Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 23 – What were you saying again?

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What were you saying again?

             Atlee looked at Liam and then at Nina, he sighed as he said in a low voice, “Nina, I have to warn you. Riddick, he is far more complicated than you think he is. I don’t know how, but he saw through most of my memoires the first time I met him.

           It was a terrifying experience, to be exposed completely. I swore allegiance to him because I was afraid of him.”

       Nina’s eyes became serious as she heard Atlee. Burdock’s face fell. Liam also narrowed his eyes as he heard Atlee. He thought back to the first time he heard about Riddick’s powers from Atlee.

           They were weird, unpredictable, unprecedented and unheard of. No matter how they thought about them, all of them knew that Riddick had powers surpassing their imagination.

        “If he knows everything about you, then why wouldn’t he doubt you?” Burdock asked in a low voice.

        Atlee shook his head and said, “Even though, he managed to see through much of my life, he hadn’t see my true self. Even if he had supposedly seen through everything, he wouldn’t doubt me for I am currently his loyal servant.

          Even if he doubts me, that wouldn’t be a problem because I have no intention of leaving him alive. He is too dangerous. With his strength at sixth level of deva realm, he can almost compete with me. He is like a cancerous mass which should be removed without leaving a speck behind.”

          Nina sighed lightly as she heard Atlee. She looked at Liam and said in a calm voice, “Is there anything else I need to know about Riddick?”

         Atlee looked at Nina and then said in a cold voice, “Yes. However, I can’t reveal all my cards at once. Don’t worry, I pretty much have an idea regarding where Riddick’s third servant is.”

          Nina narrowed her eyes as she heard about Dragon for the first time. Atlee was vague, he explained that Dragon was a third tribulation Yaksha and was a very powerful God beast but he didn’t say a word regarding his species.

          Soon, Atlee left along with Liam. Nina sat drinking her tea while Burdock face was hard as he looked at Nina. He sighed and asked in a low voice, “My lady, what did you decide? Now that the situation has escalated, there are multiple paths to take.

         We can trust both Atlee and Liam or we don’t trust either of them. We can trust Riddick or we don’t trust any of them at all or we can simply betray all of them after believing in them for our benefit.

        I am unable to see through your majesty’s intentions in this matter.”

         Nina looked at Burdock and smiled lightly. She looked at the skies and said, “An emperor can’t lead a war without his generals. Similarly, Riddick can’t wage a war without Atlee, his commanding general and Liam, his most influential general.

        Liam’s presence alone is a huge advantage on the battlefield. Someone who was their general just a few days ago turned into their enemy, this is a nightmare to enemies on various levels.

             Not only Liam has strategic and military importance but he also knows the Jehu empire inside out. Riddick needs both of them and thus can’t get rid of them. I will use this as the focal point of our attack. Always remember Burdock, its fine to lose some battles if we can have the last laugh.”

       Burdock nodded his head in respect and pride in his eyes. He had been serving Nina since she was a toddler. So he had been her teacher, her guardian, her bodyguard and her trusted friend through various phases of her life. Though they were people on different stations, the bond they shared transcended mere master-servant relationship a long time ago.

      Nina put down her cup and asked in a cheerful voice, “So did you record everything?”

       Burdock smiled lightly and threw a crystal to Nina. Catching the crystal, Nina smiled lightly as she passed a bit of her spiritual energy into it. The entire chain of events including everything Atlee spoke were instantly transmitted to Nina.

        “This memory crystal indeed does lives up its name. You perfectly recorded the entire talk while omitting about the  matter regarding the Totem. Even though it is a priceless treasure, I guess I have no choice. I will consider this as an investment.” Nina muttered to herself as she raised from her chair and headed towards Riddick’s camp.

            Riddick was resting when Nina came to him. Riddick’s eyebrows raised slightly as he saw her. He did tell Nina that the next time they would meet would be on battlefield so he didn’t expect such a sudden visit.

            Nina smiled lightly as she saw Riddick. Burdock was the same as ever as he maintained a through vigilance of the surroundings.

       Riddick rose to his feet and asked with a smile on his face, “So what brings you here Nina?”

       Nina smiled lightly and threw the memory crystal towards Riddick. Riddick’s face lit up as he caught the memory crystal. Having lived for so many years, he of course knew about memory crystals.

        Memory crystals are a type of crystals which unlike the spirit stone have absorbed large quantities of spiritual energy instead of natural energy. Thus, they were rare and can even be regarded as treasures.

               Riddick scanned the memory recorded within the crystal and sighed in his heart. “You were too hasty Atlee.” Riddick said to himself. His face however was serious as he looked at the recording.

       Nina looked at Riddick and said, “I need not tell you that I am here to show you the truth regarding your army. Your army is inconsistent, greedy and lack respect for their commander.

       Riddick, I wasted a precious treasure to show you the truth because I know you wouldn’t have believed me otherwise. I don’t want to send my army unless you can guarantee that your men won’t betray you and eventually me.’

        Riddick looked at Nina and said in a calm voice, “I will take care of it.”

         Nina looked at Riddick’s serious face and nodded her head. She soon left along with Burdock. June’s face was ice cold as she watched the recording as well.

        “So he has betrayed us after all.” Roger said with a sigh.

           Riddick sat back on his chair and looked at the sky. He sighed lightly as he said, “Greed is a sin many men can never overcome in their entire lives. Some destroy their own lives and some destroy their entire clans drowned in its sinful charm.

         No matter what, it doesn’t matter at this point. Atlee has betrayed us and so have I, one who betrays another cannot complain about getting betrayed. June, pass on my orders. Starting tomorrow, Atlee and Liam will lead the battlefield. They will have complete control over the entire army.”

        Roger and June looked at each other and then at Riddick. Roger coughed lightly and said, “But, that’s exactly what that vile woman wants from you my lord. She knew that you will see through her plan to create discord among us but would still continue to let Atlee and Liam continue their operations.”

          “And that’s exactly what I am gonna do but instead of letting Atlee and Liam maintain their current positions, I am going to give them enough power which can rival Nina’s. Think about it, they betrayed me for Nina to gain her support and prowess but what would they do if they themselves have all that power.” Riddick asked in a calm voice as he closed his eyes.

       Roger gulped as he heard Riddick. June eyes shined with brilliance as she understood Riddick’s words. It was throwing an enemy into his own game. Nina wanted to push Riddick into a trap by informing about Atlee and Liam’s betrayal.

           Now Riddick simply backed away giving Liam and Atlee all the power they ever wanted to acquire. This wouldn’t change his position but it would certainly put Nina’s position in jeopardy. She, who should have been the mastermind of the entire operation would become a non necessity and thus will be exposed to danger herself.

            Riddick laughed lightly as he closed his eyes. Nina trying to trap Riddick would have never worked because he was far ahead of her in every aspect.

         The next day, Nina arrived with her soldiers only to find Atlee and Liam leading the battle. Her mind reeled as she saw this. She instantly understood that Riddick had directly bypassed her trap and trapped her instead.

         A few kilometres away, Riddick was watching the battlefield while he activated his divine ability, Ghost walker. Watching her pale face, he smiled lightly. Nina was completely trapped in her own trap.

         She could never reveal that she was upset with the result because she was technically on Atlee’s side and she certainly can’t reveal that she had informed Riddick regarding their meeting. That would make her Atlee’s enemy.

       Instead of controlling Riddick, she now placed herself in his palm by giving him the memory crystal. Now, Riddick had a way to directly prove that she betrayed Atlee and Liam but he wouldn’t.

            Nina clenched her teeth as she understood this. Riddick could always inform Atlee but he wouldn’t do anything because he had nothing to gain from it.

          Liam and Atlee would follow Nina’s orders and Nina would follow Riddick’s orders. It was all the same, only it fooled Atlee and Liam that they were following their own wishes while they were still completely in his grip.

             Riddick flew away from the battlefield after he observed Nina’s movements. As expected she was acting according to his calculations. Why wouldn’t she? She was now completely trapped and exposed, vulnerable to mind games.

         Ten thousand kilometres away from the battlefield, Riddick saw a group of a dozen Yakshas guarding a man who looked like he was in his late fifties. Riddick smiled lightly as he neared them.

        “Emperor Leon, I am glad to see that you have accepted my invitation.” Riddick said with a smile on his face.

       Emperor Leon’s eyes narrowed as he eyed Riddick’s cultivation. A mere sixth level deva addressing him so friendly ticked him off and his over confidence in bringing no guards with him pissed him off.

          His snorted coldly and said, “Don’t you dare treat me as your equal pagan. You dare come here without your guardians. I will make sure this mistake of yours will be your last regret.”

            Suddenly a second tribulation Yaksha appeared before Riddick with incredible speed. His eyes were vicious as he raised his hand. A single sword appeared in his hand.

           Riddick glanced at the man and sighed lightly. Two gigantic Golden arms appeared around his shoulders and caught the man before he could react. Cries of horrors rang out from the group but before they could react, their legs began to shake and their throats began to dry up as the man caught by Riddick began to dry up like a piece of leaf in fire.

       The man screamed and lamented as his cultivation base began to crumble under the assault of Hell Devour. Riddick had found out soon after he awakened his paragon arms that he was able to unleash all his abilities through them.

       As the man began to dry up and his cultivation base began to crackle, Riddick’s cultivation base began to soar like a raging tornado.
       Emperor Leon and the remaining Yakshas of the Leon empire looked at Riddick in horror as he smiled at them lightly and said in a cold voice, “What were you saying again?”


The fun has just begun.



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