Chapter updates

Hey guys, sorry for the absence.

           I am currently in my parents home. I had to hurry home as my grandmother is sick and we had to admit her in a hospital.

         That was yesterday. The results are out and it isn’t anything major. She just had some mineral and vitamin deficiency which messed up her immune system. I don’t know why but I guess, it’s due to her age. She is 89 after all.

         The doctor recommended that we should admit her for three more days just to be safe. Though, I am relieved that she is fine, I can’t actually concentrate on Writing.

           Don’t worry, I will definitely be back next week. I promised regular updates but this week was kinda damp with only two chapter releases.

      Just wanted to let you know because I don’t want you to hate me for being late for no reason at all.

Thank you for your understanding,



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