Rigel – Book 1 – Chapter 26 – Derek




Rigel was looking at a Rock Python, which was trembling at his feet intently. He was in the hills behind the Xia sect. Though the sect had cleared away all the high-level beasts, there were still many low-level demonic beasts which would appear in the forests.

The Rock Python was one such low-level beast. It was just a second level Qi condensation stage serpent but unlike other pythons, this beast had toxic venom.

Rigel had come into these forests as Rudra forced him to get away from people as far as possible. He then made Rigel catch a bunch of low-level beasts. The Rock Python was one such beast.

“What do you see?” Rudra asked in a calm voice as he observed the beast suffering near Rigel’s legs.

Rigel bent down and watched the animal. The beast was suffering, but it wasn’t quite dying. There wasn’t a single wound nor was it poisoned. It was simply afraid of Rigel.

It all started a day ago when Rudra started explaining the uses of the Black Pearl, mainly the Asura Poison to Rigel.

“As you can see, the poor beast is suffering because it’s poison is working against him.” Rudra said in a calm voice and continued, “That is one of the most mysterious aspects of the Asura Poison. The Asura Poison isn’t simply a poison; it is a divine ability passed down to the bearer of the Locker, essentially to my heir.”

Rigel listened carefully while Rudra shook his head and asked in a low voice, “What do you understand from this situation Rigel? What do you think has happened here and what conclusion have you reached based on it?”

Rigel looked at the python once again and sighed lightly. He then looked at the single black dot on the brown python’s body and said in a calm voice. “I can feel that the Asura Poison is suppressing the Python’s poison, and somehow I seemed to have gained control over the beast’s poison.”

Rudra smiled lightly and asked, “Ok. Then, how and why did this happen?”

Rigel shook his head and said in a serious voice, “I don’t know.”  

Rudra laughed lightly and said, “The Asura Poison in its current state only retains some of its power, but it is still Asura Poison so you can exploit its primary characters.

Remember,  the Asura Poison will never bow to another Poison. In return, it will always try to engulf any and all poisons in the universe.

The reason is quite simple; the Asura Poison has long since gained sentience. So, unless you obtain its approval, it will never bow to you, and unless you can’t impress it, you will not be able to unleash its true power.”

Rigel nodded his head as he heard Rudra. To him, Asura Poison was like a heavenly weapon. A day ago, he had no idea what it was and what it was capable of but now, he had a basic idea mainly due to Rudra.

Rigel slowly got back to his feet and walked away from the python. The python opened its eyes and cautiously glanced at Rigel until he was out of his sight and then it finally began to crawl away at high speed as if it feared that Rigel would come back for him.

Rudra smiled lightly and said, “So you now know an easy way to use the Asura Poison. The beast was simply afraid of you because it sensed that a more potent Poison was suppressing its poison and that you were the one controlling it.

The Asura Poison is one of its kind poison because it devours and gains the abilities of any Poison it comes into contact with. However, there is a defect in this ability. Unless you live through the ritual of surviving a poison, the Asura Poison won’t evolve.

That is the reason why the Asura Poison has gained the characteristics of the neurotoxic the red robed man had used on you.”

Rigel nodded to himself. After Rudra had started explaining about Asura Poison to him, he had pretty much guessed the reason for its evolution. Still, he mind reeled as he heard Rudra.

If what Rudra said was true, then with enough risk, it was easy to upgrade his personal hidden weapon into a deadly poison which can even kill ultimate experts.

Having sensed Rigel’s thoughts, Rudra sighed and said, “I know you are an intelligent kid so don’t fall for those foolish thoughts. Nothing in this world comes without a price and playing with your life is the last thing a fifteen-year-old should think about.

You are already very lucky that you have survived the attack of that red-robed man’s poison. Your current body can’t handle any more potent toxins. If you ever come across a top tier spark formation poison, then you will die without a doubt so stop thinking about this nonsense.

As I said, you are just a kid. If you can’t think of a way, ask me. That’s what kids should do, and that’s what you will do from now on. Understood?”

Rigel narrowed his eyes and snorted as he said, “I am not your slave. I don’t follow anyone’s orders.”

Rudra laughed lightly and said, “Good try but you are far too immature to fool me. Let’s get back to work. First, I have to whip that body of yours into shape.”

Rigel clicked his tongue as he heard Rudra. Just now, he wanted to act rebellious to fool him, but it didn’t work. Of course, he understood Rudra’s concerns. He didn’t like others ordering him, but somehow Rudra always reminded him of Frank.

Frank was the same. Even though he was the kindest person, he would shout and scream and scowl at Rigel when he was concocting poisons because he was afraid that Rigel would harm himself. That was Frank’s way of showing his love.

Rigel laughed as he walked towards a river which flowed through the Rio mountains. The city of Rio was constructed around the Rio mountains. It was named after them, and the surrounding lush forests were leveled to accommodate the city itself. Thus, the town was surrounded by forests.

As Rigel neared the river, he could hear some sounds. Rigel narrowed his eyes as he climbed a tall tree and stealthily reached the banks. There in front of him were more than a dozen people playing in the water. By the looks of them, they were all in their teens.

“Careful, a Spark formation stage expert is coming towards us.” Rudra warned in an urgent tone.

Rigel’s face changed, but he kept his cool. He slowly got down the tree and walked towards the river bank himself. A man was walking towards Rigel, but as he saw him, he stopped in his tracks and asked in a loud voice, “Who are you? Don’t you know that this part of the mountains belongs to the Shia clan?”

Rigel’s frowned as he finally heard the identity of these people. Shia clan was one of the three strongest factions of the Rio town along with the Xia sect and the Li sect. No one knew whether they could compete against the two sects but everyone knew that messing with them will only do more harm than good.

Rigel lifted his hands defensively and said, “Sir, my name is Rigel. I am an outer sect disciple of Xia sect. This junior hadn’t been in Rio town for long and thus has wandered off unknowingly.”

The man frowned as he heard Rigel. Usually, he would have reached violently, but Rigel was just at the first level of Qi condensation. At that level of power, even if he was caught off guard there wasn’t anything much Rigel can do to him.

“Let him in Luther.” A voice called out loudly from behind.

The man named Luther turned his head to look at a blonde boy walking towards him. He immediately bowed and said respectfully, “Yes, young master.”

Rigel gulped as he heard the guard. A Shia clan guard will only call a single person as young master. He must be the son of the current master of the clan. Rigel gulped as he knew that the boy in front of him was one of the true elites of the society.

Abruptly, his typical day had taken a turn to an extreme level. One second, he was walking in the woods and the next second, he was standing before the young master of the Shia clan.

The blonde boy walked towards Rigel with an amused expression on his face. Rigel looked back at the young master of the Shia clan. After a second, a smile bloomed on the boy’s face as be extended his hand and shook Rigel’s.

With a laugh, he said, “I remember seeing you in the church a couple of times kid. My name is Derek. Nice to meet you.”

Rigel’s mind shook as he heard Derek. He spoke no more than a dozen words, but he blew away Rigel’s mind. Rigel’s instincts began to scream of danger as he stood before Derek.

Yet, he maintained his calm as he said, “It’s a pleasure to meet you too Young Master Derek. I am honored that you remember a mere disciple like me.”

Rigel knew that the worst thing he could do in this situation was to show that he was shaken to the core by Derek’s words. Who was Derek? He was an exalted Young master of a major faction. It wouldn’t be surprising if he was spoiled and yet, he wasn’t. He was considerate, careful and above all, clever.

Rigel did indeed see Derek before in the church. The Shia clan had close ties to the Church of Light. Rigel was in the church in multiple occasions, and he thought that no one would see through his plans because who would possibly try to see through a little cripple’s plans.

However, this man remembered him. Derek, being a young master of the Shia clan bothered to remember him. There can only be two reasons. One, it was a fluke. Two, he was the most dangerous person in his age group he had come across. Rigel knew for certain that it was the latter.

Seeing Rigel’s calm attitude, Derek laughed lightly and thought to himself, “Oh! He didn’t falter nor did he let fear rule his mind. A first level Qi condensation stage kid with such mental strength. Interesting!”

Rudra, who was calmly observing the situation, laughed to himself and thought, “Likewise, you are interesting as well kid.”

Derek looked at Rigel and asked in a calm voice, “So how about you join us, Rigel. We are celebrating my seventeenth birthday.”

Rigel looked at Derek confusingly seemingly thinking about accepting his offer, but a second later he smiled and said, “My pleasure, Young master.”

No matter how cautious he wants to be, he can’t disrespect the young master of the Shia clan in his territory. Thus, Rigel followed Derek into the Shia clan’s camp silently with a smile on his face.

That was the first encounter between Rigel and Derek.


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