Riddick – Book 7 – Prologue

Author note : Hey Guys, GSD Reddy here and I am back with another chapter.

Edit – Self edited.

       I know guys, I am late but don’t worry, I will finish of my promised chapters soon.

      This is the first regular Riddick chapter of this month. I know, I haven’t met my quota for the last month. I will finish it up when I am done with this month’s regular releases.

        So I have discarded the idea of writing Riddick’s past. That sounded like a good idea to me. It still does. However, I thought that you might think that the idea is uninterestig.

          Riddick’s Past might be a good side story but it will dilute the main story. So I threw that idea into my spare ideas bin and am going with the main story.

           This should actually be the beginning of Book 8 but now, it’s here.

       As I said before, the best girl is back. Vera. Also, this book explores the side of relationships I have never explored before.

        Expect more and comment more. I am here to write according to your wishes so I need to know your wishes.

Enjoy and thank you.


Dou continent, Great Sky sect.

         Known as the ruler of the Dou continent, the Great Sky sect was located majestically in the middle of an enormous lake. The lake itself was over ten thousand kilometres long. One could call it a sea if not for its closed boundaries.

          The surface of the lake reflected sun light while the bottom of the clear lake showed ruins of an old city. That city was once above the lake, a floating city build by the last sovereign of the Dou continent. Now, it was nothing but a ruin which had sunk due to the ravages of the war.

          In the middle of that humongous lake was another enormous structure. It was a gigantic flying ship. That was the main branch of the Great Sky sect, The Emperion.

        Standing at the top of the Emperion, a man was looking at the ruined old city at the bottom of the lake with dark eyes. His eyes, they were indifferent but also looked like they held back an ocean of feelings hidden within them.

        His eyes particularly narrowed as he gazed at a simple house among numerous others sunken in the lake. He closed his eyes and returned back to his room situated at the top most floor of The Emperion. Within his room was a statue of a woman so beautiful that she could devastate cities. However, she had a sad look in her eyes contrary to her stunning figure.

         The man looked at the woman and said in a low voice, “The time has come dear.”

      That man was Hijiri Sky, the sect master of the Great Sky sect and the Sovereign of the Dou continent.

Beast continent, Kirin Volcanoes :

         Hundreds of thousands of volcanoes spread out like a waves of sea in the northern part of the beast continent while millions of spirit beats and God beasts with fire attribute resided in these volcanic ranges.

        The Beast continent didn’t lack humans, it instead had a sovereign who wasn’t a human. The continent had extremely suitable conditions to successfully raise many deadly God beasts. Above all, the beast continent was one of the few places on the entire Stellar plane where only strength speaks.

       It didn’t matter who you are or which side you belong to. As long as you are powerful, you are the law.

        Admist the thousands of volcanoes was a mansion camouflaged as a volcano. The temperature inside the mansion alone was over five hundred degree Celsius. No normal man would ever be able to step into it and yet, a messenger was walking freely into the inner chambers of the volcano.

       A man was hovering above a pool of magma inside the inner chambers. As soon as the messenger arrived, his eyes shot open. His eyes, just like his hair and his robes were red. He was Agni, the sovereign of the Beast continent.

Vayu continent, Skyline mountain :

                A legend says that a man who had reached the realm above Celestial immortal had once descended into Odin galaxy. He made the Vayu continent as his residence. That ultimate expert decided to build a mountain with his earth affinity divine arts.

              His spur of the moment decision gave rise to the tallest structure in the entire Stellar plane. That mountain along with the sect which was position at the highest point for any residence became his legacy which was passed down for millions of years.

           Thiry thousand metres above the sea level was the sect. The mountain was literally sliced apart partly to accomdate the sect. Thirty thousand metres above it, well above the clouds and almost at the edge of the atmosphere was the mountain’s peak.

         That was the Divine Wind sect. That mountain was the Skyline mountain, the home to the mightiest sect in Vayu continent.

          Standing on the peak of that mountain was a man who had grey hair and a wrinkled face. As he read a letter, his face looked like it grew much older. His eyebrows twisted as looked at the initials S.K at the end of the letter.

            At the foot of the mountain, deep within the mountain itself which covered an area of more than a hundred kilometres was another man who was keeping a count of slaves.

          His current count was three and a half million. With each number he counted, another slave was thrown into a transportation circle.

        Astonishing as it may be, both these men looked alike.

       He was Bali, the sovereign of the Vayu consovereigns


         At the moment as Riddick decided to leave the Underworld, all three of them lifted their heads and stared at the skies. Three sovereigns, three thousand spies. They tracked every major change that happened within the Stellar plane.

          Riddick leaving the Underworld wasn’t a major change, it was the fall of the three great empires that attracted their attention. The three great empires were strong not only because of the three Celestial totems they held but because of the hidden aspect of their totems.

            However, none of them feared the three empires because alone, they weren’t a match to any of them and together, they weren’t foolish enough go risk it all. But now, a man has managed to successfully obtain all three of their sacred totems.

            That news came as a shock. The way Riddick handled them all and the way he finished the job showed them many things. It showed them the cunningness hidden in his actions and the creulty below his mask of calmness.

        While the three sovereign frowned, a man sitting in the Isle Morta of the Baja continent was smiling as he looked at a broken jade. Behind him, a woman was smiling as well. As they sat there smiling, the world began to change as many hidden powers were beginning to surface again.

         Riddick flew like swift wind. His face was cold as he scanned Dragon’s health relatedly. Since Dragon was inside Yamaloka, he was naturally in safe hands.

       “How is he Yama?” Riddick asked in a worried voice.

        Yama slowly materialsed as a bull and answered in a calm voice, “Your majesty, Dragon is fine. He will soon recover. However, I am afraid I found something which is much more important than his injuries.”

       Riddick’s face changed as he immediately transported into Yamaloka. Yama looked at the ethereal form of Dragon and said in a cold voice, “His soul, its tainted.”

  “What???” Riddick’s involuntarily shouted.

       Yama looked at Riddick and continued in a low voice, “Your majesty, I am absolutely certain, his soul is tainted with a foreign soul. The current Dragon has two souls within him.

         They had been fused for too long. Forget about dividing them, there is no way to even differentiate them either. Our Dragon may be the real dragon or he may currently be under the control of some other soul.”

            Riddick’s face turned cold as he heard Yama. He remembered back to the time he first used the Golden karmic vision on Dragon. Then, he noticed a black thread of karma intermixed with his karma. Then, he didn’t understand it’s origin. Now, it was clear, Dragon had a second soul fused with his own whose karma was the black thread.

          “A hundred million years. Most of which was spent recovering their lost powers and hiding from Krum. That day, every Yaksha had his cultivation base stripped off to mere deva level.

        Over a hundred million years were spent stabilising their cultivation and recovering it.” Riddick said in a low voice.

        Yama nodded his head as he thought back to the fight between Riddick and the late Patriarch of the Heavenly Demon church. That fight was the reason, the entire Odin galaxy had changed. It was also the only fight in which the divine art of Hell devour was used in its majestic might.
           An entire galaxy, hundreds of millions of cultivators were stripped of their cultivation bases within seconds. Riddick paid a huge price to activate the actual Hell devour but he also thus managed to stop the Heavenly demon from descending to Odin galaxy.

          Heavenly demon church, his enemy had then lost their Patriarch but Riddick also lost his life saving Vera, Roger, June and Dragon. Yama remembered the entire events which had happened over a hundred million years ago. The cost of their survival came at a huge price.

         Over the next hundred million years much had changed. Riddick knew that he couldn’t possibly know everything. He looked at Dragon and then at Yama. Riddick sighed and said, “We will soon see the truth hidden under the disguise of this soul. Until then, this matter shall be kept between us.”

         Yama nodded his head as he heard Riddick. He could understand Riddick’s point of view. When they weren’t absolutely certain of anything, the untimely truth will cause more harm than good.

      Riddick sighed lightly and asked in a calm voice, “Where is Jane?”

       Yama laughed and said, “Oh! She is here.”

       Riddick smiled lightly and said, “Bring her out and let her serve Dragon. He will be resting here for now.”

        Yama smiled coldly and bowed his head as he said, “Yes, your majesty.”


        Hey guys, if you forgot who Jane is. She is the big sis of Julian who had taken over Edward’s body. She has taken over Bella’s body.

      This is a plot from Book 4.

   The Book 7 has officially begun. I am excited and I guess you are as well.


5 thoughts on “Riddick – Book 7 – Prologue

  1. Feels great to see Riddick is back 😁

    From what we know Riddick is particularly immortals in a real sense. As even if you kill him he will be back. And there are nodes in him that if he activities he gaines new ability. I’m guessing that Riddick in his first life didn’t have them as he discovered them and somehow planted the ability in his soul.

    I have a suggestion. The problem with rank system is you get lost or can’t understand what a guy in this cultivation level can actually do. After a while it becomes just names and numbers. So I think there should be a display of power of some sort. I don’t really know for sure but I feel that power levels lost there meaning for me.
    Or (I just thought of this while writing) you stop marking there cultivation after a certain level. As DBZ did they stopped marking power levels after the frieza saga is they said it’s meaningless in battle.

    Though it’s dark I want to know what will Riddick do if everyone he knows dies even void and guko. I don’t know what is Riddick planing any more is he looks like seeking something but I don’t really know what.

    I’m still skeptical about the importance of the totems. They are powerful but I think they will lose their magnitude really quickly. Riddick spent only 6 mounths and he blocked his attack. More time and the totems will be like pets.
    This goes back to the ranking problem as everything losses significance very quickly.

    Those all are mostly personal problems. As i like to over think this stuff.

    This might be my longest comment xD
    Thank you for the chapter. I can’t wait for the next one 😊


    • You are right. Ranking system is a problem. Totems, I can’t speak about them. Completely removing the power levels is another problem. That will actually be a deterrent here because it’s a novel and I can’t actually show that he is strong or weak like in a video.


  2. I’d be more interested in how his past effects his current actions/mental state. That way you can incorporate his “past” in the present time. The reason(s) for Riddicks (and other characters) action(s) are important for your audience to make an empathic connection.


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