Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 22 – I am listening

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I am listening :

            Riddick sat with a smile on his face as he faced Nina. Burdock stood beside Nina with a serious expression on his face. He didn’t like Riddick nor did he like the fact that he was the only one guarding Nina.

             Nina, being the ruler of Silician Alliance would always be protected by more than a dozen Yakshas but now, she waved off the guards because Riddick only brought a single guard with him, Roger.

           Nina had come to meet Riddick to know his desires, to expose his secrets and exploit them so she couldn’t dominate the situation with power. That would only give rise to alarm naturally making Riddick treat her as a potential danger making it hard for her to manipulate Riddick.

           Nina smiled lightly as she faced Riddick but she was completely serious in her heart. She didn’t like Riddick’s attitude. Even though she expected Riddick to be difficult to deal with, she didn’t think that he would be so troublesome.

           When Riddick arrived with a single guard, he wanted Nina to drive away all of her guards as a form of courtesy. Nina knew that and yet, she did what Riddick wanted her to do because she couldn’t think of another way to show Riddick that she meant no harm with a dozen Yakshas surrounding him.

            Riddick smiled lightly and said, “I would have never thought that your highness would come to meet me personally. I imagine this is not a meeting to exchange greetings.” Riddick asked in a calm voice.

        Nina looked at Riddick and shook her head lightly. She edged forward in her seat and said, “We both know that you knew that this would happen and we both know why I have arrived in such a hurry.

       Riddick, I imagine you will need my assistance sooner or later in this war of yours.”

         Riddick nodded his head and said, “I hardly doubt that I wouldn’t, but you should understand something Nina, you aren’t the only one who can provide me with such assistance.”

       Nina laughed lightly and said, “May be but are you sure that this alternative of  yours won’t betray you.”

        “I can’t be sure of you either.” Riddick said with a laugh.

         Nina eyes narrowed as she said, “I am ready to give you five thousand devas and a hundred Yakshas this instant but my help comes with a condition Riddick.”

         Riddick narrowed his eyes and asked in a low voice, “And what would it be?”

         Nina leaned back on her chair and said, “You will not accept Leon empire’s offer to form an alliance. That is my hard limit. The minute you cross that, you will break our treaty.”

         Riddick edged forward in his chair and asked in a cold voice, “One should never be too kind Nina, for it will give rise to opposite results.

          You are currently being too kind and too agreeing. I wonder, what is it that you gain by helping me Nina?”

            Nina smiled lightly and said in a calm voice, “True, I am not helping you for your benefit alone. It’s for my benefit as well. When this war is over, I want your word that you will help me conquer another empire.”

        Riddick laughed lightly and said, “So you want nothing out of this war. You are saying that this help of yours is an investment and you want me to repay my debt in future.”

        Nina shook her head and said, “We will share all the treasures in a ratio of 30:70. I assume that it is acceptable for my timely help.”

        Riddick narrowed his eyes and sighed lightly as he said, “Very well, To show me that you are sincere with your words. You will lead your forces and participate in the war under my command.”

        “How dare you!!!!!” Burdock roared loudly as he strode forward. Roger’s eyebrows twitched and his body trembled releasing a formidable aura.

         Instantly tens of Yakshas appeared within the tent and stood in a formation which primarily protected Nina. Riddick looked at the ten Yakshas and then glanced at Roger from the corner of his eyes. He raised his hand and signalled Roger to stop.

         Roger looked at Riddick and sighed lightly as he withdrew his aura. Riddick looked at Burdock and then at Nina. Nina smiled lightly and said, “I will participate in the war but I am not your servant Riddick. You should know that in our world, only strength speaks. I won’t follow someone who can’t rival my strength Riddick.”

        Riddick smiled lightly as he rose from his seat. Instantly, the ten Yakshas shifted positions, two of them stood before Burdock obstructing Riddick’s path.

        Riddick walked forward slowly as he adjusted his shirt. He glanced at the two Yakshas before him and then looked at Nina. A glint of sharpness surfaced in his eyes as he said in a calm voice, “Always remember these words of mine Nina, throughout the history, no leader had ever succeeded to control his subordinates unless he excels over them in either martial prowess or mental prowess.”

         His glanced at the two first tribulation Yakshas before him and sighed lightly, “I don’t like to use violence particularly when I have to command a large number of people.

         Fear is an ideal weapon against an enemy but it will only create a discord within a friendly alliance. However, if you are forming an alliance with me, I need you to understand Nina.”

        Riddick’s eyes revealed a terrifying killing intent for the first time as he said in a cold voice, “I am the boss.”

       The minute Riddick said those words, a surge of aura arose from his body like a storm and slammed the two Yakshas like a hammer. Their faces immediately changed as they coughed up blood and retreated back a few steps.
      Riddick looked at them and raised his hand, a single spark of white energy appeared before his fingers as he looked at them coldly and said, “Kneel!”

        That instant, the room froze as if a God had descended before them. Nina face became pale as she understood Riddick’s words. The eight Yakshas began to pant as they witnessed Riddick’s prowess. Burdock’s face changed colours from red to blue to red. He was shocked to the core by the turn of events.

         The two Yakshas watched Riddick and the small spark of energy in his hands. As they saw the crackling air and the shaking space around that spark of energy, their faces instantly became pale. As they saw the cold look in Riddick’s eyes, they understood that Riddick was completely serious.
           At that instant, they understood that unless they yielded to Riddick by putting aside their pride, they would lose their life. Who were they? They were Yakshas, lofty figures who each wielded tremendous amount of power and authority.

           To them, devas were akin to soldiers. Never in their life would any of them expect that they would be threatened by a deva who was still in the sixth level of deva realm. However, now that they were facing Riddick, they finally understood the power that Riddick wielded.

          The two Yakshas looked at Nina who looked back at them in shock. It took them only a minute to chose their life over their pride. They instantly kneeled on the ground without hesitation.

        Riddick looked at them and then at Nina and Burdock, his eyes were cold but his face still had a smile as he said in a calm voice, “That should have answered all your questions. I will meet you all tomorrow directly on the battlefield.”

        Nina involuntarily nodded her head as she heard Riddick. Riddick smiled lightly and walked away. Only after Riddick left the tent did everyone releas a sigh of relief.

       Burdock’s face was grave as he looked at Nina. He kneeled on the floor and said in a serious voice, “My lady, you had to experience such humiliation due to my actions. I can’t…..”

      “Disperse!!!” Nina roared loudly interrupting Burdock and the ten Yakshas immediately disappeared from the room. She then looked at Burdock and said in calm voice, “You have done well Burdock. Due to this action of yours, we have confirmed that Riddick isn’t the leader for show. He possess strength which transcends realms. This is a crucial piece of information for us.”

        Burdock nodded his head and rose to his feet. Nina sighed lightly and asked in a low voice, “Can you defeat him Burdock? I assume we should need at least five second tribulation Yakshas to kill Roger, that bodyguard of his.”

        Burdock shook his head and said, “I am afraid that it won’t be that easy my lady. You should have seen it your self, that bastard showed us his power knowing that I was merely provoking him.”

        Nina sighed heavily and said, “I know but he is gravely mistaken if he thinks that he is the one who will be using us. Burdock, send a message to uncle. Tell him, the time has come to shift the stalemate the Underworld has been in for millions of years. We, the Silician Alliance will unite the Underworld under my rule.”

           Burdock nodded his head and followed behind Nina as she left the tent. As the forces of the Silician Alliance disappeared from view, another figure walked out of the tent with a cold look on his face. It was Riddick.

         Riddick had been in the tent since the beginning. He didn’t leave at all. When activated, his divine ability, Ghost walker can fool even Immortals. Unless one has an ability which can perfectly counter his ability or one possess strength which surpasses him greatly, there was no way to actually sense Riddick’s existence.

          Riddick looked at the figure of Nina flying away at high speed and then at Burdock who was following her. He raised his head and gazed at the skies as he muttered to himself in a low voice, “Seems like, I was indeed right. Jehus, Leon and Silician Alliance. Looks like there is more to you than that meets the eye.”

That evening.

            A thousand kilometres away from Riddick’s camp, Nina was sipping her tea in the Silician Alliance’s temporary headquarters. Suddenly she raised her head to watch Burdock escorting two men into her chambers.

         Nina watched them and narrowed her eyes. Her eyebrows raised as she asked in a low voice, “What a peculiar combination. Two brothers who have forsaken their family and their empire. I assume you aren’t here on your master’s behalf.”

        Liam and Atlee looked at Nina. Atlee watched Nina and said in a calm voice, “He was my master. My alliances always lie with the highest bidder and he just lost his position.”

          Nina laughed lightly and said, “Why should I trust you?”

          Atlee smiled and said in a calm voice, “What if I said that I will give you what you want? One of the three pieces of the Ancient totem.”

        Nina narrowed her eyes, smiled lightly and said, “I am listening.”


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3 thoughts on “Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 22 – I am listening

  1. I love this new Riddick. I feel he is the same but finally he has power. He was always the underdog but hopefully those days ended. At least in this chapter.

    As I said before I love the book “darksiders the abomination vault” as I’m reading it now for the fourth time I think there is one very good thing about it the might benefit this novel.

    You see the book only describe the action in the protagonist perspective. Although things happen in the background but they are planned.
    The benefit is the oppiset team don’t look stupid.

    Death the name of the protagonist is very similar to Riddick is character. And the book is full of detailed combat that I think you will love.
    I won’t say anything about the book again. Promise.

    Back to the point. I feel like Riddick is too perfect mentally at least. As only guko and void know better and the others are mostly clueless.
    Keep up the good work 🙂


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