Rigel – Book 1 – Chapter 34 – Sacrifice

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Sacrifice :

Rigel sighed in relief as the small built man finally decided to fall back. Rudra, who was floating in mid air, smiled lightly and praised in a calm voice, “Well done, Rigel.”

Rigel looked at Rudra and said with a sigh, “Rudra, you know that this isn’t going to end like this, don’t you?”

Rudra nodded his head and spoke, “It won’t but that doesn’t mean that you have lost this round. Rigel, you would have died for sure had this turned into an all out battle.

Currently, we have no strategic advantage but that may change in future so routing the enemy had its merits. It improves your chances of survival by a large margin.”

Rigel nodded his head slightly as he heard Rudra. He too knew that he wouldn’t be able to fight against six late stage Qi condensation experts. The only reason he was able to defeat Wyle so easily was because he had been underestimated and thus caught Wyle off guard.

Even if Rigel trained in the profound art of Paragon Body, the only benefit to him at his current level was a more strengthened physical body. Had Wyle been careful, he would have fully used his divine sense and the treasures he had upon him to fight against Rigel.

Rigel sighed as he thought back to the fight and looked at Wyle’s corpse lying a few feet away from him. He searched it and collected the bag of holding. The bag of holding didn’t contain anything of great value except for two more flying swords.

Rigel now had a total of five flying swords including his original chipped sword. Rigel put them all away and decided to leave the cave. Since the enemies knew about his location, it was no longer safe for him.

Rigel extended his spiritual sense to its limit and kept vigilant as he entered the forbidden tunnels.

More than three kilometres away from Rigel’s position, the small built man was sitting on some pavement while sipping some water. He looked at the five men beside him and narrowed his eyes. After the time that it takes for an incense stick to burn, he got up and looked at them bringing their attention to him.

“Do you know why I let that kid go?” The small built man asked in a cold voice, looking at the group of five experts.

The five experts looked at each other and remained calm. They all knew the reason deep inside but they wouldn’t admit their own failure. Their pride as cultivators was stopping them.

The small built man twisted his neck in dissatisfaction and said, “It’s because you were engulfed in fear. A cultivator should never fear death, the moment he starts to fear it will be the moment he loses his way in path of cultivation.

Today I, Asano, had to run away from a kid in fourth level Qi condensation because I didn’t want to see you cowards dying in that kid’s hands.

We could have killed the kid for sure but with the way you are, at least one of you would have died. I don’t consider you as mercenaries. You are all my friends and disciples of the same sect. I value your life above everything. However, failure isn’t an option. We are going to kill the kid and complete our mission.”

The five experts looked at Asano with bright eyes. Asano was the person charged with leading the group and even though he was only in sixth level of Qi condensation just like Wyle, the difference between them was like heaven and earth.

The techniques he cultivated in were all top notch. Being a chosen of the sect, the sect had used a lot of resources in developing Asano.

Asano smiled lightly as he looked at the five disciples. He then put his hand on the shoulder of a disciple named Kira. Kira was a fifth level Qi condensation expert, one of the four fifth level Qi condensation experts in the group of seven.

Kira looked at Asano in confusion. Asano smiled and said, “OK, now that we have decided to kill this kid Rigel at any cost, we have to do it even if we need to make some sacrifices.

Kira, you are a model disciple of our sect but…” Asano’s eyes turned cold as he said in a low voice, “You are too weak…. To accomplish this task, I need you to die Kira. This is all for the sect. You wouldn’t resist, would you?”

Kira’s body shook as he heard Asano. He stood up but the hand touching Kira tightened and the next instant, a tremor ran through Kira’s body as he fell on his knees, unable to control his muscles.

The faces of the remaining four changed as they watched Asano. ‘Lightning profound arts.’ Those three words reverberated in their minds as they gazed at Kira. Lightning profound arts were extremely rare and were tough to comprehend even among the five elements.

Kira looked at Asano with fearful eyes and said in a pleading voice, “Asano, what are you doing? You… You just said that we are all important to you besides, I am a disciple of our sect. You can’t kill a fellow disciple. Don’t do it Asano.”

Asano smiled lightly as he heard Kira, he bent over slightly and whispered in his ears, “Well, that rule doesn’t apply to a chosen like me. Kira, failure is not an option. Since I can’t tolerate failure, naturally I have to do whatever I can to attain success.”

Kira’s face became pale as he struggled to get to his feet. However, his body wasn’t listening to his orders as Asano constantly shocked his muscles. Asano smiled lightly and tapped his bag of holding.

A flying sword rose into air and hovered above him. Kira’s eyes were terrified as he saw the flying sword. Asano rose to his feet and said in a calm voice, “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you. You are going to kill yourself Kira. You will kill Rigel by self detonating your dantian. Understood?”

Kira and the others stared in shock at Asano. Why would anyone self detonate? What confidence did Asano have that Kira will listen to his orders?

Asano smiled lightly and licked his lips as he said, “Kira, you had a sister who is still fifteen, right? I don’t think you want her to end up in a brothel. Your little clan in that tribal area, I really don’t think you wouldn’t want them to encounter a tragedy and die like moths.

What would you do Kira? Believe me, if you don’t follow my orders, this won’t be the first time I wiped out an entire clan.”

Kira face was drained of all blood while the four behind Asano were finally beginning to realise the dreadfulness of his methods. Asano was cruel, he wouldn’t mind sacrificing his fellow disciples nor would he think twice about killing mortals to achieve his goal.

Asano smiled broadly and said, “I think I know your answer Kira. However, just so that you won’t change your mind at the last moment, I will take your legs as insurance.”

As Asano uttered those words. The flying sword hovering above him flashed and the next moment a blood curling scream rang out in the cave which resounded all the way to Rigel’s location as Kira’s legs were cleanly cleaved off by the flying sword.

Looking at Kira, Asano smiled warmly and said, “Don’t disappoint me Kira. I am sure your family wouldn’t like me when I visit them.”

Asano then grabbed his flying sword and walked away without even glancing back at Kira who was screaming in pain as blood flowed continuously out of his mutilated legs.

The four people stood there for a moment too terrified by Asano’s methods. Then they took one last look at Kira before slowly following Asano. That moment, they all had come to a single conclusion. Never disobey Asano.

Asano didn’t just walk a little distance. He walked away a whole three kilometres before stopping. The encounter with Rigel earlier had made him confused and suspicious. Rigel looked calm, almost as if he knew that they were going to come. So he didn’t want to take a chance.

If Kira does explode, then the sound of the explosion would reach for tens of kilometres echoing throughout the tunnels. So Asano had nothing to worry. He decided to head over once he hears the explosion. If the explosion doesn’t happen, then he had an alternative plan to play.

Back at Rigel’s location, Rudra frowned as he heard the scream. Rigel looked at Rudra and then began to run in the direction of the scream. That scream meant that there were humans out there and humans meant information. What Rigel needed more than anything at this point was information regarding the Forbidden tunnels.

The Forbidden tunnels stretched for tens of kilometres with numerous turns and levels. Although, it was difficult, it wasn’t Impossible to draw a map of the Forbidden tunnels. Rigel ideally wanted a map so he can quickly figure out a way out of the tunnels.

A short five minutes later, Rigel was at the gap where Kira was lying down moaning in pain. Rigel looked at Kira from far away and furrowed his eyebrows. He recognised Kira as a member of the seven experts sent to kill him.

He then maintained his vigilance for more than ten minutes but neither he nor Rudra found a soul in any direction. Finally, Rigel sighed and walked out of his hiding place. Since they didn’t sense anyone, he thought that he might as well ask Kira.

Kira’s face was now pale from the blood loss. Any mortal would have died from that much blood loss but he was a fifth stage Qi condensation stage cultivator. His life force was much stronger.

As he saw Rigel walking towards him, his face had a bitter smile. Originally he didn’t want to obey Asano’s orders but now, he knew that he was going to die either way. Since he was going to die, he decided that he would die protecting his family.

No matter what, Kira didn’t want to put his family in danger and certainly not in the hands of the madman known as Asano.

Rigel stood at a distance of six feet away from Kira and asked in a cold voice, “What happened to you?”

Kira looked at Rigel and smiled peacefully. The Qi in his dantian ignited like a flame. Rudra who was watching everything suddenly trembled as he sensed the flame in Kira’s dantian.


Rudra screamed at the top of his voice. Rigel’s mind shook as he involuntarily took a step back. Kira smiled lightly and said in a sorrowful voice, “I am sorry.”


The next instant, a violent explosion shook the Forbidden tunnels. It was heard all the way to the north end of the tunnels where a group of twenty people were following the tracks of a person.


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Rigel – Book 1 – Chapter 33 – Bloodthirst

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Bloodthirst : 

            Rigel’s sudden reaction had shocked the group. The man charging towards Rigel immediately halted in his tracks. Rigel slowly opened his eyes and stared at all seven of them. His eyes were cold and filled with intense killing intent.

        Rigel was no stranger to such a situation. He had been in a cage filled with more than thirty hungry slaves. He had faced a third level Qi condensation expert when he was still a cripple. That killing intent which had been bred to the core of his soul wasn’t something that could ever be erased.

            Even if the current Rigel didn’t seem as twisted as he was before, deep inside, the deeds he had done in his life were forever etched in his soul. They were a part of him, parts which made him Rigel, parts which made up his personality.

        Rigel rose to his feet slowly and narrowed his eyes. Rudra, who was floating in mid air, closed his eyes and remained silent. Rudra usually reminded Rigel to stay in control only because he knew that Rigel didn’t need to be taught to go berserk.

        The kind of childhood Rigel had wasn’t something any sane person would experience and still remain the same. Rigel had killed a thousand people even before he turned thirteen, he once again killed to survive in Gehenna. Killing was a part of him, something that needn’t be taught to him.  

       Rigel’s cold expression caused the seven to frown. They never expected that a mere fourth level Qi condensation stage expert would have the guts to stand before them all without any fear or trepidation in his eyes.

      Rigel twisted his head slowly and took a single step forward. He tapped his bag of holding and a single flying sword appeared in his hand. It didn’t float but instead remained in his hand.

        A man with a small build among the seven men snorted coldly as he looked at Rigel and said, “Wyle, do you still consider yourself a disciple of our great sect? Don’t be a fucking coward.”  

         The man who had charged towards Rigel looked at the small man and gritted his teeth in anger. They were both in the sixth level of Qi condensation and yet, he was the one being yelled at. All because of a single kid.

          Wyle turned his head and looked at Rigel with cold eyes. His eyes lacked the hesitation that they had just a second before as he charged at Rigel with a sword in his hand and two more flying swords floating above him.

      The others simply maintained their vigilance as they waited for Rigel’s death. None of them believed that Rigel actually had the ability to win against Wyle.

       Rigel who saw Wyle charging towards him stopped in his tracks and began to run away from him. Wyle sneered as he saw Rigel running away from him.

       “Hahaha…… Where do you think you are running brat? You are trapped here. This will be your grave.” Wyle said with a sneer.

       The others began to smile as well when they saw Rigel’s desperate efforts. They had all initially thought that Rigel would resist with everything he had but as they saw Rigel running away with his tail between his legs, they couldn’t help but think that they were all overestimating him.

      Rigel’s speed wasn’t fast. He intentionally ran with only half his maximum speed towards a  wall. He didn’t turn around but he could sense Wyle just a few metres behind him with a evil smile on his face. Wyle could have easily reached him if he had used his flying swords but be didn’t.

       The reason was simple, he wanted to kill Rigel with his own hands. The desire and need  to draw blood with their own hands is a feeling that only someone who hasn’t killed enough would let control their actions.

       Rigel tripped and fell on the ground. Wyle’s smile grew bolder as he stood above Rigel and said in a cold voice, “This is the end kid.”

       However, his voice stopped midway as a sword split the air like an arrow and pierced his heart.

       Wyle looked at Rigel in confusion. He felt dizzy and as he looked at the sword penetrating through his chest. Rigel looked at Wyle and slowly stood up. He caught his sword and pushed it in further while looking Wyle in the eye.

      No dialogue was spoken and there was no struggle, but the way Rigel attacked Wyle showed it all. Wyle coughed up blood and weakly fell to his knees. Rigel looked at the small built man coldly and kicked Wyle away from him.

                  Rigel raised the blood covered sword and walked towards Wyle. The small built man’s face was completely stunned as he watched Rigel. The way Rigel attacked was beyond anyone’s expectations. They expected that Rigel would die a pitiful death but never in their wildest dreams did they expect such a retaliation from Rigel.

         Rigel’s eyes didn’t leave the two flying swords which were still hovering in mid air. Wyle was moaning in pain but in his eyes was also an intense anger. His spirit struggled to control the flying swords at the moment of his death but his iron will remained strong as he guided the flying swords to maintain their aim.

        Even if he died, he would take his enemy’s life as an exchange. Rigel walked towards Wyle while looking at him with narrowed eyes. If there was one thing that he learned after all the years of living in a dreadful hole called Gehenna was that, one should never be lenient with a dying enemy.

       His eyes flashed as the sword in his hands shook and charged towards Wyle. Every person in the room was shocked still as they witnessed that scene. A fourth level Qi condensation expert who could control flying swords. That was an absurd thought to any of them but that was happening right before their eyes.

       Wyle realising his fate roared in anger and directed his flying swords to attack Rigel but it was all too late. The flying sword charging towards him directly penetrated his right eye and pulverised his brain.

       Losing their spiritual energy, the flying swords fell on the ground at Rigel’s feet. Rigel looked at them indifferently and waved his hand. The two flying swords rose into the air and his own flying sword stood in between them covered in blood and gore.

        That was a sight of true terror. Rigel’s uncaring and unhesitant eyes as he looked at them was like a predator looking down on its prey. It was as if he was in a far higher position than them and was testing their strength.

         That was the feeling invoked in the remaining six Qi condensation stage experts. Everyone of them had been in numerous fights and had killed people, men, women and children alike. Thus, they were hired to take care of Rigel. However, at that instant, in a tiny little corner of their hearts, a feeling arose which was completely foreign to them.


       That little feeling, fear wasn’t something that can be conquered in one day. People have trained for tens of millennia and yet stay far away from danger because they couldn’t conquer the fear of death.

      That was the feeling that was currently dominating their minds. Rigel looked at them and didn’t charge. He stood there silently and stared at them as if asking them to state their decision.

      He wouldn’t attack not unless they decide to, nor would he kill unless they decide to. However, once the decision was made, there was no going back. Rigel would kill every last person among them or would die trying.

        The small built man gritted his teeth in anger as he looked at Rigel. No matter what he thought, Rigel was still in the fourth level of Qi condensation and shouldn’t be a problem to any of them and not at all if they all attacked together.

        However, he couldn’t help but think that Rigel had yet to reveal all of his strength. Even if he wasn’t sure about anything else, he was sure of one thing. Dealing with Rigel would involve death. He knew that the man before him wasn’t someone who would hesitate or wait before delivering the final strike.

        So now, he had to make a decision. Go forward and fight Rigel or leave peacefully. The small built man looked at his fellow disciples. They were all looking back at him with hesitant eyes.

     The confident aura everyone had a minute ago was nowhere to be found. Rigel was now an unknown entity to them and their instincts were warning them to stay away from him.

     Without the complete cooperation of all his fellow disciples, the small built man didn’t have the confidence to take on Rigel without any casualties. When there are casualties, anyone can die, including him and he didn’t want to risk his life for a stupid fight.

      He looked at Rigel who was looking back at him with the same indifferent eyes. He couldn’t see even the slightest hint of fear or hesitation within them.

    Finally he snorted coldly and said in a loud voice, “Fall back. We’re leaving.” The remaining five disciples looked at the man with the small build and sighed in their hearts as they followed him and quickly disappeared from Rigel’s view.

       Rigel’s face didn’t change even after they left. Rudra, who was floating midair, looked at Rigel as his mouth formed a smile and his red eyes revealed killing intent. A twisted look of bloodthirst appeared on his face as he muttered to himself in a low voice, “Beautiful.”


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Rigel – Book 1 – Chapter 32 – At the moment of crisis

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At the moment of crisis :

            Rigel fell through a series of holes in succession. With a grave expression, he readied his body for the impact. As soon as Rigel realised that he was near the ground, he kicked the tunnel wall to lower his speed.

       Rigel felt an intense pressure on his leg as he kicked the wall. However, he didn’t stop and turned around mid air to kick with his other foot. Using the horizontal momentum of the kick, Rigel turned around and slashed the wall with his knife which buried itself into the rock effectively halting him just a few metres above the ground. 

           Rigel breathed a sigh of relief and raised his head to glance at the roof. Though he couldn’t see the exit, he was fairly certain that he was more than three hundred metres below the ground level. Thinking about the various turn of events, Rigel grinded his teeth in anger and released his grip on the knife.


         Rigel easily jumped the last few metres and reached the ground. He glanced at his legs and sighed in relief. An impact created by his own body weight propelling at a high speed that should have at least broken his bones but Rigel sighed in amazement as he realised that his legs were perfectly fine.

       “No wonder it’s called the Paragon Body. Even though I feel a bit of pain, my legs are fine even after such an impact.” Rigel mused silently.

        Rigel turned his head around and watched the cave formation. There was only one exit other than the long tunnel through which he fell through. Anger boiled in Rigel’s mind as he angrily kicked a rock.

      “Don’t be impulsive Rigel.” Rudra warned in a calm voice.

        “How can I be calm Rudra? You saw everything, didn’t you? I could have died in his hands. Why didn’t you help me?” Rigel asked in an angry voice.

            Rudra’s eyebrows finally furrowed as he listened to Rigel’s unreasonable words. That moment, killing intent surged out of Rudra like an avalanche. That killing intent was like a tyrannical force but it wasn’t directed towards Rigel. However, Rigel still fell to his knees unable to withstand the pressure.

            That moment, Rigel was reminded once again that Rudra was the almighty power who could even invade his soul with just his divine will. He also understood that if Rudra had directed his killing intent towards him, he would have directly lost his consciousness.

            Rudra sighed lightly and closed his eyes while withdrawing his killing intent. Rigel watched Rudra and sighed in his heart. He knew that he had been too rash and blamed it all on Rudra. Truthfully, it was no one’s fault.

             Everything that happened in there was out of Rigel’s control and was naturally out of Rudra’s expectations.
         “I am sorry Rudra, I was unable to control my emotions.” Rigel apologised in a low voice.

                    Rudra opened his eyes and stared at Rigel. He knew that he was being a bit cruel but he needed Rigel to understand that anger won’t solve anything.

             Rudra sighed and said in a calm voice, “Rigel, actually it’s good that you were thrown into these tunnels. Something big is currently happening in the Xia sect and now it is no longer safe for you.

                Leyden and Boler, both of them are in the mid spark formation stage while Ley is in the late spark formation stage. Above all, all three of them planned the entire event including Jiya’s murder beforehand to eliminate you.”

            “WHAT?” Rigel shouted in horror as he heard Rudra. Learning that all three of them were involved wasn’t much of a shock to Rigel, but he was stunned by their cultivation bases. Mid Spark formation stage. Rigel couldn’t help but question himself, ‘Why would experts of such cultivation act as mere Qi condensation stage disciples?’

           Rudra nodded his head confirming his words and said, “Three spark formation cultivators that could have easily killed you in an instant but they didn’t. I can think of no other reason except that they were afraid to cause trouble which might draw unnecessary attention.

            However, I find it hard to believe that they will simply let you go like this. Rigel, If I am right, we should be expecting someone soon.”

          Rigel’s face became cold as he heard Rudra’s words. He closed his eyes and sighed deeply while leaning on the rock wall. He knew that he was now entangled in some serious trouble.

       “Rudra, what should I do?” Rigel asked in a low voice. Before, Rigel always had only himself to guide him through thick and thin, but now he had Rudra who could share his wisdom.

        Rudra sighed as he said, “Rigel, we have no information regarding these tunnels. Even though your body appears fine, it is actually not in its peak condition. The fall earlier has taken a toll on your body. If you fight as you are now, you might encounter some serious trouble. So our first priority is to get you back into your peak condition.

       Take out the third grade spirit core, I am going to concoct a pill right now.”

     Rigel nodded his head and took out the spirit core. He also took out the Gamalgam root. Rudra nodded his head and listed some more materials already in Rigel’s possession.

          Rigel slowly sat down and watched as Rudra lifted the Gamalgam root into the air with his spiritual energy. Rudra heaved a sigh and raised his hand. A small black flame appeared in his hands. The flame appeared extremely ordinary but Rigel felt that the flame was very similar to the Asura Poison, only it was a bit more conservative.

         As the flame approached the Gamalgam root, it began to burn due to the sheer heat produced by the flame. However, unlike normal burning, the root didn’t turn into ashes, it was instead slowly withering while crystal clear droplets were slowly being drawn out of the withering root.

         Those droplets were the actual Gamalgam essence. Rudra only narrowed his eyes as he then took the third grade spirit crystal core and purified it with his black flame. The crystal core didn’t even manage to resist the flame for a few seconds and was directly refined, leaving behind a large amount of elemental energy.

        Rudra looked at Rigel who was observing the entire process with concentrated eyes. He laughed and said in a calm voice, “This is catalysis and this completes the first part of pill concoction.”

         Rigel nodded his head as he silently observed the process. Rudra shook his head amusingly and then raised his other hand. In between his two hands, the space began to twist causing the ingredients to begin to merge under the control of his spiritual energy.

               Rudra’s eyes were serious as he concentrated to find the point where the ingredients would achieve a complete fusion. A little earlier and the pill won’t be as effective as it should be[b] and a little late, the pill concoction would fail. So no matter which tier an alchemist is, he would have to be absolutely serious in the final part of concoction.

       As soon as the essences coalesced, Rudra’s hand made a swift grabbing motion and smoke emerged out of his tightly gripped hands. Rigel stood up and excitedly glanced at the hand. Rudra laughed lightly and slowly opened his fist, there in the middle of his palm was a pale white pill.

           Rigel raised his hand and carefully grabbed the pill. He closely inspected it and asked Rudra in a low voice, “What is this pill?”

       Rudra smiled lightly and said, “It’s called a Qi Congealing pill. It is one of the few third grade pills which can be used to strengthen one’s foundation.

           It’s useless for those in Spark formation stage but it is very useful for those in Qi condensation stage. You do know that a weak foundation will result in the formation of a weak spark, don’t you?”

          Rigel face became excited as he looked at the pill. He almost wanted to pop it into his mouth immediately but he gulped lightly as he thought of something and asked in a low voice, “How much would this pill sell for Rudra?”

          Rudra thought for a moment and said, “I can’t say for sure but I think it will at least be sold for fifty thousand spirit stones.”

        Rigel drew in a deep breath as he looked at the pill. ‘Fifty thousand spirit stones, that was a fortune many would die for.’ He then calmed down his heart and threw the pill into his mouth.

       As the pill dissolved in his mouth, he felt boundless amounts of elemental energy enter his body. However, before he could absorb them, he heard Rudra’s serious voice, “No, don’t focus on absorbing the energy Rigel. Try to strengthen your current foundation.”

        Rigel nodded his head and sat down cross-legged before starting to circulate the boundless energy in his meridians through his dantian. After he finished cultivating the first cycle of Paragon Body, his dantian was now in a far better condition than it had ever been.

        The profound art, Paragon Body, has two grand cycles with each having six normal cycles.  At the beginning of each grand cycle, the first cycle and seventh cycle, the user’s body will be completely rebuilt from the scratch and thus, all scars and injuries of the past will be completely healed.

           Rigel’s body slowly began to absorb the energy contained in the pill and began to solidify his recent breakthrough. Two hours passed and Rigel’s cultivation base was even stronger after being strengthened by the Qi Congealing pill.

            Rudra watched as he floated before Rigel. He narrowed his eyes as he sensed some movement within his spiritual range. Even though he would be able to unleash a much stronger spiritual sense with his physical body, in his spiritual projection form, his strength was greatly restricted. In this form, his spiritual range was limited to only two thousand metres.

          He wanted to wake up Rigel but at the same time he didn’t want to, at least not until the last moment because Rigel was currently in the middle of a breakthrough. He kept a close look on Rigel as the people hurried towards them.

           Rigel cultivation base began to grow after he finished strengthening his current cultivation. It slowly grew from the mid stage of the third level to the late and then to the peak stage of third level. Then, it began to slow down as it faced the barrier of a breakthrough.

            Rigel’s eyebrows furrowed as he too sensed some movement in his spiritual range. They were now just three hundred metres away from him. He stared at his dantian and the thick Qi flowing through his meridians while gritting his teeth in determination.

        The large amount of Qi in his dantian shook violently and pushed harder against the border as the people arrived at the cave. Rudra looked over at them. There were a total of seven people, all of whom were in the late stages of Qi condensation.

           An evil smile bloomed on their faces as they saw Rigel meditating in a corner. One among them ran towards Rigel while narrowing his eyes and drawing out two flying swords.

          Rudra narrowed his eyes as the man neared and shouted, “Rigel.” Right at the exact moment, a popping sound rang out in Rigel’s dantian and the next instant, Rigel opened his eyes and stared coldly at the man in front of him.

      His mouth twitched as he opened his palm where a black fog began to gather and said in a cold voice, “I’ve been waiting for you.”


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