Riddick – Book 7 – Chapter 1 – Thirty years of separation

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Thirty years of separation :

  The Jede Flow continent. The Lehar empire.

               A man was drinking wine as he looked at the spiritual projection of the battlefield. His face was ugly as he looked at the thousands of flags on the battlefield. He looked back at the opposite side where a single flag with a symbol of a two winged lion was present.

          The Two winged Lion was the sacred ancient of the Lehar empire. It was the first emperor and the ancestor of the royal bloodline. A hundred million years ago, the Jadeflow continent was thrown into choas upon the death of its ruler.

        Hundreds of clans and sects fought to death trying to grab the throne. It was a creul battlefield but the ancestor Lehar had fought his way to establish an empire. That was the legacy of the Lehar empire passed down in the royal family.

        The man looking at the board roared loudly in anger and smashed his cup. His eyes were red as he looked at his imperial capital through the window which was now shrouded in fear and the intensity of the war. It all began thirty years ago when a certain woman came to the Jadeflow continent.

The Ganges Fort city, Jadeflow continent.

             About two dozen men were sitting around a round table with vigilant eyes. To all of them, everyone in there was a potential threat. All of them were capable of killing each other, given a chance and with some luck.

      As they sat there calmly, a woman came into the room. Her eyes were cold but her charming face and beautiful hair added beauty to her already devastating figure. She glanced coldly at them and then sat down at the head position. She was Vera.

        “Start today’s report Levi.” Vera said in a calm voice ignoring the gazes of numerous men on her.

      Even though, there were more than a dozen men around that table, she was the only woman. That showed the male supremacy present in the cultivation world. Levi, who was standing beside her nodded his head and started his report.

          The Lehar empire was a sovereign. Even though, it was most probably the weakest of all five sovereigns, it doesn’t change the fact that it was a sovereign. With an army of ten million devas and over a hundred thousand Yakshas. It was a undying mammoth which will always come back from the ashes.

         Over thirty years have passed since the United Alliance of the Twelve great clans has declared war against the Lehar empire. The Twelve great clans were among the most powerful clans in the Jadeflow empire. Vera had left Riddick that year because she had to ensure that he would have a place to return to when he is ready.

        No matter how powerful Riddick was, he was but a single individual. He can’t compare to empires with millions of soldiers. Vera knew that and so did Void. Thus, they collectively came to a conclusion that Vera should leave first to start preparing for future.

        The Jadeflow continent also had another identity. Lehar empire was founded a hundred million years ago and can be called an ancient empire but before the Lehar empire, another empire ruled the Jadeflow continent. The Riddick empire.

         With the fall of Riddick, the empire fell as well. When Riddick regains his memories, he naturally will regain his memories as an emperor. The memories of the Riddick empire.

          Emperor Riddick, the ruler of the mighty Riddick empire. When alive, he was the mightiest emperor. The sovereigns can be a clan, a sect, a church but Riddick was just an individual. He had neither a sect, nor a clan. He was a one man army.

          Thus, Vera chose the Jadeflow empire as her target. For thirty years, she had convinced the Twelve clans to join forces with her to raid against the Lehar empire. It wasn’t easy but she had finally put together an army which can threaten even an empire.

         The dozen men around her were precisely the masters of the twelve clans. Vera heard Levi’s report intently and so did the twelve clan masters.

              A war was shrouded by betrayal, strategies and tensions. Vera had never lead such a massive army before in her life so she was cautious when dealing with the clan masters.

        Even though, she wouldn’t lose to any one of them, there was one man she was afraid of. The leader of the United Alliance. Kimberley. He was a fifth tribulation Yaksha belonging to the Kimberley clan.

         Vera was a fourth tribulation Yaksha so she can be considered to be one of the most powerful Yakshas. Kimberley however had passed his fifth tribulation essentially putting half a step into Celestial immortal level.

        Even though, there was only a single level difference between them, the difference in power was earth shattering. The only reason he had let Vera command the battlefield for so long was because he simply wanted to weaken her own forces.

             Vera had neither a clan nor a sect to help her but she did have two special squads which were far more dangerous than ten sects combined together. The reason, they were absolutely loyal to her. They were actually the reason why she was able to maintain her position for so long.

        They were the Volcanic giant clan, ruled by Roger and the Sabley clan ruled by Dragon. Volcanic giants were inheritably very loyal while Dragon was a Soul reaver, a high level Ghost class God beast and thus could command many low level Ghost class beasts who together formed the Sabley clan.

         Her two squads, not only were they an extremely strong attack unit. They can even perform as a suicide mission without hesitancy. Kimberley feared to lose such a powerful army. Thus, he let Vera have her commander position while he controlled her from behind.

         “I am not impressed by these reports Vera.” Kimberly said as he head Levi.

        Vera looked at Kimberley and sighed in her heart. She did all she could do to delay the inevitable result. Kimberley and the other clan chiefs would eventually try to outstrip her position for lust, either for power or for her.

        Vera wasn’t a fool. She always knew which men were trying to prey upon her. In the den filled with powerful men, she stayed alive and in power because, she chose to ignore those gazes. She played with their lust to numb their greed.

      However, thirty years was a long time. She knew that it was eventually going to happen. Though Kimberley tried to control her, he never raised the objection himself. Now that he himself was raising the objection, it only meant one thing, he was ready to cut her off.

           However, Vera was calm. She had been calm for four years. Ever since Riddick had come to the Stellar plane, she had been very composed. Her composed manner may have accelerated the arrival of the coup but she didn’t worry in the slightest because she knew, Riddick was coming.

      “The results are as good as they can be Kimberley. In just thirty years we have made Lehar fear us. Casulaties are a part of the war. We can never escape them.” Vera answered indifferently as she heard Kimberley.

        Kimberley narrowed his eyes and said in a cold tone, “We lost over a million devas in just two years. Do these loses look normal to you Vera? Don’t think I am a fool, much of these forces belong to the twelve clans while your half a million forces have practically stayed untouched.”

        Vera’s eyed turned cold as she heard Kimberley. Her fist tightened as she banged on the table loudly and said, “What are you suggesting Kimberley? Are you telling me that I am sending these soldiers to death myself?

      My forces are refined, trained and skilled. Additionally, they are all God beasts. Of course, their mortality rate will be lower. What can I do about it?”

       Kimberley eyes turned cold as killing intent seeped out of his body. Similarly, the eleven other masters were also exhibiting killing intent as they heard Vera.

          Gunther, the clan master of the Great Gunther clan even rose from his seat excitedly. Kimberley motioned him to sit and said in a cold voice, “Vera, you have exceeded your limits. I will give you a choice, peacefully step down from your position and I will give you a honorary general’s status.

        Resist us and I won’t mind to be humiliate you. You should know that Gunther has taken quite a liking to you.”

      Vera looked at Gunther who was staring back at her. His eyes were filled with desire. There was no love in them except for lust. Vera felt a revolting feeling in her stomach as she pictured him touching her.

       She snorted coldly and said, “Fuck you.”

        Gunther laughed loudly and said, “Good, good. Now, I can savour every part of your body to my desire.”

       As Gunther said those words he rose to his feet and so did all others. The guards stood before the exits while Kimberley sat there smiling. They were all ready to capture and collectively humiliate and rape a single woman.

        However, suddenly every person in the room stopped in their tracks as a chill crawled down their spines as a killing intent spread out like a storm and crushed them. The guards who were mere first tribulation Yaksas immediately fell on their feet while the clan masters looked at Gunther, precisely behind Gunther to find a man who was staring coldly at them.

        His right arm were around Gunther’s neck while his palm was clenching his throat. Who was Gunther? He was a clan master of one of the twelve great clans, a fourth tribulation Yaksha and a great warrior and yet, he wasn’t able to escape from that man.

         The eleven remaining clan masters including Kimberley looked at Riddick who simply threw Gunther at the wall like a sack of sand. He smiled lightly as he walked towards Vera. A second later, he disappeared appearing right behind her.

       Even though, there were twelve clan masters in there, none of them could sense his movements. Riddick put his arms around Vera and bent his head. Looking into her eyes, he kissed her deeply.

         Thirty years have passed since they last met each other and a hundred million years have passed since they met as lovers. Yet, there was neither pause or hesitancy in their kiss. It was a kiss of pure love which can only be achieved by those who truly love each other.

        Vera’s eyes turned red with moisture as she kissed Riddick. She caught Riddick hands tightly as if she feared he would leave her again. To others, Riddick death was painful, but to her, it was soul wrenching. She lived a hundred million years for him and he was finally before her as her man.

        She would finally able to call herself, Vera Riddick, the empress of the Riddick empire and the wife of Emperor Riddick.

       Riddick raised his head and looked at Vera with love. He kissed her again on her forehead. Then, he raised his head and looked at the twelve clan masters including Kimberley and Gunther.

          He smiled lightly at Gunther and said in a cold voice, “So you want my wife. I didn’t know that you had the balls to even think about it Gunther.” He then looked at Kimberley and said in a low voice, “My, my, look at your Kimberley. Acting all arrogant and powerful. Did you forget who killed your father brat?”

        At that second, every man in that room all screamed inside their heads, “Impossible.”

          Riddick smiled widely and said in a cold voice, “My name is Riddick. Nice to meet you all, again.”


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14 thoughts on “Riddick – Book 7 – Chapter 1 – Thirty years of separation

  1. I thought that Riddick was a first name. Now, it sounds like it’s kinda of last name or even a title :P.

    “Vera Riddick”? Seriously? Sounds awful…


  2. I’m confused about something. Didn’t you say in an earlier chapter that the mc was only known as Riddick in the beginning of his first life and in his current life. So how is it that his empire that was created in his second important life was called the Riddick empire.


  3. There are some small typos right near the beginning .

    “the Jadeflow continent was thrown into choas upon the death of its ruler.”
    “It was a creul battlefield but the ancestor Lehar had fought his way to
    establish an empire. “


  4. I feel bad that I couldn’t read the chapter as it came out. But at least I did eventually šŸ˜Š

    It really it an existing new book. I suspect things will get clearer.

    I was surprised that Vera knows about void, I thought only Riddick knows about him.
    Actually I think Yama did talk to void before.

    I wonder if all the guys that know Riddick from previous life knows about void too.

    To be honest. Riddick is an army. At there leve an army is only slowing him down.
    The last fight he killed so many men and no one could stop him. They were just sitting ducks.

    What I’m saying unless there is something very powerful coming Riddick should not be worrying about making an army.

    I really like this chapter. I’m exited of what to come of this.


  5. thnks for the chapter
    atlast vera is back
    it will be nice if we can have a summary of his past too as to who were his enemies & wht happened to him in the past


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