Rigel – Book 1 – Chapter 24 – A Single Chop


A Single chop:


The next day, Rigel sat in his backyard deep in thought as he looked at the cloudy skies. His face was dark as he waited patiently for Ryan. Although Rigel managed to fool him; he had to be certain that Ian was fooled as well.

Rigel knew that he was still too weak to deal with Ian or even with Ryan, but he had to take the risk to guarantee his safety. Soon the sun reached its zenith while Rigel maintained his vigilance.

About three in the afternoon, Rigel sensed some disturbance at the foot of his mountain. With the evolution of his spiritual energy into the divine sense, Rigel’s spiritual range had increased to a whopping three hundred meters from a mere fifty meters.

Rigel still didn’t know how his spiritual energy underwent such an early evolution, but he was certain that the mysterious man was responsible for it. Rigel had his doubts before but now he was sure that everything was related.

The black pearl, Tal, the mysterious man. Tal said before that he was the guardian of the Locker. The black pearl was in his own dantian and Rigel was able to enter the mysterious dimension repeatedly. Thus, Rigel was now sure that the black pearl was the Locker and Tal was its guardian.   

However, Rigel was now even more confused. With a few questions answered, many more questions assaulted his mind. What was the black pearl? Why did Tal call it a Locker? Who was Tal? Who was the mysterious man? And above all, why was the black pearl inside his dantian?

Rigel spent the entire night thinking about the surge of terrifying Divine Will which had assaulted his mind when he had broken through into the first level of Qi condensation stage. That power was at a level inconceivable to him. He could still clearly remember the pain which had assaulted his mind when the Divine Will had scanned his soul.

Rigel was no stranger to pain. He had experienced unimaginable pain when Gerald had destroyed his dantian and when the white-robed man who captured Frank had shattered it again.

However, even if he was no stranger to pain, the pain he felt this time around was like a knife. Sharp, refined, like an explosive lightning. It attacked him in an instant, without any hesitation and mercy. That’s how Rigel felt when the Divine Will had scanned his soul.

What Rigel felt before was a mere physical pain but this time, the pain was directly felt by his soul. That intensity of the pain might be the same but the difference felt was massive.

Slowly Rigel rose to his feet and made his way to the foot of his mountain. The events of the night made Rigel believe that the mysterious man was dangerous. He was like an almighty god, but it also made him confused, if he wanted to kill him, he would be dead without a question.

The mysterious man could have killed Rigel with just a thought, and Rigel had no doubt regarding that. However, he didn’t. Not only did he not kill him but also healed his shattered dantian for him. All these events put together made Rigel believe that the mysterious man wasn’t his enemy. He might not be an ally, but at least; he wasn’t an enemy.

Three people were standing at the foot of a mountain shouting angrily. As Rigel slowly walked down the steps, those who resided on his mountain and surrounding mountains gathered around quietly. They were all curious about how Rigel would deal with the three men

The three people gazed at Rigel and narrowed their eyes. Their eyes held a bit of ridicule as they saw that Rigel had a pitiful cultivation base of the first level of Qi condensation. Rigel didn’t miss the contempt that flashed in their eyes.

Looking at them coldly he asked in a calm voice, “What is this ruckus?”

The one in the middle snorted coldly and said, “Hey kid, I don’t care who you are, but you should know that the outer sect has rules. This area is under the command of my boss, Leyden. Why haven’t you paid your monthly donation yet?”

Rigel looked at the three men and then at their necks. Through the gap in their robes, he could see the distinctive tattoo of an eagle on their necks. That was the mark of Leyden’s group.

Leyden along with Boler were the two unofficial rulers of the outer sect. Both of them were at the peak of the fourth level and were next in line to be promoted to the inner sect.

However, inner sect promotions happen only once every three years. Since none of the two wanted to be left behind, they were in a state of war with each other.

These donations were their way of gathering more funds to maintain more followers which in return will concrete their position within the outer sect.    

Rigel sighed in his heart as he heard the man. Rigel initially didn’t want to start a conflict so he would have ascertained to their demands. However, a single night had changed it all.

For some reason, Ian was after his head. Rigel didn’t know why, but he was sure that Ian wouldn’t leave him alone after a single failed attempt. Ian was a conclave disciple while he was an outer sect disciple. The difference in their status was a deadly trap which would sooner or later prove fatal to Rigel.

Rigel knew that so he had no choice but to change his plans. The next inner sect promotion was in two months, and Rigel was sure that he would die if he waited for three more years.

Rigel was sure about it because he knew more about the art of killing than many peak experts. Rigel didn’t do anything to Ian directly, but Ian had tried to assassinate him. Rigel would never forget any kindness, and similarly, he would never forget an enemy.

Once an enemy, always an enemy. Unless the enemy loses his will to retaliate or loses his life trying to destroy him, he would always be a threat. Rigel knew that so he looked at the three men and said in a cold voice, “Get the fuck out of my property.”

The trio’s faces changed as they heard Rigel. Rigel’s words weren’t quiet either. Everyone in the surroundings had heard him loud and clear. Rigel had not only ignored the three men but also publicly declared that he doesn’t give a fuck about their boss.

Rigel didn’t talk any further. He turned around and began to walk back to his cottage. The three men stared stupidly at Rigel. Never in their wildest dreams had they expected Rigel to curse them publicly and without a single second of hesitation.

Who were they? They were direct subordinates of Leyden. They were all in the second level of Qi condensation and were all infamous in the outer sect for being notorious, and a mere first level cultivator had just told them to fuck off.

Anger boiled in their hearts as Rigel slowly walked back. Their eyes turned red as they charged at Rigel without waiting for a second longer. Gasps of horror rang out as the three men charged at Rigel.

Rigel was walking without glancing back, but his divine sense was wrapped around the three men, following their movements. With his divine sense, he had naturally seen through their cultivation base.

Rigel originally had a physique which allowed him to go head-on against second level cultivators. With the help of his poisons and a bit of good luck, he could even take on third level Qi condensation experts.

Then, Rigel had neither a dantian, nor Qi and not even hope. Now, he was in the first level of Qi condensation. He had confidence in his strength; a divine sense and the black fog at his disposal.

True, the cultivators in the Gehenna plane were far stronger than those in the Gehenna prison but no matter who they were, Rigel had absolute confidence. There was no second level disciple in existence he couldn’t win against.

As they neared Rigel. A soft sigh escaped Rigel’s mouth. His legs stopped, and his torso turned, his right arm rose and caught a punch smoothly. That punch had great strength behind it, but Rigel’s arm didn’t  even budge. A look of surprise and shock spread across the face of the middle man who was right behind.

Rigel didn’t stop there as his left hand swung abruptly and chopped the person’s neck who punched him. That motion was fluid, like a well-practised sword swing of a sword master.


A dull sound reverberated in the air as the man fell to his knees after directly losing his consciousness. The middle man and the other person stopped in their tracks stunned by the turn of events.

What should have been an entirely one-sided battle had turned into something they had never imagined even in their dreams. Rigel’s movement was far too easy, far too simple but every expert understood the power that was transmitted through his hands.

That was the advantage Rigel had over others. Supposedly, these disciples of so-called major sects were trained from childhood. True, Rigel received no such training, but he had been in more brawls than a hundred of these elites combined.

None of them had ever fought for food, and certainly none of them had ever starved for weeks. Rigel’s childhood was different. He knew the exact value of food and life.

They were all trained by experts but life, the greatest expert had trained Rigel. Even if he was just a slave by the side of the road, he had fought a dozen kids stronger than him, alone and without a weapon in a hole with no escape. He survived, and thus he lived.

Compared to that, Rigel felt that this fight was nothing but a child’s brawl. Rigel looked at the person at his feet and then at the middle man. He twisted his neck as he slowly walked towards him.

With each step Rigel took, the man took a step back. He didn’t know why? Rigel didn’t show him some undefeatable strength, all he did a single chop and yet he was terrified.

The killing intent in Rigel’s eyes scared him. It was like a cloak which was masking Rigel in a thick odor of blood. He had experienced killing intent before, but this went beyond anything he had ever experienced. It was pure and unadulterated.

Rigel didn’t attack nor did he do anything. He only looked at the man and said in a calm voice, “Tell your leader. The outer sect has a new boss, Me.”


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