Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 26 – There is no escape from Riddick

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This is what I call the ultimate deception.
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There is no escape from Riddick :

                 Atlee’s face shook as he heard Liam. Atlee was a fourth tribulation Yaksha and technically the most powerful of them all. Both Liam and Burdock were still third tribulation Yakshas while Nina was just a second tribulation Yaksha.

          So it wasn’t difficult for Atlee to disguise his presence as he neared the tent. Liam was talking with Nina while Burdock was listening with rapt attention.

       Nina sighed lightly and asked in a cold voice, “That’s impossible. Atlee was the one who revealed the existence of Dragon to us in the first place. How can he be Dragon himself?”

       Liam snorted coldly and said in a cold voice, “Don’t you see it yet Nina. Riddick is fooling you again. Atlee wasn’t the only one who saw Dragon that day, there were numerous other Yakshas and devas. Sooner of later, we would have found out about his existence.

      Then, Atlee himself would be doubted because he didn’t reveal such a vital information. However, think about it. Would you doubt a person who himself revealed all the information? I don’t think you would, no one in his sane mind would doubt him and that’s exactly how Riddick is fooling us.”

        Nina’s face fell as she heard Liam. Now that she thought about it, it did indeed make sense. Riddick had fooled her before and she always thought how? However, it would have been a simplicity in itself if he had Atlee under his control since the very beginning.

          Riddick gave away all his power and trapped Nina but this comes with a huge risk. Nina thought that Riddick was insane as he made such a huge gamble but if Atlee was Dragon, then it was nothing but an illusion of gamble.

           By giving all his power to Atlee, Riddick would still be in control while he can fool Liam into believing that he was the one in control and Nina into believing that she was now trapped in her own scheme.

          But Nina shook her head and said in a cold voice, “Even though, it all makes sense. We don’t know for certain that Atlee is Dragon. Even if we know that, we can’t discard him yet, we need him.”

        Liam snorted coldly and said in a low voice, “There is no certainty when it comes to Soul Reavers. We can never confirm that he is lying unless he himself reveals his intentions.

          However, I am positive that he is Dragon because I saw him personally talk with Riddick regarding our various plans. I could see the devotion he had towards Riddick in his eyes. If he really is our Atlee, then forget about devotion, you wouldn’t be able to see even the slightest bit of respect in his eyes.

       Nina, I know that we can’t discard Atlee yet but I am not here to force you to do that. I am here because I want you to understand that I am the only one truly on your side. When the time comes, I want you to repay my help with your gratitude.”

         Nina looked at Liam and nodded lightly. Outside the tent, Atlee was breathing heavily while his eyes were red with anger. He shot towards Riddick’s camp as soon as he heard the entire talk.

         Atlee had believed in Liam. After a long time, he had believed in his brother and decided to put his past behind. He decided to forget all his humiliation and suffering he suffered because of his brothers.

         Since Liam suffered the safe fate of losing his loved ones due to his brother, Morgan, Atlee thought that he can believe him. He thought that Liam would never betray him because he truly believed that they had now reconciled.

         Who could blame him, after all blood is always thicker than water. No matter how angry he was, at the end of the day, Liam was still his brother so Atlee believed him.

        However, listening to Liam’s words, he once again understood the reality of the painful truth. Liam didn’t even consider him as his brother, he betrayed him for a mere empire. He was nothing but a pawn in Liam’s hands.

      That fact broke Atlee’s heart. It made him question himself, why should he even be truthful towards Liam? Why should he keep his word? Between Riddick and Liam, he found that Riddick was far better.

        Not only did Riddick believe in him, he kept his word by telling him that he planned to make Atlee the next emperor. Riddick promised the exact thing the first time he met him and he was still ready to keep his word.

       Contrarily, Liam betrayed him and Nina would have discarded him if not, would have murdered him if he wasn’t essential for her plans. All these facts together burned a hole in Atlee’s heart as he flew towards Riddick’s camp.

       In his anger and in his despair, Atlee decided to tell everything to Riddick. He stood before Riddick and explained everything from the beginning without leaving anything behind.

      Finally when he was done explaining, Atlee bent on his knees and said in a respectful voice, “My lord, I was foolish when I accepted Nina’s offer but I soon found out how foolish I was.

         However, I still acted that I was on their side because in that way, I would be able to gather all the Intel. This servant of yours may have betrayed himself but he never intended to betray you, my lord.”

        Riddick looked at Atlee kneeling before him and smiled coldly. Atlee was obviously telling him lies to make up for the horrible truth. How couldn’t Riddick see that when he was the one controlling everyone including all the factions in his palm.

         Atlee’s face was drenched with sweat as he said those words. It was a huge gamble to tell Riddick the entire plan. If Riddick ends up doubting him, he could very well lose his life but if he believes him, then he could gain the empire along with the revenge he now desired with all his heart.

        Riddick sighed heavily as he heard Atlee. He rose from his seat and said in a low voice, “I see, so all this was happening behind my back. Well, I pretty much knew everything.”

       “What???” Atlee involuntarily shouted as he heard Riddick. He expected Riddick to react in various ways but he never expected that Riddick would know everything from the very beginning.
        Riddick looked at Atlee and narrowed his eyes as he coldly said, “I knew about the Ancient Totems, I knew about the agreement between the various emperors and I knew that they can’t unleash the powers of totems due to that agreement.

      I knew that Nina would betray me, I knew that Leon would side with Morgan and I knew that Morgan would side with the side which benefits him the most.

        Since the very beginning, all of them weren’t doing nothing much expect for playing in my palm. Tell me Atlee, do you seriously think I would have entered this war without having the ability to win it with ease?

        Since the very beginning all of them were trapped in my scheme. Since the very beginning, they were all waging a war in which they would lose for certain.

          You did a good job Atlee, with your help, I now know everything there is to know about this situation. Soon, I will obliterate all three royal clans without leaving a single spawn behind.”

       Atlee shivered as he heard Riddick. His mind was reeling and his feet were shaking as he understood the extent of Riddick’s plans. Since the very beginning they had no way to defeat him, they were all his pawns and they were all in his palm.

           Each and every one of their actions were in his calculations and each and every time they thought they were ahead of him, they were merely living in an illusion.

         As Atlee heard Riddick’s final words, his heart began to beat heavily with fear. Riddick’s coldness and his ruthlessness were far beyond his expectations. Riddick said that he would obliterate entire clans without leaving a single spawn behind.

           At that instant, Atlee finally understood the fact that Riddick was the one who was behind the incident of mass slaughter in the palace. He was the mastermind behind every incident. He not only made Liam hate Morgan, he made Atlee believe in Liam and he made Liam hate Atlee as well.

        Atlee fell on his butt as he realised his mistake. He was lured by Riddick’s devil schemes and submitted to him. Now he had no where to run. Atlee knew for certainty that unless he does something, he would not lose the empire but will also lose all his family.

      The Underworld’s three great empires will fall due to a single man. Riddick looked at Atlee’s shocked face and smiled lightly. He licked his lips and thought to himself, “Come on, betray me Atlee. I want you to show me that pathetic personality of yours and betray me once again. That way, you will complete your purpose as my pawn.”

       As Riddick expected, Atlee didn’t return to his own camp. He directly went to Nina’s camp. Riddick followed him while activating his Ghost Walker ability.

        Once inside, Atlee directly fell on his knees and explained everything to Nina and Liam since the beginning. How he heard both of them and decided to betray them for Riddick. What he learned about Riddick’s plans.

           When they heard about Riddick’s entire scheme, Nina’s scalp numbed with fear. Liam directly fell to his knees, Burdock’s face lost all blood while Aegean felt fear assaulting the deepest part of his soul.

        One man, a single human trapped three empires under his schemes. He not only trapped them, he trapped them so that they can’t retaliate. Nina legs became weak as she understood how terrifying Riddick was and the fact that she was always beside him. A single innocent mistake could have killed her.

        She rose to her feet and immediately flew towards the Jehu empire. Burdock, Aegean, Liam and Atlee followed her without a second thought.

         That night, the three rulers of the three great empires met for the first time after thousands of years. Nina explained about the entire events and the fact that Riddick had trapped them all.

     She looked at Morgan and Leon and spoke in a serious voice, “This man has fooled us, toyed with us and even planned to kill all our kin. He deserves death and nothing else, but the current us aren’t capable of killing him by ourselves.

      I say that the time has come for three empires to show this man the result of provoking us. I hereby ask the ruler of Jehu Empire, Lord Morgan and Lord Leon, the ruler of the Leon empire to dissolve the pact established between the three empires.

           The ancient totems will fall into its original owners hands. With their help, we will crush Riddick to death. It is the only way, we can crush this man, this pagan warrior with the heart of a devil.”

“Agreed.” Leon said in a low voice.

“I agree with your judgement as well, Empress Nina.” Morgan said in a low voice.

       That day, under the gazes of everyone involved in the war, the three totems reached the hands of their original owners. Together, the three emperors decided to crush Riddick and his army to oblivion.

         Ten thousand kilometres away from the Imperial capital, Riddick was looking at the stars as he smiled coldly and said, “Finally, its time to end this war.”


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