Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 29 – Infinity Shock!

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Infinity Shock!

             “What is that thing?” Aegean said in a trembling voice. That moment, in that battlefield, there wasn’t a single person who didn’t shiver with fear. A Yaksha, a deva, it didn’t matter. Everyone including Roger, June and Dragon were stunned by the lightning dragon which was coiled in the skies, hovering above the clouds while looking at them with dark eyes.

           Riddick twisted his neck, lightning crackling about him. His body surrounded by lightning, his eyes yellow with lightning and his aura, unrestrained and overbearing. He was like a lightning god.

              Nina and Leon were finally beginning to dread Riddick. They had always imagined that with two Totems, they can definitely crush him but when faced with this abnormality, they were dreading their own decisions.

           Riddick had once given them a choice, to leave, to surrender but they blew it. Now, they had to make a choice, kill Riddick or die trying.

        Riddick looked at Nina and Leon, his eyes lacked coldness but they weren’t warm either. His eyes didn’t have anger but they weren’t calm either. They were indifferent.

          Nina looked at the lightning dragon once more and then looked at Leon. Leon nodded his head as he noticed Nina’s eyes on him. It didn’t take too long for everyone on the battlefield to realise that the lightning dragon was just a spiritual projection.

            One didn’t have to think hard to realise that the lightning dragon was a Celestial being whose power can upheaval the earth and destroy the heavens but at the same time, they all realised that the lightning dragon in front of them wasn’t real. It was just the spiritual projection of the original Immortal beast.

               “A spiritual projection. I am shocked and amazed at the same time Riddick. To possess this kind of strength at your age, with your current cultivation is something that the history doesn’t see very often. So you should have either come from a very powerful background or should have had very good Karmic luck.” Leon said with a sigh.

            He looked at Riddick’s indifferent eyes and continued in a cold voice, “Since you covet our Totems so much, I guess you aren’t from some super power. After all, Celestial Immortal class artifacts are rare treasures but aren’t unattainable for these super powers.

        If you were a direct descendant with such power and talentz, they would have definitely bestowed you with one.

       It’s a pity Riddick. I would have liked you to be an ally but fate had different plans for us. At this point, I can’t back away because I cannot believe you Riddick. Even if we give you our Totems, you might simply wipe us out. So there is really only one choice, we will kill you even if we have to sacrifice a limb or two.”

        Riddick narrowed his eyes slowly. He knew that this was coming. At this point, after so much death, betrayal and hate, there was really no chance of attaining peace. He had thus given them a choice in the beginning, he tried to limit the casualties but when faced with a choice between humanity and his goal, he choice the latter for in his world, there was no humanity among Immortals.

         Nina narrowed her eyes and said in a cold voice, “A spiritual projection. A will of an Immortal being. I don’t know how you attained it but I will be taking it even if I have to dissect your body into a thousand pieces. Riddick, that dragon indeed looks powerful but both you and I know that it ain’t a match for my Totem. If it was, then you wouldn’t have used such a round about way to attain our Totems.”

         Riddick face flickered as he heard Nina. A frown surfaced on his face as he sighed and thought, “So, it has finally come to this. Since I can’t change your ideals, I can only bury them.” At that exact moment, nine Immortals and three Totems disappeared into thin air.

“Swish!” “Swish!” “Swish!”

          Multiple zapping sounds rang out simultaneously as Leon and Nina teleported from one spot to another chasing after Riddick. The totems being Celestial artifacts naturally had teleportation abilities.

       “How can he use teleportation?” Leon roared as he looked around unable to find Riddick.

         Atlee shook his head and replied, “No, he isn’t using teleportation. He has some sort of camouflaging ability. He is fast but he cannot rival our speed when using teleportation.”

          “Really!” A cold voice rang out as Riddick materialised before a Totem. His entire body crackling as he raised his arm but the next second, the Totem disappeared only to appear ten kilometres away in a flash.

           Leon snorted coldly as he saw Riddick. Since he now know that Riddick had enough power to damage a Totem, he wasn’t going for a head-on fight.

           Riddick’s eyes flickered as his body shook and the next instant, the air around him trembled as he disappeared in a flash appearing before the Totem.

      “Impossible!” Atlee roared as he saw Riddick. Riddick was fast, so fast that he could chase after the Totem which was using teleportation. He wasn’t using teleportation, it was pure speed, speed which rivalled teleportation.

         “It’s the lightning. His speed has increased. Nina, we can’t wait any longer. Get rid of the other two now, we have to defeat Riddick now.” Leon said in a low voice.

       Roger and Dragon was fighting madly against Burdock and Liam. While the other Totem was locked in a fight against Dragon’s Totem.

          Nina sighed and took out a piece of jade. She broke it and looked at Riddick coldly. Riddick who chasing after the third Totem suddenly halted in his tracks as he sensed a massive energy ripples nearby.

       His face contracted as he understood what those ripples were. Within a minute, massive army of a fifty Yakshas emerged  near the battlefield.

          Nina looked at Riddick and said in a cold voice, “I guess even the all seeing Riddick didn’t expect that I hid a reserve army right under your nose. It was a far fetched idea but I was right to put up a barrier to block spiritual scanning.”

        Roger and Dragon halted in their tracks. Far away from the battlefield, June’s eyes contracted as she said, “Master!”
          Riddick’s face was grave as he looked at the army of fifty Yakshas charging at him. He sighed lightly and transmitted, “No, June, the time isn’t right yet. Roger, Dragon, block them using the Totem.

          It’s fortunate that we haven’t been double crossed at the beginning. This is war and no one can foresee everything. How we deal with our enemy in the face of uncertainty and against all odds shows the path to victory.”

         Riddick face was calm but his eyes were cold as he watched Roger and Dragon heading off to a block them. Roger and Dragon had strong survival skills but this was a war and death was an unbeatable enemy.

          Riddick didn’t want to kill indiscriminately because he didn’t have any enmity towards Nina or Leon but now, when thrown into a situation where either Roger or Dragon could die, something snapped in his heart.

          An uncontrollable amount of killing intent surged in his veins as he looked at them, their faces, filled with smiles and sneers. Two Totems were dashing towards him as Riddick raised his head and looked at them.


         A single word escaped his mouth and a rain of blood erupted like a storm. Two Totems attacked him at once. Riddick looked at the two Totems and waves his hand. A thousand crimson blades materialised and a thousand blasts rang out sending the two Totems reeling back as their bodies were partially ripped apart.

             Blooming smiles and growing sneers froze but before they could think, Riddick disappeared and the next instant, he reappeared behind Burdock. A look of shock and horror appeared on Nina’s face.

“Burdock!!!!!” Nina roared loudly.

        Burdock’s face fell as he saw a hand approaching his throat from the corner of his eye. He instantly activated teleportation and appeared a kilometre away but the next second, he felt a pressure akin to a million ton weight assault him slowly him down for just a second.

       A second, an instant, a single breath, that was all the time it took to change his fate as Riddick appeared before his eyes, grabbing his throat. Burdock roared out loudly as he burned the essence of his cultivation to kill Riddick but to his horror, he found that his cultivation wasn’t rising, it was drying up.

       “Nooooo!” Nina roared loudly in anger as she teleported but before she could reach Riddick, he disappeared into thin air. Five people, ten pair of eyes searched him but he was no where to be found.

        That was the advantage the Ghost Walker had over teleportation. Once someone uses teleportation, he has to appear somewhere but Ghost Walker was different. Time didn’t matter, as long as Riddick doesn’t deactivate it, no one could find him even if he was right before them.

        Nina’s eyes were red, bloodshot as she searched for Burdock. Burdock was her most trusted servant, he was by her side since her childhood. He protected her from her treacherous brothers and he was more of a father to her than her own father. 


           A soul quivering wail of unbearable pain rang out like a thunder. Nina’s face became pale as she heard Burdock’s voice. Her eyes searched for him but all she could hear was moans of pain.

      Nina’s eyes were red as she roared loudly, “RIDDICK, YOU BASTARD.”

          Riddick didn’t answer nor did he stop. For the next two minutes, the entire battlefield reverberated with Burdock’s pain filled moans. Slowly, Burdock’s voice weakened until everyone could only hear him slightly, then silence returned to the battlefield.

       “Thud!!!” A dried up corpse slowly fell on the ground and Riddick’s cold voice rang out as he materialised before them all.

           “I gave you a chance and then I gave you some more and yet, here you are trying to kill me. It’s alright, I don’t mind but you have plotted to kill my people. That is unforgivable.

                Burdock’s death is my final warning Nina. Don’t make this war anymore bloody than it already is. I only want the Totem, give it to me and I will go back else, I promise you, this won’t be the first time I have eliminated entire clans and sects.”

          Nina looked at Riddick and then at Burdock’s dried up corpse. Her beautiful face which once represented charm and wisdom was completely blank as her eyes, cold with killing intent looked at Riddick.

             Her figure flashed and at the same time her Totem disappeared only to appear behind Dragon. Riddick’s eyes shook as he saw this. The next second, his figure too disappeared along with Leon, Atlee, Liam and Aegean.

“Dragon!” Riddick roared loudly.

       Dragon who was locked in a fight against more than twenty five Yakshas turned his head but he was too late. Nina’s hand grabbed his throat and the next second, her other hand teared through his heart.

           Taking advantage of this, other Yakshas charged at Dragon and teared apart all his puppets. Nina’s hands flashed a sign as she took out a talisman and crushed it, a green smoke emanated from it and bound Dragon’s ethereal body.

      “Not good.” Dragon face turned pale as his ethereal body was bound by the green gas. At that instant, the Totem under Nina’s command came crashing like thunder and unleashed all his strength on bound Dragon.

              “ROGER!” Riddick roared as he appeared beside the Totem. Roger’s eyes shook as he immediately changed directions and fled away from the battlefield. Riddick’s eyes were red as he saw Dragon whose body was crumbling under the assault of the Totem.

        Dragon ethereal body was bound for a brief instant by some kind of treasure and at that instant, Nina’s Totem struck him. Dragon had an ethereal form and was naturally resistant to physical attacks. Thus when caught off guard, he had no way to defend against the Totem’s physical attack.

        “Not so fast.” Leon sneered as his Totem charged at Riddick while Nina’s Totem once again charged at Dragon. A savage look appeared in Riddick’s eyes as he roared, “FUCK OFF!”

           The lightning dragon coiled in the skies roared loudly as it charged towards the battlefield. Riddick’s eyes were red as he caught Dragon in his arms and said in a low voice, “Infinity Shock!”


       Guys, I promise that this will be the last cliffhanger of this book.

     I wanted to write more but this chapter is already 200 words over my average chapter count and I thought that this is an ideal ending.

        Hope you liked the chapter. The next regular chapter will be a RIGEL release. It’s been over a week and I am afraid people will forget Rigel.




6 thoughts on “Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 29 – Infinity Shock!

  1. Why Dragon, he is the character that I wanted to know more the most maybe more than Riddick. Q.Q

    In my opinion if Dragon die it’s all Riddick fault. Riddick was and still is taking his time slowly. This is his personality but a war is a war. Enemy as bound to find an opening. He treated them as dolls and that is the result.
    BTW how cord Nina take Dragon out of all people, I don’t remember his stage but she is still first stage.
    To be honest I heat to be in Riddick side in combat.

    Other than that, im starting to think Riddick want something else other than the totem.

    I’m not saying that this should be written differently no not at all. I just want you To let Riddick be aware of this. Of course if I’m right. Riddick has combat experience a lot of it but not a lot in big wars so Dragon death will make him stronger.

    Great chapter. I think I will remember this one.
    24h is to short what if you had to do something that day or you were very buzzy. I don’t want that chapter quality to verify compromised nor I want you to hate what you are doing, long story short I think you should change it to 72h or a week. As always that is only my opinion and I’m not the one writing.

    Keep up the good work


    • For starters, Dragon isn’t dead. And the way the chapter was written shows Riddick struggling to kill and how he had to kill. See, people were furious when I simply killed people and I don’t want to use stupid reasons like ‘Riddick lost face’ to kill thousands.

      That’s the reason why I wrote the chapter in a way which shows Riddick struggling and ultimately, it once again shows Riddick that being good will only harm his loved ones.


      • I know Dragon didn’t die here “have to wait for the next chapter :)” . For me he is one of the most interesting and mysterious characters in the novel. I feel like he is the zoro to luffy. I like him every time I read about him.

        I did feel that he didn’t want to kill. But that is good before the war. Not trying to kill in a war is toying around and waiting for enemy to kill you. I’m not saying Riddick wouldn’t do what he did. I just feel this might be a turn in Riddick personalty.

        I like what you did here. But if Nani gave him the totem that would have felt wrong.

        BTW I like to anticipate and theory craft a lot. I should have said it when but there 5 chapters that day. When you said how loyal Burdock is the first thing came to my mind. He is going to die, second or betray her. What I’m saying you can’t tell me he is very loyal I must see that. It felt that he was put for plot reason.

        You know I love this novel. I criticis with good intentions.


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