Rigel – Book 1 – Chapter 25 – Rudra




As Rigel slowly walked back to his cottage, he heard the faint laughter of the mysterious voice in his mind. Rigel’s face changed as the strange voice continued to laugh and said, “You are more amusing than I thought you were, boy.”

Rigel gulped lightly and asked in a respectful voice, “Who are you, Sir?”

The voice laughed slightly and said, “I am me. You are you. From this instance, I am your benefactor, and you are my heir.”

Rigel narrowed his eyes and said in a calm voice, “Sir, I am indeed indebted to you for healing my dantian, but you have lost my gratitude by attacking my soul.”

The voice smiled and said, “Don’t be such a wuss kid. You have gained much more than you think you have from that encounter.

Even if you suffered from the attack of my Will, your spiritual energy has evolved as a consequence. Tell me, don’t you think that wasn’t worth it?”

Rigel remained silent as he heard him. He had to admit, even though that was a mortifying experience, the evolution of his spiritual energy into divine sense was an enormous gain.

Suddenly the voice coughed and said in a low voice, “We can talk later, it seems your assassin is here.”

Rigel was startled as he heard the voice. He had spread out his divine sense to find Ryan as soon as he was in sight. Rigel had divine sense just like Ryan so he was sure that he would be able to find him. However, he didn’t sense Ryan at all until the mysterious person mentioned him. He was unable to detect his presence at all.

“How is this possible?” Rigel muttered to himself in his mind.

“Just because you have obtained the divine sense doesn’t mean you are well versed in using it, kid. You are far too weak and immature to know the ways of the world. That kid Ryan is using a cloaking Qi art to hide his presence.

I guess it’s a good thing that I informed you, else he would have attacked you for sure if you weren’t able to see through his cloaking art.” The voice said in a calm voice.

Rigel nodded his head as he heard the voice. He knew that the mysterious person was telling the truth. He sighed and asked, “What did I do to incur this Ian’s wrath? True, I was responsible for this whole Maze incident, but if I were Ian, I wouldn’t even bother with a lowly lackey like Maze anymore. He, however, is doing it while considering the risk that I am related to Elder Feng.”

The voice smiled and said in a calm voice, “Well, this only proves that you have far too little experience kid. Even if you are much more mature or had a much bloodier past than most others, that doesn’t make you well versed in the ways of the world.

Tell me, if you were the boss and had a lackey. Who would do your dirty jobs? You or your lackey? This Maze was Ian’s lackey, and thus, he knew Ian’s dirty secrets. So considering all of this, the only conclusion is somehow Ian thinks that you may know his dirty secrets.

Maze is in secluded captivity, and so are Kane and Hedge. So you can’t touch them and neither can he. However, you have something which was once Maze’s. That should be the reason for this entire chain of events.”

“His bag of holding.” Rigel answered in a serious voice and continued, “But I combed it upside down. There wasn’t anything suspicious in it.”

The voice sighed and continued, “Searching it without a goal and searching it with a goal are two different things. Wasn’t there something strange in that bag of holding.”

Rigel raised his head shocked as the realization hit him. He suddenly remembered all the hundreds of bags of holding he had found in Maze’s bag. He first thought that they all belonged to Maze but can it be, he was wrong. If he was wrong, then Ian did have a reason to fear him.

Rigel’s shock only lasted a moment before he regained his calm. A cold smile surfaced on his face as he understood what he now possessed in his hands. A bargaining chip.       

The young man within the black space was smiling widely as saw Rigel. To him who had been in there for a long time, Rigel was like a little child in his eyes. Besides the fact that Rigel was inheriting his legacy, he liked Rigel himself.

From the gutters of the Amaron mainland to the streets of the Gehenna prison, and then to the Xia sect of the Rio town, Rigel had always been on his own. He was never guided by anyone, nor did he receive help from anyone but himself. Thus, he had his flaws in his strong nature.

Ryan was observing Rigel from the top of a tree. He had traded for a Spark formation cloaking skill, “Behind the skies” to test his theory. After he had left Rigel’s cottage, he didn’t immediately report to Ian regarding his failure.

He only told him that there were guards out there so he will try once again tomorrow. The matter regarding Patriarch SilverLeaf being Rigel’s granduncle sounded ridiculous to him but on the other hand, Patriarch SilverLeaf was known as an eccentric man. It wouldn’t be all too unbelievable if someone said that he had thrown his grandson in the outer sect.

As Rigel reached his cottage, he lifted his head and looked at the tree as if he saw Ryan himself. Ryan’s heart thumped in anxiety as he felt Rigel’s gaze. How did he find me? That question was assaulting his mind.

Rigel only narrowed his eyes and sat down as he waited for Ryan. As he started to stare at the tree, Ryan’s face was drenched in sweat. A minute later, he slowly made his way down. He had to pay a fortune to buy a high-level camouflaging skill and yet, Rigel had seen through his camouflage.

Rigel didn’t say anything and just stared at Ragnar. He had learned long ago that being silence was just another way of pressuring his enemies. Silence makes them anticipate and that in return makes them think worse of their situation.

Ryan sighed in his head and said in a calm voice, “Young master, I have delivered your message. Ian now believes that two red-robed guards are protecting you. Even if it is him, I don’t think he will attack you with two red-robed guards standing guard.”

Rigel sighed lightly and asked in a cold voice, “And what did you say about our encounter Ryan?”

Ryan shook his head and said, “Nothing sir, I didn’t say anything.”

Rigel nodded his head and said, “You can leave now. Remember, we never met.”

Ryan nodded his head and left as quickly as possible. As he left, Rigel heaved a sigh of relief. He rubbed his forehead and thought, “That was dangerous. If it didn’t go well, I could have died today.”

“That isn’t necessarily true, boy. You could have killed him with some help and the Asura Poison.” The voice said in a light voice.

Rigel was stunned as he heard the mysterious voice. He was still in the first stage of Qi condensation. How could he kill a sixth level expert? Besides what was Asura Poison. The only poison he possessed was the black fog? Was the Asura Poison the black fog?

The voice continued and said, “The black fog is just an initial manifestation of the Asura Poison. Once you awaken it, I promise you; it won’t be anything less than heaven decimating. The Asura Poison is a masterpiece I developed when I was alive. It is my pride and was feared throughout the worlds of the universe.”

Rigel’s mind reeled as he heard the voice. The worlds of the universe. He knew there were multiple worlds because he had seen two of them. However, this man had seen much more and had a Poison which was even called as heaven decimating.

Heaven decimating – Asura Poison.

Just who would name their poison with such a terrifying name? From the sound of it, he wasn’t lying at all. Considering the power of the poison Rigel now possessed, he knew that there was a high possibility that everything the man said might be true.

Rigel gulped lightly and asked in a respectful voice, “Who are you, sir?”

Silence permeated the air and a deep sigh reverberated in his mind a second later. The voice smiled lightly and answered, “I am the ruler of the Nagas, the commander of the armies of Gana, and the bearer of the trishula. I am Rudra.”

Rigel’s mind reeled as he heard the words of Rudra. It was just a few words, but they sounded like a chant to Rigel. He felt immeasurable power hidden within each of those words. Nagas, Gana, Trishula and Rudra. He felt that each of those words held immense meaning behind them.

As Rigel’s mind was oçcupied with the profound feeling of strength he felt from those words. Rudra was shocked to find out that Rigel was able to feel the mysterious aspects of those words.

“As I thought, this kid isn’t normal. There is something about him. That makes it all the more interesting.” Rudra laughed to himself and then said in a loud voice, “Wake up kid.”

Rigel was abruptly brought back out of his daze by Rudra. He was angry because he felt that he was about to comprehend something which was very powerful, almost godly.

“Don’t even think about it. You cannot comprehend something like that now and even if you can, you will only die because your body won’t be able to sustain the destructive aspect of my divinity.” Rudra calmly explained.

Rigel sighed as he heard Rudra. Indeed, he was rushing too much. He should have thought it out before jumping in. However, the thought of gaining power had blinded him.

Rudra smiled lightly and said, “Strength can be acquired in many ways. The current you lack the guidance of a teacher. No matter how much you know about this world, you are after all just a kid.

Cultivation base isn’t as important as the foundation. With a strong foundation, you strength can directly surpass realms. Say, Rigel, do you want to learn my profound arts?”

Rigel narrowed his eyes as he heard Rudra. He didn’t know much about Rudra, but he was aware that until now, he had only benefitted from him. He had once trusted Frank, who went on to become his beloved grandfather.

To gain Frank back, he needed help and Rudra was offering him a choice,  to be his disciple. Where else would he be able to get an ultimate expert to teach him?

“Are your profound arts strong?” Rigel asked calmly.

Rudra smiled lightly and said, “They are.”

Rigel took a deep breath and said in a calm voice, “Then, I am ready. Please guide me.”

Rudra smiled lightly and said in a calm voice, “As the inheritor of my legacy, I need you to promise me one thing, Rigel. Don’t ever forget that this is the pact which binds us.”

Rigel soul shook as words of incredible power once again resounded in his mind. “For every aspect of my soul I recover, you shall dominate everything under the heavens in one aspect.

That is the pact which binds us. We are not truly free for we are both bound by our duties. The legacy shall be passed on to my heir for it is my duty. As my heir, you only need to fulfill my legacy. That shall be my sole fee.”


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  1. Good chapter, But I suggest you re-read this chapter gsdreddy. Because there is a lot of errors, trust me… just re-read this chapter and you will soon find out what I mean.


    • Yes I am aware of the errors thejman09. I am currently editing all the chapters and am reuploading them in batches. Currently, 19 chapters are edited. You can see whether they are edited or not by either decent formatting or by the absence of author note at the start of the chapter. I will reupload upto the 26th chapter today. Thanx for your patience. I will finish all the editing by the end of May and start Book 2 in June.


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