Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 30 Slaughter

Author note : Hi guys, GSD REDDY here and I am back with another chapter.

Edit – Self edited.

        This is the second regular chapter of this month.

         I promised a total of eight regular chapters every month. So I will keep a count.

         I know you have been waiting and I wanted to write Rigel but I thought, it was cruel to keep you all waiting. So I just wrote this chapter.

Enjoy and thank you.



              Crawling down his neck, a small drop of sweat vaporised as the Will of the lightning dragon came crashing down on Riddick like a storm. Riddick closed his eyes as he transported Dragon into Yamaloka. His soul trembled as Little lightning no longer coiled around it, rather it merged with his soul.

             “Infinity shock.” Riddick’s words were still reverberating in the battlefield as a current emanating from Riddick swept them all. A look of shock appeared in their eyes as they noticed an unknown form of energy entering their souls.

           Riddick’s eyes opened. He looked coldly at Nina. Riddick’s eyebrows were frowning, the dark crimson depths of his eyes were like pits of hell as he opened his mouth and said in a faint voice, “You have seen my mercy, its time you see my cruelty.”

        Riddick disappeared from his spot. Stunned eyes tried to find him but all they heard was a scream. A scream, a death. The next second, a second scream, two more deaths. The third second, the third scream and three more deaths.

        Riddick appeared and disappeared like flash, like a phantom among various Yakshas. Every time, he appeared, his arms would gorge out a heart and every time he disappeared, one more soul left underworld for neatherworld.

          Leon, Nina, Atlee, Liam and Aegean, everyone watched with blank eyes as they saw faint glimpses of Riddick here and there. Every second, Yakshas died and every second, more blood spilled.

             The more the blood spilled, the more horror appeared on everyone’s faces. Some tried to flee north, some tried to flee south, it didn’t matter, those who tried to flee, died first.

        Immortals rounded up like chickens in the centre as Riddick culled them all, one by one. It didn’t matter who they were and to which side they belonged to, once Riddick appears, he took a soul.

       Once he disappears, among the three hundred or so Yakshas, another’s fate changed. The next second, fate lead him to death. First, Yakshas died and then devas started to die. It wasn’t a slaughter, it was a complete massacre.

        There was no kindness, empathy or any thought behind Riddick’s actions. The man who once gave them a choice was no where to be found. His eyes were cold, bloody and empty as he went on killing people.

         “Monster! He is a monster. We can’t survive if we stay here. Everyone, attack at once and flee when you find a chance.” Someone among the remaining two hundred of so Yakshas roared.

        The next second, all the remaining devas along with the two hundred Yakshas launched attacks on Riddick and began to flee in every possible direction.

          Riddick didn’t chase after them, he simply stood there watching them flee. His eyes narrowed as he once muttered silently to himself, “Backlash!”

           A tremor ran through every Immortal’s body like a thunder. The current which had assaulted their souls when the lightning dragon descended from the skies surfaced once again within their sea of consciousness.

        The yellow current within the sea of consciousness didn’t attack the soul, it simply bound to it and at that instant, every man in that battlefield understood his fate.

        Their faces lost all blood, their knees became weak, their eyes shook in terror as they looked at Riddick. Nina, Leon, Atlee, Liam and Aegean looked at Riddick with blank faces. They couldn’t accept it, no, they could never accept it.

          After all the fight, after all the suffering they had undergone to win against Riddick. They were going to die in his hands. Riddick walked slowly eyeing each and every Immortal on the battlefield.

        Under his gaze, devas slowly fell to their knees. They knew that they were the most vulnerable of all. A single thought and their souls would directly shatter. Next, the Yakshas lowered their heads. Slowly, every Yaksha on the battlefield lowered their heads as Riddick slowly walked over.

         “There has got to be some mistake. You said that the lightning dragon was just a spiritual projection. You said that it wasn’t a match to your Totem. How can he? Just what was it?” Liam roared loudly as he looked at Nina and Leon.

             Riddick looked at Liam and narrowed his eyes. A single thought and inside, Liam’s sea of consciousness, the small current which was coiling around his soul sparked and exploded destructively.

           Liam’s face changed as his eyes bulged. His mind went reeling as he coughed up blood and fell on his knees. His body began to shake as if its reigns had been cut out. His eyes lost focus as his soul began to shudder.

            A direct assault. A electrifying damage aimed directly at the soul. Infinite and without limit. A shock which can damage and kill millions with a single attack. That was Infinity Shock.

        Riddick walked towards Liam slowly. By now, no one, may it be Nina or Leon were willing to attack Riddick because they now knew that regardless of having a Totem or not, they were now in Riddick’s hands.

           A single thought can very well shatter their souls. The only reason Liam survived the attack was because of his soul strength. A soul grows with every realm of power it reaches. Liam was a third tribulation Yaksha and he still wasn’t able to resist Riddick’s attack.

       Leon was also a third tribulation Yaksha but he wasn’t ready to take his chances while Nina was just a second tribulation Yaksha. Leaving Yakshas aside, each and every deva whose soul was embraced by the lightning will was dead unless Riddick decides otherwise.

        Liam’s face slowly gained a bit of colour as seconds passed by. He raised his head and looked at Riddick walking towards him. His face twisted with pain as he coughed up blood, still he raised his head and said in a pleading voice, “Please, don’t kill me. You have already killed my wife and my children. Please, spare me Riddick.”

         Riddick looked at Liam and said in a cold voice, “Your wife was murdered and your children were murdered. As a father and as a husband, you should thirst for revenge but you instead thirst for power, authority.

      Liam, I have no mercy for you.”

         Riddick’s words were cold and yet sharp like a knife. He walked forward and grabbed Liam’s head tightly. A flicker of Riddick’s divine sense passed into Liam’s body and the next second, a lightning dragon descended in his sea of consciousness, no longer encircling his soul but rather directly engulfing it.

          Riddick fingers tightened around Liam’s head and crackling sounds of bone breaking rang out as life slowly left Liam’s body. Nina gulped involuntarily as she saw Liam dying just like that. Technically speaking, Liam was the third strongest among them all after Atlee and Burdock.

           No longer waiting for Nina, Leon immediately retracted his Totem and removed the binding on it. Nina’s face changed as she hesitated for a moment but she too removed her soul binding on her Totem.

        “Riddick, let’s be wise. There is no need to kill us. You can have your Totems as you have always wanted. I assume that you are angry at us but we were in no position to show you any leeway.” Leon said in a respectful voice.

            Riddick looked at Leon, Nina and then finally at Aegean. His eyes were indifferent as the lightning spark in Nina’s sea of consciousness exploded violently.

       Nina’s eyes shook as he coughed up blood. Her eyes turned mad as she once again tried to grab her Totem but before she could do so, a hand grabbed her throat. Riddick stared at her coldly and said in a low voice, “The minute you aimed to kill Dragon was the minute, I lost all forms of mercy within me towards you.”

              His hand catching her throat tightened as blood slowly flowed out of his skin and was absorbed into her body. Slow wriggling appeared all over her skin as tiny needles made of blood pierced her from within, destroying her blood vessels and then her lymph vessels and finally her nerves.

          In those few seconds she struggled in Riddick’s hands, she experienced intense pain which made her suffering a million times worse. Slowly, her struggle slowed down as she lost her life screaming in pain.

         Riddick turned towards Leon and Aegean. Their faces were now pale as they saw Riddick’s ruthlessness. Leon remembered his sneer as he saw Riddick trying to save Dragon. His face paled but his soul shook as the two hundred Yakshas behind him screamed in pain as their souls were severely damaged by the lightning current.

        Riddick looked coldly at the two hundred Yakshas and then at the more than two thousand devas. “At one time of another, due to an order or by your own Will, you chose to side against me. This is your punishment. I won’t kill you all this time, but the next time won’t be the same. Scram.”

            The devas bowed their heads in gratitude. They knew that Riddick had spared them all. To Riddick, none of them weren’t really a threat but to a cruel ruler, it wouldn’t have made much difference and yet, Riddick had spared them. That moment, none of them noticed that the lightning current didn’t disappear from their sea of consciousness, it simply dissolved into it.

           Leon sighed as he bowed slightly and said, “I deeply thank you for showing mercy upon us Riddick.” Aegean bowed deeply as well. Atlee was shaking as he bowed deeply as well.

               Other were different, he was different. Atlee knew that. The others simply betrayed Riddick but he back stabbed him. Riddick looked at Atlee and then at the three Totems in his hands.

          He closed his eyes and said in a cold voice, “Kill them all.”

         As Riddick’s voice rang out, two figures appeared before Leon and Aegean. They were Roger and June. Leon’s eyes shook but he couldn’t do anything as his soul shuddered and the next second, his head was flying away as June’s sword had cleanly beheaded him.

              Aegean was even more pitiful. Roger’s staff smashed his head into a pulp. Not stopping there, Roger smashed his entire body into a pulp.

        Atlee started to shiver as he directly fell to his knees. Riddick looked at Atlee coldly and said in a low voice, “I trusted you and wanted you to be a part of my family. Yet, you lusted after power and indulged in the sin of greed.

         Atlee, you could have stood beside me, like Roger and June. Now, you are kneeling before me. It’s isn’t fate, its you.”

           Atlee’s body suddenly exploded by burning all his cultivation. Since he would die anyway, he would instead kill Riddick. Riddick looked at the Atlee and thought silently, “Die.”

          An explosion, a staff, an ice sword and a thousand blood swords pierced Atlee in that second. Before he could burn his cultivation and before he could move an inch, his body was blasted off into a thousand pieces.

              On that day, the Underworld witnessed the might of Riddick who not only obliterated the entire forces of three Great empires but also killed all three emperors. The three Celestial Totems which for eons unknown have never been collected by a single individual reached into the hands of Riddick.

         Riddick looked at the skies as he flew away from the blood drenched battlefield thinking about his one true love, Vera. Far away from Underworld, in a different continent, Vera looked at the skies and a small smile lit on her face as she knew that Riddick was coming.




        This was a bloody ending. You guys were like, was it necessary that Riddick gave so many chances to jerks like Nina.

      I say yes. Riddick actually had no reason to kill them all so he was trying to get the Totems without much slaughter. So he gave them chances repeatedly. Now, that he had no choice, he turned into a monster.

         I don’t want Riddick to be an indiscriminate monster. However, I want to show everyone that he can be an indiscriminate monster when he is crossed. That’s the Riddick I wanted to portray and thus, I wrote the last chapter in that way to lay a good foundation.

Hope you all enjoyed the chapter.

       The BOOK 7 will start soon. Finally, the best girl Vera is going to return.

Look forward to it.

***Something interesting.***

      So two days ago, Kidyeon got me into Gravity tales private discord channel. I don’t talk much but I am a very patient person…obviously all authors are patient else they can never write. So I have been having fun reading and listening to people. They are fun bunch, GGP, Taffy and yeah! Studmonster. For some reason, I wasn’t seriously expecting that.

      At the same time, I jumped into novel translations discord channel and listened to karaoke. Ritsuru has just earned herself a fan for her awesome voice. Seriously, I fell for her voice. She is awesome. Like really awesome.

Good night




9 thoughts on “Riddick – Book 6 – Chapter 30 Slaughter

  1. best mc is still best mc

    also about him being an indiscriminate monster only when crossed, don’t cha mean only when crossed and only when killing innocents will help his goals xD you know the whole “killing someone’s entire family” indiscriminately for a test


    • I have no comment. Taking Riddick character purely in RL society views makes him insane and me more insane for writing him.

      I was suggesting that Riddick has killed people, yes but he was thinking that if he can simply achieve his goal then there is no need to kill anyone.

      But, yes, I contradict myself by writing this chapter and yes, this does sounds crazy.


  2. Wow. I didn’t expect him to be able to finish the war alone. I got the chills when he was appearing all over the place with a dead body every time. He should have put the hearts in front of Nani 😈

    The totems must have something other than there power. Maybe he will make a necklace for Vera.😁
    Will Riddick blindly trust Vera, or will be look into here karma. Riddick has a lot of history but this life as different from the others. He knows more allot more. And we have no idea how powerful she is.
    But finally Riddick servant (of friends) are not stronger than him.

    Was he using devour with the death. I was thinking he might be using it all the time that it is not necessary to mention. It would be a waist if they just die.

    Plotting a big story like this one is very hard as you fill the role of every side and how they are thinking. The hard part is keeping things consistent and I think you did a good job with this one.

    Can’t wait for the new book. Is it time to unlock some of the mysteries. (find out next time on Riddick ATH) <"read that with dbz outro voice 😂"

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mercy is a luxury of the powerful, having him be merciful yet not stupid just goes to showcase his power even more. I like that he is merciful. Every life is worth living, but you must kill your enemies. I love even more how he is finally taking a path he has not in all his previous lives. Keep it up, I want to see how he can make this life different from the ones before.


  4. Few questions
    1.Is prum a yaksha.How did silvie become so powerful to threaten other families.Remember she may be talented but still too young compared to others.
    2.What happened to rachel,edward’s sister.
    3.Riddick being a 6th deva is able to kill a 3rd tribulation yaksha.Sure he has a hiding ability,but that doesn’t mean his attacks are strong.Even if he has strong tools;you can only draw power corresponding to your level.


    • 1) Priam is an yaksha. How Sylvie got so strong, I already gave a clue.
      2)Rachel is dead physically but her soul is incorporated by Elaine. Elaine is a mystery element that has a story of her own and you will see that too but not now.
      3) Riddick is actually very strong. Why? Riddick had void energy. Also now Void energy is present in nature.
      He has Ghost walker, Hell devour etc. etc.
      One reason why he won easily is because, not all yakshas are equally strong. For instance, I repeatedly mentioned that Roger, June and Dragon were all very strong compared to Attlee, Liam and others. So if Riddick had actually fought against them, the result would have been different because they are innately very strong compared to others.


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