Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 24 – The Hidden Treaties

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The Hidden Treaties :

             “What were you saying again?” Riddick said with a cold look in his eyes.

        His words were like sharp knifes which cut through everyone’s heart creating ripples of fear within them. Even Emperor Leon was shocked to the core by Riddick’s prowess.

        Riddick disintegrated his paragon arms and a dried up corpse of a second tribulation Yaksha fell to the ground. Riddick looked at the remaining Yakshas coldly and then looked back at Emperor Leon.

          His face soon regained his calm and a smile emerged on his face as he walked towards Emperor Leon. The Emperor began to shake slightly as he understood that Riddick could very possibly kill him if he ever decides to unleash an all out attack on him.

        That instant he understood that it was him who should have brought even more Yakshas as his guard. Alone or not, Riddick was like a viper, lithe, deadly and cunning.

         Riddick looked at Emperor Leon and said in a light voice, “Leon, I don’t want to mess around with you. I will come straight to the point. I want one of the three pieces of Ancient Totem.”

           Leon’s face changed as he heard Riddick. His mouth opened as he stuttered and said in a trembling voice, “How do you know about the three pieces of the Ancient totem? It is the most closely guarded secret of our dynasty.”

      “Well, is it?” Riddick said with a sneer on his face. Leon’s face changed as he heard Riddick. Riddick however only laughed and continued, “Don’t worry, I knew about them long before you confirmed their existence for me.”

          Leon’s face became red with anger upon being toyed by Riddick. His face finally revealed a sneer on his face as he opened his hand and a small stone statue appeared in his hands.

            The minute the stone statue appeared in his hands, the surrounding Yakshas became pale with fear as the surrounding air began to tremble and crackle due to the otherworldly ripples of power emanated by the stone statue.

       “Impossible!” Many of the Yakshas roared as they backed away from emperor Leon. Riddick himself felt extremely powerful ripples slamming against his body.

          His face was cold as he looked at the stone statue and said, “So this is the power of the legendary guardian treasure of the Leon empire , A Celestial Golem, an earth type Totem bearing the power of a Celestial Immortal.”

           Emperor Leon’s face flickered as he heard Riddick. He didn’t expect Riddick to be so informed but his face was cold as he looked at Riddick and said in a serious voice, “Give me a good reason as to why I shouldn’t kill you this instant Riddick?

                 You insulted me, you tried to dominate over my will, you toyed with me and you dared to kill a Yaksha of mine right infront of me. Everything you have done till this point is enough for me to kill you without a second thought so tell me, why shouldn’t I?” Emperor Leon continued in a low voice.

         Riddick looked at Emperor Leon and narrowed his eyes. He sighed lightly and said, “Because, I only want one Ancient Totem, you can have the other two.

        You heard me right Leon, I will help you acquire one of the two remaining totems and you will let me have the last one as my reward. That’s the deal which will bind us as allies.

           I am not a person who belongs to this underworld so I have no reason to conquer a territory to rule. I only need one of the three totems and I assume, that is a deal you can’t ignore.”

         Emperor Leon’s face flickered as he heard Riddick. He was once again impressed and shocked by Riddick’s in depth information regarding the three royal clans of three great empires.

          The three great empires managed to survive so Iong because of an ultimate treasure given to them by an ancestor who had ascended to higher worlds. He granted each of them a Totem which can unleash the power of a Celestial Immortal.

       In a world where Yakshas realm was the highest summit, such a Totem was a godly weapon. For millions of years, the empires themselves have maintained a strong military that none dared to invade them.

            Only twice in the history of three empires did an empire employ the Totems in the battle and each time, the totem unleashed unprecedented amount of destruction and death like a death god.

        Leon looked at Riddick and laughed in his mind. Even though, his stone golem was emanating such strong ripples, it can’t be unleashed for the Totem didn’t belong to him. If belonged to Emperor Morgan of Jehu empire.

           That was the truth. A few million years ago, the three empires went to war trying to gain monopoly over others and ultimately they all unleashed their totems leading to a destruction which shook the very foundation of the entire Underworld.

       Hundreds of thousands of Yakshas perished in that war and uncountable devas died from the ripples emanating from the battle between the three golems.

       The battle ended in a stalemate but the three empires sustained such losses that their overall strength fell by several levels. The once invincible empires began to reveal weaknesses.

       However, no sects or powers dared to invade the three empires for they all feared the Ancient golems capable of unleashing power of Celestial Immortals.

        The empires themselves realised the dangerous situation they were in. They were now on a fine thread of peace whose collapse can annihilate their millions of years of history.

        Thus, a pact was formed. The emperors of the three empires each will possess a Totem but they won’t possess their own totems. By exchanging their Totems, they each will be possess a Totem but wouldn’t be able to unleash the power of the stone golem.

          However, simply killing the owner wasn’t enough to remove the soul branding on the Totem. The Totems were personally granted to the three empires by the Ancient Immortal who ascended into higher worlds.

            Such a Totem whose soul brand was naturally removed due to death of its owner can only be branded by a member of that bloodline. The only exception was when the soul bond was erased by the owner himself. Then the Totem becomes an owner less Totem.

        Leon looked at Riddick and narrowed his eyes. From Riddick’s actions from earlier, he knew for certain that Riddick didn’t know about the agreement between the three emperors.

           The pact was a top secret. The emperors wouldn’t reveal such sensitive information except to their heirs and most trusted friends. It would be a devastation if the powerful powers knew that the empires can’t unleash the power of their totems.

        Leon sneered in his heart as he heard Riddick. In his point of view, Riddick was already firmly within his grasp. Those who fear death, fear power and those who don’t fear death don’t exist in the world.

         Riddick was like a wise yet foolish general who was trapped in Leon’s spider web. Leon looked at Riddick and asked in a cold voice, “Why should I believe you?”

        Riddick narrowed his eyes and said in a calm voice, “Because you have nothing to lose.”

          Leon narrowed his eyes and thought deeply. True, he had nothing to lose by believing in Riddick. Even if Riddick was lying, there was nothing he could do which may jeopardise his position.

       “So what do you want me to do?” Leon asked in a calm voice.

       Riddick smiled lightly and said, “Form an alliance with the Emperor Morgan of Jehu empire. Make him promise that you will give him the Totem he acquires from Nina to you.

       As for how I will acquire my Totem, you will soon find out.”

          Leon snorted coldly as he heard Riddick but he still nodded his head and then flew away at high speed towards the Jehu empire’s Imperial capital.

         Watching the figures of Leon fading away from his sight, Riddick’s eyes revealed a cold light. His left eye flickered and the small Golden glint in his eyes disappeared.

          He snorted coldly and said to himself in a low voice, “Its your turn Dragon.”

           While Riddick was meeting with Emperor Leon, Dragon was having a conference with Emperor Morgan. Sitting in front of them was a man who had a serious expression on his face.

        Morgan looked at the man and asked in a serious voice, “Lord Aegean, you are saying that you would cooperate with us and help us obliterate these pagan forces.”

       The man named Aegean nodded his head and said, “Nina has personally sent me. My words are her words. I assure you that in this war, we are actually on your side. We formed an alliance with that pagan general Riddick because it is easier to stab him from within.

       It will destroy him utterly and completely eradicate the seeds of revolution he has brought to the Underworld.”

         Morgan nodded his head and looked at Aegean with meaningful eyes. He sighed lightly and said, “I am very grateful for your help Lord Aegean but you should know what an internal war among us three empires has brought us last time.

       Are you ready to shoulder such a task? Is Nina ready to bear the responsibility that comes with her decision? A war among us three empires will most probably cripple us completely after this war and it doesn’t really change unless we win with utter dominance.

          Aegean nodded his head and said in a calm voice, “Emperor Morgan, Leon holds your Totem while we hold Leon’s Totem and you in turn hold our Totem.

          Thus, we made a pact with Riddick on the condition that he will not allow Leon empire into our alliance forcing Leon to form an alliance with you.
           As for how you will gain that Totem from him, its quite simple. Your forces will lose drastically everyday until you are forced to bring out the Totem if you want to stay in war.”

        Morgan sighed heavily as he heard Aegean. It was a huge gamble. He had to throw away most of his troops to gain the confidence of Leon. However, if he does acquire the Totem, it will completely change the flow of the battlefield.

       A single Totem can dominate the entire battlefield. If the situation is actually realised, then Morgan will be at an absolute advantage because the other two emperors are at each others throats while he will the free reign over the flow of battlefield due to his Totem.

      He will have a trump card which will give him absolute advantage. Morgan smiled lightly as he shook his hand and bid Aegean goodbye after agreeing to cooperate with him.

      As Aegean left, a cold look appeared in his eyes. No matter what, he was still an emperor of a great empire. He could easily see through the flaw in Aegean’s plan.

          It was a flaw which would cost him and Nina dearly because they were giving him a power which will let Morgan annihilate them all.

        Standing beside Morgan, Minister Chu was also smiling coldly not because he pitied Nina and Leon but because he pitied the foolish Morgan trapped in his own dreams to notice that he was in a trap, playing in the hands of Riddick like a puppet with invisible strings.



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