Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 28 – Exploding with power

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Exploding with power :

        “This is impossible!” Burdock said in a stunned voice as he saw Riddick holding the Totem in his hands.

       Riddick smiled lightly and looked at Burdock as he said, “What is? Is it me having a Totem or the fact that you were all playing in my hands till the very end.”

            Nina’s mind shook as she heard Riddick. Atlee put a hand over his mouth as he understood Riddick’s words. Emperor Leon backed away in shock. All of them realised that instant that they not only failed to trap Riddick’s but instead fell deeper into his trap.
         Riddick laughed lightly as he looked at them and said with a sneer, “So just because I revealed my thoughts, you assumed that you had an upper hand over me and blindly decided to surround and kill me.

        Did any of you realise that I had been ahead of you all this time so tell me, why would I even reveal my plans at this critical moment? You assumed that I was careless while I assumed that you would carelessly think that I was careless and ultimately, it was you being careless about me.”

(AN – I can probably rap, may be. )
       “Shut up pagan. Don’t you dare speak another word.” Leon roared loudly as he heard Riddick.

          Riddick narrowed his eyes and looked at Leon. Nina sighed heavily as she heard Leon and looked at Riddick with hateful eyes. She then looked at every Yaksha in the battlefield and as she did, determination filled her eyes.

         Looking back at Riddick, she snorted coldly and said, “I admit that I have underestimated you. I have repeatedly failed to see through your evil schemes. However, today, at this moment, I swear in front of every warrior who is fighting for the sake of any of the three empires that I will obliterate you.

           I am going to kill you at any cost Riddick. You may be intelligent, cunning and even the most charming of all men I have met but you definitely are the only man who have managed to anger me to this extent.

                Believe me Riddick, no man including my father have survived my anger. I killed my own father to grab the throne and I won’t hesitate to kill my own son if he plots against me for my throne. That’s the kind of woman I am and today, you have provoked me, repeatedly and I will show you Riddick that I am a woman whose fury which will burn through all of heavens to kill her enemy.

        What will do Riddick? Ha… Yes, you have a Celestial Totem but we have two. Yes, you have three Yakshas by your side but we have over three hundred. Yes, you may be stronger than us but can YOU BEAT A CELESTIAL TOTEM YOU MOTHERFUCKER.”

         Riddick looked at Nina and began to smile lightly, his smile slowly became a laugh which turned into wild laughter. Leon’s face was cold and so was Nina’s. Even though they understood how dangerous Riddick was, they had absolute confidence that they could utterly crush him.

       Riddick had managed to fool them all but they had the combined forces of the three empires at their disposal. Riddick himself was powerful but was he powerful enough to rival the power of a Celestial Totem. Absolutely not. Nina and Leon thought that and thus were very confident in their victory.

         Riddick laughed for a few seconds before he narrowed his eyes and said, “Nina. Oh! Nina. Believe me, I never wage a losing war. Not in the past and never in the future. The minute this battle started, it was already determined that you would lose it.”

          Riddick looked at Leon and said in a low voice, “Leon, you didn’t bring a single member of your family here, right? You see, my strategist, the third Yaksha under my command who had stayed in covers all this time, June. She is on her way to your empire. No, she should have reached it by now.

            Tell me Leon, who would you choose? Your family or a goddamn stone statue.”

        Leon’s face immediately changed as he roared, “Dieeee! You bastard.” The totem in his hands erupted with a brown light and the next instant, a ten metre long giant golem appeared before him.

         Dragon snorted coldly as he waved his hands. The Totem in Riddick’s hands immediately flew forward and took the shape of a similar golem.


            A world trembling explosion rang out as the two golems, each with power of an early celestial Immortal faced each other. The ripples of energy spread throughout the battlefield pushing Yakshas away while some of the nearby devas were instantly obliterated by the energy ripples.

            Riddick frowned as the energy ripples hit him. However, unlike other devas, as soon as the ripples hit him, they were directly neutralised by the raging power surging within Riddick, Void energy.

        Nina who was caught off guard with this attack immediately activated her own golem and directly flew towards Riddick. Her eyes were completely cold as she roared, “Dieeee…”

        “Master!” Roger roared loudly as she saw Nina flying toward Riddick. All this happened within a split second and by the time, the energy ripples spread across the sky, Nina was just a fifty metres away from Riddick while the Stone Golem was just before Riddick.

         “Kill him!” Nina roared loudly. The golem raised its hand and a look of joy appeared on Leon’s face. A look of hope appeared on Atlee’s face and Roger’s face wrapped in worry as he flew as fast as he could towards Riddick.

        Dragon’s face twisted in anger as he erupted with fury while Burdock smiled coldly as he saw the Golem’s hand descending on Riddick.

        Riddick was looking at the golem with cold eyes. He had listened to Roger’s warning but even before that he had seen Nina activating her Golem. He had seen her flying towards him and he was seeing the look of joy and hope cross across everyone’s face.

             His cold eyes suddenly revealed a angry glint as his body burst out with blood red energy which wrapped around him like a globe while his knuckles tightened as the golem’s hand reached him.

         Riddick’s mind suddenly calmed down as if the time had slowed down in that instant, he remembered his talk with Void, with Goku and the sacrifice Void made to give him a fighting chance.


             A defending sound rang out as two fists smashed each other. One with the power of a Celestial Immortal, the other with the power of Void energy. That instant, the entire battlefield stopped in its tracks as they saw something which would forever be etched into their minds.

          Nina expected Riddick to die a dog’s death, Leon expected Riddick to die, every sane man on that battlefield thought that Riddick would die the instant the Golem reached him but they were all wrong. Not only did the Golem couldn’t kill Riddick, the exchange had cost it its arm. Its entire right hand was actually blasted off by the exchange.

          “Impossible!” Nina roared loudly as she saw that. Burdock face was pale. Riddick looked at Nina, Burdock and Leon and smiled lightly as he coldly spoke, “Didn’t I say it before Nina? Just because I appear vulnerable doesn’t really mean that I vulnerable.”

            Riddick glanced coldly at the Golem. Living up to its name as a Celestial Immortal class artifact, it’s arm was repairing at a phenomenal rate. Riddick smiled lightly and said loudly, “Roger, kill that bitch.”

          Two Golden arms errupted out of his shoulders. Two enormous golden palms moved widely apart and came crushing like a storm and smashed the Golem between them.

         Nina’s face finally recovered as she saw that. Shocked so badly, she forgot to relay orders to the Golem. No matter what class it was, it was still a Golem so it had to be controlled by someone.

           Roger roared loudly as he immediately changed direction towards Nina but was blocked by Burdock and Aegean as they stood in his path. Atlee and Liam immediately flew towards Riddick but came to a stop as they saw a bloody mess of corpses floating before them with a ghostly figure flying above them, it was Dragon.

         Leon looked over at the scene and snorted coldly as he immediately ordered in a loud voice, “Those who have sworn to protect the three empires, join hands and attack these pagans.

         Anyone who manages to kill Riddick will be given a dukedom and unfathomable wealth by the three empires. Attack!!!”

         Riddick looked at Leon and smiled coldly. The minute he smiled coldly, screams of horror and pain rang out in the battlefield as multiple Yakshas’s started killing others.

           Leon was shocked to the core as he noticed that some of his own men were among those who attacked his army. Riddick glanced at Nina and Leon and said in a cold voice, “What do you think Leon, Nina? If you could make these people agree to work for you, then why can’t I?

           Eight months, that’s how long we have been waging this war. I have more than a hundred of your three Yakshas under my command. I don’t need them to win this war for me, I just need them to buy me enough time to beat the life out of your fucking bodies.”    

         Riddick words resonated throughout the battlefield like a thunder. His power and his way of dealing with Nina and Leon had scared each and every person. When they heard that many among them have already turned into his soldiers, some decided to simply shift sides then and then.

        From an all out massacre, it turned into an all out war which was slowly, once again turning into an all out massacre, only the tide shifted this time. Nina’s eyes were now completely red as she saw this. At each and every step, Riddick was showing her that he was already ahead of her and she was always just his toy, playing his game for him.

          Nina and Leon together charged at Riddick with red eyes and gritted teeth. Leon’s Golem was in a stalemate with Dragon’s Golem. Roger was in a stalemate with Aegean and Burdock. Dragon was in a stalemate with Atlee and Liam.

          Leon looked at Riddick and shouted loudly, “Two Yakshas and an Ancient Golem, you are dead for certain Riddick.”

            Riddick looked at three figures charging over at him and smiled coldly. He twisted his neck and said in a low voice, “Little Lightning.”

        A thunder errupted in the skies and a lightning struck the ground as a lightning dragon arose from Riddick and stared at the battleground with eyes which looked like the abysses of hell.

       Nina stopped in her tracks and so did Leon as they saw the lightning dragon but above all, they stopped because, their every instinct told them that the Riddick before them was dangerous.

         Standing before them, with lightning crackling all over his body and power surging his cultivation base forward, Riddick opened his eyes, with a yellow lightning flickering in those crimson depths.


          Hey guys, Hope you enjoyed this chapter. Even I felt that it’s been a long time since I wrote a completely action packed chapter.

         The next chapter is going to be amazing because it shows Riddick using all his abilities in the most awesome way possible and it will give you an idea of current Riddick’s capabilities.

       I am going to concentrate on Rigel now. I wrote 7 Riddick chapters this week and I am tired so Rigel is my escape. Unless you know of course…….
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11 thoughts on “Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 28 – Exploding with power

  1. What?!?! Hope we fucking enjoyed the chapter. Fucking loved it!!!!!!!! Riddick will make you think he has no sleeves, while he’s pulling tricks out of em. Oh, eh by the way, Little Lightning want to come out and play.


  2. Great chapter 😁
    He blocked the totem by him self 😮 I didn’t expect that he could.
    I have another theory on why Riddick want the totems. He might just want a body guard while he is cultivating and will hastin the clam of the meteors as he just show them the totem and they pee themselves an run. (no headache)

    As for now. I’m exited on what to come. In wars (at least what I know 😆) the first thing is the display of power for moral and a lot of reasons.
    Then the real combat and killing come. Hopefully we will see ” or read” Riddick weapons it’s bean a long time. Or if he uses ghost walk in the middle of battle. Riddick is beast now and he just started.

    As you can see I’m very excited.
    Still working on rigel I will comment on that novel when I’m all caught up. 🙂


  3. I have ressurected and finished all the chapters!!! Thank you for the chapters… it seems i need to go back in my tomb to rest again but i will come again and sing praises for every chapter that will be updated.


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