Li sect, in reality, it was the Li sect who suffered more losses. A conclave disciple is far more valuable than a dozen ordinary disciples. Given enough time and resources, any conclave disciple can enter the Spark formation stage and can even become an elder class figure.

Thus, the Li sect had invested a lot of resources in raising him. His death was like a trigger which ignited their rage. Such a trigger was far more than enough to shatter the false peace between two enemies who were hell bent on dominating another.

For three days, over a dozen fights broke out in various parts of the town and the surrounding forests. Even the elder class figures were ordered to patrol the city to protect the sect’s reputation. Though no elder class fight broke out, it was nothing but an eventuality with the way the things were escalating.

Rigel, however, was sleeping without a clue as to the what was happening in the town. Even as Rigel slept, a man was walking towards the main sect and stood before a large cottage far better than anything present in the outer sect.

“Senior Ian, today Elder Feng is going out to patrol the town. I have kept my word and followed your orders to the last word. You are an exalted person with unfathomable power. I hope you will not fool this junior.” He said in a low voice as he stood outside the cottage.

A man in his early twenties sat inside the cabin. As he heard the man’s words, he opened his eyes and gazed at the walls of his cottage. His vision seemed to pierce through the walls as it looked upon the person who came to inform him about the news he had been waiting for.

He smiled lightly and said in a calm voice, “You have done a good job Jiya. Do not worry; I don’t lie for I have no reason to. You have my word.”

Jiya bowed respectfully as he heard Ian’s voice. He then slowly walked back to the outer sect. His eyes were cold and cruel as he thought about Rigel. Rigel stole everything from him, and now, he was going to pay for his sins with his life.

Even though Jiya had no background and he lacked talent in cultivation, he was still considered an influential figure in the outer sect due to his diplomatic connections. Jiya knew how to approach people far stronger than Maze.

Even though Jiya lacked the power to take revenge himself, he knew someone who had similar intentions, Ian. Jiya approached him and worked for him to keep an eye on Elder Feng’s movements.

Initially, Ian thought that it would take a while before Elder Feng eases his vigilance, so he appointed Jiya to keep an eye on Elder Feng. However, by taking advantage of the chaos, he made his move.

That night, in the silence of the moon, a man sneaked into the outer sect and made his way towards Rigel’s cottage. He was wearing a casual robe but with an insignia of a tiger on his chest.     

That was the mark of an inner disciple. He slowly entered the cottage and saw Rigel sleeping peacefully. His face was filled with ridicule as he snorted coldly and muttered to himself, “Senior Ian is surely overestimating this brat. He is just a brat in the first level of Qi condensation.

Why should I, a sixth level Qi condensation stage expert has to come by myself to take care of this pathetic Idiot. Whatever, I will take care of this quickly.”

At that instant, deep within the black space, the young man opened his eyes. Simultaneously, outside the black area, Tal opened his eyes. They both stared at the sky and then narrowed their eyes. A cold snort resounded from the dark space and the next instant Tal disappeared from the Locker.


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