Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 27 – The Horror known as Riddick

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The Horror known as Riddick :

             “Minister Chu, tomorrow, we are going to end this war. Make all the necessary preparations in advance. There can be no mistakes when dealing with this monster.” Morgan said in a calm voice as he ate his dinner.

         Dragon nodded his head as he stood beside Morgan. William was also sitting on the same table while his son, Euclid was eating with his grandfather.

         They were all in the dining hall of the inner palace, the most protected part of the Imperial palace. Outside the inner palace, numerous guards stood guard but none were allowed to enter the inner palace.

        “Grandfather, I want to participate this in war as well.” Euclid said in a loud voice. His eyes were serious as he looked at Morgan for his consent.

       Morgan looked at Euclid and sighed in his heart. Morgan had only two children, William and Jasper. William was far more talented than Jasper in cultivation and similarly, his son Euclid was also highly talented.

          Among all his progeny, Euclid was the only one who broke though into deva realm before fifty years of age. He was already in the second level of deva realm and Morgan had absolute confidence that he would exceed his own strength given enough time.

          So Morgan smiled lightly and shook his head. “Euclid, this war is too dangerous for you. I too want to let you experience the outside world but this time, I can’t. The man we are dealing with is dangerous beyond your imagination.” He said in a warm voice.

           Euclid’s face fell as he heard his grandfather. William who was listening to everything nodded his head in agreement as he heard his father. Euclid was his only son and after his wife’s death, he was his life.

           William wouldn’t be able to stay alive if something happened to Euclid. The war with Riddick was too dangerous for Euclid at his current cultivation. It was dangerous for even Yakshas so there was no way, he was going to allow his son to participate in the war.

           “You guys are having quite a peaceful dinner here. Hoho! This is unexpected.” A voice rang out in the hall starling Morgan and William but as soon as they saw Riddick casually walking into the dining hall, their heart froze.

        Morgan’s hand immediately grabbed the ancient totem while he rose to his feet, William immediately backed away towards Euclid. However, before any of them could say a word, a painful moan erupted from Morgan’s mouth as a spear pierced straight through his heart.

          Standing behind Morgan, Minister Chu..aka.. Dragon smiled lightly as he easily grabbed the Totem out of Morgan’s hand. Morgan looked at Minister Chu in horror and despair while William looked at Chu in stunned silence.

           He immediately grabbed his son Euclid and began to run. However, Riddick calmly narrowed his eyes and said a single word, “Karmic shock!”

        That single word became a tempest as an aura of golden power erupted from his body and shot towards the Karmic thread on Williams’s head.


            A loud explosion took place as William coughed up blood and fell on the ground. Euclid’s eyes were filled with despair as he looked at his father who was moaning with pain. As he looked back at Riddick, he felt the depth of ruthlessness he could expect from him.

      But before he could escape himself, an aura descended on him and smashed him to the ground. Euclid coughed up blood as he fell on his knees. Even Yakshas find it difficult to resist the attack of Riddick’s aura so he naturally couldn’t.

          Riddick walked forward with cold eyes as Dragon walked forward and grabbed Euclid before William could shake of his reeling mind.

          Karmic shock was a make shift attack made by Riddick by utilising the power of the Golden staff. The staff had the power to annihilate the karma written by heavens.

        However, Riddick currently wasn’t able to utilise the full extent of its power but Riddick was able to use a part of its power to attack the karma of a soul. That was the Karmic shock. To utilise his limited control over his power to bombard the Karmic thread.

              William was a mere second tribulation Yaksha while Karmic shock utilised the insights Riddick gained from the Will of a true god. The difference between them was akin to heaven and earth. There was no way for William to resist Riddick’s attack.

       Dragon dragged Euclid away from the battlefield while Riddick walked towards William with the Totem in his hands. William finally managed to calm down his reeling mind after a few more seconds.

         He looked at Riddick in terror and as he saw Dragon grasping his son in his arms, his heart froze. Riddick walked towards William and kneeled down until his face was at his face level.

         “William, I assume you know why I am here. Don’t worry, nothing will happen to your son as long as you follow my words.” Riddick said in a calm voice.
          William looked at Riddick as if he was looking at a demon and roared loudly in an angry voice as he said, “Why? Why are you doing this to us? We have done nothing to you.”

            Riddick smiled lightly and said in a calm voice, “Let’s just say that I was in your position and you were in my position, would you have let me live a peaceful life? I don’t think you would.

          You would kill a hundred thousand immortals or millions of mortals if you can grab the Totems in my hands. I have done a far better job William, the amount of life lost in this war is minimal to what would have been lost otherwise.

          There is no such thing as justice in this world William. Just a few hours ago, all of you decided to kill me and my people because I messed with you. Now, you can’t complain when I rewrote your scheme as a part of my elaborate plan.”

           Riddick held the Totem in is hands as he looked at William and said in a serious voice, “I will keep my word William. Erase the soul branding on this Totem and I promise you, the Jehu empire will never see me again, not in this life of mine.”

           William looked at Riddick and then at his son in Dragon’s hands. Dragon had a cultivation base of a third tribulation Yaksha, killing a deva was like crushing an ant to him.

        William narrowed his eyes and said with a cold voice, “Even if you don’t kill us as per your words. The Jehu empire will eventually collapse under the assault of those two empires.”

       Riddick smiled lightly and said in a cold voice, “Don’t worry, starting tomorrow, the Underworld will lose all three of its totems to me. That way, you will all be at the same level.”

        William slowly raised his hand and touched the Totem. He then looked at Riddick. Riddick’s eyes were sharp and cold as he glanced at William. One false move and William was certain that he would immediately lose his head before the Totem even activates.

         Grinding his teeth in anger, William removed the soul binding on the Totem. Riddick smiled as he rose to his feet and threw the Totem to Dragon.

      He walked away as he said in a loud voice, “Bind it Dragon, today will be your last day in this palace.

       Tomorrow, it will all end. I will keep my word William so don’t do anything foolish and stay put. A single night of silence will give your progeny hundreds of thousands of years of future.”

             William stared at Riddick as he disappeared into nothingness. Dragon bonded the ancient totem immediately and released Euclid who immediately ran towards his father.

        William hugged Euclid and looked over at Dragon. His eyes were cold as he asked in a hateful voice, “Why do you consider him as your master? He is nothing but a coward. If he really has the guts, then why can’t he fight head-on.”

       Dragon looked at William with pitying eyes and smiled lightly as he said, “Kid, remember these words of mine for the rest of your life. Never underestimate my master for that will be the last mistake of your life.

         Coward, is it? That is the last thing he can be. That man has faced things and had seen things neither of us can dream in our entire lives.”

         That night, none noticed the event which would change the outcome of the battle. Nina smiled coldly as she thought of Riddick’s pale face she would see in battlefield while Leon dreamed of killing Riddick for the humiliation he suffered in his hands. However, neither of them even dreamed that they were still under his control.

         The next day, the battle started just like usual. Only, the three core leaders of the three factions battled against each other. Nina battled Leon while Burdock battled against William who had come instead of his father. Chu battled against Atlee and Liam.

           Riddick entered the battlefield to break the stalemate along with Roger. As he entered the battlefield, the entire battlefield changed at the speed of the wind as Nina, Leon, Atlee, Liam, Burdock, Aegean, Chu and William surrounded Riddick.

             Three totems emerged in their hands and a world rippling energy waves began to emanate from them pushing all the devas and Yakshas away from the battlefield.

          Nina laughed while Leon smirked as they saw Riddick’s face. Their faces revealed the vicious intentions hidden within their hearts.

       “So how does it feel getting trapped for the first time Riddick?” Leon asked in a loud voice.

       “With our Totems in our hands, you do not even qualify to be our opponent.” Nina said with a sneer.

         Riddick looked at them and sighed lightly. A Totem flew out of Dragon’s hand and floated above his palm shocking Nina and Leon. Their mind reeled as Chu flew towards Riddick and bowed deeply.

         William looked at Nina and Leon, he bowed deeply and said, “Forgive me.” He then immediately flew away leaving the battlefield stunned by the chain of events.

        Nina mind shook as she staggered back and Leon body began to tremble as he heard William. Everyone standing in the battlefield staggered back in shock as Riddick held a Totem in his hands.

         A Riddick looked at Nina and Leon and said in a cold voice, “Care tell me, how the hell did you trap me? Also, I too have a Totem, so does this qualify me to be your opponent?”


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  1. O.o….just looking at the chapter titles, screams incoming ass kicking. T.T sadly im at work so i need to show some selfcontrol so I can read them all in one go at home.
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    • Well, I wrote five chapter so you can’t blame me. I will try to write another regular chapter by the end of the week. If its sponsored then the next one will be as usual within 24 hours.


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    I have an idea what if Riddick didn’t want to summon the totem, what if he took his power.
    The totem is bound to Riddick now (or Dragon I’m not sure but that isn’t a problem) so it should be easy I think.
    He is facing two totems now but controlling one is way different the having the power of one.
    In my mind Riddick top priority is power and he just got chance to do that with the meteors but if if you could gain the totem or all three than indeed he did not wast his time here.
    But all that assuming he cloud consume there power ans also assuming that power is his priority.

    Thank you again for the chapters. I was so tired I slept on one of them xD


  3. Happy birthday InsaneHyde
    And thank you too gsdreddy for your hard work, and great chapter & story.
    I can’t say enough thnks to both of you & releasing 5 chapters well a tough work indeed.


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